tagIncest/TabooMy Wonderful Uncle John Ch. 02

My Wonderful Uncle John Ch. 02


All three of us fell asleep in the same bed all tangled up with each other. It took me a few minutes longer to fall asleep. You see, I had never had a cock this big in my ass hole so I was a bit sore but I felt really good. After my ass hole stopped throbbing and calmed down a bit I fell asleep too. I woke up late to find that both my uncle and my sister are out of bed already. I quickly got up, brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen. My sister was bent over the sink, her shorts were around her ankles, she had no panties on, but her tee shirt was still on. My uncle had his boxers on the floor and his tee shirt was still on too. My uncle had his hands around my sister's waist, her ass was sticking out, her ass cheeks were spread and my uncle's fat cock was shoved up her tight little ass hole. She was fingering her pussy too while gyrating her ass to feel our uncle's cock better in her tight little ass hole. Its not every day you get to see two hot looking people fuck like this. My pussy started creaming right away. I had to join in.

You see we are innocent looking girls but we are very dirty. Me and my sister have spent a lot time with each other learning and playing. Watching my sister bent over the sink like this and taking a big fat hard cock up her ass hole and watching my uncle spread his legs wide enough so he can balance himself as he pounded into my sister gave me a very naughty idea. I walked up behind my uncle, took off my boxers, got down on my knees behind him and started cupping his giant shaved balls. He gave a loud moan when he felt his naughty niece's soft hands on his balls massaging him. As I massaged his balls I got turned on even more watching his fat cock sliding in and out of my sister's ass hole. It was so tight and so sexy to watch that. As I was lost in the view of my sister's ass hole getting rimmed from behind, I realized that my uncle's crack and ass hole were fully shaved too.

His puckered ass hole was pink. That hot little piece of ass hole was star-like, tight and pink. I could not resist. I quickly put a finger in my mouth and shoved it in my uncle's ass hole. His ass hole tightened around my finger and he rammed his cock deeper into my sister. I guess he liked having his ass hole played with. I really enjoyed finger fucking my uncle while he fucked my sister. At one point I was shoving my finger up his anus so hard that it was pushing his cock into my sister's ass hole deeper just by the force of that. I was hot but I wanted more. Since last night's ass fucking it was only fair that I return the favor of my uncle eating my ass hole. So I quickly shoved the tip of my tongue on his puckered ass hole.

Talk about a reaction. As if thousands watts of electricity went through my uncle's body, he jerked and started bucking and shoving his cock in my sister's ass hole harder and faster. My uncle started talking really dirty to me and calling me names. He called me "his anal slut" and "his ass licking whore" I don't know what happened to me but I shoved my tongue in my uncle's hole deep and hard. Even my sister figured out what was going on and she told me "God damn bitch lick his fucking ass hole" That was all I needed. I really got into it. I started massaging his balls faster, kneading them and shoving my tongue in and out of his tight little ass hole. He grunted and whimpered and started cumming inside my sister's ass hole. My sister screamed that our uncle's fat cock was spurting thick cum into her anus and that it felt great. I got really into it some more. I fucked his ass hole deeper and harder. I milked his balls to squeeze more juice out of them. After a few minutes of pure fucking I removed my tongue out of my uncle's ass hole and watched as he slid his fat wet cock out of my sister's ass hole. That was my sign to stay down there and suck his cock wet with my sister's anus and his cream. After I cleaned his cock I shoved my tongue in my sister's ass hole to make sure I drink all of my uncle's cum juices out of her.

We were all tired. After we kissed each other we all sat down for breakfast and teased each other and laughed and giggled. My sister started describing how hot it felt to be fucked bent over like that and how it felt to have my hands massaging his balls and touching my sister's pussy. I described what my uncle's ass hole and dangling balls looked like when I walked in the kitchen. I told them how I felt and how out of control I was that made me want to lick his puckered ass hole. All my sister could say was she can't wait for her turn to tongue fuck our uncle's hot little ass hole. All my uncle could say was "promises promises."

After our breakfast we all had some stuff to do. We decided to meet back at the house in a couple hours. I was the first one to come home. Since I was alone, I got naked and started to take a bath. The warm water felt great against my skin and I was soon fingering my hot pussy. I closed my eyes and replayed the images of my horny sister getting fucked in the ass over the sick counter. I was on fire. I shoved a finger in my pussy and a finger in my ass hole and had a mind blowing orgasm. I could not wait for my uncle to come home.

I got out of the bath and was just done drying myself and applying some lotion on my hands I heard uncle John come home and walk up the stairs. I had a big smile on my face when he walked into the bathroom and stood behind me admiring my round bubble butt. Secretly I wanted him to not wait for my sister and just fuck me in the ass right there and then. I pushed my butt back into his crotch and started to rub my butt against his cock making him hard and fat. Then it was time for my royal treatment. After just a couple minutes of teasing his monster cock, uncle John took off his pants and his boxers, threw my towel on the floor spread my legs wide and got down on his knees. After he spread my butt cheeks just like I did to him just this morning, I felt a wet meaty tongue poking at the entrance of my ass hole. I stuck my butt back at him and felt him slide his tongue inside my ass hole, licking and slurping my horny little anus. God I was on fire. I wanted him to keep fucking me like this but I wanted to feel that monster cock of his in my ass hole again. I finally had to beg him to do me.

My sister walked in the bathroom as uncle John was getting ready to spread my ass cheeks and nudge his fat monster cock head slide past my anal ring. Fucking in the ass when you are laying on your back is one thing but taking a cock up the ass while bent over the sink is another. It feels tight and it feels intense. As soon as I felt his cock slide past my anal ring I screamed and moaned and asked my sister to come fuck my pussy. But my sister had other plans. She wanted to taste uncle John's ass hole just I did this morning. She wanted to milk his balls into my anus. So without wasting any more time my sister shoved her tongue in uncle John's pink puckered ass hole and started milking his huge balls. It was a bit uncomfortable for me since the sink in the bathroom is lower than the one in the kitchen. I kept slipping away and his cock kept popping out of my ass. We had to do something.

My uncle suggested that we go into the bedroom. He whacked my ass and told me to get down on all fours doggie style on the bed. My sister followed us and waited until we were fucking again. If I thought that my ass felt tight while I was bent over the sink, this feeling of bent over doggie style, spread eagle and taking a big cock up my ass hole was more than I could handle. He grabbed onto my waist and started to pound into my horny ass hole over and over again. I don't know how many times I gushed juices out of my pussy but my sister was between my legs licking up my pussy cream before going back to tongue fucking his ass hole and massaging his balls. Then I felt my sister's two fingers get shoved up my tight little pussy as I continued to get hard fucked in my tight little ass hole. After feeling his big cock slide in and out and in circle inside my ass hole he shot a load of cum inside my ass hole. He pushed his cock in all the way making sure that not even a drop would drip out of my ass hole. That did the trick and I felt stuffed up to the hilt with big man cock. After he got soft he pulled his cock out and fed it to my sister. My sister very quickly sucked his cock dry and turned her attention to my ass hole. She quickly shoved her tongue inside my just fucked ass hole and started scooping his cum out on her tongue. I died and went to heaven. There is no other feeling like having your ass hole fucked by a big cock and having your sister shove her tongue in it to drink his cum out of your anus.

After a few minutes of silence, all three of us smiled at each other and went to sleep.

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