tagErotic CouplingsMy Young Client Ch. 04

My Young Client Ch. 04


Another two weeks had passed since that wonderful night that Katie and I made love for the first time. Since then we had enjoyed many wonderful nights together, both at her place and mine and a couple of more times in my gym as well. I wasn't working with her as a client anymore since it really wouldn't have been appropriate, but working out with her instead of having to coach her was even better. Every time once we were done we would look at each other with hungry eyes and end up making love either in the shower, in the change rooms on the benches or even in the middle of the gym floor if we couldn't make it that far. She never seemed to get enough of me, and I certainly felt like I had lost ten years off of my life being with such a gorgeous young woman.

The only thing I was having issues with was her profession. The feelings I had when she told me she had a "date" during the evenings or during the day just made me not only jealous, but also concerned that something was going to happen to her. I knew that she always used protection when she was with a regular client. When I asked her why she let me fuck her the first time without protection she said that she just knew that I was special and that even the first time she really wanted to kiss me (something she also saved only for me) but didn't want to break her rules yet.

Every time I tried to ask her more about her clients she completely turned me off. She explained that just like my profession, her people were entitled to privacy. That was what most of them were paying for. She didn't even have sex with most of them according to her, most of them were happy for a beautiful young girl on their arm and she could easily get them off with her hand or her mouth if they wanted to. After her and I started seeing each other she wouldn't go on any more fantasy dates where the guys had any fetishes or strange requests. She also promised that she would never see me immediately after a date. This unfortunately meant that some nights I would be at home alone and knew that she was out with a client. I did my best to put it out of my head and just enjoy her when we were together.

Most times we were together and not naked we talked about everything. Even though it had been very soon that we found each other we were already talking about things like after she finished graduate school, where we wanted to settle down and how old she wanted to be when starting a family. I hadn't told my family anything about her other than that there was a new woman in my life. We shared our fantasies and the ways we liked to be touched and held. It was heaven just to have her held in my arms, and we would make out for what felt like hours, because it was one way to know that she was giving me something that nobody else ever got from her.

One thing she had never mentioned was any of her friends. I assumed that being over 15 years my junior she had friends who wanted to go out, party and drink, which wasn't what I was into at all. Since she was more mature than most and so focused on school she didn't have time to go out and socialize. So the afternoon that she walked into the gym with another girl really surprised me. What also surprised me was what the other girl looked like.

While Katie was fairly petite, with long legs, a tight ass and firm but slightly small breasts, her friend walked in with breasts that were popping out of the tight tank top she was wearing. Her hair was long and blonde and flowed well past her shoulders and her eyes were dark brown. Her ass was also larger and stood out proudly, filling her pants up and leaving nothing to the imagination. As big as she was up top, she was just as big on the bottom. Her ass was spectacular but large and round, and a complete contrast to Katie's firm, muscular butt.

The male client I was with also stopped as the two of them walked in together. Both of them were wearing almost matching clothing, which were the gym colours of the university that Katie went to. The difference was that they were both wearing tight black shorts that looked like they were painted on and matching colourful sports bras. Katie's friend had breasts that filled her top completely and threatened to pop out if she moved the wrong way. We didn't have a lot of time left so I manoeuvred my client to where he could see them while we stretched and we both openly ogled these two young women while they hopped on the cardio equipment. It was a sight to see them bouncing away and chatting while they must have known that our eyes were falling out of our heads.

"You're going to have a fun afternoon." My client joked as he got up and headed to change and leave. Walking over to the treadmill I smiled and greeted them.

"Hi ladies." I said with a smile. "I don't think we've met" looking at Katie's friend. She smiled. It was hard to look her in the eyes with her large breasts pointing out straight at me.

"I'm Kelly." She said with a smile.

"I know Kelly from school." Katie said. "She was in a few classes of mine and sometimes we work out together. I thought it might be fun today if we added another person. You can show her some of the same things you did for me." I caught the tail end of a sly smile crossing over her face. It made my cock start to get hard just thinking about the possibilities. Could Kelly be one of Katie's coworkers and they were just making it up?

Kelly spoke up "Because of these babies" she pointed at her chest "I have chronic back problems. I'm actually on the list for reduction surgery but since I'm young they don't care." It gave me a chance to stare straight at her gorgeous mounds with a professional air about me.

"Well, let me show you some things that might help you. Katie, do you want to keep doing cardio and I'll help your friend out?" She nodded and I had Kelly step off the machine and join me on the floor. Her voluptuous body was such a contrast to the one I was used to seeing, but it was still quite erotic. Her blonde hair was also a big attraction to me.

"Do you need me to take my clothes off?" She said with an innocent look on her face. I lost my power of speech for a second and quickly recovered and nodded. Reaching down she slowly stripped off her tank top, revealing her breasts barely encased in a large sports bra top. Her belly button was pierced as well and she had a Playboy bunny tanned into her hip on the front, which made me realize that she was probably tanned all over. She turned around, sticking her large ass out at me and slowly pulled down her long pants, revealing a pair of booty shorts that were cut just enough to show off each individual ass cheek. There was a slight bit of fat on each one but they were both round and solid and shook as she stood up. I could see Katie's face looking over at me and she grinned, knowing that I was being tortured right now. I also wondered if this was just a ruse in order to give me a bit of a fun time.

I started to show her some basic back exercises, taking care to touch her only professionally while we were doing some movements. Even so, it was hard not to occasionally brush up against her breasts and ass while I spotted her. When she was lying forward on a bench to do an extension her ass was right in my face and it was all I could do not to just bury my face in it. When she lay on her back and pushed her hips up towards me to work her glutes her full puffy pussy lips were clearly visible through her shorts.

After about 30 minutes Katie announced that she was done and said she was going to shower before they went out. I relaxed a bit because if anything was going to happen then it would have happened when we were all alone together in one room so obviously her friend was just here for some help, no matter what she was wearing. Katie exited the room and I heard the locker room door close.

It just so happened at that point Kelly was on all fours beside me on a mat. Her large breasts hung down and her back was arched to let her ass stick out as she lifted her arms and legs to work on her lower back. She had a small bead of sweat collecting in the curve of her lower back and was breathing hard while she moved. When she finished she turned over on her side and looked at me.

"So, I hear you and Katie have been fucking a lot." I was surprised to hear the words come out of her mouth, but if they were friends then they probably shared quite a bit.

"I wouldn't call it fucking, but yes. She's a really special girl and I care about her a lot." I told her. It was the truth.

"Katie's kind of like my little sister, so I just want you to know I'm keeping an eye on you. If anyone ever hurts her they are going to have to answer to me. But you seem like a pretty good guy and I'm glad she's with somebody older. Not like the losers that we go to school with."

"Well, you don't have to worry. If I have my way I'm not letting her go any time soon."

"Plus she says you have a big cock." Now I was really surprised.

"Excuse me?" I didn't want to let on that I was totally turned on by her, but it was hard not to be. The shower was running in the other room so I hoped Katie wasn't coming out anytime soon.

"She says you have a big cock. And not only that, you know how to use it. Can I see it? I know you're hard right now." She turned to kneel and started to shift towards me with a hungry look in her eye. She was definitely direct and knew what she wanted.

"Kelly, she's in the other room." There was no way I was going to do anything without Katie's permission.

Suddenly Kelly rose up and jumped towards me, pushing me over. She weighed a fair amount and before I could do anything her barely clad frame was on top of me and had me pinned on the ground. Her hands grabbed my wrists and the only other thing I felt was her large breasts pushing into my chest and her crotch grinding into mine. My cock was already hard and was pinned between us. I didn't have any leverage and she weighed just enough that to get her off of me I would have had to try really hard. Plus, I wasn't exactly sad that this hot large breasted woman currently had my cock grinding between us and her large tits pressed against me while she was sweating.

She leaned into me and hissed in my ear.

"You're going to do whatever I tell you to do, okay?" I nodded. This was a bit strange but it was really turning me on. "If you try to get away I'll tell Katie you came on to me." Her tongue snuck out and gave my sensitive neck and earlobes a long lick. I shuddered underneath her, because she had to know it turned me on.

She sat up with one of my hands still pinned and grabbed her sports bra. Pulling it up she exposed her large breasts that bounced freely. Her nipples were large and hard and stuck out. "Do you like these, baby?" She said. I nodded again. Lowering one of her breasts to my mouth she pushed her nipple against my lips. "Suck it." She said with authority.

I reached out and took hold of the nipple in my mouth and started to gently suck on it. As I sucked for a few seconds she started to grind her pussy against my hips. "Harder" she said, pushing more of her breast towards me. I sucked her nipple harder and started to lightly bite it was well. She started to moan and grind harder against me. If she hadn't been slightly sitting up I would have had trouble breathing with her full weight on my hips. She sat up slightly and moved the other breast to my mouth, and without being asked I attacked that one too, sucking it hard and gently biting the tip of her nipple. The shower was still running in the other room.

After a couple of minutes she lifted her hips and took her breast out of my mouth. She grabbed a handful of my hair and leaned in again. "If you try to get away I'll just scream." She said. I wasn't planning on going anywhere. Slowly she turned herself around. Her large ass was now jutting just inches from my face and while she sat up on my chest she slowly peeled down her skin tight shorts to reveal her ass crack and pussy. Her lips were already wet and very puffy, and she was completely shaved bare. Her lips were fat and swollen and she was already musky with her scent.

Leaning back she gave my hair another light pull and said "You know what to do. Lick me. Lick me now! Suck on my fat pussy!" She eased herself back into position as I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked her ass crack and pussy. The smell of her sweat combined with the musk emanating from her was a delicious combination. Her full weight was still firmly on my chest, but now that my hands were free I decided that I might as well get into this and grabbed her ass, pulling the cheeks apart to give me better access to her pussy. She bent forward and pulled my pants off, letting my cock finally spring free. I couldn't see it, but suddenly I felt her inhale my cock all the way down, settling it into her throat in one stroke.

I gave in completely and buried my face in her large pussy, rubbing her juices all over my face while playing with her lips with my hand. At the same time she was rapidly deep throating my cock, occasionally coming off of it to lick up and down the sides like an ice cream cone, then taking it down again. She started to moan while sucking on me and the vibrations of her mouth were driving me crazy.

She moved forward, taking her pussy away from my face but still keeping me firmly pinned to the ground. Suddenly I felt her large breasts envelop my hard cock and start to rub up and down my sensitive shaft.

"You like that, baby? Huh? My big tits jerking off your hard cock?" She said loudly. I moaned underneath her and reaching forward slid a finger into her pussy, pumping it slowly back and forth. Quickly her large breasts had me to the point of no return and my hips started to move without control. She could tell that I was ready and moved her breasts even faster around my cock until it started to pulse. My creamy load shot out and down the sides of my shaft, covering her large breasts with my seed. Sitting up, her hand wiped up the rest and I saw her lift her hand to her mouth and lick my sperm off of her.

Without the noise in the room of us moving together I realized that the shower had stopped running. Panic shot through me at thinking about Katie suddenly.

"Kelly! You need to get off me." I said, trying to control my voice but knowing that the last thing I needed was for Katie to walk out and see me underneath her mostly naked friend while my cock was softening and she licked my load off of her hand. She climbed off of me and I quickly pulled my pants up. The look on her face was one of total satisfaction and her breasts were still heaving as she slowly pulled her bra over her breasts and pulled her shorts back up. The only evidence left that anything had even happened was a bit of my load soaking through her bra top, but it could have easily been sweat.

"Mmm...that was fun." She moaned. "I can see why Katie likes you so much." I didn't really know what to say.

"Kelly..." she stepped forward and put her hand up.

"Don't say anything." She really had quite a dominant streak in her and liked to take control. "KATIE!" She suddenly called out. Panic suddenly came into my head as my heart fell into my shoes. Was she going to tell her what had just happened? "Katie! Come out here right now!" She yelled.

I heard the change room door opened and Katie walked out in a towel, her hair still dripping from the shower. She looked at Kelly and suddenly dropped her eyes to the floor.

"Come over here." Kelly commanded her. She was most definitely in charge and I suddenly realized what their relationship was all about after all.

Katie walked across the floor and moved towards Kelly. Looking straight at me with desire in her eyes she closed her eyes and lifted her head. They embraced and kissed deeply, wrapping their arms around each other. Speechless again, I could only stand there while I watched my Katie and Kelly start to tenderly kiss each other. Their hands plunged into each other's hair while their lips and tongues gently moved together. It obviously wasn't the first time they had made out. Kelly was more aggressive, gently biting at Katie's lips and tongue while Katie used her mouth to caress the other woman's lips and neck. They broke the kiss suddenly and looked at each other, ignoring the fact I was standing there.

"Did you do it?" Katie asked. Kelly nodded with a big smile.

"You were right about his dick. It's fantastic." She said, as if I wasn't even standing there. "Clean this off of me." She removed her top completely, exposing the last bit of my come still on her breasts. Immediately Katie stuck her tongue out and started to clean them off slowly, licking circles around the top of each breast and sucking lightly. Kelly took her head in her hands and kissed her deeply again, and their tongues battled as they intertwined together. My cock was rapidly starting to get hard again knowing what was probably going to happen now, and quickly I moved to the door and locked it so that we would not be interrupted. When I turned around Kelly had grabbed Katie's towel and dropped it to the floor, exposing her tight muscular frame and Katie had stripped down Kelly's shorts and taken off her top.

The two of them together stood in the middle of the room kissing. The contrast between Katie's small form and Kelly's large breasts and ass was incredible. It was like having two completely different erotic paintings right in front of me, and I was excited to see what was going to happen next.

Katie broke the kiss and walked over to me, pulling me into her arms for an embrace.

"I thought that you might enjoy some company. Kelly and I have worked together for a while." She said. Obviously Kelly wasn't a school friend after all. I kissed her tenderly and Kelly walked over to the two of us, now completely naked, her large breasts swaying. She leaned into Kelly's neck while we kissed and started to gently lick the side of her neck and her back. Katie lifted up my shirt and I quickly lowered my pants down so that we were all naked in the room, tenderly touching and playing with each other. Katie moved aside to let Kelly walk into my arms, and we also kissed. She was a lot more aggressive and stabbed her tongue into my mouth aggressively while mashing her lips against mine. With her breasts pressing against me I felt Katie's hands move around her torso and start to massage her breasts and get her nipples hard. Kelly grabbed my cock firmly and started to stroke it back into full hardness.

"We're going to have some fun" she purred. "I can't wait to watch you fuck my girl."

"Your girl?" I said. "You're going to have to learn how to share." Katie laughed.

"You just wait", Kelly said with a grin on her face. "She's not the only one getting fucked this afternoon" I took that to mean I was going to have a chance to slide my cock into Kelly as well, and with Katie's blessing. I had never been in a threesome before, and now that I had one staring me in the face I was starting to get very excited about the thought.

"I'll be right back" Kelly said as she walked towards the change room. The lust was completely overtaking me and I quickly took Katie into my arms and started to let my hands roam all over her naked body as my lips ravaged her neck, breasts and mouth. She moaned and when my hand found her pussy it was dripping wet with anticipation. My cock was back at full hardness and I wanted it inside of her.

I turned her around and she knew exactly what I wanted, getting down on the mat on the floor on all fours and presenting her firm ass to me by lowering her head down and spreading her legs wide. Accepting the invitation I got onto my knees and slid my cock into her tight pussy from behind slowly. Once I was inside of her she brought herself up and looked over her shoulder at me while I gently stroked my cock into her, wanting to enjoy the feeling like I did every time I was with her. Her tight walls gripped me like a glove and she had a special way of squeezing her muscles so that every time I slid out it was like she was masturbating me with her pussy.

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