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My Wife's Taboo


I have been a reader for a few years now and I love this site! This is however my first story so please give me your feedback!! If everyone likes it I'll write more. Thanx-

My wife Julie and I have always been very open with each other sexually and we each enjoy having our boundaries pushed and coming up with new ways to push the other's. We own lots of toys and have played on each other's fantsies for years. It's all been pretty normal though I guess. We'd never really talk about them often, rather one of us would just hint toward something during sex and off we'd go! Most of the time they involved other people, although we never went that extra step and actually brought anyone into our bed, and they usually had to do with one of our individual kinks that we've developed over the years.

You see my wife and I are both super oral! There isn't hardly a day that goes by that one of us doesn't go down on the other. Julie really enjoys it when I wake her up with my mouth on her pussy and she will pull my cock out to suck it while we're just watching TV. She'll sometimes suck me like a cum addict, which she is, and other times just lay there with my soft cock in her mouth for hours like a pacifier. She says that my cock is like a religion to her! Fact is I am just as bad with her. I live to have her gorgeous legs cinched tight around my head as she lifts her ass off the bed and drenches my mouth in her cum! Just the fact that I caused her that much pleasure with my mouth and that my face is right there in her pussy when she cums seems so incredibly personal that I get hard at just the thought!

One time during sex she told me that she really wanted me to cum in and on her pussy and then go down on her! I immediately got that shaky nervous feeling as if I were having sex for the first time again. She kept asking if I would do it over and over again...

Honey, I really want you to go down on my cum covered pussy! Just the thought of you with your own cum in your mouth makes me want to explode right now! Will you? Will you lick your own cum off my pussy and make me cum in your face, please baby?

So when I finally came, she was immediately pushing me down there. I was tentative at first, but as soon as my tongue touched her cum covered pussy she blew up and actually squirted all in my mouth and I ate her like a starving man- sperm be damned! We both loved it! Now she wants me to eat her cream pie all of the time, and even shares my cum with me after she sucks me.

This was such an out of left field request that I began wondering where she'd gotten the idea. I found out later on when I was on the computer and happened to see your website in the favorites. I began reading the stories and was hooked immediately. I also started checking the history to see where my wife's twisted little mind was taking her, so I could push her buttons in bed too! Where I ended up took me completely by surprise! She spent more time in the incest section than anywhere and the stories were mostly about brother/sister sex. After reading these stories for a few hours, I was hornier than hell.

That night she was laying on my hip while we were watching TV when she reached into my shorts and pulled my dick out so she could put it in her mouth. She was lazily rolling my dick in her mouth when I whispered the words that would take us down a whole new road...

Do you like finally having your little Brother's cock in your mouth?!

She immediately froze in place! I could tell that the thought had shaken her to the core, so I just let it soak in for a moment. Her whole body was trembling and I thought that I may have gone too far. Pretty soon she closed her eyes and started slowly examining every part of my cock with her mouth and tongue as if it were the first time it had ever been in her mouth. She was sucking her little brother in her mind! I began adding to her fantasy, saying things like...

You do like it don't you? You've thought about having that cock in your mouth for a very long time, huh? You've thought about feeling his cock pulse against your tongue for a while haven't you. You even wanted to sneak into his bedroom when you two lived at home, huh?

She was really into it by now. Fact is I've never seen her that riled up! She could hear my voice, but to her it was only her conscience narrating out loud. The only two things in existence were her and her little brother's hard cock! She was fingering herself and blowing me like there was no tomorrow! I wasn't going to be able to hold on very long at this rate, so I told her...

Just think, now he'll be over here all of the time wanting to put his cock in your mouth! Are you going to suck his cock for him every day like you do for me? Are you going to hold his nuts in your hand so you can feel them pump that cum out for you to drink?!

Are you going to let me watch while you suck your little brother's cock and suck the cum out of him?!

With those last words barely out of my mouth, Julie came. She shook so hard that you'd have sworn she was having a seizure! The whole time she never let my cock slip from her mouth, she just pulled back and sucked hard on just the head trying to draw every drop of precum out of it. As her orgasm subsided, I saw tears rolling down her cheeks as she kept tonging the slit at the end of her little brother's cock savoring the taste and feel of that precious precum! Slowly, while still in a trance, she started swallowing my cock again. I started the narration again saying...

That feels so good! I'll bet he's wanted your mouth as bad as you've wanted his cock! He probably used to stroke his cock thinking about how his hot sister was just in the other room. I'll bet he used to explode imagining that he was firing his cum into his big sister's hot mouth! You can't wait until that cock explodes in your mouth can you? It's almost there...your little brother's hard cock is almost going to cum! Hold his nuts and feel them pump that cum!

Julie reached up with the hand that wasn't in between her legs and grabbed both of my nuts, her little brother's nuts, and pull on them as she slammed her face down on that cock so hard that her nose had to hurt when it ran into my body. I was just holding on for dear life as she kept swallowing, milking her little brother's cock, my cock, with her throat.

I screamed that I was cumming as I let go and a tidal wave of cum surged out of my cock and into Julie's voracious, moaning mouth. I came so hard that my balls pulled themselves out of julie's hand and tucked themselves up tight against my body leaving her holding on to a hand full of empty scrotum!

Julie never slowed down until she had swallowed every last drop and then we both fell back completely exhausted. Even though we had shared hundreds of dark taboo fantasies with each other in the past, she seemed to really be embarrassed by this one. I never had expected this at all. I tried to get her to talk about it, but she kept avoiding me.

Fact is I tried to get her to talk about anything all week, but she wouldn't say a word. Finally, I cornered her and told her that enough was enough! I loved her and she knew that. I said that the other night was hotter than anything I had ever imagined and I needed her to talk to me! If I had done something wrong I needed to know. She broke down and said that she just didn't know how to process all that and was worried about what I thought. I told her that I loved her and her mind and asked her to tell me about it. She said that she would someday. That was good enough for me.

I let it go for a few nights and everything went back to normal. I was so glad to have my wife back! I think that she realized that I loved her no matter what and that eased her mind.

A few nights later we were in bed and she was holding my head by the hair as I was eating her. She had already cum once and was slowly ramping up to another when I said...

Talk to me baby... tell me about your little brother...

She froze again and got so nervous that she started trembling. I immediately went back to eating her slowly and she calmed down slightly. When she started moaning quietly again I continued to stroke her clit lightly with my finger and said...

It's ok hon, I think it's hot that you used to dream about your little brother's cock. Tell me about it...

I went back to eating her and she nervously and excitedly started to tell me all about it. She said that her fascination with cum had all started with her little brother. She was a virgin until she was out of high school, and had lived at home for the first two years while going to college. The first cock she had ever seen was her little brother's. She walked in on him while he was in the shower stroking it one day and she was mesmerized. She watched him through the glass and steam, her eyes glued to the sight of his angry cock and his stroking hand until he leaned back and his whole body went stiff. With every muscle in his body tensed and a white knuckle grip on his purple cock he blew his load all over the bathroom wall as his knees went weak and he stumbled backwards. She backed out of the doorway before his eyes opened without him ever knowing, but the sight of his spewing cock was burned into her mind as if from a branding iron.

After he left the bathroom she ran back in and looked at the shower wall and sure enough he hadn't rinsed the cum away. She said that her hand was shaking as she touched the small puddle that had formed and brought that warm cum to her lips. With her fingers in her pussy and cum in her mouth it was as if she had discovered nirvana. She sat down on the edge of the tub/shower and had the most amazing cum as she continued to clean every last drop of his from the shower wall. She said from that day on she was obsessed and she use to sneak around to spy on him jerking off, which he did all of the time. He was never very careful and she got a show almost daily. Every time she would try to look to see if he left any cum behind, and often he did. Never did a drop go to waste. She said she use to rub her clit almost off fantasizing about wrapping her lips around his cock and getting that cum first hand straight from the source.

She told me that she loved me and that it may sound bad, but on our wedding night as she went down on me all she could think about was that she finally had a cum spewing cock all her own. She knew that she would have my cock in her mouth every chance she got and she has. All her fantasies focused on 'her cock', the one between my legs, and she all but forgot about where this obsession started until she found that Literotica website. When she started reading the stories on incest, everything came crashing back into her mind just as strong as when she was a teen.

She was just starting to try and compartmentalize these feelings when I had surprised her by dropping that bombshell on her. She said that she still loves my cock, her cock, and that was all she wanted, but now the memory of her little brother's cock was back and she couldn't get it out of her mind!

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by rightbank11/11/17

An interesting presentation of fantasies

The way the couple respected the personal Interests of each other was fun to read.
Regarding the annonymous suggestion that the story would have been better if a son was substituted for her brother, maybemore...

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