tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Surprise

My Wife's Surprise


I couldn't figure out what was up. We've always enjoyed sex but something was different. Sarah was so horny at the party the other night, and her little striptease show for me was a bit more than I was used to. Maybe she was just in the mood to try something new? I wondered if she had read something in a magazine that gave her inspiration. Whatever it was, I wasn't about to complain, but curiosity was brewing.

Again, all I could think about at work was my hot wife. I replayed our escapades in my mind and wished the clock would go faster. When I finally did get home, she greeted me at the door with a flirty smile. We wasted no time. I kissed her deeply and we made for the bedroom. With her legs wrapped around me and my hands getting a good grasp of her firm ass, we stumbled up the stairs and finally got into bed. Before you could say 'foreplay' she had ripped her clothes off and began to attack mine. She pressed my hard cock against her already wet pussy and pulled me toward her. I love the feeling of her warm, soft body against me and her breasts rubbing up against my chest. When I reached for the nightstand to get a condom, she took my hand and placed it on her breast. She simply kept going and started kissing me. I was confused but didn't really care to ask questions. We fucked like bunnies.

I eventually felt her pussy tighten on me as she moaned louder and shuddered with her first orgasm. Instead of slowing down, she continued more vigorously. I bit her neck and she burst into her second climax. I went over the edge and came. We naturally matched each others' paces and gradually slowed down. We held each other close as she kissed me again.

"Oh shit! I came inside you!" I remembered.

"Its fine, " she replied with a smile. Her calmness was really confusing.

"What do you mean?"

"I've been taking the pill for the past week," her smile grew and I could tell she was proud of herself for keeping it from me. "I thought this way we could have more fun whenever the mood struck. No more digging around for condoms."

I was confused about the sudden change, not to mention her decision to make it a surprise. "Wow," was all I could come back with. She smiled back and started gently caressing my now limp cock. I felt strange about the circumstances, but I got her point. Condoms were a hassle and this could be a fun change. Once I wrapped my mind around the idea, I let know I was excited about it, didn't want to make her think it freaked me out or anything negative.

As we lay together, I had to ask about what had gotten into her lately. "So, first the night of the party, then the stripping for me, now the pill. Our sex life seems like its undergoing a renovation," I joked. She kissed me and responded, "Mmm, ya trying something new can me fun." I wasn't sure how to ask her why she'd been so horny, but it had been driving me crazy. Was it hormonal or something? "You turned me on so much at that party. I love when you act sexy." She began to playfully suck my finger. "What got you so revved up?"

"Nothing." She shook her head, "Just felt like having some fun." I wasn't sure where to go from here but as long as she was being so playful, I might as well try my luck. "Do you have any fantasies?" Again she shook her head, then asked about me. "Not sure, I guess watching porn with you?"

"Mmm, that could be hot." I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I was getting rock hard again.

"Seems like you like it turns u on," she quipped while grabbing my growing my cock. "How about we right now?" I was a bit apprehensive but didn't want to wait for her to change her mind. Before I could think twice, she reached for the laptop and began searching. She seemed a bit confused about what exactly to search for so she handed it to me. I found a video that seemed couple friendly and set it to play. Sarah reached down and began to stroke my cock. I reached down to her crotch only to realise she had begun to masturbate with the other hand. I was so turned on. This was very uncharacteristic of my wife. While we did try to be more than vanilla in bed, it was a lot to take in, but I was definitely enjoying it.

When she started cumming, it threw me over the edge and I spurted all over her hands. She looked back over to me and licked her hands clean. As we lay in each others' arms, she looked at me for a few short seconds before asking, "Do you ever think about other people? Like when we have sex?"

"Um..." I wasn't sure how to respond, obviously I had but should I admit it? Given the circumstances, I felt somewhat daring. "Yea, I guess sometimes...er, other women might flash into my mind...."

"Mmm, ok," was her response. She didn't bothered, she just thought for a bit in silence. I began to feel guilty. But then I started to wonder why she asked, so I cautiously added, "How about you? Anything in mind?"

"I guess....sometimes." Not much of an answer. I tried to put her at ease.

"Come on, tell me what turns you on. Tell me what makes you nice and wet."


"Ya?" I said enthusiastically.

"So...you know what got me really turned on at the party?" I looked at her inquisitively. "Well, um, there was ...you remember Jack right? Well, he just looked really nice that night."

"Ohhh, so that's what preheated the oven for me?" I said jokingly.

"You're crazy. I feel weird saying it. You're my husband, I love you, but ...I don't know, he was just...sexy..." she said with the bright eyes of a school girl.

"Ohh I get it, so you been getting off to Jack huh?" I teased as I began to kiss her. "Thats fine babe, I mean, its nice to spice things up, I have no problem with that. Anything you'd like to do I'm open to."

"Really?" She said with a curious smile.

"Sure, in bed nothing is off limits." That night we fucked two more times. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. We continued watching porno too. It was so dirty, but so much fun.


Our sex life continued to be very active. Not as exciting, we pushed the envelope a bit less but there was a sustained regularity. Cumming in her pussy was still something of a novelty and we enjoyed a bit of porno together here and there. However, while at work a few weeks later, Sarah texted me asking if I was game to try something new. I said sure, I mean so far things were going great. She warned me that it would be a bit more than we're used to, but it's a fantasy she's had for a while. What could that be? Whatever it was I was down to have some great sex so I let her know she was safe with me and that no matter what she wanted to do, I'd be right there with her.

When I got home that evening, there was a note in the kitchen instructing me to head to the bedroom. In the bedroom, there was another note with handcuffs and a blindfold. My instructions were to take all my clothes off, put blindfold on and cuff myself to the chair. I could hear the shower on and knew she was getting ready. I followed her instructions and began to get extremely hard in anticipation. She came out of the bathroom and I could hear her getting dressed. I tried to imagine what lingerie she would be putting on. I anticipated another hot lap dance. While listening in anticipation, there was a knock at the door. Who the fuck could that be? This is a really shitty time.

"What the hell?"I groaned. She didn't respond but I heard her leave. I guess she went to get rid of them....did she get dressed? While all this ran through my head, I heard voices. She was talking to someone. Both sets of footsteps grew closer to the door. I heard her laughing as she entered the room. What was going on? I felt really aware of my nakedness as they both seemed to walk in. I had to be wrong they, there was no way they could be in the room. There was no way she would bring someone in.

"Hon? Our guest is here," she announced.

"What?" I asked. The only response I heard was her giggling. I heard them land on the bed followed by moaning. My stomach was in knots. I felt a mixture of emotions, confused, angry, ashamed. I could not understand what was going on. The giggles and moaning continued. Was I hearing kissing? Finally it stopped, someone seemed to be coming closer....She took the blindfold off. She was completely naked.

"Baby, you remember Jack," she beamed.

"Er...um..." I couldn't string any words together. Jack just stood there smiling.

"Watch this," she said to me as she pulled his pants off, "Look at how huge his cock is!" I was stunned. It seemed about two inches longer than mine, but a whole lot thicker. I couldn't believe I was awake. "See how much bigger it is than yours?"she taunted as she pointed at me.

"What are you doing?" I whined. She just looked at me and laughed. " No! You can't!" I protested.

"Can't what? You said I was free to do what I wanted. You like watching your pornos don't you? You like watching a big cock fuck a hot bitch? Well time to watch your slut wife fuck a nice huge cock." I wanted to cry. "Come on, be a good sport," she taunted as she took Jack's cock into her hands and began to caress it. My stomach turned but at the same time my cock twitched. "You're going to watch, and you're going to enjoy it and if you're good I just might untie you."

I swallowed hard, I didn't know what to do. But one thing was for sure, my cock was rock hard. I was so turned on. She looked right at it "I can see you're going to play along." She went back to the bed and opened her legs wide. Jack looked at me and shrugged. "Fill me up with that cock!" He followed her command and slowly pushed in his meaty cock into her. She moaned as she took it in. Her sounds were a mixture of pain and extreme pleasure. As she took it all in she got louder. I could see how hard her nipples were. I was so turned on watching, my cock ached as I sat helplessly watching Jack force his large dick into my wife. Her breasts were flopping about. I could smell their juices and hear his balls smack against her. Their speed continued to increase. I sat there wishing I could at least jerk off. My own pathetic cock was leaking with precum.

She must had five orgasms over the course of the next half hour. They moved from missionary to doggy style, she climbed on top. They fucked in every way imaginable. Jack seemed to be tearing my wife's pussy apart. Finally he began to moan. His pace changed. With a final grunt he seemed to have cum.

"Mmmm, Jack. Thanks soo much for giving it to me. My husband sure can't do that but I'm certain he enjoyed watching." Jack quickly put his clothes back on. Sarah kissed the front of his pants and waved as he let himself out, nodding to me awkwardly.

"Did you enjoy the show?" She uncuffed me. I moved toward her. She held my hand and let me to the bed where she set herself down and opened her legs. I could see his cum, starting to trickle out. "Clean me up." I reached for a tissue -"No! Suck it out!" I was reluctant at first but listened. I stuck my tongue into her drenched, stretched pussy and the cum began to flow into my mouth. "Swallow!" I did. I felt his hot cum go down my throat. I continued to suck her clean, drinking his cum. "Mmm, you enjoyed that didn't you?"

"I guess...It was...different." She smiled at me. I moved toward her, making to stick my hard, depraved cock into her sloppy gaping pussy, but she stopped me. "I just fucked Jack, you think I want yours now? I won't feel that!"


"No! I'll let you jerk it off onto my tits, but then you have to lick off your messy cum after." I couldn't hold out any more. I jerked my hard cock off onto her tits as she moaned and rubbed them in. My balls ached as I came. Then, before she even reminded me, I started licking and sucking her breasts. When I was done, she rolled over, saying she was tired. I was so horny, I jerked off by myself again two more times, thinking about that night before finally falling asleep.

The next day Sarah asked me if I had fun. When I told her it was definitely a turn on, she smiled and responded that she had some more ideas up her sleeve.

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Tell her to do it again! Tell her she turned you own so much that you want pictures, take them to a lawyer!!!

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