tagErotic CouplingsMy Young Client Ch. 02

My Young Client Ch. 02


There was a bit more bounce to my step this morning and some of my clients noticed and commented on it. It had been a week since Katie and I had our encounter in my change room and I learned that she was an escort on the side when not in school. I had never had a client who was part of that particular profession, and especially since she was young and incredibly fit the last couple of days had been tough for me. From how we had left things after her session she was offering me her services in exchange for mine. To me, this meant that I was either going to get to have sex with her tight little body at some point or she was just going to pay me in oral favours every time. Either way I was excited to see her and find out just what she had in mind when she had said "we'll work something out." last time after giving me an incredible blow job in the change room.

In my head it was very hard to imagine staying professional with her knowing what I knew, but I also knew that she contacted me first for help, and that was what I was hired to provide, no matter what the terms of payment were. I finished up with my last client before Katie was due to arrive and was sitting eating my lunch when she walked in. She was dressed a lot less formally than she had been the last couple of times. I realized after our last appointment that due to her job as a escort she had probably come straight from a client the last couple of times she had seen me. It made me happy to think that this time she likely hadn't had a customer yet today. She was dressed in loose grey track pants that still accentuated her firm ass and a jacket, which she took off to reveal a simple sweatshirt underneath.

"Good afternoon." I said, giving her a smile.

"Hi. Should I start getting warmed up?" She was a bit cool with her words and moved straight to the treadmill I had. Obviously she didn't want to waste any time. I pushed the thoughts of what had happened last time back into my head and decided to just treat her like any other person, forgetting what had happened during our last session.

"So, tell me about what you have been up to exercise wise. How has your leg been?"

"Good since the last time I saw you. Whatever you did it must have helped, because I haven't had a problem."

"Great. We're going to do more of the same today and bump things up a bit as well." She smiled at me and I could tell she relaxed a bit knowing that I wasn't going to be awkward about anything. Remaining professional right now was really hard but I had a job to do. As she warmed up she stripped off her sweat shirt to reveal a black top with her breasts prominently displayed. I couldn't take my eyes off of her chest just remembering what her firm breasts looked like after she had let me shoot my load all over them.

After we moved into our first sequence of exercises we had a bit of a break and I couldn't help myself.

"Listen, you and I both know what happened last time. I'd rather just get it out in the open and not have it be the elephant in the room even after what we did. I want you to know I'm going to stay professional and take really good care of you, and whatever happens happens. Is that fair? I don't want things to be strange between us."

She visibly relaxed. "Sure, that sounds great."

"Okay. Tell you what. We'll have a good workout and then you can decide how to want to handle things. I'm actually kind of surprised that money was an issue, I thought escorts made really good money." I was genuinely curious.

"Between school and saving for grad school it is tough. Plus, it's not like I do it all the time. I deal with a few regular clients and that's it. They know how to keep their mouths shut and so do I, just so you know."

There was a serious line being potentially crossed here for me. I was still almost 20 years her senior and could be liable for anything that happened during our time together. Secretly in the back of my head as a single and very horny man I was really hoping that she wanted to pay for her training with sex. I realized that her rate per hour was probably far higher than I charged, but for the chance to fuck her tight body that I saw last time we were together I was willing to give up a few hours of my time. All I could do was hope that she was looking for the same arrangement without bringing it up.

"Whew! That was a good one!" she said after finishing her next set. Reaching down she quickly skimmed down her grey sweat pants, revealing the same tight black shorts she wore last time. Her skin glowed under the lights and it was again obvious that she wasn't wearing anything underneath them. They gripped her firm ass cheeks like paint and the outline of her shaven pussy was clearly visible. My cock got hard in my pants and I had to shift myself to make everything comfortable, but we kept going.

When we finished our next circuit again she stripped off her sweatshirt, revealing another skimpy piece of clothing underneath. This time she wore nothing on top but a simple sport bikini top like you saw women in the Olympics wear. It was small and barely kept in her B cup breasts as she flexed and moved her arms and back. Now I realized that she enjoyed being a bit of a tease. Instead of backing away though, I made sure that at every opportunity I had I brushed myself up against her, spotted her from behind or touched her lightly on her hips, ass and just around her breasts, never crossing the line of what might be inappropriate if someone was watching us. Of course, if someone was watching us they would have seen a barely dressed young coed wearing barely anything and sweating, while a visibly hard trainer tried his best not to rip what was left of her clothes off and fuck her right there on the gym bench.

She managed to do a bit more than she did last time and I congratulated her on that. Reminding her of what happened last time when she cramped up in the shower as things wound down I offered to stretch her out. I also thought it would be a great chance to see how this session was going to end. I purposely had cancelled my session after this one purely to see if we might end up the same way we did last time. I had to let her take the lead because it was her "compensation" that she was offering me.

I told her we were finished up and I was going to stretch her out a bit before she left. "Do you want me on the table?" she asked with a grin. I smiled back at her and nodded. She walked over to the table and suddenly with a seductive look she sat on the edge of the table and crossed her long legs.

"I have an idea of how I want to pay you for this session." She said. "I think you'll enjoy it." I had my own ideas but wanted to see where this was going. "The first rule is that you're only allowed to touch me when I tell you that you can. I control everything and if you step over any line then this whole arrangement is over. Understand?"

I nodded with my hand gently caressing my now rock hard cock. I figured there was no point in hiding anything that I wanted and she was a professional, after all.

She sat back on the table and lifted one leg up, exposing the crotch of her shorts. One hand went to her breast and started to gently massage it through her top while the other slid between her thighs and started to rub there. Her nipples got hard almost immediately and she reached one hand inside to rub them while I watched.

"Do you want to see me naked again?" She purred. Without waiting for an answer she hooked one thumb into the strap of her top and slowly pulled down one side to expose her firm breast and dark nipple, which was hard and stood out proudly. She licked her finger and started to gently circle her breast. Her legs spread wider and her hand between her thighs started to rub up and down. After about a minute of that torture she stood up. "Come over here and take my shorts off. They are all wet."

With my hard cock leading the way I walked the few feet to her and looked into her eyes. I leaned in, looking into her eyes as if to kiss her. I wanted to taste her lips and show her that I wanted her not just as an object of lust, but that I wanted every part of her. She turned her head away.

"No kissing". She was very firm with her voice so I knew she meant business. She smiled at me with that seductive look and quickly grabbed my shoulders, pushing me down on my knees in front of her. "...on the mouth". Her flat stomach and pierced belly was right in front of me and I leaned forward and took my first taste of her skin by kissing her flat stomach. It was a bit salty from the sweat she had worked up and I used my tongue to trace across her midsection and up and down the sides that I knew would be sensitive. Her pierced belly button was sensitive to my tongue so I took it in my mouth and sucked on the little nub. She was definitely responding to what I was doing. She took one of my hands and lifted it onto her bare breast. Her small firm nipple was like a little rock in my hand and I cupped her breast gently, then started to rub around the nipple and underside. She shivered and moaned softly.

"I want you to lick my pussy." She said. I nodded quickly in agreement because I could wait to taste her young juices on my tongue and all over my face.

Her hand moved to her waistband and she started to peel down her tight shorts. Inch by inch the small unshaved area at the top of her pussy appeared and then she was fully exposed. I moved my hands and took her shorts completely off, allowing her to step out of them and then grabbed her firm ass in my hands, still kneeling in front of her. Kissing her stomach gently again I allowed my mouth to travel lower until my tongue reached out and slid down her pussy lips. She moaned and leaned back against the table behind her, spreading her legs to allow me better access to her hot little pussy. Now that I had my chance I wasn't about to let my first taste of 20-year-old pussy go to waste. I slowly moved my tongue up and down her slit, taking my time and giving her pussy the same attention she had given my cock previously. Her clit stood up proudly, just begging for me to attack it.

I wanted to try to give her pleasure so I purposely avoided touching her sensitive clit with my tongue and slowly tortured her slit, sliding my tongue up and down and dipping it inside her hot hole until she finally grabbed my head and pushed it hard into her pussy, grinding her wetness against my face. It was covered with her smell because she was so wet, and not only from my tongue. She was obviously very turned on and getting completely out of character from when we had started. I wanted her to lose control and go crazy with me.

"Yeah baby, fuck my pussy with your tongue!" she cried out. "You're such a good little boy! Get your tongue inside me and fuck me with it! Make me scream!" I found her sensitive clit and started to gently suck on it and roll my tongue across and underneath.

"Oooh...yeah! Keep going baby, don't stop! Suck my pussy!" As I felt her body start to tense I moved faster and faster, flicking her clit with my tongue harder and harder. She let out a loud moan and started to buck her hips into my face and clenched my hair tightly in her hand. "oooooooohhhhhhh....I'm going to come all over your face!" she cried. Just as she said that I took a finger and slid it into her pussy. It was warm, very wet and tight just like I expected. Reaching up I started to stroke her inside while working hard against her clit. By now she had let go of my head and was clenching the table behind her while I ravaged her wet pussy with my mouth and tongue. Finally I felt her pussy tighten around my finger, she cried out and I felt a wet gush as her pussy released in a powerful orgasm. Her juice ran out of her pussy and onto my tongue, and I lapped it up, tracing my tongue down her thighs. She was panting hard and slowly her hips stopped. I looked up into her closed eyes to take in an amazing sight. This hot young thing who had sex for a living had just let me tongue her into an intense orgasm right in the middle of my private studio, and was now standing in front of me mostly naked and dripping wet.

I stood up and backed away a bit while she opened her eyes. All that I really wanted to do was step in and kiss her hard because I was so horny I could barely think. I had to respect her wishes though even though she was starting to completely consume me. Helping her work out was the last thing on my mind right now.

"Holy crap..." she moaned. "I haven't had anyone ever eat my pussy like that. That was amazing." I had a sudden flash of reality when I realized what she did to make money. I wasn't really sure what to do next although my cock was telling me that it needed release as soon as possible. She looked at me.

"When is your next client?"

"Not for another half hour. I wasn't sure what was going to happen so I left my schedule open." I smiled as I said it. She grabbed the sides of her top and slowly slid it off over her head, leaving her completely naked in front of me.

"Good. I still need to make payment for today." The funny thing was, I thought she already had. It only made me happier that she wanted to do more with me.

"You don't need to do that." I said. I didn't want to take advantage of the situation even though this whole situation was completely surreal. She gave me a sly grin.

"Really? You have this body standing naked in front of you offering to let you do whatever you want and nothing comes to mind? I charge a lot of money for the chance to get time with me like this. Do you want me to tell you what to do like last time?" Her tone was almost mocking, but I could tell she enjoyed it. She was obviously used to taking control of situations with men. Suddenly she turned around and leaned forward over the table, spreading her legs. Her wet pussy spread wide, she looked back over her shoulder at me and said "don't you want to fuck my tight pussy?" She put one hand behind her and slid a finger into it. "Mmm...come on, baby...give me that cock that's been dying to see me all day."

I don't think I have ever taken my clothes off quite that fast before. Stripping off my shirt and quickly pulling down my pants and shorts my rock hard cock stood out straight in front of me, pointing the way to what it wanted right now. She moved another hand behind her ass and started to caress herself from behind with both hands. "Come on baby, get that cock inside me. I want it so bad right now."

This was right out of every fantasy I ever had. Her long strong legs tapered up into an ass that was flexing in front of me, while the juice from her wet pussy was almost running down the insides of her thighs. Her shaved pussy winked at me and was begging to be filled up. Without any hesitation I stepped forward, moved my cock into position and rubbed it up and down her wet slit a couple of times to get it lubricated, then slowly pushed it inside of her. Immediately I felt her pussy walls clench onto my cock as I buried myself in her slowly and carefully. My hands grabbed her hips. She took me in entirely with one long, drawn out stroke so that my balls touched her thigh. As I finished my stroke I felt her walls pulsing around me. Slowly I slid my cock out and then pushed it back in hard and deep.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried. She closed her eyes and stretched her hands out, grabbing a firm hold onto the table in front of her. I stopped moving just for a second to relish in the feeling of this hot young thing giving her body freely to me. "Do it again!"

Again I pulled myself back out slowly and quickly reversed and rammed myself back into her hard enough for the table to creak and move slightly. She grunted as I repeated my thrusts over and over again. She turned her head to look me in the eyes and smiled seductively at me while arching her back slightly to show off the curve in her lower back. I realized that she was a pro at this and wanted to make it last as long as possible. Getting into a slow, steady rhythm I found just enough speed to keep my cock moving inside her without taken me over the edge. I pulled my cock out of her and spun her around, pulling her small body into mine. Without thinking about it I pulled her in and mashed my lips down onto hers while also grabbing two handfuls of her firm breasts and hard nipples. She immediately stiffened and pushed me away hard.

"I said no kissing!" she yelled with an angry look on her beautiful face. I was shocked not only by what I had done without thinking but also that I just went ahead and did it without thinking. There was an awkward pause. I was standing in front of her, we were both fully naked and my cock was glistening with her juices and the whole situation had just taken me over. I had to show her that I wanted to show her affection, not just take her like all of her other customers.

I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around her, bringing her in for a hug. Her body was trembling slightly. My arms around her and with my rock hard cock poking into her thigh I started to gently caress the back of her neck and stroke her hair. After a minute, her arms lifted and wrapped themselves around my back. I lowered my head into her hair and took in a long, deep breath, smelling her scent and continuing to stroke her neck, gently sliding my hand down her back and using my nails across the top of her firm ass. I felt her relax in my arms and start to gently move against me so I knew she had calmed down.

My mouth moved slowly lower down the side of her head and I felt her tense again, but then I moved down further and started to gently kiss her neck and followed the line of her shoulder down until my lips were sucking on her firm nipple. Using my tongue I traced a circle around it and then took it deeply into my mouth, sucking hard while my hand moved around to slide into her wet pussy again. She was still dripping wet and started to moan softly as she rocked on my finger and I gently sucked one breast and then the other. My cock was trapped in between us.

I felt her wrap her hands around my shoulders and all of a sudden she had lifted herself up, wrapped her legs around me and gently lowered herself onto my cock while I stood. I wobbled a bit with the unexpected weight on me but her lithe form was just enough that she impaled herself deeply onto me while also keeping her legs wrapped tightly around me to support her weight. Now it was my turn to groan with pleasure at having my cock buried deep inside her tight young pussy again. I wrapped my arms around her hips and started to pound into her hard while standing up. Her small form was just light enough for me to fuck her hard in this position.

I stepped back with her in my arms and gently laid her back on the massage table behind her, keeping my cock buried inside her the entire time. Without missing a beat and because the table was at just the right height she wrapped her legs around me and I started to fuck her steadily while leaning forward and grabbing a handful of her breasts and pinching her nipples lightly. By now the only sounds in the room were her grunts and the table lightly creaking as I thrust inside of her. She kept squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles, quickly bringing me to the edge of sanity just like she had before.

My challenge was that I wanted to please this hot young vixen so much. Having already licked her hot little pussy to orgasm I moved my hand to the top of her pussy and started to massage her clit while I stroked my cock in and out of her. She moaned louder, and I could tell that my work was doing the job I wanted it to. Continuing to slide my cock out slowly and then quickly slamming it back into her while rubbing her clit I felt her start to tighten her pussy around me. She started to squeal.

"Oooh...ooohhhh....oh....you're doing it right baby....right there....rub my pussy and make me come!" I moved my hand faster and my cock slower, knowing that she was getting close. "Yes....yes! Oh god, I'm so ready..." I slowed my pace even more and saw her body start to spasm. She moved her hands to her breasts and pinched both of her nipples. "ooooooohhhhhhhh.....fuck!" Suddenly she bucked once, arched her back and I felt her pussy tighten hard around me as an orgasm came crashing over her body. Sweat was dripping off of me onto her flat stomach and she continued to moan.

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