tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Office Party Reveals...

My Wife's Office Party Reveals...


This story involves a cheating wife and possibly a cuckold husband. I'm still not a hundred percent on how to classify a cuck.

It was suggested to me by a few readers that I try writing a story like this from a male perspective. So here is my first attempt. I feel like my male character doesn't have a lot of depth personally, but you tell me. It was fun and weird writing this story. Fun because it's new and challenging, and weird because it's really not me.

I look forward to your feedback, good or bad. It all helps me learn and grow.


My wife, Sarah, started working as a secretary for a hedge fund company about a year ago. She seemed to love this job so much because she was always glowing whenever she talked about it. Her last job was hell for her. She would often come home crying because her boss was such an asshole, so I was happy that she found something better at first. When I found out why she liked it so much however... well... you will see.

My wife is a gorgeous woman and always has been. We met in college and it was love at first sight. Seven years later, I still love her as much as the first day I met her.

She left for work before me so I would usually still be in bed while she was getting ready.

*Beep beep beep*

"Honey, your phone is going off. Looks like you got an email," I said to her.

"Ah shit, okay," she said as she popped out from the bathroom wearing just a thong and some thigh high stockings.

I couldn't help but admire her. I loved her long straight black hair, but I wished it wasn't in the way so I could admire her perfect breasts. They were a perky handful of wonderful with the cutest pink nipples that just screamed, "bite me!"

Sure, I got to see her naked all the time but it never got boring. My wife looked just as hot as she did in college. This is both a joy and a curse, because guys are constantly chasing after her.

I can't really blame them, though.

"Could you check it for me please? I'm so late," she said as she hurried back into the bathroom.

I grabbed her phone and opened the message. It was an invite to a Christmas party at her office on the weekend. It also said she was allowed a plus one. Her office had a lot of parties but it was always just for staff or so she said. Basically anytime they closed a deal it would be cause for celebration.

Sarah would always attend them and usually wouldn't get home until early in the morning or sometimes even late the next day. I never complained though. I would rather she didn't drink and drive, and I never had a reason not to trust her.

I was curious what these parties were like though. When Sarah describes them to me they always sound so extravagant.

"It's just a reminder about your office Christmas party this weekend!" I shouted to her.

"Oh I completely forgot about that, thanks honey," she said.

"So are you going to invite me?" I said playfully.

"Oh sweetie you know these parties are always staff only."

"It says you are allowed a plus one here," I said wondering if she was really unaware or just didn't want me to come.

She peeked her head around the door of the bathroom.

"Oh really? That's weird, I didn't know. You don't want to come though trust me, It's going to be boring. Just a bunch of people talking about finance," she said with a dismissive tone.

Well that was not the response I expected. Why didn't she want me to come?

She always talks about how great the parties are so it didn't make sense that she now says they are boring. It's not like she was really into finance either.

"I don't care, I still want to come and have fun with you," I said playfully.

She exited the bathroom and began putting on her tight black skirt.

"I really don't think you are going to have any fun there Brian," she said in a slightly nervous tone while she slipped on a white halter top.

Her bare nipples were just slightly poking through the fabric. I tried to stay serious about the topic but I couldn't help but get hard as I ogled her.

She started dressing more and more daring since she started this job. I just thought it was her confidence improving but now I was beginning to wonder.

"As long as I'm with you I'm going to have fun! I promise," I said trying to sound encouraging.

She was finally ready for work and just stopped and looked at me. It felt like forever before she actually spoke.

"Well... Ok but you need to promise me you won't act weird ok?" She said in a stern voice.

"Why would I act weird"?

"Some of the guys can be very flirty with the women in the office. Like, it's not offensive or anything. More just playful but it's just how it is at our office. So you need to promise me you won't get jealous if someone jokingly starts hitting on me ok?"

I was stunned for a minute...

Flirting?? Isn't that sexual harassment?

Now I was more curious than ever about what happens at these parties.

I tried to take the high road and not seem jealous. If I start getting jealous then she really wouldn't want me to come.

"Babe I trust you, I love you, and I know you love me. I know you would never do anything to hurt me," I said trying not to show how confused I really was. "Besides, you are hot as hell. Who wouldn't want to hit on you? If anything I'll feel proud that I'm the one that gets to take you home."

She paused for a second with a slightly guilty look.

"Okay, honey. If you really want to come then of course. I do love you more than anything, and perhaps this could be fun," Sarah said before giving me a kiss. "Okay I really have to go now. Go get your tux dry cleaned."

She ran out the door and drove off to work.

My mind was racing now. I was so confused and worried. I tried to convince myself that nothing was going on but I started over thinking things. Like somehow she never put her panties in the laundry hamper, or how she always had to shower the second she got home...

I mean, that could mean something right?

I snapped myself out of it, and went to work. There was no point stressing about something that might not be anything at all.

(That weekend)

Saturday came and Sarah was getting ready. It was usually a four-hour process... I put on my tux, and peeked into the bathroom. She was wearing just a very sexy white bra and panties with little black bows in the middle.

I approached her from behind, and wrapped my arms around her, before gently kissing her shoulder. "You look amazing, Sarah."

Sarah giggled.

"Oh hey sweetie you should pack a bathing suit and something more casual. We will probably end up at my boss' penthouse after, and he has a hot tub," she said.

"Will do!" I said as I went to look for my trunks.

Does she always end up there after these parties? I Need to stop over thinking.

I was all ready, and packed up. Sarah was finally ready wearing a very revealing short black dress. If she bent over you would be able to clearly see everything underneath.

"You are not bringing another outfit as well?" I asked.

"No I usually just hang out in my bikini. Everyone I work with is super casual so it's not a big deal," Sarah said very casually.

"Okay, where is your bikini?" I asked now even more curious about these parties. My mind was racing thinking of her just hanging out with a bunch of horny men wearing nothing but a bikini.

"Oh I have it in my purse."

We got into the car and drove to the party just chit chatting on the way. They had valet outside of the office building that she works in. The elevator door opened to her office, and it was amazing. We walked out into a massive lobby illuminated with blue and purple lights. It was surrounded by cubicles, and offices. Most of the offices had frosted glass but there were a few that were clear and showed off the amazing view of the city

A very sexy brunette instantly ran up to us and hugged Sarah.

"Where have you been girl? Everyone has been waiting for you!" she said "And who is this handsome guy?"

"This is my husband, Brian," Sarah said. "Brian this is Lindsay. She is one of the other assistants here."

Lindsay was a stunner. She looked like she was about eighteen with an amazing body. I tried not to stare but her perfect breasts were pulling me in. Was like a tractor beam had me and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get away.

"Nice to meet you, Brian," Lindsay said as she reached out to shake my hand. She immediately looked back at Sarah. "You are crazy you know that?" she said chuckling.

Crazy? Why was bringing me to a party crazy? Did I miss something?

"Why is she crazy?" I asked jokingly.

"Oh don't mind her sweetie. She is just being silly," Sarah said while striking a sharp glare at Lindsay.

Lindsay winked back at her.

Okay, so clearly I was missing something here.

"Hey why don't you get your wife a drink while I take her to say hi to everyone?" Lindsay asked as she grabbed Sarah's arm and dragged her off without even waiting for a response from me.

I scanned the room looking for the bar. The office had a purple ice theme with glass tables and chairs surrounding a dance floor with a large Christmas tree in the centre. It looked more like a night club than it did an office Christmas party.

I found the bar and order a beer, and got my wife a glass of wine. I began to scan the room looking for her, but was struggling to find her. The room was packed with people in black tuxedos and dresses. Kind of reminded me of a Where's Waldo book.

Finally I spotter Sarah and Lindsay talking with a guy in the crowd. Tall, well built and very clean cut. He reminded me of Harvey Spectre from the TV series Suits.

They were all laughing and talking when suddenly another man came up behind my wife and wrapped his arms around her. Her ass was pressed into his crotch and his hands went straight for her breasts. My heart was racing while I watched this guy grope my wife right in front of me.

Sarah quickly pushed his hands away, and said something into his ear. I wish I knew what she said because he immediately began scanning the room.

I was just about to head over to them, when some guy that clearly had way too many drinks asked me if I could get him another beer. The bartenders had already cut him off, and for good reason. I said no but he kept insisting so I gave in, and just got him another beer.

I was just about to head to Sarah but she was not there anymore. I worked my way through the crowd trying to find her but no luck. After about fifteen minutes of wandering around looking, I just decided to sit on the nearby vacant couch.

Another hour passed until my wife and Lindsay finally found me. To be fair I was right in the open so it wasn't a difficult search.

"There you are sweetie," Sarah said with a worried tone. "We have been looking for you everywhere."

"I uh.." I was about to explain to her my search efforts but was quickly interrupted by Lindsay.

"You guys look so cute right now! I'm gonna take a picture of you two!" she said energetically. "Come on and give him a kiss for the picture."

Sarah obliged, and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"What the fuck was that?" Lindsay shouted as she dropped her arms to her lap in that "WTF" kind of way. "Give him a real kiss! Gawd!"

"Lindsay!" Sarah shouted with a glare.

"Don't be such a pussy! I know you are not shy," Lindsay shouted.

Sarah glanced at me as if trying to decide if she should or not. She then wrapped her arms behind my neck and gave me a deep passionate kiss as Lindsay took the picture.

Sarah tasted...different...It was like whiskey and something else.

"What did you drink Sarah?" I asked. "You taste salty."

"Oh we just did some... shots..." Lindsay said in a very suspicious tone.

Sarah shot another glare at Lindsay.

"Ya we had some tequila. We had the salt but no lemon unfortunately," Sarah said sounding very unsure.

Weird but I guess I had to take her word for it. The party continued, and we sat on the couch and chatted, and drank with a couple quick dances in between. It was clear that Sarah had a good buzz going on.

"Hey guys! Party time back at Craig's place. You in?" Said a man's voice behind me.

Sarah and I turned around to see the first guy I saw Lindsay and Sarah talking to. Another man approached also tall, handsome, and athletic. It was like everyone that worked here came out of a fitness magazine or something.

"Ya I got limos waiting out front. You two ready to go?" Said the other man.

"Ya for sure!" chirped Sarah. "Oh and hey, this is my husband Brian. Brian this is Craig and Daniel. They are the senior partners here."

"Pleasure to meet you," I said, and I shook their hands.

"Nice to meet you as well," said Craig.

"Ya bro, you have one smoking hot wife," said Daniel in that stereotypical "basic bro" kind of tone.

"Okay ya let's go," said Lindsay as she grabbed Sarah's hand. "Our limo awaits!"

"Oh Sarah we got the car remember?"

"That's no problem. You can just follow us to my place," said Craig.

Craig seemed like a very professional type of guy. He was well spoken, and radiated with confidence. Daniel however seemed like the opposite. He reminded me of a dumb jock from high school that never grew up.

We all headed downstairs where the limos were all lined up. I gave the valet my ticket, and he pulled around our car. Craig and Daniel were rounding everyone up and I went to Sarah to see if she was ready to go, but she was being pulled off into the limo by Daniel.

"Sarah aren't you coming with me?" I asked slightly confused.

"Oh sweetie I'm going to ride in the limo with Lindsay. Just follow us, and I'll see you when we get there," Sarah said before a pair of hands reached out from the limo and pulled her in.

I got in my car, and started following them. This night is certainly not turning out as expected.

Why did my wife really taste salty? She certainly wasn't drinking tequila, and where did she disappear to?

I had so many questions and my head was racing. I wanted to know what was going on in that limo. It seemed to be rocking every time we stopped at a light.

I need to stop thinking or I was going to drive myself crazy. I promised Sarah I wouldn't get jealous and I should trust her.

I followed the limos down into a parking garage of a high rise condominium. In the garage there was a private area that we pulled into that had an elevator and a door man waiting. I parked up behind them and got out of my car.

Lindsay was the first to emerge from the limo but she wasn't wearing her dress anymore. She was wearing a pink bikini.

Maybe she just had it on under her dress.

She pranced off to the elevator with Daniel in hand following behind her. Sarah was the next one out, and to my surprise she also had her white bikini on.

When did she change? Did she change in the limo?

Craig got out behind her and playfully smacked her ass, and they headed for the elevator.

"Sarah wait for me!" I shouted.

Sarah turned around and looked at me. Her expression was almost as if she forgot I was even there.

"I'll see you upstairs," Craig said to her with a grin.

Everyone else proceeded upstairs as I approached my wife.

"Hey when did you change and why did Craig just spank you?" I said slightly upset.

"Oh he was just being playful Brian. You promised you wouldn't get jealous remember?" she said with a stern tone.

"Okay, you are right, I'm sorry. Did you change into your bikini in the limo though?"

"Ya. It's not a big deal. I was super quick. Don't worry so much," said Sarah very dismissively.

"So you were naked in the limo?"

"Jeeze Brian! See, this is why I didn't think that this would be a good idea. You are worrying over nothing!"

She didn't deny it but it seemed like asking her was only making things worse so I decided to just give up on the topic.

We proceeded upstairs to a condo that you would only see in the movies. It had thirty-foot high ceilings, with a second floor that wrapped around the living room. Off the balcony was the large stone hot tub that some people were already enjoying. I could only see their silhouettes in the hot tub, with the only light coming from inside the tub.

"Isn't Craig's place beautiful?" my wife asked as she clung to my arm.

Before I could respond Craig and Lindsay came over to us.

"Hey guys," Craig said. "Brian welcome and make yourself at home. Anything you want is yours."

"Thank you for having me. Perhaps just a drink for now," I responded.

"Of course, Lindsay and I were just about to go get a drink ourselves. Why don't you join us?" Craig said as Lindsay smiled excitedly.

"Sounds good to me," I said as I began to follow them to the kitchen.

"Oh Sarah, Mike and Shawn are looking for you. Why don't you go say hi to them while we entertain your husband. They are over there," Craig said as he pointed in the direction of the hot tub.

A big grin came across my wife face as she almost jumped with excitement.

"Okay!" she said as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'll come find you after, okay sweetie?"

I nodded and continued to follow Craig and Lindsay. I peeked behind me as I saw Sarah head to the hot tub and climb in.

We continued into the kitchen and Craig passed me a beer. "Your wife is an amazing the woman, Brian. You are a very lucky man," Craig said before taking a sip of what looked like whiskey in a rock glass.

I nodded in agreement as I tried to peer through the kitchen doorway to the hot tub. It looked as if Sarah was sitting on someone but it was hard to tell. I wanted to get closer to see what was going on but I didn't want to be rude.

"Craig! Come here!" said a man's voice from the other room.

"Ah I'm being called away. Once again Brian please make yourself at home. Maybe Lindsay can show you around until your wife comes back," said Craig, as he headed back into the living room.

"Okay let's go get comfy then," Lindsay said as she grabbed my hand, and pulled me to the couch in the living room. It was closer to the tub and I could see a little bit better. It looked as though a girl was giving a lap dance to someone in the hot tub, but I couldn't be sure.

Is that Sarah?

My mind was racing again. Lindsay just started talking about a movie she just saw. I wasn't really able to pay attention, and just nodded now and then. I was determined to find out what was going on in that hot tub though.

"Hey Lindsay, I want to go change into my swim trunks. Where can I go?"

"Oh if you go upstairs there is a bathroom you can use," Lindsay said as her attention immediately went to someone else.

She just wandered off so I decided to just go upstairs. I could probably get a better view from up there without letting Sarah see me.

The second floor was basically an open concept bedroom that had a balcony overlooking the living room. I could see out of the massive floor to ceiling windows into the hot tub. I went and changed into my trunks, and a t-shirt and then headed back out to see if I could get a better view of the hot tub.

I checked the second floor for other people and then approached the railing. I stood far enough back that I could now see better without being noticed.

It was still hard to see but I could make out now that Sarah, was the girl giving the lap dance. She was grinding her ass into a guy's lap. It looked less like dancing now and more like she was bouncing on him. Was she fucking him?

The man's hands were holding onto my wife's waist. It looked almost as if he was guiding her. The other man watched with one of his hands under the water. There were too many bubbles from the jets to see anything under the water though.

Sarah slowly stood up, and then made her way over to straddle the other man facing him. The other man untied her bikini top, and pulled it off of her before burying his face into her chest.

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