My Wild Niece Penny


"I am going to make us some breakfast Uncle Ted. It's the least I can do for my favorite uncle," she said with a wink.

She stood at the stove wearing just panties as I walked behind her fully dressed. I kissed her neck and then sat down at the table. She soon joined me as I was amazed she made me great pancakes and bacon. I was truly hungry as she watched me devour my meal.

I looked up and said, "That was wonderful honey. Just what I always wanted, a woman who could fuck and feed me too!"

She slapped my wrist, saying, "Which do you like better, my ass or my food?"

I teased her saying, "Let me think about it. Meanwhile, I do have to work. I'm going to give you some money and there is a woman's boutique down the street. I want you to go buy some of the sexiest underwear that you can find. When I get back tonight, I want to see you wearing something that makes me just rip it off and want to fuck you."

She got up from the table and walked over sticking her breast in my mouth saying, "I'll get something really sexy for you, but if I just walk around naked here, won't that turn you on too?"

I laughed as I licked her nipple then got up. I kissed her lips as I then walked out the door and headed to work.

I came into my home to the wonderful smell of dinner cooking. I entered the kitchen to see Penny at the stove stirring the pot as I walked up and smelled the stew. She was wearing a sexy thong and a half-bra, with her nipples peeking over the top.

"Hi honey, I'm home. You are the regular head chef," I chuckled.

She replied, "Yeah, you just like a woman who gives good head Uncle Ted."

She turned and kissed me on the lips then pushed me away saying, "Go up and take a shower and wear something comfortable. We'll have dinner and you can have your dessert afterwards, good ole' me!"

As I walked away I said, "Nice outfit. It's a good thing you didn't buy anything to turn me on Penny."

I walked upstairs to take a shower and thought how wonderful my life has become since Penny arrived yesterday. She was constantly working to please me as I looked around to see she had cleaned my room and it was spotless. This was more than just sex, this was two life-long family members who now became much more as she matured into a sexy adult. And as I stepped under the hot water my cock was rock hard.

I donned a robe and soon joined my niece in the kitchen as she pointed for me to sit down. She brought over the stew and a beer for me. Then she walked back and got a beer for herself, sitting next to me.

"You know, your too young to drink," I told her.

My niece gave me a sly grin and said, "I'm too young to drink, but old enough to fuck you. Now isn't that the bitch?"

I laughed as I wasn't going to deny her a beer of all things. It's amazing how at 18 you can go to war and buy cigarettes, but have to wait until you are 21 to drink. But while I thought of this I couldn't take my eyes off of her perky nipples. The half-bra looked so sexy and I knew she was aware of what a tease she was being. My cock remained hard all through dinner as she often got up to show me that fine ass covered by just basically dental floss.

She said, "Uncle Ted, can I ask a favor? I have several friends who want to come over tomorrow night. They've been my best friends for years, Candy and Stacy. Would you be upset if they came over?"

"I don't see why not. As long as the three of you don't tear up the place, your always welcome to have any friends over. Just make sure I know who they are before you invite them. After all, I am still supposed to keep an eye on you and keep you out of trouble," I said.

Penny laughed at me saying, "Tonight you are going to fuck my ass, and you are worried If I'm going to get into trouble?"

I finished my sumptuous meal she had made for me. I know her mother taught her well, as I often marveled at how great a cook Karen was when she invited me over. My mind wandered a bit thinking about Karen now. I've been thinking about her a lot more since Penny told me that I should do her too. Then after Penny cleared the table, she came over and grabbed my hand and guided me into the living room. She had me sit on the sofa, and then she climbed on my lap.

We kissed passionately before she pulled away while wiggling on my lap saying, "Gee Uncle Ted, this lap sure feels a lot different then when I used to sit on it growing up. Tonight it has a big lump in it."

Then she guided my face to her breasts, and I suckled on first one, then both of her breasts. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I teased and flicked those protruding nubs. She kept wiggling on my lap so much that my robe loosened and my hardon popped free. It rested tight against her cuntlips as she began to grind against it pulling her thong to the side.

"Uncle Ted, I do think I have just the place to hide that cock of yours. It needs a home," she said.

Then she reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. She moaned as she guided it in slowly. I reached around and held her ass, as she soon began to ride my dick. Her cunt was so tight that I just lulled in the feeling of the pleasure. I slid my finger to her asshole, and soon slid it in. She squirmed on my cock as I reached down between us and scooped up some of our juices. I then went back to her ass, and making it real slick, I slid several fingers in.

"Oh yeah Uncle Ted, your fingers feel so good in me. And I can't wait to feel your cock in my ass. Fuck me uncle, don't stop fucking me!," she cried out.

We just sat there screwing for quite a while. I nibbled and sucked on her tits while she kissed my forehead or lips throughout. My fingers slid deep in her ass as she kept clinching her asscheeks on my hand.

Finally she whispered into my ear, "Uncle Ted, I'm ready. I want you to fuck my ass now. I love you so much I want you to take the only virgin hole I have left."

"Okay niece, get on the carpet on all fours. I'll quick grab the lube and be right back," I told her.

Soon I was returning as I saw she removed her bra and thong. She looked so damn hot as she looked over her shoulder with that sexy smile. I squirted some lube on my fingers and slid them into her asshole. She moaned as I fucked my fingers in and out getting her accustomed to what lie ahead. Then I rubbed some onto my dick, and I was ready.

I said, "I will take it very slow until you get used to it honey. This will hurt some at first, so I will not rush you. If you can't handle it, let me know."

She grinned saying, "Uncle Ted, I have complete trust in you, that's why I wanted you to be the first to fuck my ass. And trust me, no matter what, you do not pull out of me until you emptied that hot cum in my bowels. Understood?"

I lined up my cock and rubbed the cockhead against her asshole as I told her I would honor her wishes. Then I grabbed her ass, and my cock pushed past her anal ring. She groaned as I waited a moment, and then began to push it in a little more. She was biting her fist as she grimmaced at my size stretching her ass. But not once did she tell me to stop. I worked a little more in, and heard her sigh as she wiggled her ass a little back at me.

Soon I had my entire cock inside her. I knew my cock was thick, so the tightness of her ass I had never experienced before. I heard her whimper as I just let her adjust to her ass being filled to capacity.

I asked her, "How are you doing Penny? Are you okay? Play with your pussy, it will help you loosen up."

"It feels like I have a log inside me. But I wanted this so bad, so start fucking my ass Uncle Ted," she begged me as I heard her fingers sloshing in her sopping wet cunt.

I began to slowly fuck her. I knew it was tough on her as I could feel how much her tight asshole pulled on my cock. The lube was a great help as I soon began fucking her harder with much more ease. She moaned and pushed back at me as I felt her getting into it now.

"Ahhhh, fuck my ass Uncle Ted, it feels so damn good. I'm going to cum so hard. Cum inside me, I want to feel that hot cum filling me up."

I knew I wasn't going to last long anyways, her ass was just too tight. I banged her harder as my balls slapped her cunt and I felt them hitting her hand which was pushing into her wet cunt. I couldn't restrain myself any longer and squeezed her ass harder.

"Ohhh damn, I'm going to cum Penny. Take my fuckin' load honey," I groaned out.

Then my cock shot off in her ass. I was coming so much I could feel it leaking back out of her ass and running down her pussy. I could feel her orgasmic bliss as she cried out that she was cumming as well. Her asshole milked my cock until I had no more to give. We rested like that for a bit, as I watched her contented face as she smiled back at me. Then my limp dick slipped out as I reached down and pulled my niece up to her feet.

I grabbed a towel and as she bent over I cleaned our mixed cum from her as well as my dick. Then we were soon sitting on the couch, our arms around each other. We kissed, as not much was spoken as we relished in the afterglow of such a hot experience.

Then she whispered to me, "Uncle Ted, thanks for taking my anal cherry. I knew it would hurt, but once I got used to it, I loved your cock inside of my ass so much. I will never deny you anything, I will be a total slut for you. And just wait until tomorrow night. I have two horny friends who I plan to have naked and willing to fuck you. And I have a fantasy to fulfill. I never ate pussy before, and I intend to make you so damn hot watching me do it!"

I just smiled as I thought to myself things were sure looking up for me.

I came home from work to hear female voices in the living room. I walked in to meet Candy and Stacy. Both were sexy women and including my niece, they were wearing halter tops and shorts.

"Hi Uncle Ted, welcome home. This is Candy and Stacy, and I hope you like them," she said with an evil grin.

I acknowledged all three saying, "I'm going to shower and change. Why don't you order pizzas for us and I'll be down shortly."

I soon was in the shower remembering Penny's two friends. They were very sexy ladies, and my dick was rigid thinking about the devious mind my niece had. And all through work today I kept thinking about her telling me how much she wanted to eat pussy. I soon dried off and threw on my robe. There was no reason for me to get dressed, because I wanted to be naked with them three as soon as possible.

I heard the doorbell ring as I entered the kitchen. I handed Penny some money as she paid the young delivery guy. I smiled as he couldn't take his eyes off of my niece's tits. I could imagine he would have a hardon the rest of the day.

Soon the girls joined me at the table, and we dove into the pizza and beer. I was getting to know Penny's friends better. Candy was an exotic dancer and was 19. Stacy was the oldest at 21 and worked at the grocery store. The three of them were friends right through school, and would spend time together whenever they could. I sat there admiring 3 hot bodies as they seemed so vibrant.

Penny said, "We were talking while you were upstairs. My friends think you are hot Uncle Ted. They know about our relationship, and they aren't judging me. They think it's kind of neat that I am fucking you."

I grinned as I replied, "Well, any friends of my niece are friends of mine. I think we all will be good fuck-buddies."

We soon finished our pizza and beer, and headed into the living room. I sat on the sofa while Candy and Stacy sat on either side of me. I felt them pushing their tits contained in halter-tops against my arms. Penny stood before me, looking down at me smiling.

"I see my friends made sure to be such sluts already. I guess there is only one place left for me," my niece explained.

Then Penny got on her knees and pulled the sash on my robe. She soon had my cock out and was stroking it as I saw her friends pulling off their tops. My niece began kissing and nibbling my cock as Candy and Stacy pushed their breasts into my face. The temptation was just too much as I began feeling and sucking each of their tits. Penny was now sucking and kissing my balls as she continued to suck me off.

My face was smothered in breasts as I could hear the two girls moaning. Penny soon wrapped her lips around my cock, as I began to lift my hips to meet her sucking mouth. I soon was nibbling on Candy's tits as I watched Stacy removing her shorts. I eyed her hot pussy as she has a neat landing strip leading down to her slit. Penny was driving me crazy as always with her voracious appetite.

Stacy moved down and soon I felt two mouths sucking along the sides of my cock. Candy had decided to divest herself of her clothes and climbed over me and stood on the sofa putting her hands on my shoulders. Her cunt was at my eye level as I admired her nicely trimmed bush. Then she pushed forward and I could only do what a horny guy would do, I started to lick her pussy. I sat there in ecstasy feeling Penny and Stacy switching back and forth sucking my cock. I continued to lap up Candy's juices as she ground her cunt into my face while I heard her urging me to eat her.

Soon I felt only one mouth enveloping my cock as Penny sat next to me removing her shorts and top. She climbed over me, and I felt her pussy brushing my cock as Stacy pulled off and guided her ass down for her. I moaned into Candy's pussy as I once again felt my hot niece's cunt slide down my shaft. I suddenly jerked as I felt Stacy begin licking and sucking my balls. Candy soon was cumming on my tongue and lips as I tasted her sweet juices. She continued to grind as she begged me not to stop thoughout her climax.

I soon felt Stacy beginning to lick both my cock and Penny's cunt. I was amazed at how wild these girls were and realized now why my niece was so open about sex. I wrapped my arms around Candy's ass as I continued to work her clit over with my tongue.

I felt Candy cumming once again in my mouth. As I looked between her legs I was amazed to see Penny licking her from behind. I watched as my niece slid her tongue in and out of Candy's ass, and I know she was enjoying it as she kept grinding her cunt into my face. And I felt my cock stiffen even harder as Penny's cunt tightened on my cock. I gasped as my cum spurted deep inside of my niece's womb. She ground down as I felt stacy licking and sucking my cock and her pussy at the same time. Candy finally sat down beside me totally out of breath.

I felt Penny pull off as Stacy replaced my niece's cunt with her mouth on my cock. She sucked me clean and then licked out Penny's cunt as well. I never had such an intense encounter as I enjoyed these three hot women having their way with me.

After we all gained our strength and breath, all the girls started to kiss me. I could feel hands stroking my cock and doing a good job of keeping me relatively hard despite my intense orgasm.

Penny piped up, "Let's take Uncle Ted to the bedroom. Let's go have some more fun girls!"

We all quickly found ourselves on my bed, and Candy pushed me back and started sucking my cock. As I felt her lips slide down my shaft, I watched as Stacy and Penny started kissing, their hands on each other's ass. I reached down and guided Candy's head as she swallowed my cock. Then I saw Penny pushing Stacy down and quickly climbed over her into a 69 position.

My niece looked over at me saying, "I am going to eat pussy for the first time Uncle Ted. It makes me so hot knowing you are watching me do this."

Candy pulled off of my cock and got on her hands and knees saying, "Fuck me from behind Ted. Give me that hard cock! We can watch those two eating each other out while you fuck me."

I soon obeyed her wishes and guided my cock into her hot pussy from behind. I watched as both Penny and Stacy were holding each other's asses as their tongue ravished each other. It was so hot watching those two go at it and feeling Candy's tight pussy milking my cock.

Candy breathlessly told me, "Pull my hair Ted. It gets me hot when my hair is pulled and I'm being fucked hard! Ahhhh, damn you have a big cock!"

I soon was pulling her hair as I heard the moaning coming from the two girls enjoying their oral bliss. I was amazed as Stacy seemed to have done this before, and would pull off at times telling my niece where she wanted to be licked. Just like last night's ass fucking, Penny took to pussy eating like she was doing it forever. I admired her so much as she was doing all this for my pleasure as well. But I wasn't suffering any as Candy was fucking hard back onto my cock as she watched the scene before her lustily.

Soon the two girls locked in bliss began grinding on each other's mouth as their orgasms overtook them. I could feel my cum surging through my shaft as Candy would squeeze her cunt muscles tight on my cock.

Suddenly Penny pulled off and laid along side of her friend Stacy.

She then said, "Candy, lay with us quick. Uncle Ted, cum on our faces. Fuckin' jerk off on us quick!"

Candy reluctantly pulled off of my cock as I watched as three smiling faces eyed me climbing over them. Their heads were so close as they watched my cock jerk and the cum spew all over their faces and lips. I came so much that soon their faces were covered in my cream. It looked so hot as I finally shook off the last drops on their faces and see three grinning faces.

I knelt there watching as the girls began licking each other's faces and sucking down my cum. I smiled at the sexy sight before me. Penny kept licking her friends faces while her eyes never left mine. Then when she was finished, she got up on her knees and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my own cum as she shoved her tongue deep inside my mouth.

We soon were lying on the bed, four very worn out people. But I was never happier in my life. Later on, I took turns having sex with each of them again before Candy and Stacy left. Penny was soon sleeping next to me naked. As I was about to fall asleep, I gazed at one of the most perfect bodies I ever saw. I stroked her hair as I was soon joining her in slumber.

Needless to say, as the weeks passed, Penny did a good job of wearing me out. We had sex in just about every position and in just about every room in the house. She also did a great job on keeping my place clean and her cooking kept me well fed. As I looked at her ass while I was fucking her from behind, I was hoping this would never end. And that is when I looked up and pretty much almost had a heart attack.

Penny followed my eyes over to the bedroom door where my sister Karen stood there in disbelief. We both stopped moving as my sister stared at our naked bodies. Then Penny pulled off of me as she got up and walked over to her mother.

My sister said, "I can see why you didn't hear me knock. I guess your doorbell isn't working. I was afraid of seeing this but I guess I'm really not surprised. For years all I ever heard was my daughter talking about you Ted. Have you two been fucking since she came here?"

"Yes mother, I'm sorry, but my uncle is hot. I can't get enough of him. But, be honest with yourself mom, you have always wanted Uncle Ted almost as much as I wanted him," said Penny.

Karen looked over at me saying, "Do you have anything to say to me Ted?"

I stuttered a bit overcoming my shock at being caught, replying, "Yeah, Penny and I have been having sex since the picnic. But your daughter told me some interesting things about a certain sister of mine wanting to fuck me if she could. I have always loved you sis, but since my niece told me that you wished you could have sex with me, I have been thinking about you alot."

Penny kissed her mom saying, "Look at his nice cock mom. Be honest with me, wouldn't you like to be riding it too?"

I laid there as my hardon continued to grow once again. My sister's eyes watched it rise as her tongue passed over her lips. Then Penny pulled her mother over to my bed and pulled my sister's hand to my cock. I could see the torn look in her eyes of desperation, but her hand had a will of it's own. She wrapped her hand around my dick and started to pump it slowly. Her eyes never left my cock as I watched Penny starting to undress her. I gazed upon her as she raised her arms to allow my niece to pull her top off. She had been braless and her wonderful tits bounced up and down. Unike her daughters, she had a little sag to them, but her aeroles were large. I licked my lips as her hand went back to jerking me off.

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