tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife's Night Class Ch. 08

My Wife's Night Class Ch. 08


Nick had climbed up next to my wife, who still sat slumped against the back of the couch. He had thrust his cock near her face, had actually touched her face, leaving a drop of precum on her cheek. In the closet watching this, I was a little concerned. I thought Nancy had made it clear to Wendell that she wouldn’t suck a male model’s cock, yet Nick, with one hand guiding his big, pulsing hard-on and the other clasping her neck, seemed to be forcing the issue. I watched as he managed to bring the swollen purple crown of his cock into brief contact with Nancy’s lips.

Just minutes earlier, Nick had brought her to a huge orgasm by eating her cunt, but she wasn’t so swept away by the experience, I hoped, that she’d now do anything he wanted her to do. And I was right.

“Wait,” she said, gripping Nick’s cock firmly in her right hand and holding it away from her mouth. Wendell stopped shooting. “I told you I’m not taking that in my mouth or vagina, and I meant it. I’ll play with it but it’s not going inside, OK?” She sounded a little pissed.

Wendell calmed her down. “Sorry, Nancy. Nick just got a little overenthusiastic. If you don’t mind, let’s reposition for a manual-oral scene.” He pulled Nancy up from the couch (forcing her to let go of Nick’s cock, which, angry or not, she’d held on to) and had Nick lie down on his back on it. From my vantage point, his head was to my left and his feet to my right. He held his money-maker in his right hand. Then Wendell helped Nancy step out of her panties (“We won’t be needing these,” he said) and removed her blouse so that she was now stood next to him wearing only her schoolgirl skirt (and wig) and socks.

Wendell then turned the lamp on the left tripod back on for increased illumination and pulled both lamps back a few feet from the couch. “I’ll be shooting some of this scene on the floor in front of the couch,” he explained. Then he had Nancy get on her knees in front of the couch, resting her left arm on Nick’s chest, so her ass, just barely covered by her short skirt, was toward me (and her classmates John and Jerry).

Without being asked, Nancy slid her right hand over Nick’s belly and began, as though absentmindedly, stroking his cock.

Wendell hadn’t started shooting yet. He went down on one knee with his camera, though, and encouraged Nancy to keep doing what she was doing. “That’s right, dear. Slide your hand up and down that big cock of his. Nick loves it. Now bend over him and kiss it. You don’t have to suck it. Just kiss it, lick it, nibble on it some. That’ll really be erotic.”

As Nancy started to do as he asked, Wendell put down his camera and, lifting her by the waist from behind, repositioned her a few inches to the left so her body was at about a forty-five degree angle with Nick’s on the couch. Then he spread her knees apart and tugged the waist of her skirt up about two inches so more of her ass would show.

As Wendell began shooting again, my wife leaned forward (now fully exposing her cunt and asshole to John, Jerry, and me) until her face was within inches of Nick’s huge hard-on, which she continued jacking off slowly with her right hand. Nick groaned appreciatively and said, “Oh, yeah.” She brought her mouth down to his cock then, and, moving her right hand down to cup his balls, began giving Nick’s cock little nibbling kisses all along the length of the shaft. When she got to the crown of the cock, she began slowly licking it all over. Nick’s groans grew louder and I thought for a minute she was going to make him cum.

Wendell was shooting the action on his knees slightly to the left side. I think he was able to video my wife’s fully exposed ass and, in the same frame, get what she was doing with her mouth to Nick’s cock. Nick’s right hand moved up to Nancy’s ass then and I watched him slide his fingers up and down her cunt lips. After a few seconds of this, still groaning with pleasure and saying “Oh, yeah” repeatedly, he inserted his index and middle fingers deep inside her cunt. She stopped licking the head of his cock and gave a little squeal of pleasure.

“Oh, God, finger fuck me,” I heard her say. “Yes, like that.” Nick was moving two fingers in and out of her now, and she had spread her legs further apart to accommodate him. She was really wet now. I could actually hear, from the closet where I was spying on them, a slight squishing sound.

John, Nancy’s handsome classmate, was leaning forward over Wendell’s shoulder like an umpire calling balls and strikes. He’d briefly fingerfucked my wife once, but nothing like this.

This went on and on until Nancy began breathing very hard, almost gasping for breath. She had stopped kissing Nick’s cock by now and was rubbing it against the right side of her face. The end of his huge cock went all the way up to the “hairline” of her blonde wig.

Nick then did something unexpected. He stopped fingerfucking Nancy and slid the upper part of his body down from the couch and somehow got his shoulders on the carpet between my wife’s legs. His lower body remained on the couch, so he was virtually upside-down.

Wendell stopped shooting to reposition himself. “Good idea, Nick. That’s a great angle. Now you can use your hands to spread her ass more. Can you reach up with your mouth and eat her?” Nick tried but couldn’t. “OK, Nancy, Nick’s flat on his back now. Would you mind lowering your butt down and sitting on his face? I’d love some shots of that.”

So would I and the others, of course. Nick’s manhandling of my wife had made me rock-hard again.

Nick slid his shoulders a few inches farther away from the couch. Nancy, after hesitating briefly, straightened up a little and slowly, ever so slowly, lowered her cunt down on Nick’s greedy mouth. She made contact and gasped as Nick’s mouth immediately began working against her cunt lips. Wendell (still not shooting) said, “Oh, yeah. That’s right. Get real nasty. Stick that tongue way up her, Nick. That’s right, keep doing that.” Then Wendell surprised me by setting his video camera down and crawling over to where Nancy was sitting on Nick’s face. Leaning over the wonderfully obscene spectacle, he flipped Nancy’s little skirt up so it was completely out of the way and, with his left hand, pushed down on her lower back to force her ass just a little higher. Then, still leaning forward, he used both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart. “Do this with her ass while you eat her, Nick,” he said. “I need to see that pretty little asshole of hers while you’re eating her cunt.” He took his hands away and Nick, alternately lashing Nancy’s clit with his tongue and sticking it deep inside her, replaced them with his own. He had pulled my wife’s asshole open and his tongue occasionally darted up to it.

Wendell (still not shooting) went back on his haunches for a second, then leaned forward again and to everyone’s surprise gently inserted his right index finger into Nancy’s inviting, tongue-moistened asshole. Nancy (still pressing Nick’s hard-on against her face) gasped loudly as Wendell’s finger went in and her whole body began to quiver.

Poor Jerry, who had secretly been rubbing his hard cock through his jeans, suddenly began rubbing it even more furiously. Watching Nick and Wendell sucking and fingering the pretty girl whose tits he’d recently played with must have been too much for him. He was obviously cumming in his pants.

The horny photographer kept his finger up my beautiful wife’s asshole long enough for Nick’s busy tongue to bring her to another, this time very loud (“Oh, God! You’re making me cum again! Ohhhh!”) orgasm that seemed to last for twenty or thirty seconds.

Then, as though exhausted, Nancy slumped her head forward between Nick’s legs. Only then did Wendell remove his finger from her ass. I learned later that Nancy, who had her face pressed against one of Nick’s thighs as she approached and achieved orgasm, didn’t know it was Wendell’s finger up her asshole. She thought he was still videotaping.

When Nick stopped eating Nancy, he complained to Wendell that he was uncomfortable. His neck hurt because of the awkward position he was in. So, while Wendell retrieved his video camera, Nick wriggled out from under my wife and got on his knees behind her with his swollen cock still magnificently at the three o’clock position. She remained on her knees with her ass aimed slightly to my left and the upper part of her body resting on the couch. Her skirt had fallen down partially over her butt, so Wendell told Nick to flip it up again to expose her more fully. Then he positioned Nick even more to the left so, he explained, he could videotape his cock as though he were about to fuck Nancy dog-style. “Let’s get some footage of you rubbing the end of your cock up and down her lips and asshole,” said Wendell.

“Oh, God,” said Nancy (the left side of her head pressed against the couch), “don’t fuck me with it. Don’t stick it inside.” Her voice was weak. She seemed short of breath.

Wendell started shooting again as Nick scooted on his knees behind my wife’s raised butt. From my peephole I could see her glistening-wet, slightly swollen cunt lips. Her just-fingered asshole seemed to invite sodomy.

Nick held his big cock in his left hand as he reached forward with his right hand to my wife’s cunt. Then, abruptly, he inserted his middle and index fingers inside her and fingerfucked her again. I noticed that she was pressing her ass against his fingers slightly and the involuntary quivering had started again. And once again the squishing sound carried from her cunt across the room to me. After about a minute of this (Nancy’s cunt was now sopping wet) he withdrew his fingers and, working slightly from the left side to give Wendell a camera angle, took his cock in his right hand and brought the head of it into contact with Nancy’s cunt lips.

For the next minute or so he slid the purple head of his cock up and down the length of her cunt, from her clit to the area between her cunt and her asshole. His cockhead soon glistened from her cunt juice. Nick was making animalistic grunting noises. My wife was breathing very hard now and making little squealing sounds. I could barely see past Wendell’s shoulder, but I’m pretty sure that several times Nick’s cock was actually slid between Nancy’s cunt lips, that as he moved his big cock up and down her cunt the entire head of his cock disappeared briefly just inside her.

Then, after three or four minutes of this near-fucking, Nick straightened up on his knees and began stroking his cock fiercely with his right hand. With a loud groan and a shout of “Oh fuck!” he began ejaculating semen against my wife’s beautiful cunt. It came in a series of powerful spurts. The first splattered against her cunt and asshole; the ones that followed went all over her spread ass and way up her back almost to her blonde wig.

The guy had erupted like a fire hose all over my wife’s crotch and backside. If I hadn’t already cum twice, I’m sure watching this would have brought me around again. As it was, my cock was stiff, excited but not yet ready for another climax.

Nick, breathing hard, rested his left hand on my wife’s cum-covered ass as though it were his property. Nancy, her excitement subsiding, reached between her legs with her right hand and felt her cunt. Feeling the slippery liquid there, she said “Oh, God, get that off me! I don’t want it getting inside me. I mean it. Get it off.”

“No problem,” said Wendell, who had stopped shooting again. “Stay in that position, Nancy, so Nick’s spunk can’t go anywhere. I saw a box of Kleenex in your bedroom. Somebody go get it.”

John stood up (he’d been on his knees watching Nancy getting cummed on, and when he stood up I saw he had an uncomfortable hard-on in his jeans) and raced down the hall to the bedroom. Seconds later, he returned with the Kleenex.

Without being asked, John crawled over behind Nancy and began wiping the semen off her back. “That’s now where I’m worried about it,” she said. “Get it out of my crotch.”

As requested, John took several sheets of Kleenex and began a very thorough job of cum-wiping. And I mean thorough. He made several swipes with the facial tissue along her cunt, starting below her swollen clit and ending up above her asshole. Then he spread her cunt as wide as he could with the thumb and first finger of his left hand. Her cunt looked beautiful, like an exotic flower with its petals spread wide. With his right hand, he daubed with Kleenex deep inside her wide-open cunt.

I didn’t know how much my wife was enjoying the procedure until I noticed (and so did everyone else) what happened when she brought her right hand down to touch her cunt. At first I thought she was just making sure Nick’s goo was gone, but then something else happened. She was rubbing her clit! At first she did it slowly, then her fingers were rubbing hard and fast. She seemed oblivious to all of the men in the room (who all looked pretty serious except Nick, who stood grinning and wiping his softening cock with a piece of Kleenex tissue John had discarded.)

John, who had taken his hand away from Nancy’s cunt after wiping it clean, now leaned forward and inserted several fingers of his right hand inside her cunt. I guess he assumed it would be all right since she was openly masturbating. Anyway, he fingerfucked her thoroughly for several minutes as she reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. Finally, gasping and jerking, my wife came for the third time.

Wendell, on his knees behind John, had begun shooting again, caught, probably with his zoom lens, Nancy’s cunt being fingered to orgasm simultaneously by her handsome classmate and herself. Wendell said, “Damn, that’s a bonus. That’s really erotic. Two different guys bringing her off.” My wife slumped forward and said, “And that’s going to have to do it for me, guys. I haven’t got anymore left.” Only then did John withdraw his sticky fingers from her cunt. He turned to Wendell and asked him how much of his body had gotten into the video. Wendell assured him that only his back and right arm would be visible. He couldn’t be recognized.

Nancy, now sitting up and more or less recovered, said, “Yeah, John, I’d hate to have to explain this to your wife.”

Everyone laughed. The sexual tension that had been almost constant for the past hour was suddenly dissipated. John still had an obvious hard-on in his pants, and so did Wendell, I think, but nothing more was going to happen and everyone knew it. After Nancy put her robe back on and removed her wig and Nick got fully dressed, they finished off the wine and John and Jerry helped Wendell and Nick collect the gear and stow it in the van.

Then, in a matter of fifteen minutes, they had returned re-entered the house, kissed Nancy good-bye (John’s was rather passionate but the others were almost brotherly), and gotten into their vehicles.

I came out of the closet then and the two of us watched Wendell’s van and John’s car drive away. Nancy gave me a deep kiss. “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did,” she said.

“Well,” I answered, feeling her moist cunt with my fingers, “that depends on how much you enjoyed it. Were those real orgasms?”

“I’m afraid they were,” she answered. “Later I want you to do what Nick did to me with his cock. You know, rub the tip of it against me until I cum. Right now, I’m pretty done in. Could be go to bed and snuggle a little?”

As we walked back to our bedroom together I asked her how she thought this horny session would change her relationship with the guys in her night class. “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” she said. “It’ll be interesting to find out, won’t it.”

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