tagNonHumanMy Wolves Ch. 02

My Wolves Ch. 02


"Hey you..." I mumbled slyly as I stepped into David's house. As soon as the door shut he pressed me against the door as his hands wandered around my waist and thighs.

"Now, let's get started..." David mumbled slyly, before I could reply, he kissed me hard and passionately, just the way I love it. As our kiss deepened, David lifted my knees above his waist and held my body in his arms with put lips still locked in a tight embrace. After pressing my body hard against the door he carried me into the master bedroom, after laying me down on the surface of the silk blanket. Positioning himself between my open legs and took off his shirt. I couldn't hold myself any longer. I undid my belt and pulled my pants down, David helped me kick my skinny jeans off my feet.

"Give me all you've got." I whispered. David smiled and kissed my thigh lightly.

"Alrighty then." David said, referring to my favorite movie character Ace Ventura, making me giggle. He took off his pants and slid this underwear off, revealing a massive, erected 10 inch pack of pure cock.

My heart raced at a million miles as the now fully naked David slid his lips down my thigh and towards my now socking wet panties. He smiled and slid my panties off with his teeth. While he did this I rushed to remove my shirt. David smiled and after quickly sliding on a condom (that turned out to be in the back pocket of his pants, oh goodie!).

"I'll take care of that bra." he mumbled as he slid his warm body up and slid his hands under my body and flick my bra off like he had done a million times. He cupped my breast and swiped the bra off. David laid on top of me, I could just barely feel the light touch of his cock on the edge of my pussy. Making me moan in frustration, making me beg for his touch, the way he loved it. As he kissed me David grabbed my shoulders and shoved himself deep inside me. He did it hard and fast, making us both scream and moan in pleasure. The room was filled with screams, moans and the sound of a creaky bed shaking during and earthquake. His body heat made me feel like I had set myself on fire.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too." I replied. I grabbed his head and kissed his lips, his lips wandered down and started kissing my neck, sending tingles throughout my body, triggering an orgasm as I squished my juices over the sheets and the lower part of our bodies, I screamed as I reached the climax and twitching in pleasure, sending vibrations through to David, my screams and moans triggered his orgasm, he groaned as I rolled over, taking him with me, I sat on top of me, with his stick still lodged inside me. I shook my head making my black hair fly becoming a wave of soft curls as David smiled.

"So sexy...." he whispered. I relaxed on top of him and he held me in his arms pressing our bodies tightly together.

Then suddenly there was a noise, the noise that has struck terror into my heart ever since the day I lost my family and home. It was a loud howl. A howl that could be recognized by anyone who knew the existence of ...Werewolves.....I paused, something isn't right... My danger senses tingled.

"David... What's outside?" I asked nervously. "Is that a- a..."

"It can't be. Here I'll go and see..." David mumbled as he got off the bed putting on his pants. When he disappeared out of the room I got up and quickly got dressed in my jeans and t-shirt, then slowly followed David down the hallway.

David seems so cool, as if we heard the howl of a Chihuahua instead of the menacing howl of a werewolf. Then David walked out into the kitchen and after turning on the outside lights he slid open his glass screen door and walked outside and into the night. I had to duck and hide behind the couch to avoid being spotted. I looked over the couch and spied on David as he walked over to a man who stood in the middle of the back yard, the guy seemed to be 26 or older, he was dressed casually in a blue t-shirt and tanned shorts.

"Seth what the fuck are you doing?" David asked in an irritated voice.

"I was checking to see if you're home." Seth replied.

"Well you found out." David mumbled. "dude, go now."

"Why? Is there something you're hiding?" Seth asked slyly.

"Look I have a girl over." David explained.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh so that's why you've been skipping meetings, you have another commitment!"

"Yeah, it's called life." David replied.

"Who is she? Do I know her?" Seth asked.

"Of course you don't, you've given your soul to the shadows therefor you are never given a social life." David said with a sly smile, Seth smiled too and reviled white shinning perfect teeth, I didn't smile, it must be an inside joke.

"Very funny." Seth replied. "Who is she? Just give me a name."

"Alexandra Vera." David answered.

"Ahh miss Vera. Nice catch."

"And a fine young woman she is." David mumbled, that time is smiled, it's nice thinking that David thinks of me in such a formal way.

"Is she 'one of them'?" Seth asked.

"No she is perfectly human, we have nothing to worry about." David replied. How dare Seth wonder if I was one of those vile werewolves!!

"Well in that case, where is she?" Seth asked.

"In the bedroom, waiting for me." David answered. "And that's why I need to hurry back to her." David then started to walk back into the house. But paused when Seth started talking.

"Well I'd hurry and get the girl out, you wouldn't want her there when James comes." Seth said. David turned around.

"What?! He can't come here!!" David replied.

"He is on his way." Seth said before turning his back to the house and David.

"I'd get Alex out of here." Seth paused dramatically. "and fast."

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