tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Photoshoot

My Wife's Photoshoot


My wife Kris and I were having drinks one night at a one of our favorite restaurants after a busy day. Kris is 42 and still in pretty good shape although she will tell you not nearly good enough. Fact is she is 5'4" and maybe 140 lbs. She's got shoulder length brunette hair, blue eyes, and a great set of legs topped off with a nice ass. She still turns the younger guys heads and if they miss everything else, her 36D tits usually get them. We were sitting at our table enjoying a drink when the waiter brought us each another one and told us they were compliments of the gentleman in the corner booth. We both looked at the same time and there sitting by himself was my old college roommate, Greg, from about 20 years ago. Kris knew him too as we had dated in college before getting married and he had spent many nights with us partying or hanging out watching movies. He saw us look over at him and with a big smile waved us over to his booth. We grabbed our drinks and joined him.

We hadn't kept in touch much really after school other than maybe once a year. The drinks kept coming and the conversation seemed to flow just like it did back in college. Kris asked him what he was doing now for work. Greg paused for a second before explaining, "photography, I just moved my studio here to town about 6 months ago and things are really going well."

"So do you do weddings, family portrait and things like that?" she asked.

"Ummm, I have," he replied after an awkward pause. "Mostly now its contract work with some clients that are internet based."

"Oh, I see. What do you take pictures of?"

I could tell Greg was getting uncomfortable with Kris's questions, but he went on to explain.

"I take pictures mostly of models for adult type websites. Not hardcore porn or anything like that but what you would call soft core I guess."

I could see the look of surprise on Kris's face as she hadn't expected that response. She didn't know what to say to that so I broke the silence.

"That's cool, do you do other requests like family portraits?" I asked.

"I sure do, I can basically do it all with the equipment I have. The money is really good with this internet gig though and I only have to work a couple days a week."

"So you could take some shots of Kris and I? We've been thinking about doing that and maybe having a professional do some for us."

"I sure can," said Greg. "If you guys aren't doing anything tomorrow afternoon, come down to the studio and we'll do a few."

"That sounds great," Kris said excitedly.

We all had a few more drinks and reminisced about college before calling it a night. Greg jotted down an address on a bar napkin and handed it to Kris before we said our good bye's. On the way home, we talked about Greg and his profession and had a few laughs. Here we were going to get our picture taken by a guy in the porn industry.

The next afternoon Kris and I dressed up in our best clothes and headed down to Greg's studio. It was in a small mini mall type building with about 6 other businesses. Inside the front door, a woman behind a desk greeted us and told us to have a seat while she told Greg we where here. She disappeared down a hallway and came back a few seconds later.

"Greg says he's just finishing up a shoot and if you want you can come watch while he finishes," the woman said.

Kris and I both looked at each other and didn't know what to think. I could tell by the puzzled look on Kris's face she was curious and so was I so we both got up and followed the woman back to one of the rooms in the rear of the building. She led us to a large well lit room where we found Greg and a couple in their mid 20's posing for the camera. Greg had his back to us as we entered the room and the couple he was photographing seemed to not even notice us. They were dressed in swimwear, the woman in a skimpy bikini and the guy in a pair of loose fitting trunks and nothing else. He was very tan and muscular and looked like he could bench press a Buick. The woman was gorgeous with long blonde hair and a near perfect body. Her skimpy bikini left little to the imagination, it struggled to cover her ample tits and the tiny patch of fabric that covered her pussy left me to believe she was shaved bare.

Greg finally heard us and turned around, "Hi guys, glad you could make it," he said with a smile and a wink. "Why don't you guys just watch from behind me and I'll finish up here. Callie has to go in about 5 minutes so we don't have much left."

"Ok, take your time," I said.

Greg continued with the photo shoot snapping a near constant stream of pics with his camera. He would call out for either Callie or Tony to stand a certain way or where to put there hands on each other while not missing a beat with the camera. The poses he was putting them in were very suggestive sexually but he was making a point to avoid any nudity the way it looked. At one point he had Tony standing behind Callie and her back towards him leaning back on him while his hands were on her hips and under the ties to her bikini bottom. At one point, his fingers were right at the elastic edge of the fabric covering her pussy. I was getting turned on just watching this, I couldn't imagine how Greg did this day after day. No wonder he only worked a couple days a week.

Just as I was getting excited to see what pose he'd have the couple do next, Greg stopped and spoke to Callie. "I guess that about does it for you Callie, you can go now and we'll see you next week. Tony, I want you to wait just a bit before you get dressed."

"No problem Greg," answered Tony.

Greg put the camera down and walked over to us with a quizzical look on his face like he had a question he needed answered.

"Would you guys be interested in helping me out today?" he asked looking directly at Kris. "I had a model cancel this afternoon and when Callie came in today and told me she had to be out of here by 4pm, that left me short of my quota that is due tonight. Would you want to fill in some Kris?"

Kris's eye's got big and she looked at me, "ahh I don't think I'd be any good at this."

"Oh I'll help you along and Tony here is good about guiding rookies too. There's $750 in it for you Kris if that makes it better."

"I don't have any other clothes with me, otherwise yea I might try it," Kris said.

"No worries, I have a whole dressing room full of women's clothes. So you'll do it?"

"I guess I could try if you really think I am fit for this, I don't come close to comparing to Callie though," she said.

"You'll do just fine and you'll be doing me a huge favor. My client isn't fussy about who I use, they are more concerned about the quantity of pictures. There's a good chance none of these will ever make it past their screening department but if they do, you could really make some serious money if they want more. Why don't you go check out the wardrobe room over there and put on a swimsuit and come back out here and we can get started."

Kris looked at me before walking away, "Are you ok with me doing this? The money would be fun to have."

"Yea, I'm fine with it, have fun with it and I'll just sit back and cheer you on," I said before giving her a kiss and sending her on her way.

While Kris was finding something to wear, Greg was busy moving some lights around and talking with Tony. I suspected he was telling him about Kris and how to handle her complete lack of knowledge when it came to modeling.

Looking around the room it appeared Greg was set up for several different "sets". Where Tony and Callie had been standing was just a white back drop without any furniture or props. In another corner was a couch and what looked like a normal living room set and in the opposite corner was a bedroom set with a bed and some smaller furniture. It was apparent that maybe more than just some harmless photos were being taken here. It reminded me of what a low budget porn set might look like.

Kris finally came out of the dressing room and she looked fabulous. She had found a red bikini that tied behind her neck and again on her back. The bottoms were more conservative than what Callie had worn but still were cut high on her thigh accentuating her legs and she topped it all off with a pair of 3 inch high heeled red shoes. I was so proud of her and knew by the looks Greg and Tony were giving her that they were impressed as well.

Kris looked over at me as she walked over to Tony and Greg and I shot her a look so she knew I approved of her choice of swim wear. She smiled back and stepped onto the set. Greg introduced her to Tony and gave her a few quick pointers. Mostly just things like making sure she wasn't covering her face and to just act natural.

He started her and Tony out with some simple shots of her with her back to Tony and with his hands on her waist. Tony was a good foot taller than Kris even with her heels on so it was a wise choice for her to wear them. Then Greg had her turn around and face Tony with her arms and hands on his chest and looking up at him seductively. She seemed to be catching on quick and didn't seem to nervous at all. They were even joking around some and I could tell Kris was having fun being with such a good looking guy and loving every minute of being close to to him and in his muscular arms.

Greg kept taking pictures while giving some simple commands or complimenting them on the pose they were holding. Kris even started doing some moves on her own and was acting very good for the camera. At one point when Greg had to move a light, Kris stayed in position while he fiddled with the light and I noticed she was slowly rubbing Tony's abs while Greg was busy changing out a light.

Tony wasn't any too shy either, his hands were all over my wife. On her shoulders, under her arms on her rib cage, her stomach, hips, back, and even her butt once or twice. He never got close to her tits though but I could see her nipples getting very hard and poking through the bikini top the longer the photo shoot went on.

Greg was happy the way things were going and I could tell he was just getting in a groove behind the camera. I'm pretty sure he forgot I was there and that my wife was in the arms of some young stud. The poses he was having her get in were getting more and more suggestive. He told her to put her fingers from both hands inside the elastic band of Tony's trunks and act like she was going to pull them down and for her to stare up at Tony.

She didn't miss a beat and followed his instruction to a tee and even pulled the waistband down a couple inches. Her fingers were a mere inch or two from the base of his cock and she may have even been able to feel any pubes he might have had though I seriously doubted he had any by the looks of his hairless body.

Next Greg had her get down on her knees so he could get some pics of her face next to his trunks and told her to make a face like she was blowing on him. Now she was staring him down and I'm sure she was sizing him up in her mind.

"Good," said Greg. "Now take your left hand and put on his thigh and slide it up till its under the leg of his trunks."

I watched my wife follow his orders and knew full well how it was feeling for Tony. She was lightly touching him with her fingernails and that usually drove me nuts. Her hand was now almost completely hidden under his trunks on his thigh as she worked for the camera. I was amazed Tony seemed to be unaffected by her and wasn't sporting a tent in his trunks because I certainly was.

Greg had her stand up next and pose like she was waiting for a kiss from Tony and had him take his hands and hook his thumbs under the ties at the side of her bottoms. After a couple pics, Greg told him to pull down slightly on her bottoms while leaning down to act like he was about to kiss her. Tony did and as he did, Kris adjusted herself and Tony put a little too much pressure on pulling her bottoms and they came down enough to expose the crack of her ass and maybe the top bit of her bush but I couldn't see because she was so close to Tony.

"Ok, turn around now Kris and Tony act like you are going to kiss her neck while she leans back on you. Put your hands around her and on her stomach." As she spun around, I was correct about her bush. I could see about an inch of hair showing above her bottoms but she seemed oblivious to it and didn't even notice or didn't care, I wasn't sure which at this point. I expected Greg to maybe notice and tell her but he didn't and kept on shooting. At every change in pose, Tony and Kris were chatting and laughing with each other and they seemed to be getting along great and there was a natural chemistry between the two.

"Kris, would you be ok with some shots of your top untied but you could hold it up like you are being shy?" Greg asked.

"Yea I can do that," she replied.

"Great, Tony undo the tie for her on the back. She can do the one behind her neck."

Kris still hadn't adjusted her bottoms and now with Tony behind her and untying her top, this was really getting hot to watch. Tony got the ties undone while Kris undid the one around her neck then once she had it undone, she caught the top with one of her arms and held it across her tits keeping the top from falling off completely. Greg was really getting in close for some of the shots and Kris was really playing the part of a shy woman well.

I wondered how Greg was going to move her around now since she had to hold her top on with one arm now. I wasn't sure she would go topless for this but then again, she was surprising me more and more as the photo shoot went on.

The next pose Greg had her face Tony and press her chest against his so she could remove her arm and the top would be wedged in between her and Tony's abs. It took some adjusting but she got it without losing the top and she put her arms around Tony's neck. Now the sides of her tits were visible and I noticed she was slowly grinding into him as they stood in an embrace. Tony had to been able to feel her hard nipples poking into his stomach by now.

"Tony," Greg said. "Slowly grab her top and pull it out from between you and let it drop on the floor."

"Not a problem," he replied.

With slow deliberate movements, Tony found one of the strings and pulled the top from between them leaving my wife topless but still covered as long as she remained in the bear hug with Tony.

Greg got a few more shots before instructing Tony to pick up Kris off the ground and for her to wrap her legs around him. Tony picked her up with ease and in doing so, she moved enough that I could see one of her nipples now and so could Greg. It wasn't much but you could definitely tell it was nipple.

"You doing ok?" Greg asked Kris.

"Yea I'm fine."

"Sure, worry about her but not the guy that is holding her," Tony joked.

"Ok, set her down but be careful, she still has those heels on."

Tony gently set her down till she got her balance and then Kris took a couple steps back. We could all see her topless now and both Greg and Tony were checking her out. She didn't seem to mind as they all took a second to rest and chat. Kris was chatting with both guys and seemed a natural for this type of work.

Greg took a moment to come over to where I was taking it all in and ask if I was ok with everything and if I wanted anything. I told him I was fine and as long as Kris was cool with everything to keep going with the shoot. He assured me it was all in good taste and she wouldn't have to do anything she didn't want to do.

"Ok, we are going to turn the heat up some now," Greg told them. "I want Kris to put her hands on her knees and bend over and for Tony to get behind her and grab her hips."

Kris got into position and Tony came up behind her and grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to his crotch. The look on her face was priceless. It looked like she was in pure bliss like he was fucking her even though they both had enough clothes on to prevent that from happening. Kris's tits were hanging free and jokingly Tony thrust a couple times and they both laughed while Greg took some more pictures of them.

When they changed positions next, it was obvious Tony had a full erection in his trunks. I guess my wife must have been getting to him like she was to me and most likely Greg too. Without hardly a pause, Greg had Tony kneel down this time so his face was right in front of her tits.

"Pretend like you are going to lick her nipple but don't touch her with your tongue."

He clicked off a few more pics.

"Good ok now put your hands on either side of her boobs and slowly run your hands over them while I take a few more shots."

At this point I wanted to just strip my pants off and start jerking off while watching the two of them work for the camera.

"Ok, good. Stand up now Tony." Then Greg went over to Tony and pulled him aside while Kris took an opportunity to check herself in one of the mirrors and then look over at me and silently mouth the words "I love you" to me. I did the same back to her as she got in front of the camera again and Greg stepped back from the two of them. I noticed Greg must have alerted Tony to the tent in his trunks and Tony had re-positioned himself, now the tip of his cock was visible peeking out the top of his waistband. I don't think Kris noticed at first but after a couple quick poses I saw her glance down at his cock and her stare lingered for a second or two.

Greg had her next kneel down and stare right at the tip of his cock and make a surprised look.

"Go ahead and tug down his shorts some Kris."

She did as Greg said and gave a couple quick tugs, which was enough to mostly spring his cock free. He was definitely hard, about 7 inches long and was shaved making it look even bigger. Greg had her get in close like she was inspecting him while he took a bunch of shots. Not once did she actually touch him but at times she was just a couple inches from the tip of his cock. This was getting really good and I couldn't see good enough from where I was so I moved over closer to them and off to the side. Greg had her stand back up while he decided what to shoot next. Once Kris got out of the way, I noticed a glimmer on Tony's cock. He must have been dying out there not being able to stroke himself or at least fuck her and now it looked like precum was starting to ooze from his cock.

Greg had them face to face again and in another embrace like they were going to kiss. He was careful to never actually have them kiss or really touch each other sexually other than when he had Tony cup her tits. Now his cock was pressed up against her stomach and she had to have felt him throbbing. I know I was.

Once they separated from the hug Greg had them in and Kris turned just right into the light, I saw a glimmer on her stomach and knew Tony got her with his precum while they were holding each other. Greg saw it too and asked me to grab a tissue or something to wipe that little bit of cum off Kris's stomach. I looked around and the only thing I saw close was her top so I handed it to her so she could wipe her stomach. She cleaned her stomach off and looked at Tony standing there with his cock wet and for a second I thought she might clean him off too but she threw the top back down on the floor and gave Tony a seductive smile.

"Ok," Greg said with a deep breath, "I know Tony is ok with this but are you ok with total nudity?" he asked looking at Kris.

"Well, since I'm about 90 percent nude now, I don't see why not go the distance," Kris replied back.

"Super, why don't both of you take your bottoms off completely now. Leave your heels on for now Kris."

Watching both of them strip nude was an awesome experience. Here my wife of 20 years was getting naked with a young guy almost half her age and I was here to watch the whole thing.

Kris had turned away from us as she pulled her bottoms off but after she had and turned around, I saw both guys take a good look at her trimmed pussy. Kris had never been a fan of shaving herself bare but always kept her bush trimmed into a nice patch above her lips. Her labia was clearly visible to the guys and I knew she was extremely wet. I always loved the look of her dark hair against her pale skin.

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