tagMatureMy Wife's One Night Stand

My Wife's One Night Stand


We had been married for about ten years with two lovely daughters when my wife Gay was unfaithful to me for the first and only time (at least I believe it was the only time but after it happens, how do you ever know or trust again).

We had gone to dinner and drinks--lots of drinks--with two other couples and planned to continue the party at one of the couples' homes. As we made our way to our cars, Patty, one of the other wives, grabbed my hand and said she'd ride with me. This didn't shock me and I wasn't alarmed when I saw my wife leave with Art, Patty's husband.

Patty and I drove straight to the party and the four of us started waiting for Art and Gay to arrive. Soon a trip which should have taken five minutes became a half hour. We rapidly became worried that perhaps they had been in an accident or arrested for a DUI and called both the police and the local hospital with no success. We also called Art's and our home at least four times over the next several hours with no answers.

By now every one, particularly Patty and I, were very suspicious that something sexual was going on. Finally three hours after they had left the restaurant, a very evasive Art finally answered the phone at his home. He wouldn't say where they had been or what they had been doing and said "they really didn't feel like coming to the party".

One half hour later they showed up and both were embarrassed and humiliated. They claimed nothing sexual had happened but neither could look their partner in the eye. On the way home, I put my hand in Gay's pants and her cunt was sloppy with her and Art's cum. Finally, when faced with this evidence, Gay confessed that they did have sex--both oral and intercourse.

Art had given her marijuana on top of the alcohol and then started kissing her. She tried to resist--or so she says--but his kisses and caresses just felt too good. She promised it would never happen again and begged me to forgive her. I was devastated as I had never violated my marriage vows. I was angry, humiliated, jealous--how could my wife put another man's cock in her mouth and allow him into her body. This was a tremendous breach of trust for us.

I was particularly angry that she had not insisted that he use a condom and had ejaculated at least twice into her unprotected vagina--exposing her to a possible pregnancy and me to an STD. In the end, she did not become pregnant and no STDs were encountered but the anger and humiliation continued for several months. Finally, I forgave both my wife and Art--it was not planned but happened under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and we've "moved on".

Now almost twenty years after it happened, I often find myself thinking about the time my wife got fucked by another man--and find it strangely exciting and erotic. The passion in our marriage, as in perhaps most, has waned over the years and I frequently fantasize about that night. My wife, for obvious reasons, is reluctant to talk about it even though she knows I get turned on by the thoughts.

I'd love to have her agree to bring another man or woman into our bed to attempt to recreate these feelings but she's very conservative and it will never happen.

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