tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Wife's Secret Fantasy Ch. 01

My Wife's Secret Fantasy Ch. 01



The old saying "you never really ever know some one" is quite true when it comes to my wife Debbie. Debbie has always seemed to come up with new surprises to keep our marriage stimulated and adventuresome. As I've recently found out though she seems to have been keeping some things to herself.

Debbie was away for a twelve-day business trip to be followed by two weeks of vacation. I took my three weeks so that I'd have a week home to myself while she was away. We hadn't made any real plans for the following two weeks of our vacation time, but then we rarely ever did just making things up as we went along.

Needless to say the first few days alone before my time-off started was quite boring and instead of being elated about my freedom beginning on Saturday morning. I felt rather dejected about being alone with really nothing to do. Deb called at nine to see how things where and all the help she offered to fill my emptiness was cleaning up the mess that I'd probably accumulated since she left. Her nonplus approach to my problem didn't really make me feel any better. But seeing how I had nothing else to do I spent a few hours heeding her advice.

After lunch I sat down at our computer and turning it on I noticed it seemed rather slow and decided to clean up the hard drive. There I was contentedly going through files and deleting the old and useless that had been adding up when I came across one called D's Journal. I stared at it wondering if I should or not for at least five minutes before, with a guilty look over my shoulder and opened it.

Inside was a Word Document titled "Journal" and several other folders titled Fantasy's, Stories and Photos. I immediately opened the Photos file up and was not surprised to find erotic pictures. We both enjoyed porn and shared a lot of time looking it over together. There was an array of beefcake shots, which I expected; some extraordinarily well hung guys and even photos of women. Another folder labelled "Untitled" was also included and of course I opened it. This was my first shock of the day. This folder contained various shots of obviously men dressed in lingerie and maid's outfits being dominated by women. This was a side of my dear Debbie I'd never knew about and I was stunned thinking about what this might mean. Looking over the photos I found myself getting excited.

I felt myself shiver and closed that file and then opened the story folder. This folder contained several Word Documents all titled and most of the titles seemed to contain the same theme. The first one I opened was a short story about a man describing how he felt adorning himself in lingerie after denuding his body completely of hair. It was very descriptive and I found reading it slightly turned me on. Quickly scanning over a few more stories I found them dealing with the transformation of men by themselves or by a woman.

This was something I would never imagine my sweet little Debbie being into. She'd never had given me any clue that something like this would turn her on. I found myself becoming excited as I glossed over her collection of tales wondering what all of this meant. Then I opened the folder labelled My Fantasy and found several documents, but the one that caught my eye was titled "Transformation".

I don't know why but I was slightly shaking as I opened it up to find a detailed account of how my wife imagined what transforming her husband into a "sissy maid" would be like. Making me serve her every whim and idea. Tying her maid up, using him as a sex toy and ravaging him with a strap-on. The last few paragraphs kind of scared me as she went on to describe her maid serving and servicing her guests at a party, both female and male.

I was shocked that my wife had had these thoughts. We've never even considered bringing others into our sexual relationship and here she described quite graphically how she would force me to have sex with others. It was upsetting, but I couldn't deny the fact that her fantasy had also turned me on.

I went back to the story of the guy transforming himself into a woman and reread it completely. I imagined myself as the author and got incredibly turned-on. I stripped down and headed for the bathroom to masturbate in the shower. Debbie's fantasy ran through my thoughts as I came under the flow of hot water. It had been a long time since I last jerked myself off and I couldn't remember having such an explosive orgasm as the one I'd just experienced.

Recuperating under the shower I looked up and spotted the bottle of Nair Debbie used on hair legs and I thought of the times I'd watched her use it. A compulsion came over me, turning off the water and drying myself quickly I grabbed the bottle. Without thinking of the possible repercussions I started to spread the lotion from my ankles up. I'm not an overly hairy person and within minutes I was covered from the neck down with the bluish cream. My penis was again erect sticking straight out from lotion covered pubic hair. While waiting the required fifteen minutes a thought came to me, how would I explain this to my wife. It could take weeks to grow back and I all ready felt slightly ashamed of her possible reaction when she returned.

I quickly jumped into the shower hoping to undo the damage but it was already too late. As the shower washed the cream away my body hair went with it down the drain. Drying myself I stood and looked into the full-length mirror on the back of the door. My mind screamed at my stupidity but my body gave away my true thoughts as I stared at the hairless body in the reflection I began to get another erection.

Throwing on my terry-cloth robe over my total nakedness I went to get a drink. Immediately I could feel the difference in how the fabric felt against me as walked to the bar in the den. My skin was much more sensitive and I seemed to have a tingling sensation spread through my entire body with every step. I felt incredibly aroused as I sat on a stool and knocked back a couple of shots.

After the fourth shot I began to feel a little more at ease and thought about what I had done. Maybe I'd just give her a surprise on her return. Deb had asked me in the past to shave off my pubic hair but I never let her. Maybe I could get away with it if I presented the situation in the right light. As I consoled myself with that thought I began once again to notice the physical feelings my body was experiencing. Every movement even one as simple as raising my glass to drink had an effect on me.

I closed my eyes and slipped a hand inside my robe and lightly caressed my hairless skin. I shivered uncontrollably at the sensations that slight touch gave me. Swallowing the last mouthful in my glass I stood and walked with a newfound determination into the bedroom and stopped in front of Deb's dresser.

My hands shook with nervousness as I opened the drawer that held her lingerie. Carefully, so as not to disturb the contents too much I removed a pair of black silk stockings. I knew she had a set of matching panties, garter belt and bra that I had bought her last Valentines Day and that set, was what I searched for. Debbie and I are the same height and I'm only slightly heavier than she is so I was sure they fit without too much difficulty.

I couldn't believe the feeling I got as the cool silk fabric covered me. The lace edging of the garter belt created a slight scratchy feeling on my now tender skin but it just added to the overall arousal that I was feeling When I sat at on the edge of the bed to put on the stockings I noticed a large blob of precum that would of certainly stain Debbie's underwear. With a thumb and finger I pinched the drop from the end of the glans and looked at the thick clear fluid. An urge overcame me and without thinking I licked my fingers and savoured the taste of it on my tongue. I would have never imagined doing something like this before but it tasted rather pleasant and I wondered to myself why I never tried it before. By the time I had the silk hose clipped to the garter belt I was shaking with excitement and the pre cum was almost dripping from my aching penis. Once again I licked from my fingers and shivered before sliding the French cut panties up my legs. I let my hardened penis hang throbbing from the leg of the panties.

I struggled into the bra finding that this was one area that our body shapes differed. It was really tight on my chest and of course I couldn't fill the cups on my own. I dug out a pair of black socks from my dresser and shaped them to fit and placed one in each cup. Glancing at my reflection I felt excited at the image I saw. Except for my face and short hair I thought I looked pretty good.

Next I went to the closet to see if I could find something sexy to wear. I could feel the crotch of the panties rubbing between my ass cheeks as I walked. It was an incredible feeling that made my knees weak. After several minutes of searching I decided on a black spandex dress I bought for Deb in our first year of marriage. She never wore out of the house because she thought it too daring. It was sleeveless, cut low in the back and the hem stopped barely covering the tops of the stockings encasing my legs.

Finding the right shoes was a problem. The only heels Deb had in black where too small for me to cram my feet into. I ended up settling with a pair of white, four inch heeled open toed sandals that strapped up just above the ankle. It was hard at first to stand and walk but they really added to the overall sexy feeling I was enjoying.

Once again I found myself standing in front of the full-length bathroom mirror inspecting myself. I marvelled at the sight in front of me as I turned this way and that. Except for the large lump my hard-on created in the front I felt and looked great. I looked at my hair and wondered what I could do to make my short hair more feminine appearing. I grabbed the styling mousse and went to work I tried several variations and finally decided to spike it letting the front fall over my forehead and pulled the sides down in front of my ears. I was pleased with the look and finished by plucking my browse slightly thinner hoping that no one would be the wiser to my subterfuge.

I tried to walk as I imagined a woman did back to the bar and mixed up a pitcher of martinis thinking the small-stemmed glass would make me feel more elegant. I pondered on what to do next and decided to check out my wife's little secrets some more.

First I looked over the photos of men in drag she had and found myself mentally comparing me to them. I moved on to the well hung studs and found myself ogling their big cocks and for the first time in my life I wondered how it feel to hold them, stroke them and even if I could have the courage to take one between my lips as Deb had written in her fantasy. I was feeling incredibly aroused and actually shaking with desire. My cock throbbed constantly and I felt I could cum with just a single touch to it.

I moved on to the stories and read one about a woman that sissified her husband to the point that he lived full time as her maid. Submitting to her every whim and desire. As I read the part where he described taking his first penis into his mouth. Tasting a flood of precum as the man grabbed him by the hair and shoved his cock continually in and out of his throat. I pulled the hem of my dress up to expose my erection and gently wrapping my trembling fingers around it. I stroked myself slowly while reading the detailed moments of a sissy maid being face fucked for the first time. I came in my cupped hand so as not stain Deb's lingerie just as the author described the first blast of cum in his mouth. He detailed the amount and the taste, His mistress ordered him not to loose a drop of the precious seed or swallow until she allowed him too.

Another urge came over me and I fed myself the seed from my cupped palm. It was bitter tasting compared to my precum and held it in my mouth sharing the writer's ordeal as I read on. His mistress rubbed the man's softening penis over his face while taunting him with her words about how this was as close as being a real slut as he could be. Finally she asked him if he liked what had just happened and when he nodded yes she aloud him to swallow then kiss his first cock in appreciation before thanking the owner for the privilege of sucking his cock and tasting his seed.

I swallowed with him shared his abasement I felt light-headed and sedate as if I had just finished making love to my wife. There was also an under current of submissiveness surging up from the deeps of my being I never knew existed. I also realized that I liked what I what I had just done and now began to crave even more.

I spent the entire week at home dressed in different outfits of my wives. I read every story she had saved and I remember being in a constant state of arousal masturbating constantly savouring every drop of fluid my penis produced.

I searched through her entire closet and tried on every outfit she owned. At one point I found a wig that Deb had purchased for a witch's costume several Halloweens ago I got very excited as I rushed to the mirror to see how it looked on me. My own hair is very dark and the long straight black wig was the topping I needed to complete my transformation. I stared in awe at the woman looking back at me.

I also found other secrets in my wife's closet. Way in the back was an old suitcase I had thought was thrown away a long time ago. When I lifted it out it was easy to tell that wasn't empty. Placing the case on the bed and opening I was stunned again by Debs seeming duplicity. There in front of me was a collection of articles that fitted in with a scheme that could only be the feminization of a man. The item on top was a pink satin maid's uniform trimmed in white lace complete with ruffled panties and cap. Underneath that was a shockingly large lifelike dildo attached to a harness. It was plain that they had been opened but never used. Other dildos and vibrators that had no packages with them attested that Deb had been playing while I wasn't home. I carefully put it all away and hid the case back where I had found it. I went into the other room to sit and think. My excitement grew while contemplating what it would be like when she would finally share all her secrets with me.

On the few occasions that I did venture out I kept on the panties and hose under my male clothing. I wondered to myself if on those occasions if I would have the nerve to leave the house completely dressed in femme. I thought about it often at home also. I even took some photos of myself with our digital and stared endlessly at myself in mirrors. Finally on Wednesday night I realized that all I was doing was trying to convince myself that I could do it. So I made my plans and set the alarm to get up early to get ready for a little shopping trip.

I found myself nervous as soon as my eyes opened to the alarm. My stomach felt fluttery as I showered and after while standing in a dressing robe in the kitchen I felt that if I tried to eat I would be sure to be sick. I went to my wife's make up table and looked at my reflection and took a few deep breaths and tried to convince myself that I could do it. My hand trembled so badly I had to apply the eyeliner several times. It took me almost two hours before I was satisfied with my look and donned the wig. I sat back and stared at my reflection still indecisive on whether or not this planned foray was right or not. I certainly thought that I looked good enough too myself but what about strangers and what if I found myself facing someone I knew.

Moment by moment my nervousness grew and my shaking hands became wet with sweat as I agonized over all the what ifs. Finally taking a deep breath and shaking myself I stood and went once more to my wife's dresser to finish getting dressed. Telling myself over and over that it wasn't anything to worry about until I walked out the door.

It didn't take long to dress, I already knew what I wanted too wear. First of all I decide to wear a panty girdle I knew my wife kept for her fat days. I certainly didn't want any bulges showing in the wrong spots. The matching black lingerie and hose I hoped would make me feel confident though it didn't really and a tan business suit that I thought would go with the white sandals. The skirt was mid-thigh and under the jacket I wore a white satin shirt. A small white handbag seemed to compete the finished mirage as I stare into the full lentgh mirror building up my courage.

Grabbing my car keys I started to the door and realized I would need money and my licence unless I wanted to walk through my neighbourhood like this. Grabbing my wallet and wondering what to do with it a sense of dread washed through as another wave of what ifs came to mind. I told myself to stop making excuses and to get on with it. Taking out a credit card and just what I thought I needed I walked to the door leading out into the garage. My only consolation was the car was parked in the garage so at least no nosy neighbour would see me leave the house. Five minutes later I was heading for the mall.

Once getting there I wasn't sure what to do and drove around the perimeter twice before a shoe store sign caught my eye. Looking down at the sandals that pinched slightly at the sides of my feet I thought I might feel better wearing a proper fitting shoe and went in search of parking.

The walk from the car was only a few minutes but felt like the longest mile as people passed by me. I felt as if they all stared through my disguise and where laughing at me. I only wish I had the fore sight to bring something that I could use to wipe the dampness from my shaking hands.

Inside was worse, the place was packed with people rushing this way and that bumping into me. Just as I reached the front of the shoe store I felt my ass being groped and turned to see an older man smiling and wink at me. I could feel my face flush as my body shivered. At least one person was fooled I thought to myself and smiled suddenly feeling a little more confident.

I wandered through the store looking at all different styles and colours shoes and boots when I came across a pair of outrageously high black patent leather pumps with ankle straps and immediately felt I had to have them when a salesman approached me.

" Those would be very attractive on such nice long legs as yours Miss." He stated smiling at me, " would you like to try on a pair?"

At first I just stared at him thinking oh my God now I have to talk. I never even thought about this aspect of the journey. Trying to recover my composure quickly I smiled and just nodded at him and walked nervously over to a chair. I figured that if I could try to keep the conversation to the barest minimum I'd be all right.

He quickly pulled a stool in front of and offered his hand for my foot and as his fingers gently grasped my lower calve I shivered slightly while tingles raced up my leg. He quickly sized me and placed my stocking covered foot gently on the stool as he rose to retrieve the proper size. He was back before I could catch my breath and lifting my foot by the ankle once again sat at my feet. He expertly slipped my foot into the shoe and strapped it up with on hand while the other felt hot against the back of my leg. In no time at all he'd replaced the sandal on my other foot and stood offering his hand for me to stand. I received another rush as I placed my hand in his and rose feeling shaky with the extra height of the heels. I found myself staring down into the salesman's blue eyed smiling face.

He kept on holding my hand as I took my first few wobbly steps, he said, " I imagine it must take getting use to walking in such high heels?"

"Yes." was all I nervously replied as I turned and walked back to the chair sitting down as gracefully as I could.

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