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My Writing Assignment


My cyber-lover asked me to take on a writing assignment for him. He wanted me to play out my fantasy of a bi-sexual encounter. He said that I could choose the woman of my choice and she would be blindfolded. I was to describe in detail how the encounter would play out. My finished work follows:

I walk into the darkened hotel room and find her laying on the bed blindfolded. She is more beautiful in real life than on the movie screen. I have fantasized about this for years...always said if I ever explored the fantasy of another woman, it would have to be her. I know she has had bi-sexual relations before and I know how sexy she is in the nude. Now I get to be the one to undress her and have my way with her. That sends a shiver down my spine! I can already feel myself getting wet. Her full lips are pouting, her ragged breath just heightens my arousal. I wonder how I got so lucky, someone pulled some strings for me and I will have to properly thank them later. For now, it's all about us, just her & I. I stealthily move to the large bed and gaze down at her perfect body. She is only wearing the hotel bath robe, but her long, slender legs are beautifully tanned and her waist-length hair is sprawled out on the pillow. I can smell the scent of shampoo and fruity soap. IT is driving me wild. I reach out and slowly caress her right calf...her sudden intake of breath makes me smile. Her skin is so soft and smooth, I lean over to run my tongue up the length of her right leg before moving to her left.

I reach up to untie the belt of the robe and let it fall to her sides. She is so gorgeous, she takes my breath away. Her pert tits with their erect nipples seem to beg for my attention and her rock hard abs show just how well she does with her personal trainer. I start kissing her belly button as my hands encircle her slim waist...she is really moaning now. I move up her tense stomach to her ribcage and spend some time just tasting her sweet skin.

Her back is arching and I know she is silently begging for me to take her nipples into my mouth, but first I need to kiss those lips...the lips that haunt most fantasies of both men and women. She is an incredible kisser and allows my tongue to enter her mouth and dance with hers. I spend an eternity at her lips before moving to her neck and shoulders. She smells so damn good and I reach up to cup her firm breasts with both of my hands. Again, she arches her back and I finally take first one and then the other nipple into my wanton mouth. Sucking her hard and grazing my teeth against her hardened nubs.

It's time, I slowly trail my fingers down her stomach to her wet opening. This is new territory for me and I am eager, yet scared to tread on this sacred ground. But she feels so hot and wet and is moaning for me to continue...so I do. I put one finger into her and then 2 and then 3. Slowly I move them in and out of her hot pussy. Loving the feeling of her walls grasping my fingers with each thrust...my thumb finds her hard clit and strokes it gently, putting just enough pressure to it to make her writhe in ecstasy. Women know what women like.

It is now that I can't take it any more, I need to taste her and move to position myself between her lovely legs...she smells like cotton candy and I can't contain my own orgasms as I slide my tongue between her wet slit. Parting her lips so I can plunge a finger and my tongue further into her, inhaling her scent and loving this experience. Many experiences with my tongue and a cock and generally just knowing what I like, makes it as if I really know what I am doing and she tells me that she is going to cum. That turns me on even more and I begin to suck her clit, alternating that with plunging into her pussy and soon she floods my face with her sweet nectar. Oh my gawd, this is amazing.

Being a woman, I know that this could literally go on all night and I become even more aroused at that prospect. Most women don't need any type of recovery time between orgasms, we can just keep having them as long as the pleasure holds out. So, taking my time, I lick her completely clean, trying hard not to cause another flood....yet.

Then I work my way back up her deliciously sexy body. Pausing at each new inch of skin to savor her flavor. She is the epitome of lovliness and my friends would never believe that I had this experience. That's ok though, I know this is not a dream.

Reaching her full breasts again, I suck one into my mouth at a time, making sure I take my time worshipping them as they should be worshipped. Soon, I will move onto those luscious lips and I will take my time learning every crease and curve of her mouth. Each time my lips and tongue attack a new part of her, she sucks in a barely audible breath and that shoots fire into my dripping pussy. I never thought in a million years that I would have an experience with another woman, let alone this one of my deepest fantasies.

As I pull myself reluctantly from the exploration of her mouth, she finally speaks...

"I don't know who you are or where you came from, but it's time for me to taste more of you! Straddle my face bitch!"

And with that, she slapped me on my bare ass, it wasn't light either, it rather stung. But the pain really felt so good and I wasn't about to deny her what she wanted.

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