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Mysterious Stranger


I am alone in my apartment as I search for a pair of pants to wear tonight. I am preparing to go out with some friends and am almost ready to hop in the shower. You are out of town on a business trip and I am expecting you home in two days. Until then, I am trying to keep myself occupied with other things. That's what going out tonight is all about, my friends helping to keep my mind off missing you.

As I finally find a pair of tight black slacks, I run into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I drop my robe to the floor and step into the flowing water. The heat of it feels exquisite against my skin and I wish to myself that you were here with me.

I am getting myself soaked when all of a sudden I feel a hand over my mouth and a quiet yet stern voice in my ear. It says, "I am not going to hurt you if you do as I say."

I am truly terrified, as I do not know who this person is or how they got into my apartment. I try to look to either side, but the hand is keeping my head facing forward and this mystery man behind me is not within my peripheral vision. He asks, "Will you behave and do as I tell you to?" I nod my head and he responds, "Good girl." "Will you be quiet if I take my hand away?" Again, I nod. As he removes his hand from my mouth he says, "Do not turn around." I think to scream out, but I do not know what this man will do to me if I do and I am at a disadvantage at the moment. I am shaking as I feel a mask come down over my eyes and then there is nothing except complete darkness and the water running over my body. I am turned around to face towards this unseen man and my wrists are bound in front of me.

"What is it that you want of me?" I ask. I receive no response. I can sense him standing there in front of me, and then I feel two hands as they pinch my nipples hard. I let out a small whimper…a mixture of fear, pain…and a small amount of pleasure. I am shocked at myself for this last feeling because it is unexpected. I am turned around again, to face the showerhead as the water continues to spray forth. My hands are brought up over my head and slung over the showerhead. I can feel the water running down over my face and the mask blocking my view.

I stand there and ask again, "What is it you want from me?" and again receive no verbal response. This time, I am met with hands sliding along my back, then down to my ass where they cup each cheek. One hand is taken away and then is returned as a hard slap. I can hear the sound as flesh strikes flesh and I jump on the contact. This goes on a few times more and I can feel as my ass cheek warms and can imagine the red mark left by this strange hand.

Now the hands are moving around to my front, one to my breasts to pinch the nipples and the other between my legs, finding my sacred spot. Fingers greedily find their way in and I can feel them as they glide over my clit and massage it. This man is arousing me while at the same time I fear him. I do not know what it is that his intentions are, however I fear the worst. He moves his fingers around in circles, moving himself against my backside. I can feel his hardness against my ass and I think of how I wish you were home so that this would not be happening.

He begins to probe his fingers to my insides and I moan slightly as they enter. His thumb rests over my clit, brushing against it slowly as the fingers work deeper inside me. "I am going to fuck this little cunt of yours," comes the stern voice again. "I am going to fuck it until I have my fill of you."

I whimper a little as the words sink in. This man is going to have his way with me and there is nothing I can do about it. He is pinching at my nipples harder now and is driving his fingers in deeper still as he begins to press himself harder into my back. Between fear and horniness from his touching, I don't know what to think.

He licks my back and moves his way down my back, biting into my flesh in spots as if tasting me. I sense him rise again and his hands are off my body. I hear as his pants unzip and then feel his hot cock slide between my thighs. As my excitement builds, I can feel a gush from my pussy as my body takes over. My own body is defying me as it prepares itself for this strange man.

He thrusts forward and back slowly, allowing his cock to slide between my thighs. My juices begin to leak onto him as he slides, improving the friction. He reaches in front of me and strokes my clit as he eases the tip of his cock towards my waiting pussy. It is almost as though my body and my mind are separate from each other. My mind is thinking is NO, while my body is saying YES!

His cock slips in and I moan as it enters fully. His hand is still against my clit and he has resumed pinching my nipples, rolling them between his fingertips. He begins to fuck me as I almost dangle from the showerhead. The water is still beating down on me as he crams his cock into me again and again. He continues to rub my clit hard as he fucks me and I begin to loosen my body a little as I give in to him. Maybe if I just let him take what he wants, he will go away.

He continues to slam into me, slapping against my ass with every thrust. He pinches my clit a little and I can feel as an orgasm begins to kindle within me. He keeps fucking me, moving harder and faster as the water continues to flow over my breasts and down my legs. I can feel my knees go weak as I start to spasm from the orgasm. He fucks harder still, pulling with the hand on my clit to get my pussy on him as much as our bodies will allow. He grunts as he pushes and then unleashes his load inside of me. He is breathing hard against my back as his fingers continue to work my clit.

He pulls away from me and I can hear as he bends to turn off the water. My hands are brought off the showerhead and he leads me out of the shower. He guides me along towards my bedroom making sure that I do not trip up as we move. He seats me in a chair and begins to play with me, working my whole body into a sexual frenzy. I am driven to the point of needing to be pleasured. This is when I hear his voice again as he says, "If you do as I want, I will give you what you desire."

Before I can form any words, he shoves his cock into my mouth and begins fucking it. His cock is sliding deep into my mouth and I can feel it hitting the back of my throat as it slides in. He fucks my mouth hard and fast and soon I can feel it get harder as he comes close to expelling into my mouth. He slows a little, as if to lengthen his pleasuring. His hands are on the back of my head and I can feel as they push me onto his dick.

He continues to fuck my mouth, moving faster again and soon I can feel his hot come as it violates another orifice of my body. It spills down my throat and a bit runs down my chin as he pulls out. "Mmmm, you've got a great mouth," the mysterious voice says. "It's great for sucking cock."

He pulls me up from where I am sitting and bends me over the chair. I can feel as my bound hands are fastened to the chair and he starts to play with my ass. He licks along my crack and then starts to finger fuck me again. I moan loudly as I am so in need of a release. His tongue continues to play with me as his fingers pound deep.

He spreads my wetness around my asshole and I feel the tip of his cock as it presses against it. "Do you want me to fuck your ass?" he says as he presses the tip a little harder.

"Please no," I say through my breath.

"Would you like me to fuck your dirty little cunt instead?" he seethes.

I nod and he sticks me again. He is kneeling on the seat of the chair, between my legs as I am bent over the back. His cock is sliding into me hard and fast and I can feel as I come close to orgasm. He fucks hard and then pulls out, only to slam his cock into my little asshole. I can feel the stings of pain as he rams into my me. Tears begin to form at my eyes, but then an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction begins to come over me. He is ramming into my ass and then I feel something cold, hard and smooth slide into my pussy.

He is pushing something into me while slamming my ass. I am so close to coming and I start to wail. He fucks harder, both with his cock as well as this thing in my pussy. I can feel as both openings are being stretched from the pressure and I start to scream as my orgasm takes me.

He continues to fuck me in the ass until I can feel him erupt. There is wetness dripping down as he pulls his dick and the object out of my holes. He slaps my ass once and drops the object to the floor. I can hear as his footfalls move towards my bedroom door.

I hear as the front door shuts and I am left there, bound to the chair and blindfolded. I am still in a bit of shock as I hear the door open again.

Soon there is a presence in my bedroom again and I am being untied from the chair. I am brought to stand and then the mask is removed. As my eyes adjust, I see you standing before me.

You look me over and kiss me deeply. "I read your diary and saw some of your fantasies," you say, as you continue to look me over. "I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of making parts of them come true." It is then that I realize what has happened and I smile. I look to the floor and see the object you used to penetrate my pussy. There on the floor lies a cooled champagne bottle with the labels neatly removed to show the gleaming and smooth surface. I can see some of my juices on it as it lies there.

I kiss you hard and pull you to the bed to welcome you home in my own way.

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