My Young Client Ch. 01


I guess I stood there for too long. She frowned and moved her hand from her pussy. "I can see I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands." Moving her naked body off of the bench she dropped to her knees in front of me and quickly grabbed the sides of my pants, sliding them down. My shorts enveloped my obviously hard cock. By now it was pressed against my thigh and begging to be set free. Moaning, she rubbed her hand and cheek against me.

"Ooh baby, this looks like it will be delicious. Why don't you just stay there and enjoy this hot young slut taking care of you. You can take it as payment for our workout" Her tone was assertive and direct. She grabbed the band of my underwear and slowly peeled them down, causing my cock to jump directly out in front of her and stick almost straight up. I couldn't remember a time I had been this hard. Quickly taking me in her hand she looked straight up into my eyes and enveloped my cock with her mouth. Her warm, wet mouth slid straight down and almost took me in completely right away. I could feel her tongue go to work and move around my member while her lips created just the right amount of suction. She was obviously somehow an expert at sucking cocks. Her eyes continued to be locked with mine while she sucked me. Gently she reached around to grab my ass cheeks and started to move her mouth faster up and down my shaft. I finally gave in and had to moan, sliding my hands into her hair. She started to moan and grabbed my cock in her hand, pumping it just lightly enough to keep me at the peak of pleasure while she looked into my eyes again.

"Do you like my hot young mouth wrapped around this big dick? I'm going to keep sucking this hot cock and I want you to shoot your hot load all over me baby. Okay?" It was a question I couldn't even answer but I nodded in agreement. "Mmm..." she moaned, sliding her mouth down my shaft again. It was like she was enjoying every second eating a delicious ice cream cone the way that her tongue would slide around my shaft and then she would suck gently on the sensitive tip. One hand moved off of my butt cheeks and began to fondle my balls gently. My hands were still on her head, but she started to move her mouth faster. Her mouth created just the right amount of friction like a warm glove was wrapped around my cock. She knew just where the most sensitive parts were and while her tongue worked on one part, her lips and hands worked on the others. She maintained a steady rhythm, gently licking and sucking while massaging me. As soon as she felt my body start to tighten she would take her mouth off and just gently lick me, sliding her hand gently on my shaft while my body settled down, then she would slide her mouth back onto my shaft and suck on me again, taking me back to just before I would peak. It was incredible.

"Mmm...mmm...mmm" her mouth quietly moaned. I started to moan her name as well, especially since after what felt like a very short time the load that had been building in me started to move to the surface. She started to move faster, feeling my balls start to tighten up in her hand. I'd had incredible blowjobs before but this one made all of them combined feel like amateurs had been taking care of me. My legs started to shake with the building force of what I was going to unleash. I grabbed her long hair in my hands and started to cry out with the intensity of my cock in this incredible young girls' mouth and the feeling of her moist lips sliding up and down as if I was fucking the hottest pussy I'd ever had.

Slowly the hand that was still gripping my butt cheeks slid in between them and I felt her finger gently start to massage my asshole. At the same time she took her mouth off my cock with an audible pop and looked up at me while pumping my cock with her hand.

"Come on baby, let me have it. Give me your hot load! Oooh, yeah! All over me baby!" I was absolutely speechless at this point and just let the pleasure completely take me over. My cock started to pulse and suddenly my come was shooting out rope after road of sticky seed all over her face and hair. She closed her eyes, leaned back and cried out with obvious pleasure while I came, taking several shots of sperm not only on her face, but leaning back made a couple of shots land on her neck and her firm breasts. My legs almost gave out with the impact of it and I got very light headed. It was the best blowjob I had ever had and it was like I had just stepped into a porn movie and had a chance to get sucked off by the female star.

I was still speechless but she gently cleaned off my cock with her tongue and slid my underwear back over my shaft, giving it a light pat as she tucked it away. She also slid her finger into the seed I had splattered all over her chest and face and slid it into her mouth. Standing up she turned away and grabbed the towel lying on the bench, wiping some of my juices off of her. Her tight ass winked at me as she moved and her firm breasts stood out proudly.

"Katie...I don't know what..." She smiled.

"I thought that you might want to get paid another way for our session today." She grabbed her black panties that were lying on the bench and slowly slid them up her long legs. "I was hoping to get fucked really hard by that hot cock of yours but I guess that will have to do until next time." My mind was reeling with what had just happened. Not only was this young girl offering herself to me in exchange for my services, she was also a horny little nymph. Grabbing her bra and quickly putting it on she gave me a knowing smile. She slowly crossed the room and looked up into my eyes, kissing me gently on the lips while hugging me.

"I know you're confused. The reason I didn't want to tell you about my job is because..." and suddenly the reality of what had just happened came into clear view. It had all been planned.

"... I'm an escort. It's a great way to pay for school while I'm a student." The obviously shocked look on my face made her smile. "I was hoping that maybe we could figure out something in trade for your time?" Her hand moved down to caress me again through my shorts and my cock stirred, even after the orgasm I just had. " I'm happy to work things out with you while you work out with me." She winked. All I could do was nod.

" I'm going to get dressed, but I can't wait for our next session." She kissed me lightly again and turned away, reaching for her dress. I snapped back into reality and realized that another client was going to walk through the door in about ten minutes so finding me with a client in the women's shower room probably wasn't a great idea. I couldn't even speak so I just opened the door and walked back into the gym, my mind reeling with all of the possibilities. Could I do this? Was she going to give me her services in exchange for mine every time we got together? Was this one of the most ethically wrong things I had ever thought about doing? It was a hard decision but the hard member that was in my pants told me that it was going to be a great opportunity to find out all of the answers. Just the thought of being able to fuck her hot young body made me decide to see her again.

After a few minutes she walked out in simple jeans and heels looking absolutely incredible, especially since I now knew how skilled she was with her mouth and body. This young demure 20 year old had walked into my gym and turned it upside down, but I was really looking forward to our next time together.

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