tagErotic CouplingsMy Wish List Ch. 02

My Wish List Ch. 02


Due to some feedback I have received about the last installment of this series, I must explain that this is not an ongoing story. Each chapter will describe different scenarios that I have fantasized being part of. With that said…let the next one begin!

I decided to take the job. Much like most of my summers working, I expected nothing more than just a menial experience. Thankfully, this summer was a little different. Instead of working as a “sales associate” in a retail environment, I took a position as a secretary to a big engineering firm. Granted, I was not going to have hands on experience like the one I would have enjoyed, but at least I was getting my foot in the door.

My alarm screeched at 7:00 and I promptly hit the snooze button. More than anything, I just wanted to stay in my comfortable sheets and pretend that the morning sunlight was nothing more than a night street lamp. I evidently could not except the fact and dragged my body out of bed. The night before had been long. I had been out with a few friends at the bar hoping to find someone to entertain my thoughts, but unfortunately I had no such luck.

Looking in the mirror, I could see that my light brown hair that was straight when I got home transformed itself into a slight messy curl during my sleepless escapades of the night hours. My face still glistened from the golden powder I had used. As I looked a little farther south, I found my breasts positioned quite nicely in the cuplike shape of my black mesh babydoll. Even though I had no one to show it off for, I loved wearing it. The feeling of satin against my skin made me feel extremely sexy and gave me a somewhat confident step as I headed to the shower. I turned on the water and quickly shed my sleepwear.

Steam rose about the sliding glass doors indicating hot water had arrived. I adjusted the nozzle and stepped in. The feeling of the warm liquid against my shoulder was invigorating. My nipples stiffened rapidly as goose bumps ran down my arms. I longed for human contact. I stood there a few minutes imagining strong hands running down my sides. I closed my eyes and brought a soapy hand to my right breast. I rubbed in circles and moved to the next. I guided my soapy hands down my stomach, stopping sort at my navel. I lifted a foot up and rested it at the edge of the tub. Soon my hands wrapped themselves around my thigh and spread the soapy water around and down the rest of my leg. I rinsed my hand and placed it near my pussy. Streams of water were running down, flying off from my erect nipples and making there way further down my body.

I brought my hand back up and let it slide down my stomach. Carefully I took a finger and slid it between my slit. Quickly I found myself to be extremely wet with no help from the showerhead. I circled my finger around my clit for a minute or two. A slight moan escaped my lips. I took the tip of my finger and let it maneuver its way inside me. I quickly pulled it in and out working my pussy faster. With a sudden gasp of pleasure, I opened my eyes. A moment of panic ran over me as I questioned the time. I quickly finished washing and turned off the water. I grabbed for a towel and wrapped it around my body. I squeezed my soaked locks to dislodge some excess water and stepped out onto the soft mat.

I opened the window to let in some cool air. I dragged my towel over my body drying off my back first then making my way down my arms and legs. After drying, I lathered up with some lotion making sure to pay extra attention to my knees and elbows. I walked back to my room naked to pick out my outfit for the day. After having such a horrible night, I wanted nothing more than to just be comfortable. I unfastened my black pants from their hanger. Next, I shuffled through more hangers until I came across my pink shirt. This shirt fit snuggly over my chest and allowed for an iota of cleavage to show.

Across from my closet sat my dresser. I opened to top drawer to find my stash of thongs and stockings. I turned on the television to catch the local weather report. “Cool, highs in the mid seventies” predicted the weatherman. That was all I needed to know. I contemplated my choice of underwear and decided on a hot pink set I found on sale at my favorite store. I did not even bother with stockings. Grabbing some sandal socks out of the drawer, I cascaded back to the bathroom. I dried my hair and tossed it up in a clip. I applied some eyeliner, a little bit of powder, mascara and grabbed my chap stick from my purse.

Walking back over to my bed, I took a hold of my pants and easily slid them over my smooth legs. Taking my shirt off its hanger, I guided it over my head and with a quick pull, down the rest of my torso. Finally, I grabbed my bracelet sitting on my nightstand. Before walking out the door, I unclipped my hair and tangled it into a braid. I had left my shoes by the door when I got home last night. Slipping each of my feet into its corresponding heel, I took my keys from their hook. I locked the door and closed it behind me.

The trip to work was shorter than normal. I decided it was because many people played it smart and called out on this so far gorgeous day. I reached the parking lot and pulled into my usual spot. I grabbed my suitcase from the back seat and used my remote to lock the door. I love technology. I walked briskly to the elevator.

“Hold the door, please!” a voice shouted across the way. I did as directed by the familiar voice until he turned the corner. “Well good morning, April,” he spoke.

“Hey, Brandon, how are you feeling today?” I asked.

“Eh, I am feeling ok. I was working on those reports last night. I actually need you to go over them when we get upstairs,” he explained. I not only worked for Brandon’s boss but I found him to be incredibly attractive. He had dark hair, blue eyes and a smile that could make any girl weak in the knees. Brandon reached about six foot, which caused me to be a little past his shoulder. He was slim, but fit and I would often daydream of walking into his office and having my way with him.

The elevator doors closed and we proceeded to rise. I kept my eyes straight ahead of me as we ascended hoping to God that he would not see my legs shiver with nervousness. My every breath grew short and deep as we stood. I was so close to him our shoulders almost touched. I felt myself become very flustered and tried to block his imprint from my mind. With that thought, I breathed in deep. It did not help at all. My nostrils filled with his delicious aroma and I could feel myself become intensely wet. At first, I was frightened that he would be able to notice. I bit my lower lip and as the doors open bolted out of the confinement.

“Hey!” he called after me. I stopped and turned. “Stop by the office around 12 if you aren’t busy?”

“I’m sure I could muster up a few moments to help you out,” I grinned back. He smiled and continued to the other side of the office. What was I thinking? I could not stand being near him knowing I could not hold him, could not kiss him. Even if he was interested, I should stay professional.

* * *

“Good morning, April,” the receptionist beamed.

“Hello, Megan. How are you feeling today?” I questioned.

“Much better thank you. Mr. Alexanderson’s phone has been ringing off the hook. Good luck,” she chuckled.

“Seems like I’m going to need it,” I replied. “Back to the salt mines.” With that, I turned the corner and headed for my miniature desk in the corner. Sure enough, post-it notes plastered themselves across my file cabinet. I sat down and turned on my computer. Slipping my headset out from my drawer, I nestled it snugly to my ear. With that, I proceeded to unpack the belongings shoved into my suitcase. After only a few moments, the phone rang.

“Mr. Alexanderson’s office, how may I help you?”

“Yes, April, it’s Gary.”

“Oh hello, would you like me to patch you into your father?”

“No, that’s quite alright. I actually had a question for you. Are you busy tonight around 8:00? I know dad keeps you busy but I was hoping to…”

“I’m sorry, Gary,” I interjected. “I tried to tell you last time but I really do not want to mix work with pleasure. It would not be right of me to date you since I am working for your father. I am definitely flattered, but I must decline.”

“You do not understand how this works, April. I always get what I want.” His words sent chills down my spine. While he was not a dreadful looking man, gossip of his temper covered every square inch of the office.

“I’m sorry, Gary, I must go.” I briskly disconnected the line and slid down in my chair. What did he mean he always gets what he wants? Was he going to hurt me? For the rest of the morning I felt uneasy. With each phone call that I made I trembled at the thought of who would be on the receiving end. Finally, I check the clock and saw it was already quarter after 12:00. I had forgotten about Brandon! I snapped up from my desk to find him lingering in the hallway across from my desk. He paced back and forth nervously and seemed to be speaking to himself. He looked over. Brandon smiled and walked over to my desk.

“I’m so sorry; I know I said I’d be over at 12:00 but…” I trailed off.

“I figured you were tied down. Have you eaten yet?”

“No,” I answered.

“Well good. I was hoping you would not mind taking a break with me. I figured I could bring the reports and we could grab something at the restaurant across the street.”

“That sounds great. I’m absolutely starving!” I insisted.

* * *

Brandon pulled the door open for me and I proceeded into the building. We sat at the bar and ordered some food.

“So I am going to take a wild guess and say this report is about the Keenan building?” I inquired.

“You guessed right. I was hoping you would be able to give me some tips to make it a little more reader friendly. I know Mr. Alexanderson is very busy and I would rather not waste his time. I figured you might now more about what he wants to read.”

“Well, you have come to the right place, my friend.” We sat there for a while discussion his reports. It was amazing how comfortable I was with him even though just hours ago, I could not stand being close to him. Brandon made me feel comfortable. My thoughts wanted to wonder. I had dreamed for so long what his touch might feel like: his hand sliding down my back and his arms wrapping around me. All I wanted was to feel his lips touch mine.

We sat there at the bar together for what seemed like ages. The two of us exchanged flirty glances and quick-witted comments. For the first time in a long while, I felt comfortable in my skin. I was not worried in the least how my hair looked or if my make-up was all right. I enjoyed his company for a little while longer. I leaned over to get a better look at his masculine face. My breasts leaned closer together and I saw Brandon’s eyes stray from mine. I smiled shyly.

With this sudden excitement, I could not help but look down on him myself. Trying not to stare I glanced at his lap. Ever so slightly, I could make out a bulging in his pants. I could feel a strong throbbing between my legs as it started to move a little north. My body needed him so badly. Months had passed since I had last touched a man let alone slept with one. I felt like a tiger, ready to bounce at the next sign of movement. Alas, he spoiled my plans.

“Wow, it has already been an hour. We should be heading back,” he commented. “Yeah, I’m sure I have a machine full of missed calls just waiting to be listened to.” It was hard to hide my disappointment, yet I somehow managed. Later on as I sat mindlessly at my desk I made a good argument for why it was good we parted ways. It was too soon. He was a colleague. I should keep my personal and business lives separate. I sighed. That night, I met up with Brandon again as I headed for my car.

“Sorry about the abrupt ending to lunch,” I knew how uneasy the situation made both of us feel. “But there is something I just can not hide any longer.” My eyes looked up to his. “April, ever since the first day you walked into this office I could not help but find you attractive. I am sure you are complimented all the time and I feel stupid for even saying this but…” he trailed off for a moment or two. It seemed like he was collecting his thoughts. We both stopped walking. Suddenly I felt his arms around me and his lips touch mine. My body and mind froze. I hesitated, and a few moments later, he pulled away. “I am so sorry. I should not have done that. Hopefully we can still be friends,” he stuttered.

I stood there in the parking lot for a couple of seconds. I cannot believe he just kissed me. My god, I could just melt. My mouth parted and I knew I must have been smiling from ear to ear. When I thought I was just about in all of my glory I felt a strong hand slide down my spine. I shivered and moaned softly. Both of his hands caressed my body as I stayed still. His grip on my sides became stronger and I could feel him push up against me, grinding his cock into my ass. His lips kissed the back of my neck, sending another moan from my lips. He kissed up to my ear and quietly spoke to me:

“I told you I always get what I want…”

“Gary! My God, Gary, please let me go!” I screamed.

“Not until I get what I want, you little slut. I saw you with Brandon. So you are willing to whore yourself out to everyone in the office, but when they want to collect you reject them. I figured I would teach you a lesson.”

He wrapped his arm around my neck and began to pull tightly. I could feel the air shoving its way from my lungs as I tried desperately to breathe. Stepping backward abruptly, I turned my head to the side. A simple shift knocked him off balance and I swung the arm that was around my neck back behind him.

“Ouch! You little bitch!” he shrieked.

“And I will not settle for your arrogant behavior!” I grabbed his arm tighter and pulled it back even further. He cried and yelled as tears of pain left his eyes. “You touch me again and I will not think twice about breaking this arm!” I pulled out my cell phone (again, I love technology). Soon he became a captive to office security.

* * *

Pulling into my driveway, I escaped from my vehicle and crashed into my front door. I sat there for a moment crying. How could I have been so stupid? I should have known it was not Brandon. It was so strange to think about how if those hands and those lips belonged to Brandon I would have been fine. Somehow, I managed to get into my house, pull off my clothes and just curl up in my bed and pass out.

* * *

Bright light hit my eyes before my alarm rang the next morning. The entire experience had seemed as if it was only a dream. If only that was so. Gary had been forceful with me, and I enjoyed it; however, I could not stop thinking about Brandon. His kiss was amazing. I felt my lips longing to touch his again, my arms longing to wrap around his waist. I let my hand run over my breasts and down my stomach. I could feel the wetness between my thighs long before my fingers ever graced it.

My right hand slid down my leg and back up as I slowly made circles around my nipples with my left. My fingers maneuvered their way between my slit and found the hidden location of my clit. Slowly I started to rub. Soft moans escaped from my lips as I started to make quicker circles. I let my head back against the pillow as my eyes rolled back a little with pure pleasure. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!

“No! Five more minutes!” I screamed at the shrieking alarm clock. I dragged myself out of bed, again unsatisfied. That was a dangerous move on my part. I wanted Brandon. I wanted to feel his body against mine, and I wanted to taste him. This was going to be the day. If only he knew, what he had gotten himself into last night. I took a faster shower this morning. My entire body tingled as the excitement started to build. I stepped out of the shower and headed to my bedroom, still dripping wet.

I filtered through my closet until stumbling upon my charcoal colored skirt. It fit me snuggly and hugged my curves until reaching my knees where it flared out a bit with a famine ruffle. I found my white, three-quarter length sleeved shirt. I placed the outfit on my bed and headed over to find the perfect undergarments. I opened the top drawer to my dresser and found my white lace bra and a black laced thong. I knew what would turn him on. I took out my garter and attached it around my waist. I took black stockings out of the next drawer and walked over to the bed. I carefully slipped them over my foot, up my slender calf and midway up my thigh. I did the same with the other. After securing them to the garter, I walked back into the bathroom.

I wanted to look a little different today. I twirled my hair into big soft curls and put a little green eye shadow at the corners of my eyes. The look was very subtle but I knew Brandon would notice. I scurried back to my room and put on my outfit. I found a little bit of a higher heel in my closet and tussled with my hair. I grabbed my suitcase from where I had thrown it down the night before. Locking the door behind me, I walked confidently over to my car.

* * *

I pulled into my usual parking space and got out. I locked the door with my remote keyless entry and headed for the elevator. Brandon was already there waiting for the doors to open. As I walked up to him, he looked back and put his head down.

“Good morning,” I said to him. He waited a few moments before responding.

“Hey, April,” he began. “I have to apologize for what happened last night…” he trailed off as the doors opened. “I hope we can look past it and still keep everything professional in the office. I let some emotions get the best of me, and I promise I will not let it happen again.” We both headed inside and watched the doors fold together.

“Brandon…” I whispered. He turned to look me in the eyes. In that moment, I took it upon myself to press myself up against him. I leaded in to whisper in his ear, “You had me so excited last night. I could not keep my thoughts off you. I am sorry I did not kiss you back. You had me a little startled. I always imagined this happening with you, but I was finding it hard to believe that it could come true.” I gently nibbled on his ear lobe. I could feel his cock start to harden against my stomach. That was just the push I needed to send me over the edge.

I took my head away from his ear and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes. “You have no idea how long I have waited to do this…” I took his face into my hands and brought my lips to his mouth. I kissed him softly for a few moments. God, his lips tasted so good. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, his hand moving up and down my spine. I shivered in his arms and parted his lips with my tongue. His lips pressed firmly against mine as he massaged my tongue with his own. This simple act felt so good I could only imagine what bedding him would be like. He broke away from me.

“God, April, you are so sexy. I saw you walking up in your skirt and I hoped I would reach the elevator before you. I knew I could not hide myself once seeing you. I thought about you constantly since you started this internship. Every moment I cannot help but undress you with my eyes.” I pulled away from him as we approached our floor. “Please tell me this is not going to be the last time I have you in my arms.”

“Do not worry, Brandon. I am certainly not done with you yet.” I winked as I headed to the left. God it felt so amazing. I could hardly wait. I had to do something drastic.

* * *

The day seemed to drag on. I had not seen Brandon since the morning encounter in the elevator. I needed him so badly. I left a post-it note on his desk after lunch telling him so. I hope I did not make him too uncomfortable for the second half of the day. I stared at the clock the last hour before it was time to leave. I was able to continue with my work, but it was definitely noticeable that my thoughts were elsewhere. Finally, five minutes to six, I packed up my desk and headed to the other side of the office.

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