tagInterracial LoveMy Wife's New Husband Ch. 02

My Wife's New Husband Ch. 02


The next morning, I was woken up rudely by Richard. As I stumbled to my feet, I noticed he was wearing my bathrobe. Instantly it all came back to me. Inviting him over, Jenna fucking him, being impregnated, generally losing my wife.

“Mate, I gotta say, my new lover is really some hot chick. I really appreciate you handing her over to me!” Richard said and looked all sincere. I didn’t know how to react. There was no time for me to really contemplate it, because I heard Jenna come down into the living room. Unlike Richard, she wasn’t wearing a robe. She was stark naked. Although it hadn’t been my work, the sight of her worn out body made me instantly hard. She was standing there with her once silky smooth hair matted to her face, strands of dried cum all over her hair and face. Her large tits were covered by bruises and little bite-marks, and the lips of her bare pussy looked as if they’d been stretched, hanging loosely between her thighs. As she saw Richard, she jumped up to him:

“Oh Richard, that was fantastic last night. Or, well, that morning. I can’t believe you have shot your seed into me. I’m so glad I didn’t have a baby with him!” she said and pointed to me. Richard sneered, grabbed her by the naked waist and deeply kissed her. As Jenna melted into him, a sharp pang of jealousy, betrayal and anger ran through my body. Yesterday at the same time, Jenna had been mine, over and over again pronouncing her love to me. Now, she was Richard’s, humiliating me in front of him. Once again, that calamity had to be left for contemplation, because Richard was talking to me again.

“Rob, I know you must be furious. I mean, your slutty little wife has just decided to get a baby from another man. She definitely will never ever want to fuck your little dick again, and to round it all up, your boss is the one who’s going to fuck your wife from now on. That makes a direct danger of not only your domestic happiness, but also of your job. But I’m not a leadership person for no reason. I know how to motivate people and make their lives bearable. For you, I’ve devised the following, in order to make your life better. Sit down!” Richard said and pointed towards the chair I’d been sitting in the evening before. I complied, not daring to do anything else.

“Rob, I don’t want to fire you. I know you’re a good worker, someone who is really working his ass off. In fact, I’m going to make your life easier. I’m going to promote you. You’ll have to work less for more money. But, there’s something you’ll do for me too. You’re not going to even consider leaving your darling wife. I want to be sure she’s cared for, and with that I only mean food and clothing. You’ll never ever touch her again, unless she wants you to. From now on, your little wife Jenna is going to be my property. You’ll only be the one who’s allowed to care for her. I’m planning on having a lot of fun with your wife, and that includes parties where she’ll be the main attraction. Those parties, of course, will be held at you house, and at any time I want to. Since I know for a fact that you like watching your wife with other men, you’ll be allowed to watch. But you won’t be able to join in on the action. Have you understood what I said?” Richard asked.

I nodded meekly. I knew there was no option left for me. I couldn’t risk to lose my job, and hey, I’d just been promoted. And well, he was right. I liked watching Jenna fuck other men. So within one second, I had agreed to a totally new lifestyle.

“Good, Rob!”, Richard said, “so why don’t you start your new life by making us, Jenna and me, some breakfast!” He looked at me, waiting to react. Well, that’s what I had chosen, so I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. While I was in there, I heard Richard and Jenna making out in the living room. My mind was still racing, it was in fucking turmoil. I was going to live with my wife, but she would be carrying another man’s baby, and I wouldn’t be able to ever touch her again, without prior permission. It was terrible to contemplate, but on the other hand my dick was already rock-hard. So there it was again, the typical mind-body problem. Mind screamed No!! and body screamed YES!! Suddenly the door to the kitchen burst open, and in came Richard and Jenna. Richard had shed the robe and his monster dick was already at full attention, almost poking into the cupboards in the kitchen.

“Hey Rob, your wife’s a fucking sex-freak. She wants me to pound her face right now and give her protein-shake for breakfast. And she wants me to do it in front of you. She says you were morning fuckers. Well, let’s not break the tradition now!” Richard said and Jenna knelt in front of him. There they were, my wife and her black lover, right in front of my eyes, his dick about to plunge into my wife’s hungry mouth. And hungry she was.

As soon as she was on her knees, Richard plunged into her. They must had practiced a lot the last night, because suddenly the big cock didn’t really turn out to be problem for Jenna. With some swallowing, the whole monster was down her throat. She looked up at Richard, lovingly. That slut really liked having a large sausage stuffed down her throat. As Richard pulled out a bit, Jenna gagged. Well, obviously she wasn’t a pro – yet.

Richard grabbed Jenna’s cum-stranded hair and started pounding. Jenna was now gagging whenever he pushed into her, large strands of saliva running down the corners of her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl. Gag for me, my little slut!” Richard urged her on and kept pumping. Her head was now held like that of a soulless rag-doll, the big dick whirring in and out. I had ceased making breakfast and was staring intently at the show presented to me. My dick, of course, was rock hard.

“Take it out, little man!” Richard said and nodded towards the bulge in my pants. So I did. When it was out, I started jerking. Richard smiled, and kept pumping in and out of my wife’s slutty mouth, who by then was almost unconscious from the steady cut-off of her windpipe. When it seemed as if Jenna would really faint, Richard pulled out his dick. Jenna gasped for breath.

“Well, that’ll need a bit of training. But in order for you to regain your strengths, I’ll let you do something less exhausting.!” Richard said to Jenna, who just looked at him, waiting for new commands. Richard went over to the kitchen table, turned around, so his ass was facing us.

“Come here, rag-doll! Kneel behind me, and start licking my asshole!” Richard ordered Jenna. She had become such a slut, that she didn’t mind at all, sucking away at a guy’s asshole. She went over to Richard, got on her knees and spread his asscheeks. She spit at his asshole and without hesitation, plunged into it. First, she just rimmed his asshole, but urged on by Richard, she started pushing her tongue into his asshole. While doing that, one of her small, white hands had gripped Richard’s dick, not even going around the half of it. She was jerking him off, while pushing her tongue inside his asshole.

“You like the taste of my ass, slut?” Richard asked. Jenna just nodded and kept at it. She was now rubbing Richard’s asshole with two fingers, while having her tongue deep inside his ass. Then she pulled out of his ass, and pushed two fingers in. I couldn’t believe it. What a dirty slut. I still loved her.

Richard was obviously also quite enthralled by her fingers. He started to grunt, and urged her to push them in deeper.

“Oh slut, I’ve always been an anal guy. I really like it when you finger my ass. Go ahead, put another one in!” he said. Jenna did as he said and was now pumping his asshole with three fingers while jerking off his dick.

“Yeah, that’s it, white whore, make me cum, you little slut!” Richard grunted. Jenna kept at it until suddenly Richard turned around, stuffed his dick deep inside Jenna’s mouth and came. Jenna tried to suck it all down, but she didn’t manage. When Richard pulled out, she spewed a lot of cum onto the floor.

“Well, time for breakfast, darling. Lick it up!” Richard said to Jenna, and pointed to the floor. Luckily, we had a tidy house, so the floor was really clean. Jenna bowed down to the cum that had dropped on the floor, and licked it all up. She was a fucking obedient slut.

When she was done, she got up and kissed Richard.

“I love you, Richard!” she murmured, kissed him and sideglanced at me. When she saw I was watching her, she looked at me directly.

“Well, Rob, where the hell is our breakfast. I’m starving. I need to eat, that little kid inside of me will need lots of feed, because I’m sure as hell that it’s going to be really big!” she said and once again smiled at Richard.

So I made them breakfast. They ate in the living room, and told me to have a piece of bread in the kitchen and then make the bed in the bedroom. I went up there after having my bread. The bed was a mess. There were splotches of dried stuff on it, probably a mixture of cunt-juice and sperm. I cleaned everything up and went down into the living room. I couldn’t believe that they were already getting it on again.

Obviously, Richard had gone straight to her ass. Jenna was sitting on top of him, with him sitting on the couch. The head of Richard’s large dick was already inside Jenna’s ass, and gathering from her moans, it did feel fabulous. Richard was holding on to her hips, obviously not pushing her down, but rather holding her, so she wouldn’t plunge down on his dick.

“You like my dick inside your tiny, white ass?” he asked Jenna. She just nodded and begged him with her eyes to lower her more onto his dick. Instead, Richard made a forceful move upwards, at once burying his whole dick inside her ass. The scream was so loud, I though that by now, all our neighbours would know that Jenna was fucking.

“Oh go, Richard, your black dick is splitting me in two!” Jenna screamed, holding on to Richard’s shoulders. The sight of that obscenely large dick inside that really small ass was really fucking hot. Richard had been right. I really liked seeing Jenna being fucked by another man. It was the hottest thing in the world. Richard nodded at me, gesturing with his head for me to sit down. I did and got out my dick. He smiled, and started to pump into Jenna’s ass. I could clearly see his dick going in and out of her stretched asshole, and according to the guttural sounds emanating from Jenna’s mouth, she was enjoying it a lot.

They were soon building up a sweat, with Richard pounding into Jenna’s tight ass, and her plunging her ass hard down onto Richard’s dick. She didn’t have any problems handling that large dick anymore, it rather looked as if her ass was trying to suck in Richard’s dick.

“Go, more, I need more, I need to be stretched to the max!” Jenna moaned. Richard smiled and looked at me.

“Rob, got an eggplant here?” he asked. I nodded and ran to the kitchen. Oh my god, this was going to be the best show of my life. I rummaged in the kitchen for a few seconds, until I found quite a reasonably large eggplant. I grabbed it, washed it in the sink and ran into the living room. Jenna was facing me when I came in and when she saw it, she moaned:

“Give that to my real husband, you wimp!” I gave it to Richard, evading Jenna’s eyes which were filled with dishgust of seeing her wimpy little husband while she was being fucked by a real man.

Richard took the eggplant and pushed I into Jenna’s mouth. She sucked it hard, covering it in a layer of saliva.

“Oh god, push it in, Richard, make my ass take it all. I want it to be stretched until it hurts like hell. I need to be really worn out. Make me your anal whore, your baby who can take it all!” Jenna moaned. Richard just grunted, took the eggplant and placed it next to his cock at her asshole. He tried pushing it in, but it was just too large.

“Baby, you gotta get off my cock! I want you to kneel on the couch and spread your asscheeks!” Richard told Jenna. Grudgingly, she got off his cock and kneeled in front of him. She reached back and spread her cute, little ass. Her asshole was already quite stretched and looked a bit destroyed to me. Not to Richard.

“Now that’s almost a virgin asshole you got there, we’ll need some heavy artillery to get it into shape!” he said. He lightly touched her asshole, feeling up the little puckered hole. Then he pushed three fingers in at once. His fingers were huge, and Jenna was bucking as they were pushed in, up to the knuckles. Richard started moving his fingers inside Jenna’s ass, first slowly, but soon he was really stirring around in her little ass, almost lifting her off the sofa. Jenna was screaming now. This administering of her asshole was almost too much, it seemed. Richard didn’t have any mercy. He even took his other hand and pushed in another three fingers, now having a good grip on Jenna’s open asshole. Without further ado, he spread her ass open. The sight was unbelievable, and Jenna just whimpered into the couch.

“Yeah, baby, that’s asshole spreading Richard style!” Richard grinned and pulled even more. I could now clearly see the insides of Jenna’s ass. It was fantastic, and I was sure her ass would never close up again.

Richard spat into Jenna’s open ass, laughing.

“Ahh….Richard….please…don’t stop….make…me…your…anal….whore!” 24 hours ago, Jenna had been the wife who freaked whenever I even touched her asshole, now she was begging another man to make her his anal whore. Jealousy wasn’t part of my feelings anymore. I was just turned on beyond comprehension. I wanted to see Jenna’s little ass being thoroughly stretched, I wanted to her scream in pleasure and maybe also in pain. I didn’t exactly care, I just wanted Richard to push her over the edge. And that he did. The next hour was filled with Jenna’s moans and screams, as Richard was steadily adding more and more fingers to her ass. When he had finally ten fingers inside her, up to the knuckles, Jenna looked delirious. Her asshole was wider than I had imagined possible. It was just a huge, gaping hole between her buttocks.

“Alright, baby, time for the real show!”, Richard said , “I’m going to push the eggplant into you. My dick you wouldn’t even feel, but with this eggplant and my dick, you’re going to be alright!” He took the eggplant and smeared some KY, which I had gotten from the bedroom, and smeared it onto the eggplant. Then he put it at Jenna’s asshole, which, without his fingers had closed a little, but was still about three inches in diameter. Without any problems, he slid the narrower part into her. When a third of the eggplant was in, its diameter was steadily increasing up to seven inches. Richard pushed harder, and Jenna started to moan big time. Soon, that moan turned into a helpless whimper, as the widest part of the eggplant was now firmly inside her ass.

“Well, time for my dick!” Richard said and positioned his dick next to the eggplant. He had to hold on to the eggplant because otherwise it would have disappeared deep inside Jenna’s bowels. He pushed harder, causing a yelp from Jenna, until the head of his dick was in. He pushed even more and the rest of his dick just slid in next to the slick eggplant. I couldn’t believe it. Jenna now had an eggplant and this monster inside her dick and was still conscious.

Richard started to furiously slide his dick in and out of Jenna’s ass, making her scream whenever he hit rock-bottom. By then, Jenna was a willing less rag-doll, getting pounded by a monster cock. Suddenly Richard groaned and announced he was cumming. He quickly oulled out and came all over Jenna’s back. When he was done, he grabbed the eggplant and pushed the remaining third inside Jenna’s ass. It was unbelievable to see her asshole slowly close over the big vegetable. Jenna was just spread out on the couch, whimpering and unable to move.

Richard laughed. He looked again at Jenna and said:

“Alright slut, you’re gonna keep that thing in there. I’ve got some business to tend to, so tomorrow you’ll come into my office at 9. Be sure to keep that eggplant inside your little ass until then.” Then he looked at me.

“Rob, you know what your job is. Clean her up, but don’t touch her pussy, tits or ass. Understood?” I nodded.

“Well then, until tomorrow, you two!” Richard said, walked over to Jenna and spat on her face.

“Oh, you little slut, you’re all mine!” With that he went up to the bedroom, dressed and left.

I knew that this was just the beginning of a great new life.

…to be continued?

Please send feedback. I need to know if you like my stories, or if I’m just a bit over the edge here. Thanks, Changer666

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