tagBDSMMy Wife's Night of Control

My Wife's Night of Control


We had both had a long day at work. After dinner and a little TV we decided to go up for a quick shower before bed. My wife finished her shower before I did and hopped out. Once I had finished I stepped out and began to dry myself. As I opened the bathroom door she snapped " I didn't say you could come out yet!"

Not wanting to disobey (and loving the tone in her voice,) I quickly shut the door. She cracked it open and slipped a dirty magazine through and told me to make sure I kept myself hard for her. She wanted a lot of pleasure out of me later. I sat and looked at the pictures of women naked and playing with themselves as I waited for her. Soon she informed me that I could join her in the bedroom.

As my eyes adjusted to the candle light I nearly fainted at the sight of her. She was wearing a new sexy negligee along with a sexy thong and tights. To cap everything off she was also wearing what you might call stripper boots. I nearly came on the spot.

She commanded me to kneel down and kiss her boots, which I did. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her and I gave an emphatic yes. "well you're going to have to earn that. Then your going to have to pay for it." I didn't really understand what she meant, but I was game because I wanted her so badly.

"Lick my boots like the little slut that you are" she directed. I did as I was told and grew even harder as I did. I also noticed the straps we kept hooked to our bed had been readied. We used then from time to time even though she really didn't like them much. I enjoyed it when she tied me up. She told me to stay on my hands and knees and tell her how sexy she was. I began to stammer how much I loved her and how much I wanted to fuck her.

I felt a sharp pain to her back as she brought a whip down on me. "I said tell me how sexy I am! Not how much you want to get fucked. Now how sexy am I?" I began to pour my heart out to her about how great she looked and that any man alive would want her. "That's a good little boy now isn't it? You'd like to watch me with a real man wouldn't you?" I nodded that I would, "Eat me until I cum you little whore!" I quickly began to eat her already wet pussy. "You'd love to eat another man's cum from my pussy wouldn't you?" Again I nodded. "I'd force you to clean me up completely before you'd be allowed to put your cock into me. You'd be so turned on you might not even make it to the fucking. I bet you'd like it so much you'd beg me to go get fucked again and again. Do you want me to be a slut so you can clean me over and over?" I groaned in approval of the idea. "Can you taste the cum in my pussy, slut? You want to clean me out? You'd better stick your tongue all the way in to get any last bits." She continued to taunt me as though she had been out fucking hoardes of other men, "You'd better stick your little tongue into my asshole too. I was getting fucked by two guys as once. One of them filled my little pink pucker with his juice." I began to lick her asshole as she sighed with pleasure. I continued my oral attention as she moaned and rubbed herself to orgasm.

"Assume the position" she said. I looked at her rather blankly. and she continued, "stand up and place you hands on the dresser. Keep your legs apart and stay facing forward." I did as I was told and soon was in a world of darkness. She had placed a blindfold over my eyes. I stood there fully vulnerable to her she whipped me across the back once again. It stung, but felt very good all at the same time. Over and over again she used her whip on me and I began to sink into a mixture of pleasure and pain that only served to make me even harder and more excited. All at once the whipping stopped and she spoke. "Now we're going to heighten the sensitivity in some of you pleasure regions." With that I felt a sharp pinch on my balls, just the skin, not the balls themselves. Soon they were covered with the clothespins she was using. "Do you like the torture I'm giving you slut?" I nodded that I did. "Do you want some more?" Again I nodded. She clipped one of the clothes pins on each of my nipples. As I was adjusting to the sensation, I hardly noticed that she was drizzling lube down my butt.

I felt something cold and slippery slide between my cheeks as she began to insert a butt plug into me. I bent over the dresser as much as I could as she did to help it go in easier. Once it was all the way in she told me, "Now it's my turn for some more pleasure." She forced me to my knees and straddled my face. I began to eat her sopping wet pussy with fervor. I licked her so long it felt like my tongue was going to fall off but she suddenly began to cum. Her juices flooded my mouth and I licked up every drop, loving it. She fingered herself to another orgasm as I lapped at her soft folds.

"Now it's time for the real show" she said. She removed each of the clips and guided me to the bed. Laying me down on the center of it, she began to fasten each of my hands to the restraints. "Now your really going to do everything that I want you to. If I tell you to suck my clit or eat me ass, you're going to do it. ANYTHING that I want. Do you understand? You're my slut and you'll do what I say." I gasped that I would do anything that she wanted me to.

"Well you can start by eating my pussy again. I want to cum again. Eat all of my cum you little slut." I licked her as she sat on my face. I loved every minute of it too. She shifted herself on me and commanded "Now eat my ass again. Lick it for me. You like that don't you, you little whore?" I could only nod, and do as I was told. I'm not sure, but I think that she might have cum as I licked her. She was screaming that she loved it when her little slut served her.

She stated matter of factly that she had to pee. She shifted as I thought she was getting up to go to the bathroom, but instead she let a stream run down into my mouth. She controlled her stream so I could swallow in between spurts. She kept saying all through that she loved to watch her slut drink her piss, and that it wasn't the only thing I'd be drinking that night.

Once she was relieved, she climbed off of me and began to suck on my cock. "Don't you dare cum in my mouth. I'm not done with you yet." She rubbed the tip all over her tits and then brought them to my mouth. She forced me to lick the precum off of them one at a time, kissing me deeply after each. Then she returned to my cock and rubbed it all over her lips. Once again she kissed me deeply making sure I was tasting myself on her. "Open your mouth" she directed. As I obeyed, she let precum and saliva drip from her mouth to mine. It felt like my cock grew an inch in that moment.

She climbed on top of me and began to ride me. It felt like she was playing with herself the whole time. She kept cumming over and over again. She began to talk very dirty to me as she got off. She was telling me how much she'd like to fuck another man. How she'd make me watch her. How she would fuck other men and tell me about it only after I had begun to eat her pussy when she came home.

At this I couldn't hold back any longer and came inside of her. After I had finished, she said "I didn't tell you to cum yet. You're going to have to pay the price for that." Before I knew what was happening she was squatting on my face again. I was restrained, and couldn't even try to struggle. She forced her cum filled pussy onto my mouth as I began to eat the cum out of her hole. I soon realized that my dick was rock hard again and ready for action as I cleaned her pussy like the little slut that she said I was. Once it was clean she untied me and kissed me as she slid onto my cock for another round of loving. She hopped off abruptly and said that she had good news and bad news. The good news, she said, was that she was going to suck on me until I came, and she wouldn't let a drop drip. The bad news was that she was going to make me help her swallow it all.

She began to bob up and down on my prick as I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of her warm mouth. She took hold of my hand and placed it on my penis and told me to wank off into her mouth. She locked her lips around me in anticipation of the warm flood of semen she was about to get.

As I began to calm down from my orgasm I had almost forgotten about the "bad news" but soon she was climbing up to me for a kiss. As she forced her tongue into my mouth a flood of cum came with it. We began to make out passionately as we shared the cum back and forth. Once it was all gone, we laid back in each other's arms and just cuddled. But you can be sure it wasn't the last time we made love that night...

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