tagSci-Fi & FantasyMyka's Tail Ch. 01

Myka's Tail Ch. 01


Author's Intro: Hello everyone. This is my first submission, and it has been a labor of love to get it done. I am hoping in the future to link up with an editor that doesn't mind helping with long stories, but until then I will give you the best I can do alone. This is a long tale, and I am hoping to add at least 2, but probably 3 or 4 more parts to it before I am finished, so if you are into the short and sweet it may not be for you.

As with other stories on this site, all persons engaged in sexual activity herein are 18 years of age or older. So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the ride:


There are some events that completely change your entire life. I'm not talking about a better job, meeting that special someone and getting married, finding a long lost sibling, or even winning the lottery. I'm talking about a single event that so completely changes who you are in every fundamental way that the path you thought you might take is turned so far on its head that even gravity can't figure out which way to pull. This kind of event happened to me many years ago, when I was nineteen years old. My name is Myka, by the way, and I'm going to tell you my story so far. It's a story full of sex, lust, anger, hurt, more sex, quite a bit of powerful magic, and love. And like many stories that talk about sex and love, this one begins with a blow job...

I slowly drew back my head while maintaining a gentle constant suction on the head and shaft of Alan's cock, deftly swirling my tongue around so that it increased the sensation along the skin. As I reached the tip there was a slight pop as my lips released his glans but I maintained contact with my slithering tongue, and allowed the drool that had built up in my mouth to run down the veins of his shaft. I spent a few more seconds licking around the edge of the smooth head, making sure that I gathered up the dripping pre-cum that had started to flow from his rock hard dick. Then, as slowly as I had begun, I again wrapped my mouth around Alan's manhood and smoothly slid my head all the way down until I had buried his cock in my throat and the tip of my nose brushed against his trimmed pubic hair. Once there I reached up with my left hand and began to gently massage his balls, lightly running my fingers over his warm scrotum, while I started to hum softly, bobbing my head up and down a couple of inches.

"Oh my God!" Alan groaned. "Myka, that is so fucking hot. You are so goddamned good at this."

Alan had begun to shudder a little as I continued to slowly bob up and down on his shaft, the vibrations of my humming causing his sensitive prick to twitch every now and then. His moaning and occasional twitching had also turned me on, and I shifted my knees a little to get more comfortable as I knelt in front of my couch where he was sitting. The red baby-doll nighty with white and green trim I was wearing hung open allowing my solid b-cup breasts to hang free, and I reached down and parted the opening to the white lace crotchless panties I was wearing. I felt the dripping liquid flowing from my pussy, and parted my labia with first one, then followed quickly by two and three fingers. I quivered at the squelching sound as I moved my fingers in and out of my drenched core, and almost had to pause as my thumb found my swollen clit and began to slowly circle the hardened nub.

"Holy shit!" Alan exclaimed. "I am not going to last long if you keep this up. It's been so long since you did this to me.", he grunted.

So here's the thing. Giving blow jobs is not my favorite thing to do. In fact, I would rather do anything else most days, but on the rare occasion the mood strikes me I can suck one off with the best of them. I mean, if you are going to do something then learn to do it right. Alan was right, though, it had been quite a while since I had gone down on him. But the semester was over, and even though we were seeing each other exclusively, we had not reached the meet the family stage of our relationship. My lingerie and the blow job were my early Christmas present to Alan before we both headed home for winter break, and if I got some hot sex out of it too, well then we all win, right? So I continued my slow torture of his cock, and kept fingering myself, coming closer and closer to my own climax. Then I heard the key in the lock, and Alan jerked a bit, almost throwing me off my rhythm. My roommate was apparently coming home early and was just about to get one hell of a show. I might have tried to stop, or hide what we were doing, but I was just too close to cumming, and Alan probably was too, and I realized that I just did not care as the door swung open.

"What the FUCK?!? You told me you were going to break up with her and that we would get to spend a long weekend together before going to your house!"

The silence in the room was broken only by the audible pop as my lips came free of his dick, and then I slowly stood up and looked at both of them, the slow burn of an intense anger sparking to life. Madeline, my roommate, looked pissed as hell and was staring daggers at Alan, who could only look back and forth, with growing terror, between us. I silently turned around and walked over to the arm chair in my living room and put on the red satin half robe I had been wearing when Alan first came over, and I calmly turned around after a minute or so to look at the two of them again. While my back had been turned Alan could do nothing but sputter and feebly try to argue, while Madeline yelled at him talking about how they were supposed to move in together after the semester started, how they were going to meet each other's families, how he said that they would take their relationship to the next level. That caused me to jerk a bit, and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, and I knew that it was going to be a really shitty night.

"Would someone like to explain what is going on to me?" I calmly said, my voice breaking only a little bit, and Madeline immediately quit talking while Alan jumped up and briefly struggled to get his pants on correctly.

"Well? I'm waiting."

Alan turned to me and put his hand on my shoulder and then sighed. "This is not what it seems like Myka."

"Oh really?!? Then please explain to me what "this" is, since my perceptions seem to be really fucked up right now!"

"Things with Madeline just happened, but they never meant anything."

"That's bullshit Alan!" Madeline yelled. "We have plans to meet your family for Christmas damnit!"

"Come on Myka. You know how pillow talk can be when it gets really hot and heavy." Alan explained. "I'm sure I said a lot of things, but you know I could never mean them. You're the only one I'm in lov..."

The sharp crack of the stinging full armed slap rang out in the room and Alan's head rocked back from my angry blow.

"Get the fuck out of my house now. In fact, just stay the fuck out of my life. I don't ever want to see you again you shit faced cheater!"

"Come on Myka. Don't be like..." SLAP.

"I said GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!" I screamed, the tears now flowing freely down my face ruining my carefully prepared makeup.

At that point Alan just turned and walked out the door in a huff, not even looking at Madeline who had the nerve to look surprised.

I turned to her then and quietly spoke. "I guess it's a good thing that you have plans to move in with him, because you have 72 hours to pack up your shit and get out."

"Wait. What are you saying?" Madeline gasped.

"You heard me. You are no longer my roommate, and you have 3 days to pack up and leave."

Madeline stared at me for a few seconds with a crestfallen look on her face then said, "You can't kick me out. I've paid rent for the month and you have to give me notice."

"Actually, I don't. Only my name is on the lease, which means that only I am actually authorized by the apartment manager to permanently live here. He was nice to you by letting you stay without signing, but that puts you in a difficult position. Get out, in 72 hours, or you will be forcibly removed. I will mail you a refund on the rent you paid."

I turned around and walked back towards my bedroom, and Madeline spoke to me one last time in a pleading voice, "You can't do this. How can I even find a new place to live this late in the school year?"

I stopped and looked at her briefly for a moment, the tears still running down my face, and said, "Then you should have thought of that before you began FUCKING your roommate's boyfriend."

I walked into my bedroom then and slammed the door before falling to my knees, sobbing uncontrollably. I probably spent twenty minutes on the floor crying my heart out, trying to sort out where things had gone wrong. What was it I had done, or hadn't done? Should I have sucked it up, no pun intended, and given more blow jobs more often? Did we not have enough sex, or too much if there is such a thing? Was it an emotional thing, was I too needy? Alan and I had been dating for about a year now and this had come completely out of left field. I met him as part of a study group for some gen-end econ class my second semester of college a year ago. He was already in his second year, and at some point during the study group we just hit it off and started going out. We had fun together, watched movies, held hands, and were apparently the picture perfect couple. Alan was in to intermural sports and keeping fit, and I liked the outdoors and lots of physical activities. In a lot of ways we were made for each other, or so I thought.

So after a long bout of crying I managed to drag myself up off the floor and then went around the room blowing out the pine and mint scented candles I had placed for what I had hoped was going to be a magical pre-Christmas evening. With the fire hazard now eliminated I shed my sexy Christmas underwear and crawled between my covers for what I hoped would be a very long winter's nap. I stayed there for nearly three days. I left my room for the occasional snack when my hunger just couldn't be ignored, and I still took a daily shower because even in the depths of despair I am not gross. I made sure that when I did exit my room that I could not hear Madeline at all, because I had no desire to see her. She initially tried knocking on my door on the second day, and sent me several text messages, which I quickly erased, but eventually gave up trying to talk to me, and later I heard what I assume were the sounds of some friends helping her pack her things.

I finally came out of my room on the third day, just two days before Christmas, to make sure the backstabbing bitch was gone. On the table there was a key and a note. I pocketed the key, and tore the note in half before throwing it in the garbage. It probably had a bunch of platitudes, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for it to happen, it just did, It was just a fling, I thought we had something, blah blah blah... I didn't want to hear, see, or even process it. They made their choices and now had to live with them. So now I was out of my room, had made my morning bowl of cereal, and was curled up on the couch under a thick blanket watching some stupid Christmas special, because I had nothing better to do, and did not want anything better to do. It was just then that I heard another key in the lock on the door, and could barely register the surprise when my best friend Kelli walked through the door.

"Ok sweetie, what the fuck is going on?!? You haven't answered my calls or texts, and you pretty much just dropped off the face of the Earth for the last couple of days."

I looked up at her, my eyes still red from so much crying over the last couple of days and said, "Nothing is going on. I just had my phone turned off," in a deadpan voice.

"Bullshit sweetie. I had to drive out to your parent's to get your spare key. What the hell happened?"

I looked up at her again and steeled myself, hoping to keep to my previous answer, but then my lip began to tremble again and before I could stop myself I was weeping again and telling her everything that had occurred over the last few days. Alan, Madeline, the interrupted sex, all of it. Kelli just let me sit there and cry and spill and yell and sob, and all the while did nothing but hold me around my shoulders while I wept into her chest. We'd known each other since grade school, and through the deep connection we had she was able to draw out the hurt and the pain, and to give me the time to work towards catharsis. I still do not know what I did in a former life to deserve someone like her as a friend, but it must have been damned good because she was damn near a sister to me. After what could have been minutes or hours, I can't be sure, Kelli pushed back my long brown hair, dried my eyes with her fingers, and grabbed me a box of tissues and had me blow my nose until it stopped flowing too.

"Ok sweetie, here is what we are going to do.", she said. "You are going to get a shower, and get dressed so that we can go downtown and look at the lights and decorations. We are going to have a fabulous lunch, I'm in the mood for sushi, we are going to buy presents for your family and mine, and then we are going to come back here and have pizza and hot chocolate while we marathon A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th St, and maybe even the Peanuts special. Deal?"

I grabbed one more Kleenex and gave my nose one more good blow, then said with more confidence than I currently felt "Ok. Deal."

So I got up and went to get ready. I showered and shaved my legs and such, trimmed my light downy bush, and gave myself a good scrubbing. After my shower I got out and then went to my room to get dressed. I took a few minutes to look at myself in the mirror, again wondering if there was anything there that was wrong that had caused this turn of events. I had light brown hair that fell straight to just past my shoulders, and framed my face well. My b-cup breasts were perky and stuck out nicely from my body, not the biggest around, but certainly adequate to my 5' 5" height. I was in good shape, with some muscle tone and that smooth layer of softness that most women have just below the skin. I kept my pussy trimmed and neat, and my hips flared out perfectly to curve down to my toned thighs and calves, and my feet with trimmed nails painted in Christmas colors. I was small, but not petite, and I guess I was pretty while not being the gorgeous head cheerleader type, I still wondered what was wrong that had made Alan do what he did. I guess I will never know.

So I got dressed and Kelli and I went out and had a great time shopping, and eating, and just enjoying the holiday atmosphere. Later we talked over pizza and chocolate, just like she said, and laughed and cried and thoroughly devoured all of the classic Christmas movies we could find. It was nice being there with my friend, for the first time in days I felt that I might actually get through this.

After I got out the sheets and blankets for Kelli, since she decided to stay there with me that night, she sat me down once more and talked at me with a touch of concern.

"Ok sweetie, here is what we are going to do and I won't take no for an answer. We are going to drive out to our parent's places tomorrow and we are going to enjoy Christmas. We are going to eat, sing, drink hot chocolate, and dance like we just don't care, and we are going to give gifts and have a shit ton of fun. Then in three days we are going to come back here and we are going shopping one more time to find the sexiest damned costumes for the McAllister's New Year's party."

"I'm not going this year." I stubbornly said. "Alan and Madeline will both probably be there and I do not want to deal with them at all right now."

Kelli just ignored the fire in my eyes and said "You are going and that is final, do you understand me? The best way to get through this is to show the shithead and the bitch that you are out and about, and having fun. That you may be hurt but that you are in control of it, and that you have moved on. That my dear is the best revenge, and who knows, you might get lucky."

I opened my mouth to tell her that I was not ready for another relationship right now, and that I was definitely not going, but, grinning, she interrupted me and said "I don't mean you need to find a new boyfriend, but if the right guy is there you can sure have a bit of New Year's fun with no strings attached. And you are going, because I am not going alone capisce?"

She stood there, hands on hips, looking at me like a momma bear defending her cubs and I really had no choice but to say ok. I had never been able to say no to Kelli anyway.

"Fine, I'll go! But I choose how long we stay and we better have some seriously sexy costumes." I said, grinning.

Kelli let out a musical little laugh and then looked me in the eye, "I'm holding you to it then, but we have to stay for at least two hours, none of this fifteen to thirty minutes shit and now we leave. Now go to bed and get some sleep so we can drive the long drive tomorrow and enjoy the rest of Christmas with our family."

I gave Kelli a warm hug then, and whispered a heartfelt thank you in her ear, and kissed her cheek before walking back to my room and going to sleep. I didn't even have bad dreams that night, and a strange comforting wave seemed to roll over me as I slumbered and I just knew that everything would be alright. What I didn't know yet was that my agreeing with Kelli to go to the New Year party was the first step onto the road that would change me forever. Even so, the Christmas parties with our families was fun, and everyone generally left me alone about the break-up once they knew what had happened, and I was grateful for this. All in all it was a good weekend, and it really lifted my spirits. When we finally got back to campus and my apartment, we were exhausted but merry, and Kelli told me she would be by in a couple of days to go out shopping for the perfect revenge costumes, and I told her I looked forward to it.

The next day, though, I felt restless and the need to get out and run some errands or do something was nearly overpowering, but I wasn't sure what it was I had to do. So, I decided to get my hair cut and do a full on makeover. I sensed that a new me was ready to burst out on the world. I also ran around to a couple of specialty shops and got a few things done that would certainly raise my mother's eyebrows more than a bit, but hey, I was treating myself damnit. I giggled a bit at what Kelli would say, and I was excited to show off this new me that had tapped me on the shoulder and had taken me completely by surprise. I had some nice coffee, bought a new book to read, and generally had a good time finding my new self, and I felt she was ready to spread her wings.

The next morning, as I opened the door, Kelli let out a gasp of surprise.

"Oh my God! You cut your hair!" Kelli exclaimed.

I ran my hands through what was now an above the shoulder bob cut and asked coyly, "Do you like it? I was thinking about dying it purple too, but I figured one step at a time."

"It is so super cute. I don't think I could pull off that style, but you look so great!"

Kelli then moved in and gave me a hug and I hissed a bit in discomfort with the pain that was still in my chest. She backed off a bit and looked at me with concern.

"What's wrong? Is everything ok?"

I blushed a bit and then said, "Everything is fine, I just did a total makeover yesterday is all. A TOTAL makeover."

Kelli arched her eyebrows and gave me a little frown, "What did you do Myka? Is it serious?"

"It's better if I show you rather than tell you," I said then pulled her inside.

I sat Kelli down on the couch and then proceeded to gently take off my shirt. When I dropped my shirt to the ground I noticed her eyes drawn to the reddened nipples on my breasts that now had a pink and silver heart shaped nipple ring piercing the tender flesh, winking in the light with the bright diamonds that were scattered around the jewelry. Kelli gasped and without thinking reached up and lightly brushed my right nipple and its ring, and I shivered with a bit of painful sensitivity, and with a spike of unexpected pleasure.

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