tagRomanceMy Woman From Kyoto

My Woman From Kyoto


Author's note : apologies to Deep Purple: And yes I know the song is "My Woman from Tokyo"


I work for an extremely large company that is based in Kyoto, Japan. The office I work out of, however, is in Seattle. On Friday, January 6th, 2006, I succeeded in bringing in a contract that would net the company $100 million. When I arrived at work on Monday morning I was immediately called into my supervisors office.

When I went into his office all of the bosses of this branch of the company were there.

Jack Thompson VP of the branch said, "Steve, I need you to go home and pack for a three week trip, the head office wants you to go there. Your flight leaves at two this afternoon. A car will pick you up and take you to the airport where you get to fly on the company jet."

I was a little bit surprised at this point, because I knew that only the really important people in the company ever got on board the company jet.

Jack continued,

"Now I don't know exactly what they have planned for you, but I do know that Mr. Shinwaki wants to meet with you personally."

My jaw must have dropped to the floor at that point. Akiro Shinwaki, was the CEO and founder of Shinwaki Electronics. He was about forty-five years old and had only one child, a daughter, 22 year Kamiko, she was one year younger than me.

Kamiko and I had never met in person but had talked professionally once during a teleconference. Plus we had e-mailed each other several times, once she closed her e-mail with a naughty wink.

Mr. Thompson added, "take mostly suits, but bring one tuxedo with you."

I went home and packed as quickly as I could. I was ready to go around 11:30, so I had a quick bite of lunch. At noon somebody knocked on my door. I opened it up and the limo driver was outside.

"Are you ready sir,?" he asked.

"I am, I have three bags."

The driver grabbed two of them, I followed behind him, closing and locking the door behind me.

From Kirkland the thirty mile drive took about fifty minutes. The limo pulled up to the plane and after stowing my luggage I was escorted onto the plane. The pilot came on the intercom and told me to take my seat and fasten my belt. I did so and fifteen minutes later we were airborne.

The flight took many hours of which I slept several of them. It was about ten am Kyoto time on Wednesday.

I was met by Kamiko Shinwaki, herself. She smiled at me and said,

"Steve-san we meet at last."

She got into the back seat of the car with me, and said that during my stay her father had told her that she was to see to all of my comforts. We arrived at the hotel and she checked me in at the front desk and then escorted me up to my room. It was a stunning suite. One big king size bed in the middle. A jacuzzi and a en suite kitchenette.

Kamiko said, "My father wants to see you this evening. Why don't you get some sleep. After your long flight you must be tired."

I nodded in agreement and quickly stripped down to my boxers. I had just laid down on the bed when Kamiko asked me a question.

"What do you want me to do Steve-san?"

Can you come back and wake me up two hours before we have to go meet your father?"

"Hai," she replied.

I fell asleep rather quickly, then all of a sudden it seemed that I was being shaken awake. I opened my eyes to see the beautiful young Japanese lady leaning over me.

"Steve-san it is time to wake up," Kamiko said.

I had been having some very erotic dreams involving Kamiko so was at my fully erect stage of eight inches.

I noticed that she was wearing a very low cut red gown. I took a glance and guessed that she was a 32B cup. I got out of bed and without even thinking about it pulled my boxers off in front of Kamiko. When I heard her gasp I looked up to see her eyes very large and round and her face very red. A little embarrassed myself I dashed for the bathroom. I cleaned up in there and came out fifteen minutes later wearing a towel.

Kamiko had busied herself by laying out a suit and making the bed while I was in the shower. Kamiko went into the bathroom while I quickly dressed. When we were ready to go she took my arm in hers and led me out the door. I was only an inch or two taller than her at 5'7". There was a limo downstairs waiting for us. Kamiko climbed into the back with me. We were taken to a very posh restaurant. A waiter escorted us to a table in the back. There was a man seated there, as we approached he stood. For a man of Asian descent he was average height.

"Ah, Mr. Vickers," he said with only a slight accent.

"Sir," I responded.

"No need to be so formal."

"Yes, Mr. Shinwaki."

"Please be seated."

Kamiko and I took a seat across from her father.

"Mr. Vickers I would like to give you a reward for the contract that you brought in to the company. I would like to give you my daughter's hand in marriage."

I was shocked because at this time marriage was one of the furthest things from my mind. I looked over at Kamiko and she appeared to be as stunned as me.

"Mr. Shinwaki, it is against my principles to force a woman to do something that she doesn't want to, and it appears that Kamiko may not want this."

"I know what is best for my family."

I didn't want to aggravate my boss so I decided to placate him.

"Mr. Shinwaki, since I am going to be here for a few weeks why don't you let Kamiko and me spend the time getting to know each other better and then maybe we can see where it goes from there."

Mr. Shinwaki thought it over for a few minutes and then said,

"Mr. Vickers you make an excellent proposal. I can see how you landed that contract."

After dinner was done Kamiko grabbed my hand and escorted me back outside to the waiting limo. When we were ensconced inside the vehicle, Kamiko leaned over and kissed me briefly on the lips.

"Steve-san I appreciate what you did tonight, however my father usually is not to be gainsayed."

"As I told your father Kamiko, I will not force you to do anything that you don't want to do. And by the way Steve will do just fine for my name."

"I have always wondered what an America cock would feel like in me. Japanese cocks are usually very small. I know that yours is bigger than any I've previously had. I want to sleep with you tonight."

When we arrived back at my hotel I took her up to the room where I closed and locked the door behind us. I made sure the curtains were closed. Kamiko and I then started to undress. This time when my penis came into view Kamiko took a long look at it and then licked her lips. Her black bush was neatly trimmed and her tits were nice and perky. She came up to and kissed me on the lips. She the slowly sank to her knees and kissed the head of my penis. I almost blew a load right then and there. Kamiko licked and sucked on me for two minutes. I pulled her up to her feet and bade her lay down on the bed.

She did and spread her legs open for me to get my first good look at her pussy. I climbed onto the bed and slowly crawled up to her waist. I positioned my tongue at her labia and took a few swipes. She gasped in pleasure. I continued to lick her for another few minutes, when she said,

"Steve fuck me please."

"Do we need protection?"

"It's your choice."

"I don't want to get you pregnant. At least not until we decide if this is going to go anywhere."

I reached down for my wallet and grabbed a condom when she stopped me.

"No, just fuck me."

I dropped the wallet and condom and then crawled the rest of the way up her body until our lips met. I reached down and put the head of my penis at the opening of her vagina. I pushed a little bit and slowly began to sink into her. Soon my cock was buried all of the way in her, so I pulled back a little bit and thrust back into her. We quickly found a pace that suited both of us and fucked like that for several minutes. I knew that I was close to cumming and I didn't want to upset Kamiko by not letting her know. So I told her.

"Cum inside me, Steve."

"You could get pregnant."

"For some reason father wants us to be together so I will follow his wishes."

I shot several streams of cum deep into her pussy. She yelled out in pleasure as I groaned all the way through my orgasm. We made love twice more that night. The next morning when I woke up Kamiko was snuggled up against me.

I woke her up and asked, "How about a nice good fuck to start off the day properly?"

She kissed me and guided my penis to what would become its new home. This time our fuck session was slow and leisurely and ended with me dumping another load of sperm deep inside her.

"Steve do you love me?"

"Kamiko we've only known each other in person for less than a day. I think that what we have could easily develop into love, but right now it would be hard to say."

She started to cry, so I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in tight to me. I knew at that point that I was hooked. The next night I told her how I felt in front of her father. She kissed me with joy.

Kamiko and I spent the next two weeks together her showing me around Kyoto during our free time when I wasn't at Shinwaki Electronics learning more about the business. She and I went to the US Embassy and applied to get her a spousal visa to come to the US. It was approved on the point that we would be married within six months of her arriving and that we had to stay married at least five years.

One night over dinner Mr. Shinwaki had me sign some papers. I did so without really looking at them. Kamiko and I continued to make love every night, I would always fill her pussy with my sperm. Finally two nights before I was scheduled to depart arrived. I received a note that said I was to dress in my tuxedo and be down in the hotel lobby in two hours time. I took my time cleaning myself and then dressed in the tux.

I went down to the lobby on time and was met by the same limo driver that we had all time. He led me to the car. When he opened the door Kamiko sat in the back seat in what I could only assume was a wedding dress. Her father sat across from her in his own tuxedo.

We went to a temple where they conducted a ceremony in both Japanese and English, uniting Kamiko and myself.

When the ceremony was over, Mr. Shinwaki took me aside and said, "Mr. Vickers welcome to the family. When you get back to the states you will now be Vice President of the Seattle branch."

"Thank you, Mr. Shinwaki, I am honored."

"It is my pleasure, for the man who will give my daughter much happiness, and me the grandchildren that I want. Speaking of that has she told you yet?"

"Told me what?"

"Kamiko thinks she might be pregnant."

I grabbed Kamiko and bent her over backwards at the waist and planted a large kiss on her lips.

"Is it true? Are you really pregnant?"

"I don't know yet, my period is a few days late."

"You know that we are just going to have to keep trying until we are sure."

"I know. It's what I want. I want a large family"

That night when Kamiko and I made love for the first time as husband and wife it just seemed like everything was perfect.

Upon our return to the states, we had another week to get settled in as man and wife before we went to work for the first time. Kamiko followed me up to Jack Thompson's office. His secretary gasped when she saw her walk into the room.

"Mr. Thompson, Mr. Vickers has returned and you have another important visitor waiting to see you," she said.

"Can you have them come back in an hour."

"The other guest in Ms. Shinwaki."

Less than a minute later the door to Jack's office opened and we were both escorted inside.

"Welcome, Ms. Shinwaki. Welcome back, Steve."

"Mr. Thompson," Kamiko began, "There are going to be some major personnel changes at this branch in the next few weeks. First is that you are being transferred to the Los Angeles branch, but you will retain your job and title. Plus your salary is being increased by 30K a year. This will not be official for several weeks. During those weeks with my help you will train Steve in exactly what your job entails. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms. Shinwaki," Jack said.

"So you know, and this is not to be shared outside of this office, my last name is Shinwaki-Vickers."

"Your married to Steve?"

"Yes. Steve and I fell in love while he was over there and we got married shortly before we came back here."

Jack was very informative over the next two weeks and with Kamiko's help I soon had a full understanding of my new job.

When Jack had finished training me I moved into his office and he left for Los Angeles.

Later that week Kamiko indeed found out that she was pregnant. We went down to the King county Courthouse and immediately made our union in the states official.

Kamiko now works at this branch as the assistant manager. It became known very quickly that she was also my wife. Her belly is now getting larger by the week. Soon we will welcome our daughter into the world, hopefully our first of many yet too come. Kamiko has told me that she wants at least six children. So I will do my best to give her what she wants.

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