tagErotic CouplingsMy Young Client Ch. 01

My Young Client Ch. 01


Whenever I walked into my studio I felt a sense of pride. Several years had passed in my career, and due to hard work and some luck I had managed to open a small private personal training gym in a decent location in my city. Having the ability to run things as I liked was great and word had rapidly spread that I was a good person to work with if you wanted real results. Most of my clients were middle aged people or people with various injuries, so the ability to get into trouble with a client was minimized. However, that all changed when Katie contacted me out of the blue one day.

Katie had worked at one of the gyms I went to behind the front desk and was a student at the local university. She was a track runner with a long, sleek body built for speed. Her hair was dark brown and long that she always put up into a ponytail when she worked out and she had deep blue eyes. Her muscle tone was obvious even when I saw her in work clothes but when I used to see her work out and lift weights I could really get a good look at her body. Her legs were tight with calves that stood out and they tapered up into her firm ass. She would often exercise in a crop top that showed off her flat stomach and while her breasts weren't large, they stood up proudly as only 20 year olds' breasts do. Often when she worked out you would suddenly find a group of older men drifting around her to take a good solid look. Now that I was in my late 30's I certainly didn't think I was one of those guys who would just ogle her and fantasize about her young body. She was a total knockout, but of course because she was about 15 years younger than me I never even thought about her once I wasn't seeing her every day.

One day while checking my FaceBook my message icon showed me a message from her:

"Hi there! Don't know if you remember me but I always remembered you helping me with those exercises back when we worked together. Are you taking on new clients? I have been having some foot and knee problems when running and was wondering if you could take a look."

She was a potential new client, which was great news for me. However, I knew that as a student she didn't have a lot of money. I'm never one to turn down an opportunity so I messaged her back:

"Of course I remember my track star! Why don't you come by next week and I can take a look at what's going on. Please wear something comfortable because I'll do an assessment and see if we can get you back on track." My lame attempt at humour didn't deter her because she agreed to come in. I took a quick look through her pictures and it was very hard not to linger over the ones she had taken in the summer and on vacation where she was dressed in a skimpy bikini and you could see her tight young body. As a single older guy who worked with women all of the time I had lots of opportunity to date, but because of starting the new business it was impossible to find the time for anyone or anything outside of work.

A few days passed and finally it was time for our appointment. When she walked into the studio I was finishing up with another client. She was dressed in a cute black dress with her hair down, and it cascaded over her shoulders. She looked like she had just come from a fancy party or a date even though it was the middle of the day. Her eyes smiled when she saw me and I gave her a small hug to say hello. My other client finished up and left and it was just the two of us alone.

"This is an amazing place!" She said, walking around looking at all the equipment. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she looked very different than the young girl who handed people towels at the gym.

"I love it. It really gives me a chance to focus on people one on one without any distractions. You look awfully dressed up for the middle of the day?" I couldn't help but comment on her clothes, especially since the dress hugged her ass in just the right way. Her long legs were covered in stockings and she definitely had makeup on.

"Just came from work." She smiled when she said it.

"I thought you were still in school?"

"I am. I just have a part time job to pay the bills that I sometimes do during the day and on weekends. I'm almost done though and after that, who knows?" That was good to hear, because maybe then the money issue for my services wouldn't be a problem.

I showed her around quickly and told her to get changed into her workout clothes. Moving into the office I started to get everything together for her assessment and couldn't help but be a bit excited over the thought of seeing this hot young woman in workout clothes, which is definitely a fetish of mine.

She walked out of the change room dressed in a tight tank top that covered her flat stomach and long tight yoga pants. I was almost disappointed because I really wanted to see her legs in shorts, but it was easy to work with what she had on. She had put her hair up in her typical ponytail and obviously wasn't wearing a bra because her nipples were slightly hard and stood out against her shirt. Her breasts were small but a good solid B cup and looked round and firm in her top. Her waist was narrow and tapered down into her yoga pants, that showed off her ass quite well. I didn't remember her body being this good, but it was also obvious she took really good care of herself.

We sat down and she told me about what had been going on. As she was training, especially running, she was experiencing pain in her feet and cramping in her calves that would also shoot up into her lower back. I had dealt with things like this before but needed to see what I was dealing with. She hopped up onto my massage table and laid down on her back, stretching her long legs. Grabbing one of her legs, I started going through the motions of checking her ranges in her joints and we chatted about what she had been doing. Her degree was almost done and she was thinking about getting into a Masters' program so she could eventually do research. Her legs were muscular and firm and as I moved her legs around I noticed her top start to ride up a bit and her nipples were still poking out a bit through her top. She shivered a few times.

"Are you cold? I can turn the heat up."

"No, I'm fine." She was intentionally looking away and I could sense she was a bit uncomfortable. I lowered the pressure I was using with my hands and told her to relax. She took a deep breath. "If anything I do makes you feel uncomfortable, just let me know, okay?"

She turned and smiled at me. "Nothing you do to me is going to make me feel uncomfortable." I had a feeling there was more meaning behind that but wasn't sure so I just let it go. I found what I was looking for and told her I was going to try to release some of her tight areas.

"Are you okay if I touch you on your hips?" I asked. I was secretly enjoying the fact that I was going to get to touch her firm ass and taut limbs with my hands, and massage her a bit. I was suddenly aware of my cock stirring in my pants as I had brief flashes of her legs wrapped around me and my head buried in between her thighs. She nodded and I got to work. Asking her to turn over on her stomach on the table brought her firm ass facing me. Through the tight yoga pants I could see that she was either wearing a thong or nothing at all underneath. As I started to massage her lower back I noticed her close her eyes. My hands drifted sideways and a bit lower into her hip where I found some big knots and started to gently knead them. "Does that hurt too much?" I asked.

"Actually it feels great" she said softly. I noticed her gently start to rock her hips from side to side. I realized she was actually starting to grind her hips lightly into the table to stimulate her. It was not the first time a client had obviously gotten a bit horny while I was working on them, but it was definitely the first time the client was so young, in such great shape and that all I could think about was sliding down her pants and mounting her from behind. My cock was now pretty solid in my pants just thinking about it and actually started to poke forward a bit. Hoping that she didn't notice I moved over to the other side, but before I did I saw her glance down at my groin. When I moved up to check out her neck and shoulders and took her arms my cock was aching for her to touch it with her hands. Several times I had to snap myself back into reality just wondering what she would do if I put her hand on my cock.

My assessment soon came to an end, I had done everything that I could at that point, and needed to tell her what I thought. Inviting her off of the table we moved back into the office and I sat across from her. It was hard to stay professional when I thought that my touch might have been turning her on, but I had to stay in the moment if I wanted to get her as a new client. Seeing more of her on a regular basis would definitely help me with my fantasies in the shower.

"Well, from what I can see you have a lot of tightness on one side of your body, which is leading to some joints not moving the way they should." Using my charts and explaining things as carefully as I could I pulled her around the desk close to me. Her blue eyes looked straight into mine and locked. It was hard not to stumble over my words because I got the sense that all she wanted to do was jump on me and smash her mouth into mine. It was something in the way she looked at me. Again, I had to shake it off quickly. I finished up with "...so, I guess we should probably see some progress in about six weeks if we see each other a couple of times a week. My rates are fifty dollars an hour so we can take care of things weekly, or monthly if you would prefer."

She blinked and broke my gaze suddenly.

"I don't have a lot of money right now. I'm still trying to pay for school and my job doesn't take care of everything." I expected that because I dealt with students previously. While I wanted to help her out, I certainly wasn't going to let her get away with free training. I also didn't want her to think that just because she was young and hot that she could get away with something for nothing.

"Tell you what -- come back later on this week for your first session and we will work it out somehow. I'm sure we can figure out a way to make it work for both of us." She smiled and reached forward to give me a hug.

"You're the best! I'm so happy I talked to you!" I wasn't sure how this was all going to work out but I was willing to give up an hour of my time to help her and at the very least she would fuel a lot of my masturbation over the next few days. That very afternoon when I was in the shower I couldn't help but stroke myself to a strong orgasm just thinking about her tight little body naked in front of me. I had clients who were attractive in the past, but not that young. I almost felt like a pervert thinking about it, but she was a grown woman, just one quite a bit younger than me.

The next time she came in was the middle of the day, but again she came in dressed in a tight minidress with her hair and makeup done. I certainly wasn't complaining when I saw her but I thought it was a little bit strange that she dressed like that for work. I started to get the studio ready and waited for her to come out for the workout, hoping that she was wearing the same outfit or something similar than she did last time. I was happy to see when she came out that she had decided on something a bit more comfortable.

Her hair was up in a ponytail but was longer and cascaded over one shoulder. She wore only a tight white tank top and her flat stomach wasn't quite covered so I could see her pierced belly button and the tattoo she had on her lower back. She had on the tiniest shorts I could possibly imagine without them being underwear that were black, tight and easily outlined every curve on her firm bottom and I could even see the hint of camel toe between her legs. There was no underwear evident at all, and I was definitely looking for it. Once I ripped my gaze away from her body she smiled and we started to get warmed up. I was completely distracted by the fact that I was alone with a hot 20 year old wearing next to nothing and I was going to get her sweating.

We worked on some simple exercises and stretches and she started to break a light sweat. Due to the intimate nature of my coaching I had to frequently touch her and get very close during certain movements. As she worked I stole constant looks at her nipples which were clearly visible through her bra, and kept my eyes firmly on her tight ass moving with my face about two feet away. My urges were a lot stronger now but I had prepared by strapping my cock to my leg with some tight underwear. As we worked, we made small talk and I noticed that when I asked about her job, she avoided the subject and changed topics quickly. All I could get out of her was that she worked strange hours but she wouldn't go into any details. My alarm bells went off but it didn't really matter what she did.

We were working hard, and when she started to sweat her nipples stood out even more through her top. During some of the more challenging movements I had to spot her from around the waist and keep myself very close to her. Watching her abs ripple with movement and seeing the muscles in her legs flex was right out of my fantasies. When she got towards the end of a hard movement she would start to grunt and moan with the effort. More than once she had to grab my arm to steady her. Her body held up pretty well, but about 45 minutes into the workout she said that her back and calf were starting to feel the fatigue so I told her we would wrap it up then.

"I think your leg is going to be okay, but we need to be careful and make sure you're doing the right amount of work on it. Every time we meet you're definitely going to improve, but it needs to be consistent."

"I know. I feel really good right now too. I'm really happy with what we did today. Can you write it all down for me so I can do it on my own?"

"Sure, no problem. But, it will be way better for you if we meet regularly so I can make sure you're doing things right. The last thing you need is a setback at the start."

"Okay. Let's figure something out then." She said with a small frown. I could tell she was a bit conflicted about committing probably because of the money involved.

"Why don't you go get changed, and then we can talk about our financial arrangements." I think she had hoped that I had forgotten about that side of things, but I didn't want her to think she could get away with not paying for anything. She frowned.

"Okay...let me get changed and showered -- do you have time to wait?" I did, especially since I didn't want her to get away without us dealing with that side of things. I nodded and told her I'd just hang around until she was ready. Part of me was hoping she would come out in that tight dress she walked in wearing, even though my cock was still hard from seeing her in workout clothes and touching her for the better part of an hour. I was actually wondering if I had time to masturbate before my next client showed up because all I could think about was going into the shower with her and fucking her hot young body. She went into the women's change room and I heard the shower start running.

I was tidying everything up when I heard the shower turn off. Suddenly I heard a loud thump and Katie cried out loudly from inside the room. I ran to the door of the room and knocked loudly.

"Katie? Are you okay?"

"Yes...ow...my leg cramped up and I fell! Can you help me?" She said, in obvious distress. Without thinking about it I slowly opened the door and peered inside to make sure she was decent before I walked in.

She was sitting on a bench with a towel wrapped around her leaning back and grabbing her leg around the calf area. Her body was still wet with the water and I saw beads of it running down her legs and neck. Her hair was soaking wet and down around her shoulders. She was grimacing in pain. I suddenly thought that it was a good thing that she had the towel on; otherwise this could have been really awkward. She gestured towards her leg and said, "It really hurts. I was just getting out of the shower and felt something give out. I had to sit down suddenly and I don't know what's wrong"

Without thinking about it I knelt down on one knee in front of her and grabbed her leg to massage her calf. As she lifted her leg she exposed more of her long limbs and suddenly there in front of me was her bare pussy under the towel. She was almost completely shaved except for a small patch just above her slit and her lips were full and puffy. There was a delicious smell coming from her but I couldn't tell if it was because she just got out of the shower or it was because she was horny. Leaning back she had her eyes closed with a grimace on her face and probably couldn't tell that I was openly staring at her naked under the towel, but she had to know what position she was in so I couldn't help but think maybe it was on purpose. My cock stirred to life again and rapidly filled with blood to press against my leg. I had to say something though.

"Um...Katie...this is a bit awkward but..." she opened her eyes and smiled at me with that look she had given me the first time I met with her. It was deep and completely seductive and she looked deep into my eyes.

"Enjoying what you see?" My hand stopped moving on her leg as I realized that this had all been a ruse to get me into the room with her. "Would it be better if I did this?" She said, reaching for the top of the towel and before I knew it she had opened it up and was lying naked in front of me.

Her skin was slightly dark from head to toe with not a tan line in sight. Her hair cascaded down over her breasts which sported two very dark nipples that were hard and sticking out at me. Her breasts were slowly moving up and down as she breathed. Her flat stomach I had already seen, but the lines in her stomach pointed in towards her shaved mound and her legs spread slightly to show me her deep folds. Her long legs just completed the package. Kneeling in front of her, I suddenly realized that an incredibly hot naked young girl -- who was also a client - was lying in front of me and dropped her leg, standing up quickly.

"Katie...what are you doing?"

"Come on. You don't think I could tell that you liked how I looked in my gym clothes?" She said with a grin. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her tight, lean body sitting naked in front of me. She moved her hand between her thighs and started to gently rub herself. " You've been trying hard to touch me for our whole session. Now I'm lying here naked in front of you and you're asking what I'm doing?" Her tone was assertive and confident, quite a switch from the girl she had been up until now. She laid it on the line with her next words.

"What I want is for you to come down here and lick my pussy. Your hands touching me made me really fucking horny" She spread her legs wider and moaned, still moving her hand slowly over her mound. Now my cock was rock hard but I was still so stunned by what had suddenly happened I didn't move. I also had many thoughts flying through my head, not the least of which was did I lock the gym door? She reached up and rubbed one of her firm breasts and moaned while lightly pinching her hard nipple. Her fingers slid up and down her slit and I could see just a hint of wetness start to flow out of her. My eyes were locked onto her fingers and she spread her legs a bit wider. One finger gently slid into her hot pussy and she slowly moved it back and forth while moaning. Her hips arched up slightly while she gently started to finger fuck herself in front of me. One of my hands drifted to my hard shaft and she smiled when she saw me start to run myself through my pants.

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