My Wild-on Waitress


Of course, I had a raging woody despite the discomfort from our marathon lovemaking session. Becka leaned over as she stepped out of the water and kissed my glans, promising to "deal with you later."

I stepped out of the bathroom as she finished dressing.

"I get a break at one. We can come back here real quick if you want." She smiled slyly at me.

I grinned back at her. "I'm not sure I can wait that long."

Becka rushed forward and kissed me deeply before she pushed me to arms' length. "I've got to go!" She hurried out.

I could hear Craig and Becka speak to one another but I couldn't hear the words. I heard Becka say, "Shut up," and then she giggled. I loved the sound of her giggle. It tugged at something inside me.

I dressed and slowly wandered out of the bedroom knowing I'd have to face Craig. I stood awkwardly in the kitchen watching Craig chase a stray Apple Jack with his spoon. Neither of us spoke.

I moved to the front door and with my hand on the knob I searched my mind for some witty repartee to exchange with the young man.

"There was a call last night from the hotel." Craig looked up from his empty cereal bowl. "Some of the kids complained about the noise." He smiled at me. Then he laughed out loud.

I paused. I could feel the smirk on my face. "I'll uh... see you later."

Craig raised his eyebrows. "I hope so."

When I arrived at the dining room I saw Bobbie and his girl--sans shaving towel but still wearing her hat--on their usual table: table three. He was shaking a can of whipped cream when I entered. They both glanced up at me before they went back to their festivities.

Bobby aimed the can at their joined sex and pulled the trigger. The beautiful girl shrieked wildly.

"Damn, that's cold," she giggled.

I saw Becka's pretty face framed in the circular window of the swinging doors that led into the kitchen and I swear she blushed. She was too cute for words.

Arriving beside my table she smirked, trying not to look directly at me, and flipped open her order pad.

"Happy holidays. May I help you, sir?"

"You already have. Last night was the best present I've ever got."

Becka turned three shades of red and bit her lip, still trying to appear cool to me.

"Me too," she said softly, before she peered into my eyes.

"Well, I'll have the Lumberjack Belly Buster. I'm starved." I said loudly

"Oh yeah. There was a message for you at the front desk."

I shrugged. "Probably just the company beggin' me to get back to the 'Jingle Bell Rock' gig."

"Don't you wanna read it?" She asked.

"Nah. What would you think if I hung around for a while and learned how to install snow chains?"

Becka bit her lip as tears filled her eyes to the brim. She flicked the tears away with her thumb, sniffed, and swallowed hard. "I think it'd great..." she squeaked. "I'll get your order."

She turned and walked past the table where Bobbie now had his mistress spread across the formica and he was banging away at her wide spread body.

Becka snatched up the whipped cream can and shoved it fast against his butt, hitting the button to fill his cheeks full of the creamy goo.

"Hey, Becka! That shit's cold!" He shouted over his shoulder as she walked away.

His girlfriend fell back on the table and shrieked with laughter.

I fought back a smile as Becka strolled towards the kitchen, tossing the whipped cream can into the trash. She pushed open the swinging doors, and yelled," I need a Lumberjack and new can of whipped cream. Come on, Christmas is comin'. Let's move!"

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