tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Tale Ch. 05

My Wife's Tale Ch. 05


I woke well before Jan, as I had work. While I made myself breakfast, well put bread in the toaster and put the kettle on to make coffee, I started to think how quickly could I complete my work so I would get to April's before Ian had finished his round of golf and the couple of beers he usually drank before leaving the golf club.

Passing our bedroom on the way to the bathroom, I stopped to look in at Jan, she was laid facing me with her lovely breasts exposed fast asleep. I began to regret falling for April, but it didn't last long before my train of thought was back on how to get to April's as early as possible.

At work I kept thinking about the afternoon with April and what we would get up to which gave me a semi erection. The morning didn't pass as quickly has I would have liked, but the job was complete for eleven thirty.

I began packing my tools away when my phone gave me a text alert, which I ignored for a few minutes while I finished putting the tools away.

Then sitting in my car I checked my phone to see who had sent the text, it was from Jan. Jan asked me to pick her up and take her to April's because a Christmas party meeting was taking place there this afternoon.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, No fucking for me this afternoon. Well April new I was going round to her place, didn't she want me anymore, why did she pick the day and time to have the Christmas meeting when she knew I was going round.

I text Jan back to tell her I would pick her up in fort five minutes. I received a text back telling me she was making a Tuna sandwich for my lunch. Fuck, a Tuna sandwich and no sex, would things get better, please.

When I picked up Jan, she was smartly dressed in a blue knee length dress heals with matching handbag. It looked like Jan was going out on the town not to someone's house for a meeting.

I had picked Jan up on time which kept her happy. As we drove to April's, Jan wanted to know how my day had been and how long I was going to be at April's. Jan told me she would be around two, to two and a half hours and she wanted me to make the job last so I didn't have to go back to pick her up.

We arrived at April's at the same time as Kate, who was wearing a very short summer dress although Autumn was upon us, it was a sunny day. I watched Kate as she walked up the drive and her dress became transparent. I could see her white lace panties covering her large ass and colour matching bra.

I gathered my tools and set to work. Most of my work was in the bedrooms and the bathroom where the heating tank had been installed.

After about a hour Jan came up to stairs to me, well to use the bathroom really. Jan stood in front of me, while I was knelt on the floor, lifted her dress to reveal her slender shapely legs covered in lace topped hold ups and black cotton tong, before pulling down her thong to reveal her freshly shaven pussy lips.

Then she sat down on the toilet to pee, making sure I had a view of her pussy first. When Jan had finished peeing, she got up making sure I saw her freshly shaven pussy again, telling me that it was mine later. Jan then squeezed my cock gently, telling me all of her was mine. I gave her a lingering kiss while gently moving my hand over her breast which made her nipple harden a little enough for it to be seen through her dress. Jan then shot off down stairs before I could get her turned on any more.

I was looking out of the bedroom window at the ladies sat below me, admiring each of them in turn. Each of the ladies had something I liked about them, but Jan had several things I liked about her. April had lovely legs that where quiet shapely, Ruth's looks and hair where her best features but her cleavage wasn't bad from my vantage point either. Then there was Kate I think she was sat on her best asset, mind you she did have a lovely smile and full lips.

I didn't notice April come up the stairs until she felt my ass while asking me which of them I'd like to fuck. I told her you being as she was there. Then I asked April, why had she held a meeting when she knew I was coming round. Telling me it didn't matter while she led me into the bathroom, where April pulled up her dress and sat on the toilet and peed. I at this point I knew April had no panties on which made my cock twitch. When April had finished peeing she moved forward on the toilet and opened her legs. Aprils pussy looked open,I knelt down between her legs, April wasted no time in pulling my head towards her pussy. I started to slowly lick her clit which was already hard, April moaned a little. I then licked along her pussy tasting April's juices mixed in with her pee and then sucking on April's clit which made her moan louder. Then slipping two fingers up her wet pussy I began to slowly finger her finding her little spot. After a couple of minutes, I slid another finger round to her tight ass and played around the entrance while sucking gently on her clit. It didn't take long for April to cum wetting my face with her juices. April loves her ass been played with.

After April had come down for her climax I stood up, she undid my trousers to release my hard cock and began to slowly wank me. After a very short time April led me out of the bathroom to the bedroom over looking the rear garden by my cock. April bent over by the window pulled her skirt up and told me she was ready for a lovely cock. I slid my hand between her ass cheeks, to find her tight little hole that was wet from her juices, then sliding a finger up her tight little ass I began to slowly finger her ass. April told me that we hadn't much time and April asked me while moaning which one of them, not my wife though, I'd like to fuck. I told April, her, then i got myself in position behind her and with my finger still up Aprils ass I slid my cock up her. April was that wet my cock slid all the way up, in one thrust, making April moan and push back to make sure she was taking the full length. Then, slowly fucking April I reached round with my other hand and tweaked her nipple hard through April's dress. I carried on slowly fucking her while pushing another finger up April's ass. April was very close to cumming when we heard Ruth shout up to April to ask if she was coming. April did her best to keep her voice normal, but I could tell she was on the verge of cumming when April told Ruth she was checking on me and wouldn't be a minute. It wasn't a minute before April gathered her dress up to bite on as her orgasm ripped through her body, I had to hold her up to stop her falling over and as April's body finished shaking I shot my load deep in April's open pussy. Oh I nearly shouted out but just managed to control myself April told me, as she did her best to make herself look respectable. Two minutes later April was back up stairs in the bathroom with me, cleaning my spunk from her legs and pussy.

One hour later I had finished the work and the ladies had finished their meeting, we all left at the same time.

On the way back Jan asked how the job had gone and if April had given me a hard time because she spent a while up stairs with me. Jan told me not to worry lifting her skirt to show off her hold up tops. I asked Jan if she was ready for me and Jan told me that she had been ready since she had come up stairs to me.

When we arrived home, Jan walked up to the door with her skirt lifted up to show off her hold up clad legs, which I must say looked sexy, I could of fucked Jan at our front door there and then.

But I wanted Jan to finish off her story before I delved into the folds of her pussy.

I put the coffee on and when I looked round at Jan she was sat on a dinning chair still showing off her legs. Going over to her she parted her legs for me to kneel between, showing off her puffy pussy lips as her tong had disappeared into her wet slit. I knelt between Jan's legs, then gently began running my fingers along her moist pussy, teasing her hard clit. Jan opened her legs further pulling them back to give me better access to her swollen lips and clit. I knew Jan wanted to cum but I slowed right down, looking at her face to see her 'please' expression appear.

I then told Jan, she had not finished her story.

"But please," Jan said," please make me cum, you can do anything to me, please I need to cum."

I slowly picked up the place of gently rubbing her clit, then I slid two fingers up her pussy finding her spot and fingered Jan watching her face as her mouth opened, her moaning got louder, her body started writhing around and finally Jan started shouting oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck as she came on my hand squirting a long stream at my chest.

When Jan had calmed down from her peak I asked Jan to carry on with the story. Jan asked me what I wanted to know. I told her the rest of what they got up to.

I sat next to Jan who undid my jeans and began slowly wanking my rock hard cock. Jan then told me Ian asked her to his office once, told her to bend over and pull her panties down. Ian then pushed a remote control vibrating egg up her pussy and pulled up her panties. Jan told me, Ian tried it out on her, telling Jan not to cum. I asked Jan if it felt good. Oh fuck was it good she told me, Ian nearly made me cum but stopped it when he saw me losing control.

Ian then told me to follow him. we went along the corridor, Jan told me she could feel her juices between her legs when she walked. Ian led Jan into a meeting room full of people. Jan told Ian she couldn't stay there, but Ian looked at her and turned up the Vibration on the egg and smiled telling to sit, then Ian turned down the vibrations.

Jan told me half way through the meeting Ian started to slowly turn up the vibrations on the egg a little at a time. Then when Ian could see I was struggling to keep control of myself he would turn the vibrations back down only to turn them back up in small steps. I asked Jan how wet and turned on she was Jan told me that her pussy was wet and she desperate to cum. Jan told me so much so that If Ian had told her to fuck anyone in the room she would have done. I was taken back by that statement but I kept on playing with Jan's pussy, keeping her on heat as Jan was telling me her story freely now, while Jan wanked me slowly. Jan then told me that just before the meeting ended she needed to go to the toilet but she dare not get up as Ian would turn up the egg vibe, vibrations and make her cum in front of everyone.

After the meeting ended they both sat there until the room was empty and then Ian turned up the vibrations on the egg, Jan told me, she told Ian she needed to go to the toilet but he smiled and turned up the vibrations more, and told her she wasn't to leave the room until she had cum.

Jan's pussy was really wet and open now and she started to slowly move her hips, rubbing her pussy on my fingers.

I asked Jan what she did.

Jan told me that she squirmed on the seat, Ian told her not to wet the chair, so Jan moaning told me that she got up as the vibrations intensified, went over to the bin which had a bin liner in it, lifted her skirt up pulled her panties to one side and straddled the bin as she came, shaking and letting squirts of pee shoot out. Ian must of seen her about to collapse as he held her up while she finished cumming and peeing.

I asked Jan how it felt to cum and pee at the same time.

Jan told me it felt really good but she didn't know if it was just the vibrating egg that made it so good or the egg and peeing.

I could tell Jan wanted to make her cum again but I asked her to suck me.

Jan moved forward and began to lick my cock eventually taking all of it in her mouth. Jan slowly sucked me until I came in her mouth, swallowing every last drop.

Jan then told me it was her turn, but I told her to finish this part of her story first.

I began slowly massaging her pussy lips and clit again while Jan carried on with her story telling me she had to take the bin to the toilet to empty it and when she got back to the meeting room and placed the bin down the vibrations in the pussy started again. Ian had turned on the egg vibe again. Ian then led Jan to his office while the vibe was doing its job, as Jan told me she could feel her pussy juices flowing again.

Jan looked at me and said," oh that fucking vibe felt so good, oh Ian knew how to use it, knew how much to turn it up and down."

Jan then told me when they got to Ian's office his cock was sticking out of his trousers, so she knelt down up zipped him and began licking and sucking him hoping she would make Ian cum and he would make her cum again in return. After Jan had made Ian cum, Ian made her bend over while he removed the vibe from her pussy, telling her not to play with herself.

I led Jan over to the sofa bent her over and slid my cock up her open wet cunt and fucked her hard. Jan came in minutes while I took a little longer and slipping two fingers up Jan's ass made her tight which helped.

The following day I asked Jan what happened when Ian bumped into us for lunch. Jan looked down and told me when she went to the toilet Ian was there. Ian went into the ladies and into the cubical with Jan, Ian asked if I had told you and when I said no, Jan told me Ian got his cock out for her to suck.

After he came which didn't take long, Jan told me Ian told her she would meet him at the hotel on the ring road the following Wednesday.

I asked if she objected but Jan told me no, she thought it would have been the same as it used to be.

Jan carried on her story telling me when she got to the room Ian told her to strip for him, doing a little dance as her clothes came off. When Jan was naked Ian bent her over the bed, pushed her legs apart and gently teased her clit. Jan told me Ian was good with his fingers and her soon had her clit hard and her pussy wet. Then Jan felt something hard push against her hole and as Ian pushed it in, Jan told me how full her pussy became, telling me how it stretched her pussy lips, all the time Ian was gently rubbing Jan's clit. Ian then turned it on and slowly increased the speed.

I asked if she liked it, oh fuck yes, he made me moan louder and louder, so he put a gag on me so no one would here my moans, Jan told me.

The vibe was doing its job to well and I was very quickly on the edge of cumming when I felt a sharp pain which stopped me from going over the edge and cum. It was Ian, he had a cane, which he used on me when I was about to cum. Jan told me she lost count how many times he stroked her with that cane, but if I'd have counted the stripes on the ass I would have known how many times she nearly cum.

Jan held my hand when she told me that when Ian let her cum after she begged him, Jan lost all control, her body was shaking, she squirted all over, she screamed through the gag and dropped onto the bed exhausted.

Jan was shaking herself telling me this.

Ian slowly pulled the vibe from her leaving Jan with an empty feeling. It was the first time Jan had seen it. Jan told me how fucking big it was, Jan didn't think she could take something so big and how much enjoyment it had given her.

Ian put everything of his away and left but as he was leaving Ian told Jan it was about time she told me.

Jan told me when she rolled onto her back is when she felt the stinging on her ass. Looking in the mirror over her shoulder Jan could see the red stripes on her ass.

I said," was the pain worth it?"

Jan looking down Said," yes, but I knew I couldn't go on, that is when I knew I had to tell you."

Jan then looked at me and said," please don't leave me, I know I've done wrong and I should have not done all those things, but neither of them fucked me, you are the only one that as fucked me since we met."

It hit home a little, what Jan was telling me was true, but Jan had done everything bar fuck and she would have fucked Dick if Ian hadn't have stepped in. I'd actually fucked April several times and I started to wonder how Jan would take it if I told her, when Jan asked if I would stay.

I asked if a needed to buy a big vibe and cane, Jan just smiled.

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Great stories

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just my humble opinion

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waste of time

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OMG 1*

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another cocksucking WIMP posting dumb cuck SHIT.

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