tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

My Wife's Sexual Awakening Ch. 02


The journey home was uneventful apart from brief flashes of pussy and some interesting looks.

When we got home my wife went up for a long soak in the bath. I told her that when she got out she was to lie on the bed and I would carry out punishment 2 and trim her pussy.

It was a long while before she climbed out the bath, but she then dutifully lay on the bed naked, once she was dry. I then decided to have a bath and leave her waiting lying on our bed naked, legs akimbo and with the lights on and the curtains open. The houses across the road would have a clear view of her from their upstairs windows.

I got out of the bath dried of and then collected my shaving equipment. I knelt between her legs and trimmed the hair around her vaginal lips with some scissors and then shaved it off leaving her cunt totally exposed but leaving the untamed mass of hair above, That would make tomorrows plans more fun. I then finished the job by spreading Imac over the shaved area to ensure there was no stubble.

"I will trim it again when ever I feel like during the rest of your slave period and you must maintain it every day." I stated.

"Of course master" She replied. I the told her to put on black stockings and suspenders and gave her the shortest of dressing gowns.

"Order a Chinese meal for delivery" I instructed. "When it arrives you are to answer the door. Take the food and then turn round, bend over to get your cheque book out of your hand bag which you will have left on the floor, without bending your legs so the delivery guy get a good look at your newly shave gash."

"ERRR.H If you insist" she stammered in response.

"I do" I said "and when you write the cheque do it on your knee in such a way as he gets a frontal view of your fanny. As you hand him the cheque ensure that your dressing gown falls totally open and he sees everything."

"What if he tries to touch me or anything?"

"Let him and enjoy it!" I responded. "If he is good looking let him in and let him fuck you whilst I film you!"

"M..m.. .maybe" she stammered." In about 15 minutes the doorbell rang. It was the man with the Chinese. Jackie answered the door dressed as instructed. I had positioned myself so I could film what was happening but the deliveryman could not see me.

"That will be £23 madam," the deliveryman said

"Thanks" my wife replied taking the bag. She then turned around and bent over with straight legs to get her chequebook out of her handbag. She had her legs slightly apart and even I cold see her newly shaved and now glistening love lips. She took ages about getting her chequebook out of her bag. The deliveryman's eyes where nearly coming out of his head. Jackie then turned round and lifted her foot onto a box in the porch allowing her dressing gown to open at the bottom. The driver now had a frontal view of her untamed mass of pubes and clean shaved lips. She took ages writing the cheque. All the time the guy stared at her exposed cunt. By now love juice was beginning to run down the inside of her thighs and her lips were engorged and swollen.

"Do you like staring at women's cunts?" Jackie asked "or do you prefer to touch them?" The man did not hesitate and slipped two fingers straight into her cunt. He pulled them out and licked them clean. This was on the doorstep and any one might see my almost naked, beautiful wife being finger fucked by a fat old and, I found out later, slightly smelly deliveryman. The man then started to lick her cunt. After a few moments Jackie came.

"Thank you I always say good service deserves a tip. Good bye" Jackie said and shut the door on the man.

"Well done slave," I said. "You can now take the dressing gown off. You will not need it for the rest of the night and lets have dinner."

The Chinese was delightful and was washed down with plenty of wine. I told Jackie to clear the table and went and sat on the sofa. Jackie shortly came over and joined me. It was odd but enjoyable to be sitting there fully clothed and my wife being naked apart from stockings and suspenders. I put on one of my favourite porno films; Jackie normally hated them and left the room as soon as I put one on. It had a women getting shagged in every hole my two very well endowed men.

"Lie on the sofa with your legs apart and play with yourself as you watch," I instructed. Jackie immediately lay back and began to play with her fanny hair. She slowly began to get turned on by the events on the screen and her hand start to rub very gently at her cunt.

"Slip a finger right in" I ordered she looked at be and then complied. Her hips were beginning to move as she fingered her wet vagina. She then surprised me and slipped a second finger in with out being told to. The speed of her fingers began to increase and she began to moan and her hips gyrated more and more. She never looked away from the erotic images on the TV.

I nipped into the kitchen and brought back a carrot and gave it to her. She took it and knew straight away what I wanted and without look away from the telly slipped the large carrot straight into her cunt and started to thrust it in and out.

"Lick your fingers clean" I told her, knowing that she hated the thought of this. She complied straight away.

By now she was nearing an orgasm and the carrot was being pumped at great speed into her cunt. I then gave her a very large and fat cucumber. She looked at it a bit quizzically but dutifully removed the carrot and began to insert the oversized cucumber. It was far bigger then anything that had ever been inserted into her but it went in fairly easily and once passed the widest bit she began to fucker herself with it. I fed the love juice covered carrot into her mouth and she sucked on it like a cock. Her moaning got louder and she fuck herself faster and faster. I was amazed how much of the cucumber she had inserted. She finally tensed her body and screamed as her body was hit by an amazing orgasm. She flopped back exhausted and the glistening cucumber slowly slipped out of her cunt leaving a gapping hole that I could not resist licking. Immediately she began to moan again. I grabbed the cucumber and turned it round so that I could insert the fatter end.

"I can't it was almost to big before... that end will rip be open. I can't... o god! It is ripping me open... o god it is amazing don't stop... Push it all in... I never thought a cunt could stretch that far but... Oh my ... God don't stop... I am going to come AAA... AAGAIN... SHOVE IT RIGHT IN... GO ON FUCK ME WITH IT... AS HARD AS YOU CAN...GOD ...GODDD... III...AAMM CUMMIMG... DON'T STOP! AAGGGHH."

With that her legs started to thrash and she started to orgasm almost continually. I slipped the cucumber out and slipped four fingers straight in. I then slipped my thumb in.

"Umm that feels good!" Jackie said. I pushed and my whole hand began to slip in. "Oh my god! That is even bigger... I can't ... I can't... d...d...don't stop."

I looked on in amazement as her cunt lips began to close on my wrist. My whole hand was inside her. I made my hand into a fist.

"That hurts... Stop that hurts too much...too much... Oh my GOD... I AAMMM GOIIING... TO COMME AGAIN... FUCK ME WITH YOUR FIST GO ON ...GO ON."

By now I was thrusting my fist in and out of her cunt as fast and as hard as I possibly could and she was in a state of permanent orgasm. I pulled my fist out with an almighty plop and made her lick it clean. Jackie lay there her cunt was dripping wet, wide open and still quivering in post-orgasmic spasms. She was covered and sweat and panting. I gave her a few moments to recover then told her

"It is my turn now. You must give me a blowjob till I come in your mouth and let me see it there. She immediately began to lick the under side of my engorged prick. The sensation was amazing. She ran her tong over the end of my knob and even probed the opening with her tongue. She than started to nibble at by scrotum and took one tactical into her mouth. She seamed to be really enjoying it. She then worked her mouth back up to the tip of my, by now near bursting, cock and slipped it into her mouth. She massage my balls with one hand and began to pump her mouth up and down with loud slurping noises. It was not long till my cock felt ready to explode. I could hold back no longer and began to pump my seed into her mouth. She was true to her promise and despite screwing up her mouth at the taste she let me finish pumping into her mouth.

"Show Me," I demanded. She opened her mouth and I could see my spunk in her mouth. Some began to run down the sides of her lips. "Swallow it" she swallowed two or three times to empty her mouth and then I made her lick my now limp dick clean.

"Time for bed!" I said.

* * * * *

I slept soundly that night worn out by the day's sexual exertions. I woke and went down stairs to plan the next day's fun. It was quite some time before Jackie joined me. We had breakfast and the got dressed. To my disappointment she remembered not to wear any knickers, but I was still in for some fun.

"We are of swimming," I announced. "I have packed the bags already."

"Don't forget my parents are coming for dinner this evening and bringing the children back" She reminded me.

"I won't," I said. We then set of for the swimming baths. Jackie had chosen her clothes carefully. There was no chance of any accidental glimpses today.

I changed quickly and handed Jackie her new white bathing costume. Unknown to her I had change the medium cut one to the ultra high cut one and removed the lining to the gusset. She put it on.

"I can't wear this!" she said.

"You have no choice" I replied.

"B...b... but"

"No buts. And once out of the cubicle no adjustments either no matter what happens." I instructed. I could understand her problem as the costume was designed for sunbathing not swimming and for people with very well trimmed or no pubic hair. Jackie had an untamed mass. Over 70% of her pubic hair was on display as her fanny stretched from one hip to the other and the costume was little more than a strip up the middle. I knew worse was to come for her because as soon as it got wet the white material would go virtually transparent.

We left the changing rooms and headed for the pool. Jackie was very self-conscious but knew she could do nothing about it. I insisted that she showered before entering the pool. This meant that as she approached the public pool her costume was already almost transparent. I noticed many blokes give her a good looking at. He slipped into the water. Her costume was now virtually see-through. Her nipples, which were hard because of the cold water, were clearly visible as she leant against the side of the pool. I told her to climb out and sit on the side of the pool. Even the parts of her fanny covered by the material were fairly clear to see now the costume was wet along with her smooth shaven vaginal lips.

"I am going to leave you alone whilst I swim," I told her "lets see what happens. You are not to turn any one down as long as I get to watch!" I then swam of to the far side of the pool and watched.

It was not long till two athletic black blokes approached her and began chatting to her. It was obvious they were ogling her tits. Jackie was enjoying the attention. The guy on her right then put his arm round her. Seeing that she did not react he gave her a quick kiss followed by a more passionate one. The other guy seeing that she was not objecting quite openly began to fondle her breast. The contrast of her white costume and his black hands was amazing. I then lost sight of the left hand of the guy kissing her. I swam passed and dipped under the water near them I could see through my goggles to my disbelief that he had push the bottom of her costume to one side and had two large fingers right up my wife cunt.

"Shall we go and change?" he then asked my wife.

"I think we had better," she said "You will have to let my husband watch though"

"Watch but not touch is ok with me" he said "what about you broth?"

"I game!"

The guy hen removed his fingers from my wife's cunt and arranged her costume so that it pulled up tight between her cunt lips. They would be on clear view to every one as she went to the changing rooms. As she climbed out of the pool I saw that the costume had also slipped between the cheeks of her bum. She was showing just about every thing she had to everyone in the pool. I followed them back to a changing room. But they shut the door on me. Fortunately they had chosen a large changing cubicle that had several hole drilled in by voyeurs like me. I settled down to watch events through my peephole .On the other side Jackie was already naked and Kneeling in front of one of the guys.

"Take my trunks of" he instructed. She slipped them down to reveal the largest cock I have ever seen even in porno films. I was happy with my fat 9 inches but this guy dwarfed me. He must have been 12 inches at least and fat with it.

"Oh my god!" Jackie said, "I did not think they came that big. I will never be able to gat that in my cunt."

"Not only can you but you are going to love" he said." Suck it first though."

She tried hard to get it in her mouth but it was too wide. The other block had dropped his trunks by now. He was large but not as big as the other guy. He started to lick at Jackie's cunt. She was in ecstasy and was moaning quite loudly as she liked one cock and was licked her self from behind. The guy with the smaller prick sat on the bench and told Jackie to suck on his cock. Jackie released the monster cock she was playing with and started Ion the smaller one. The other guy then started to nudge her cunt, from behind, with his monstrous cock. Slowly he managed to force it in.

"Oh my god! It will split me in two. Gentle... GENTLE PLEASE... OH GOD It HURTS TOO MUCH... IT IS TOO BIG... IT'S TOO BIG!" she started scream. "DON'T YOU DARE STOP!" The guy was now pumping as fast as he could into her cunt and the guy in front began to fuck her face. For the first time in her life two cocks were servicing her and she loved it. Her body was shaking violently as she orgasmed. The guy on the bench withdrew his cock and came over her face and the guy behind thrust so deep that Jackie screamed out loud in pain as his cock hit her cervix and then came. He pulled out and pulled up his trunks and left followed by his mate. They left Jackie naked on the floor of the cubicle with spunk covering her face and running out of her gapping cunt. They did not even bother to shut the cubicle door. I came out of my cubicle with both her and my clothes and entered hers locking the cubicle door behind me.

"Thanks darling that was amazing" She said, "I never even imagined that sex could be like what I have experienced in the last few days. I am too tired and saw to fuck or even suck you off though.2

"Don't worry darling," I said as she rested her exhausted head on my lap. ""I came twice on the side of the cubicle as I watched you and any way we are only half way through day two anyway!"

"Lets go home"

To be continued...

Will I ever get to fuck her up the arse? Can I maintain this intensity? What do I have install for my darling wife next? If you want to know tell me and I might write chapter 3

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