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My Wish


I watch you enter the room through fringy-lashed half open eyes, from my spot reclining on the far corner of the couch. I've been day dreaming of this moment all afternoon. I know you've had a long day from the slight slump of your shoulders and that cute way you twist your neck at an angle to relieve the day's stress. No matter, I'm still wishing for you to take my hand and lead me from the couch, across the room and down the hallway to your bed. Do you know it? Can you read my mind? You approach me, lean down to kiss my forehead. Your touch lingers and I reach up to twine my arms around your neck, pulling you in closer to me. Our lips meet and the heat begins to build between us. You pause a moment to free my long red hair from the topknot I've pulled it up in, run your fingers through my curls and caress my scalp. I love your touch.

I find myself standing as you right yourself and deftly take me with you. Strong hands trail down my neck, teasing, caressing as you go. You pull my peach blouse up, run your hands over the bare skin of my abdomen, toy with my naval stud, and let your fingers flirt with the deep vee of my cleavage. I raise my arms and you pull the pretty pale fabric over my head. It lands in the middle of the living room with a whisper.

I lean forward a little, reach behind me with both hands and unhook my lacy white bra. You catch it as I let it slide off my shoulders, cup my breasts with both of your hands and flick your thumbs across my already stiffening nipples. I toss my head back, shake out my long hair and moan with pleasure. I love it when you hold them, love the warmth of your touch, the feel of your gaze burning holes in my skin. The lacy scrap of bra joins the shirt on the floor a few feet closer to the hallway. Neatness does not count and we both know it.

We reach the door to your bedroom and I begin toying with your belt buckle. I manage to loosen it and I'm tugging you shirt out of your waistband, longing to stroke my fingers up the fine fur covering your chest. Down to my jeans and while I run my hands across your hard forearms and slowly up to your shoulders you deftly unsnap and unzip them, reaching inside to feel how warm and wet I've gotten for you. They slide to the floor and I step away from them. I feel your fingers toy with the waistband of my lacy white panties and I see your lazy smile. You hook your fingers through them and soon I'm naked and waiting. Wanting. I need you now. NOW.

We move to the edge of your big bed. You push me down and I'm sitting on the edge in front of you. You have your hands on my shoulders and I'm thinking one of us is wearing far too many clothes. I watch as you strip off your shirt. Raise your arms across your body and pull it forward over your head, bicep and back muscles rippling as you go. It's a thoroughly masculine move and it never fails to drive me wild.

With your hands occupied I finish undoing your belt buckle and make short work of your jeans and boxers. You watch me as I slide them south. I move to take your hard cock in my mouth and give it a good tongue bathing. Circling the tip, running my tongue up and down the length before taking in all into my mouth and part way down my throat, the way I know you like it. I cup your balls with one hand and marvel like I always do at the smoothness of the skin and the warmth that emanate from them. They are so full today, almost bursting with need. I feel them pull up against your body and feel you tense and I know that I'll have to stop if I want this to go much farther... and oh yes I do.

You push me backwards onto the bed and I slide back so you can join me. I spread my thighs to accommodate you and lean back on my forearms. You lean forward and run your finger down over the tops of my thighs. I want you so much. I am so hot for you. I wriggle my hips a bit and you finally run your fingers through my tangle of curls and down my slit. You feel how ready I am for you. I close my eyes as you use two fingers to spread my wetness around. Your fingers brush my clit and instantly I jump. I'm so wet your fingers keep sliding, rubbing my velvety folds back and forth, teasing, grinding against me in those hard little circles that I cannot get enough of. And then you're pushing a finger slowly inside me; curling it around to find my g-spot the way only you can. You add another finger or perhaps two and thrusting in and out find a rhythm that has me writhing underneath you. Oh, god, I need this more than you know. Sensations flood my brain as the pressure builds and the release is near. Breathing hard and moaning wildly, you continue thrusting those fingers in and out of me faster and faster until I can no longer hold off and I come for you, in a blindingly delightful orgasm that soaks your hand and cleanses my soul.

But still I want more. I want you now and my impatience is showing. You know how I want you. Behind me. On my knees. With my head falling forward and my back arched. I want all of you, buried deep inside me. You hold my hips and push down on the small of my back as you part my slick folds with your hard cock and slide as far inside me as you can. You tug on my hair, make me throw my head back arching my body closer into you. Caress my upturned ass with the open palm of your hand. Slap me and hear me moan for you. Spank me and leave the reddened imprint of your palm in the tender flesh of my bottom. I moan louder. Have I been a bad girl? Oh so bad and just for you. You thrust harder, pulling almost all the way out of my pussy before you slam your thick cock all they way back inside of me. Yeah, that's how I want it. Hard. Deep. Fast. I love it when you take me from behind. My muscles are gripping you with all I've got. Not letting you go. Like there's no one else in world except the two of us, even if it's only for the moment.

Those are the things that have me on the verge of coming again. And then I do, over and over, so hard that I scream out loud and it doesn't even sound like me. I flood your cock with my cream, tears streaming down my face that's going numb, clawing, wanting, begging, taking, greedy, got to have more of you, exhausted and incapable of thinking, shaking and about to collapse into the sheets if you weren't holding me up. And then I feel you let go inside of me with a shudder, spurting and coming in thick ropes until you are completely spent and exhausted. I hear you scream as you orgasm, the ultra-masculine hoarsely primal cry that I know has you seeing stars and stripes, shaking your head in amazement. My legs slide out from under me and I'm face down on the bed, legs spread slightly, head turned to watch you, breathing hard and listening as your catch your breath and come back to earth. A smile crosses your lips as you settle back against the pillows and I roll over towards you. A hand creeps down between my thighs finding its home and I look up curiously into your face, "Again?"

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