tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife's Photo Session Ch. 02

My Wife's Photo Session Ch. 02


Posing for naked photos hasn't been my life-long ambition, actually early on, I would have said no way, no how, but things change and attitudes change and well sometimes a person ends up doing things they didn't intend to do.

Let me start off by saying this is a response to a story my husband wrote and posted earlier about how I posed naked for one of his friends. I helped him write it by supplying most of the information, you see he wasn't there and doesn't know the whole story. They say confession is good for the soul, but what they don't say is that the repercussions of the confession could wreck friendships and sometimes marriages.

I guess the best way to start is to give you a bit of background of myself and my husband. My name is Linda Thomas, I am thirty years old. I am 5'6'' and weigh 130 lbs. (most of the time). My measurements are 38-26-38. My breasts are a full C to D cup. I have blue eyes, dark brunet hair that I keep long, ranging from mid-back to nearly to the back of my knees. I have an olive complexion from my French/Gypsy background. I was raised a good Catholic girl from the Midwest, thus I have all the guilt that goes along with a strict Catholic upbringing. People tell me I am beautiful and sexy, their words not mine, but I am satisfied with how I look, I didn't have a choice, I was born this way. I guess if I were asked for a redo I'd be 5'2'', blond, 34-22-34 with smaller breasts. Isn't that what every man wants?

My husband is Jim, he is the love of my life, has been from the very first second I saw him. I will do anything for him, anything. That seems to be my biggest problem; I can't say no to him, I don't want to.

We met in college, my freshman year, his senior. We were at some stupid party that my roommate drug me to, I didn't want to go, but my roommate didn't want to go alone. Jim was there with one of his friends because he had just ended a relationship with a longtime girlfriend. She had transferred to another university to "expand her horizons". I saw him across the room and knew from that moment that he was going to be the man I would give myself to totally. I think I actually had my first orgasm with him at that moment. I walked up to him and introduced myself and grabbed his arm telling him that he was going to be my hero because he was going to protect me from all the drunken guys who were pawing their way through the women there. We hit it off immediately, I knew we would, it was fate, he never had a chance. He took me back to my apartment that I shared with 3 other girls and we shared our first real kiss, a romantic good-night kiss. I would have given him my virginity right then and there had he asked, he was a gentleman and didn't.

We were a couple from the beginning; I adopted his circle of friends or better said, they adopted me. He had a small circle of mostly male friends, some with an occasional girlfriend sprinkled in for good measure. His friends were mostly engineering/computer geek-type, smart, loyal, and after you got to know them amazingly funny. I loved them. They loved me, or I guess you could say they loved looking at me. I guess I asked for it, I became a ruthless tease. They made me feel so much different than I had felt before. I felt desirable.

Jim's attitude on sex was so different from what I had been brought up to believe. I had hang-ups, the sisters at the Catholic schools I had attended brainwashed us to believe that sex with any man (including our husbands) was a dirty sin that a woman had to suffer in order to produce children. Boy, were they wrong! It didn't take Jim long before he not only was in my panties, he was deep inside me, and I loved it! He quickly taught me that my body was not dirty and that being sexy wasn't a sin and God wasn't going to strike me blind or dead if I showed a little skin, or a lot for that matter.

Jim had an exhibitionist streak, or should I say he wanted me to be the exhibitionist. He was always unbuttoning my shirt or dress, lifting my skirt, pushing me to let him see just a little more for a little bit longer. He wanted me to show more skin around his friends, he prompted me to tease. I would do anything for him and when I seemed to get reactions from his friends, I began to like the feeling it gave me deep down inside me. I was a natural born show-off and exhibitionist.

We got married after my junior year. Jim worked as a mechanical engineer for some big government contractor company. I don't know exactly what he does, it is classified to the point that he doesn't talk about it away from "the lab". He enjoys his work and the men he works with. Our circle of friends expanded, but still was still pretty much his circle. I don't care, I like the men around him, they are smart and think out of the box so to speak, plus they loved being around me. I loved their attention and how they looked at me.

During his college years one of his hobbies was photography, the old fashioned black and white type where he took pictures with a film camera. Sure he had a digital camera, but he seemed to love to develop his own film and coax the images on paper in the darkroom. He tinkered around with color film too, but most of those he sent off to be developed. Jim started taking photos of me in the nude not long after we became a couple.

At first I was horrified at the thought of anyone taking naked pictures of me. Only "bad girls" did that, but as I said before, I would do anything for Jim. He absolutely swore that they were only for him, so I gave in and took off my clothes and he took hundreds of pictures of me. Truthfully I began to enjoy it. I got so turned on having him tell me what to do, how to pose, exposing myself to the camera. He began to talk dirty to me saying things that would make me hot and imagine that I was actually posing for a photographer for naked magazines where thousands of men would see me. Little did I know that he began to show some of the pictures to a few of his friends. I would have died of embarrassment had I known then what I know now.

Part of Jim's job entailed documenting various things he worked on. He not only had to keep detailed written records, he had to take pictures of what was being done. A lot of the things he recorded photographically was done with some type of special camera that shot film and needed processing in a darkroom. Jim was a natural doing this because of his hobby. It was there where he became friends with Robert who actually was a professional photographer who did publicity and advertising as well as technical work for the company they both worked for. They became fast friends and Robert soon was a frequent visitor to our home. I enjoyed him and the attention he gave me. He was always teasing me about wanting to photograph me and make me rich and famous so he could steal me away from Jim. I could tell he wanted to see my body; he practically fell over his tongue whenever I would lean over and show a little more cleavage or show more leg than usual. Otherwise what he did was constantly try to see my breasts or look up my skirt. Jim encouraged me to show more and more, it turned both of us on and became a topic of many of our love making fantasies. He would tell me how much Robert would go on about how beautiful he thought I was and how lucky Jim was to have me. He would also tell me how excited he got when he saw Robert looking at my cleavage or up my skirt. He would encourage me to show him a little nipple now and then or let him see my panties. After a while the thought of exposing myself to him became intoxicating, I actually started to want to do it, and I did. The thrill of letting another man see me made me crazy with lust.

I don't know the particulars of how it got started but somehow Jim let it be known to Robert that he had several photos of me that were not for general viewing. Robert practically begged Jim to show them to him. Knowing Jim as I do, he set Robert up with full intentions of showing me off to him. So after much persuasion Jim started showing him a few at a time, always getting more graphic as they were offered up. It wasn't long before Robert knew my body as well as anyone. But at that time he was only seeing pictures and an occasional flash that I furnished. You see I didn't know at first that Robert had seen any of my photos. I can just imagine what Robert was thinking when he stopped by to visit. I know I felt that he was looking at me like I was naked standing in front of him. Actually he probably was seeing me like I was in the photos. His looks seemed to trigger a tingle deep down in my belly. It seemed that I was constantly wet down there.

During Jim and my love making fantasy talk, he started suggesting that he show Robert some of my pictures, Just a few, ones that didn't show much. He said that Robert had caught glimpses of my nipples and had seen up my skirt to my panties already, and that we both knew that Robert was dying to see just a "little bit more". I was appalled at first, but Jim persisted and eventually the thought of him seeing some of my nude pictures began to turn me on. I finally gave my permission to show him some of the milder ones knowing he was actually going to see my whole naked body. The more we talked about it and the more I thought about it, the wetter I got and the more excited I became. I started having daydreams about another man seeing my naked pictures. It seemed that I was in a constant state of arousal.

A few days later Jim told me he had shown Robert a few dozen of my pictures. I felt both embarrassed and excited at the same time. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would pass out. I asked Jim what Robert had said and he told me that Robert was like a kid at Christmas. He said he held each picture for a long time and remarked how he wished he could see and photograph the real thing. He said that Robert kept going back to the ones that showed full frontal of me and said he would love to "eat that pussy until she screamed." Jim told me that he told Robert that "maybe someday he could really see me." Jim was already planning the next step. I asked Jim if Robert had a hard-on looking at my pictures, and he laughed and said that he couldn't have hid his hard-on if his life depended on it. It must have hurt because it was so hard. My imagination went wild thinking about that.

A few days later I came home and Jim was sitting in our living room having a beer. When I walked in Robert was blushing and seemed a bit uncomfortable. I guessed he was embarrassed about seeing my pictures, I don't know why, I was the one exposed in the pictures. I admit I had a lump in my throat and didn't know exactly what to say. I went in the kitchen to get myself a glass of wine and when I returned I noticed Robert slide something between the side of his chair and his leg. He had the look of someone who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I also noticed that he had a full on erection that he was unsuccessfully trying to hide. Suddenly I realized that I had caught them looking at my pictures again. I must have turned the brightest red anyone could. I excused myself saying I had a few things to do as I quickly retreated to our bedroom.

I rushed to the bedroom and sat on the bed, embarrassed, excited and so wet I could feel my panties soaking through. I wanted to die, I wanted to run back to the living room at the same time. I wanted to watch Robert look at my pictures and hear what he thought. My heart was pounding so hard I had roaring in my ears. I literally gulped my wine to try to stop my shaking.

Jim came into the room and sat beside me and asked if I was okay. I asked if he was showing him my pictures and he said yes. I told him I didn't know how I felt, but I was sure that I couldn't face Robert. Jim kissed me tenderly and said that Robert was so excited about looking at her pictures again that he was having trouble keeping from cumming in his pants. He said he thought he was going to have a heart attack when I walked in the door and came into the room only seconds after he had seen my pictures. Jim told him that I knew he was looking at the pictures and that I had given my permission to show them to him. He them took my hands and pulled me to my feet and said that I had to face Robert eventually so it might as well be now. I let Jim lead me back in front of Robert who was sitting in front of a coffee table with maybe 25 pictures spread out in front of him. They were all of me and all totally naked.

Robert told me that he could not believe how beautiful I looked in the photos and that I had the body that should be naked all the time. He told me that I shouldn't be embarrassed about being seen, that he had just had one of his dreams come true, that of seeing naked pictures of someone he knew and really cared for. Jim handed me another glass of wine and I must have chugged it down because I remember Jim handing me a third glass as well. By the time the third glass was gone and I was working on my forth, I began to relax and enjoy the compliments Robert and Jim were showering me with. I guess I didn't notice Jim's suggestions to relax and get comfortable. I just kept noticing that Robert was looking at the pictures and at me and saying sexy things about how hot I looked and how looking at them with me there made him want to see more.

The next thing I realized was that Jim had unbuttoned my shirt well below my breasts and was running his finger in the cleavage between them along the edges of my bra, it felt so good, I knew he wanted to show my breasts, I actually wanted him to. I closed my eyes and leaned into Jim and I felt him unfasten the last two buttons and begin to run his hands up my sides opening my shirt and then sliding it off my shoulders. He whispered how much he loved me and how beautiful I was and that he wanted to show Robert how beautiful I was. I didn't care, I would do anything he asked. I was lost in a feeling in my loins that just wanted to be released. I rationalized that Robert had seen me around the pool in much smaller bikini tops plus the fact there were pictures laid out in front of us with me totally naked, what more was there to see? Jim moved behind me, I now faced Robert, and Jim reached around my front and cupped my breasts. He reached the front clasp and as I sighed he unfastened it and slowly pulled the cups away exposing me to our friend. My nipples were so hard they hurt, I couldn't move I wanted to cover myself but knew I wouldn't. I knew what Jim wanted and I was a willing participant letting him do what he wished. Inside I wanted this too; I just didn't know how to handle the conflicting emotions. My mind screamed that this was so wrong, but in Jim's hands my body screamed to go on. I put myself in his hands, whatever he wanted.

I stood there in front of Robert, topless, letting him look; he smiled and softly said how beautiful I was. I wanted him to look at me, to see my bare breasts, my hard nipples. Jim's hands moved behind me and I felt him loosen the button at the top of my skirt, then felt as he slid the zipper down. The skirt loosened and Jim slid it down over my hips and let it drop to the floor. I stepped out of it and kicked it aside. I now stood in front of my husband and another man wearing only a thin pair of panties. My pussy was so hot and wet; I know that there was a wet spot down there. I felt like there was a vibrator set on high buzzing away uncontrolled. I wanted to grab myself and shove my fingers up inside me. I wanted to rub my clit and cum, just cum until I passed out. I had to force myself to breathe; everywhere Jim touched me I felt an electrical charge. I wasn't sure how much longer I could stand, I thought at any moment my knees would buckle and I would fall. And Robert just sat in front of me and looked, looked at my breasts, looked at my panty covered pussy, looked at me standing not two feet in front of him nearly naked. And I wanted him to look, I wanted him to see me, I wanted to be totally naked because I knew Jim wanted me to be naked standing there in front of his friend. I wanted it too.

Finally Jim whispered softly in my ear that it was okay and he lowered his hands to each side of my hips and ran his finger under the waistband of my panties and slowly, ever so slowly slid my panties to the floor. I stepped out of them and now stood completely and totally naked in front of a man who was not my husband. My husband whom I would do anything for, die for, let him do anything he wanted to me, a man I loved so deeply that I would have whored for him if he asked, had stripped every stitch of clothing from me just because he wanted another man to see parts of me that only a husband should see. And I wanted it to happen too, oh God did I want it to happen. I was feeling things that I didn't know existed.

I couldn't believe I was allowing Robert to see me this way, he was looking at my exposed pussy. He was close enough to see my wet pubic hair. A woman will show her breasts without much hesitation, but showing her pubic region is much more personal. I had always felt that showing my pubic hair was one of the most personal and intimate things I could do. And yet there I was letting him look at me and I made no movement to cover myself. Deep inside I knew I wanted him to see me, to look at my pussy and remember what it looked like. I knew that in my aroused state that my inner lips were puffed out and my clit was protruding. I knew I had produced enough liquid that my hair was slick and matted. I knew he could smell my arousal. I was a woman in heat and I wanted him to see me this way.

I had to do something so without being told, because I knew what Jim wanted, I told Robert that he could touch me. Still seated, he leaned forward and touched one of my nipples. It was like an electrical spark, I jumped. He touched the other nipple, so softly that if I hadn't been watching, I wouldn't have felt it. But again I jumped as his finger made contact. He took both nipples between his thumb and forefinger and gently pinched. I was so sensitive that I let out a little cry, not of pain but from lust. He stopped and quickly apologized, I could only say "No, it's okay, don't stop." He went back to my breasts, touching, gently pinching, pulling my nipples, lifting my whole breast, touching as if to memorize how they felt when he had left me and gone home.

Finally he left my breasts and slowly worked his way down my chest, to my tummy and finally to the top of my pubic hair. He wove his fingers through my hair, up away from my mound. And then he reached the top of my cleft, I moaned as he slid down to where the wetness began. I opened my legs slightly giving him easier access. I whispered to him, "Touch me there." I nearly cried as he slowly inserted his middle finger fully in my pussy and then slid it upward to make contact with my clit. He then took his finger out of me and licked my juice from it. He repeated this over and over until I thought I would go crazy. I couldn't take any more and looked at Jim and all but begged him to let me go to my bedroom.

Jim shook his head and said that I had done enough tonight. He told me I could go and he would be there shortly as soon as he said goodnight to Robert.

Robert stood and kissed me, a full open mouth kiss, not a quick peck on the lips like he usually did. He whispered to me as he held me close that I was a dream come true tonight. He thanked me and said he hoped that I wouldn't hate him tomorrow.

When Robert had gone and Jim joined me in the bed, I didn't know if he would be mad that I let Robert touch me so intimately. When he stripped and I saw his erection and he kissed me and then entered me, I knew he had wanted to see me do what I had done. He seemed bigger than I had ever seen him. It took only his entering me in one swift thrust to trigger the first of several orgasms I was wracked with that night. We fucked and talked about how we felt and what was next. I loved Jim so much; I swore that I would let him do whatever he wanted because that is what I wanted too.

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