tagMind ControlMystery Ch. 01

Mystery Ch. 01


~To my love, who gave me back the power to dream, and more. I love you.~

She awoke at the first light of day, opening her eyes slowly, blinking at the painful brightness. She was dimly aware of the pain throbbing in the back of her head. She reached up with her right hand to rub the bridge of her nose, but what was that...? Her arm wouldn't move more then a few inches. It was then that she became aware of the cuffs around her wrists and ankles, and the belt at her waist... and the chains. She was on her back and was starting to be aware of the weight of the chains connecting her confinements to each other. A small chain on either side of the belt were attached to the cuffs around her wrists, allowing her no more then five inches to move. Two long chains ran from the middle front of the belt down across her stomach and mound as they had fallen between her legs. She felt them on her skin again near her ankles, where they led up over her shins to the cuffs around her ankles. There was another, singular chain going up from the middle front of the belt, most likely to be attached to a collar of sorts, but it wasn't attached to anything now, the end of it pooled up between her full, firm breasts. She was covered by a rough, wool blanket which tickled and scratched her skin.

She stirred a little, turning her head cautiously to the left, her eyes scanning the room. At closer examination, she noticed the room was not that well lit, the light which had blinded her at awakening came from a small slit in the curtains, conveniently (or purposefully) arranged so that the beam of sunlight shining through was aimed at her eyes, causing her to see the room in an even darker shadow in her eyes. Her head turned to the right and she squinted at the light. She raised her head slightly then as she thought she saw a figure beyond the stream of sunlight.

"Who... who's there... where am I... Why am I here...?" her voice was shaky, her throat dry and her mind still a blur.

She didn't understand, she couldn't remember, she needed answers. There was no reply, just an icy silence. Slowly but surely, realisation dawned on her of her confinement, that she was tied up and she had no idea by who, that she had no idea of where she was. Her mind and thinking were slowly becoming more focused, though, and the more she focused, the more she panicked. She realised then, in shock, that her clothes had been removed, all save a string and bra. She couldn't move, and was afraid to, so she couldn't see, but she found the lingerie felt somehow... alien. She wanted to scream, fear seeped into her. At the moment she opened her mouth, she heard footsteps. So there WAS someone in the room! She lay as still as she could, listening to the sound like a frightened, cornered rabbit waiting for the predator to pounce.

A dark figure appeared at the left side of the bed. She couldn't make out much, whoever it was, the figure was wearing black robes of some sort, and a hood to cover the face in shadows. She stared up, wide-eyed. Again, her lips parted, but only a muffled scream came out as the figure reached out, apparently anticipating her reaction, and forced a latex gagball into her mouth. Her body stiffened in shock, tears began to brim in her eyes. The figure merely looked her over, then turned and left the room, leaving her behind. After a few minutes of silence, she finally got the courage to raise herself up with obvious difficulties, the blanket and lose chain dropping from her torso. Being out of the stream of sunlight, she let her eyes adjust to the shadows and looked down at herself. She was wearing a black lace quartercup bra and matching string under the belt, the leather of the cuffs and belt black as night, the chains a shiny silver. To her annoyance, mostly, she found herself getting slightly aroused by what she saw, about what had been done to her, and a certain curiosity started to develop. She waited, seated on the bed, her legs over the left side of the bed. She looked about the room while she waited and thought. The room was small and there was not much in it. The bed was the central object in the room, the head end of it to the wall, a simple wooden chair stood at the right corner, opposite the bed. The door was to the left side of the bed and to the left of the door, there was a small table with another wooden chair pushed against it. To the left of the table stood a small cabinet.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she tried to clear her mind, she needed to think straight, she needed to get out, even if curiosity was now nipping at the edges of her mind. She tugged at the chains, examining the way they were attached to the leather confinements, but they were well attached, and tight enough so she could not wring herself out of the cuffs. She sighed in frustration and decided there was nothing she could do for now, she would have to wait until she got an opportunity. She was a practical woman, and knew full well that in a situation where you yourself could not change anything, it would do you no good if you let panic take control. An odd shiver went through her, unexpected. In that moment, she closed her eyes, and saw a flash, a moment in time, a woman and a man. It went too fast for her to see the details, but the man was kneeling before the woman, and she was laughing. It wasn't a laughter of pleasure, it struck her as cruel, very cruel. She opened her eyes with a gasp, her eyes darting around the room. What was that, what did it mean? She did not get much time to think about those questions. She heard footsteps outside the door and looked up.

The door opened and the dark-robed figure of before stepped through it, turned, and closed the door. Then the figure turned to face her, the face still hidden by the shadows of the hood. She looked up at the person standing before her, her eyes questioning. Then, the figure spoke, the voice distinctively male and had an almost kind quality to it.

"Listen carefully, Kiara..." he paused, studying her face, which had gotten a bit pale hearing he knew her name, "I will remove that gag for you, if you will be quiet. No one would hear you if you did, but it makes things a lot easier, for you. If you're good, I might even tell you why you are here..." He took two steps and stood before her, towering over her. She looked up at him, waiting for him to take the gag from her mouth. "Do you promise to be quiet?"

She nodded her agreement, trying to keep herself calm, she needed to keep her focus on reason if she were to get out of the situation. He reached for the small ring attached to the ball, and pulled it slowly from her mouth. She sighed in relief and closed her mouth, happy to have the strain from her jaws. The man walked to the chair near the table, turned it and sat down, facing her. She looked questioningly, but remained quiet, instinctively sensing that talking would only gain her more of the gag, not the answers she needed.

"You don't need to know much at this moment, yet, you're here to learn, and until I think you are ready for the next level of information, you will learn in any way I see fit," he started saying as he studied her from under the hood, " When the time comes, all will be made clear to you, and you will understand it all."

She frowned in response, her eyes shifting left and right. She had more questions that needed answering now, apart from the obvious 'how do I get out of here?'. Why was she brought here, what was she to learn?

The man seemed to notice this from the look on her face, and added; "You're here to learn to obey."

With those words, he stood and turned to the cabinet. When he turned back to her, he was holding a piece of finely worked leather in his hands. He walked up to her and put the collar around her neck. There was a small silvery ring attached to the front of the two-inch broad collar. He crouched before her, his face still raised to watch her as his hand grabbed the singular chain at the belt. In that moment, his fingertips brushed at her stomach, and the touch of it shocked her. She had not realised how wound up her body was, from fear and a certain arousal and she gasped. He didn't appear to notice it, and let the chain slip through his fingers until he was holding the end of it. He straightened himself and attached the chain to the collar. "Stand," he said, his voice suddenly quite harsh, demanding. She blinked once, and was about to object, but reminded herself she needed to get out, and struggling, specially with him in the room, would not do her any good. She stood up from the bed, her body only a few inches from his. He was taller then she was, by about four inches, she guessed. She looked up at him, her eyes questioning, afraid, yet curious about what was to happen now.

"Your first lesson will be knowing you will gain only by my grace. Your nourishments, your bath, your pleasure. Only when you beg for it, and only when I think you begged enough, will you get what you are working for."

Her eyes widened and panic once more began to take control of her, but he didn't give her enough time to let it sink in. He attached a second chain to the collar, a leash of some kind and started for the door. When he felt strain on the chain, he yanked it, hard, not turning around to see the effect it had on her. She nearly fell forward, but managed to remain on her feet and followed him to the door. He opened the door and turned left down a dim corridor. The walls were a grey stone and gave her the impression she was in an old mansion or castle of sorts. Her eyes took in the rare pictures on the walls as they passed, they were paintings, looking very old. In all of them she seemed to notice one figure, as though the paintings were a series, which featured a woman. She had long, dark red hair, a skin as white as snow, and though the outfits and other people varied, she always seemed to have this cruel smile on her face while she tortured the others in the pictures in different ways. One picture featured the woman whipping a man tied to a pole. Another featured a young woman kneeling before her, hands tied behind her back as she was licking the redhead's naked pussy.

Kiara was too occupied and intrigued to notice the man leading her had come to a stop, and she bumped into him. He looked at her, and though she still could not see his face, somehow an uneasy feeling crept up on her, as though he were scolding her. She took a step back, her eyes firmly fixed on him as he opened a door to his left. He led her through it, and what she saw inside send a shiver through her body. A rectangular table was at the center of the room, it had shackles at all four corners. To the left head of the table, there was a sort of rack, with a three foot spreader bar up on top, shackles attached to either side of the bar. On the other side of the table from where she was standing, there was a chair. The armpads had shackles to them, a belt was attached to the back and there was something sitting in the seat, though she could not quite make out what it was from across the room. At the right head of the table stood a chair, made of wood, with a high back. The room was lit by a multitude of candles, and she could not make out a window. He led her around the table, to the padded chair. As they came closer, she was that the thing in the seat was a fake cock, about ten inches long, sitting upright and proud on the chair. She looked at the man as he came to a halt in front of the chair and looked at her. She flustered. Surely, he didn't expect her to sit down on that?

"Slide your string aside and sit on the chair," the voice came from under the hood, as though he had read her thoughts.

"You can't mean... No, I won't, you're insane, let me go!", she cried out, her panic finally getting the better of her. A cold chuckle came from the man as he nodded.

"I do, and you will. I told you, you are here to learn, and learn you shall, by any means I see fit." She looked frantically around the room, tugging at the leash as she started to back away, but he was stronger, much stronger. He kept a firm hold on the leash and began to pull her closer as she struggled to get free.

"No... no please..." she called out as two hands gripped her upper arms.

His hands went down her arms, to her hands until they reached her hips. He took both sides of the string and pulled it down her legs until it rested on her ankles. He straightened and urged her roughly in the direction of the chair. He turned her then to face him. She looked very afraid, panic flashing in her eyes, her body trembling with strain to break away. He tried to push her down on the chair, but she kept her body tensed. She caught a flash of a grin from the shadows under the hood, though not a pleasant one, it was a cold, humorless grin. With his left hand on her right shoulder, his right hand descended down her chest, in between her breasts to her stomach and down until it slipped in between her thighs. Another cry came from her as she tried to press her thighs together as hard as she could, but she was no match for his strong hand. His index and middle finger found their way between her pussylips and started to caress her. His fingers slipped into her pussy, feeling her wetness that, though she resented what was being done to her, had start to become more.

She let out a groan, stirring as she struggled against the pleasure he was beginning to give her and her confinements. His fingers slipped out of her and traced their way to her clit, leaving a trail of moist. His fingers started to circle her clit, slowly and at a steady pace, pressing slightly as he felt it perk up under his fingertips, using the slick juices from her pussy. He placed her clit in between his index and middle finger and pinched it slightly. Her legs collapsed under her, but he quickly caught her right arm in his left hand and keeping her pussylips parted with his right hand, to slide her down on the fake cock on the chair. Inch by inch of it disappeared into her, making her let out soft moans, until she was fully impaled on it.She gasped, looking up at him, trying to get up, but failing. He reached out and untied her left hand, bringing it to the armrest and attaching the shackle, then followed the same procedure on her right arm. He took the belt at the back of the chair and strapped it around her waist. Seeming satisfied, he stood up and looked down at her. He took a small device from a pocket in his robes and turned to the table. He turned the wooden chair to face her, then sat down.

"Are you thirsty, hungry? You must be, you've been here for almost a day now, being awake for the past five hours. You must want something to eat or drink," his voice sounded pleasant again. She shook her head, even if she was very thirsty. He fiddled with the device, and no sooner had he done that, or the cock inside her began to hum softly. She closed her eyes, her head rolling back as the unexpected vibrations sent shivers of pleasure through her body. Her nipples, already hard from her arousal, perked up even more as she shuddered.

"Now that is a lie," , the voice came back, calmly, "and I do want to make one thing clear. You are not to lie to me, I will know, and you will not get what you want through lying."

She shifted in the chair, trying to tug herself free. He turned up the vibrator nestled in her wet pussy and watched her squirm as she lowered herself once more on the fake, vibrating cock, pleasure slowly taking over from fear and resentment. As suddenly as it had started, the vibrator stopped humming. She looked up at him, her eyes showing frustration. He smiled, leaned to the left of the chair and produced a glass and a bottle containing a clear liquid. He poured it into the glass and took a sip.

"Ah... fresh and cool," he said, still smiling, "Are you sure you don't want a sip?"

She looked at him, her eyes moving between the glass of water and him, unsure of what to answer, wanting the liquid, but also wanting the desire that was now burning, nagging at her, stilled. She nodded in response, feeling that if she wouldn't, she would not get either.

"See, that wasn't all that difficult, was it?" , his voice sounded almost cheerful. She shook her head, her head lowered, avoiding his gaze. "Now, how bad do you want it?" She looked up suddenly, frowning.

"Come on, Kiara, it's not all that hard, how badly do you want the water?"

"I..." she stammered, unsure of what to do and say, wanting the cock to start humming again inside her, also wanting the water, "I really want some water, please... "

He shook his head slowly. "Not nearly good enough."

And with that, he turned the vibrator on again, watching her relish the feel of that long, thick cock as it pleasured her pussy, watching her chest rise and fall as her breathing became more irregular. He turned it up a bit further, watching the reaction of her body to the onslaught of pleasure rippling through her. She tried to arch her back, but was stopped by the belt holding her in place. Her head came up again, her eyes wide as she gasped and by the way her body tensed, he knew she was getting close to reaching orgasm. He turned the vibrator off and she moaned in frustration as the sensation of being tortured in such way had turned her mind from fear and wanting nothing so much as release of her pleasure. She squirmed on the chair, grinding herself against the cock, trying to feel it even deeper inside her, trying to push herself over the edge, but her orgasm was just out of reach. She looked at him again, trying to focus her attention on the glass of water.

"P-please, I beg of you... Let me have a sip of water... I'd do anything to have just a sip..." her voice was laced with something more then just the desire for the water, she wanted to cum.

"Are you sure now it is the water you want?" the man said back, his voice sounding amused and slightly husky.

Her face reddened and she shook her head slowly. He stood up and walked over to her, taking the glass of water with him. Her eyes turned up to watch him.

"Then tell me what you want, and I will grant you a sip of water." She blushed more, casting her eyes down to watch his feet.

"I... I want to..." she whispered.

"You want what?" his voice was strict this time, demanding an answer.

"I want to come..." she finally said.

His right hand reached out and, placing his fingers under her chin, he forced her to look up. With his left hand, he placed the glass at her lips and slowly began to tip the glass. She started to drink from the water offered to her. It was indeed cool and clear, and tasted as though it came from a spring. He tipped it faster then she could drink, and water started to spill across her chin, running down in small rivulets down her neck to her chest, across her almost bare breasts. Trailing down her stomach and under the belt and down between her legs. She moaned against the glass as the spilled water trickled down her pussylips. Once he gave her the last drop of water in the glass, he removed it and took a step back, seeming very pleased. Her eyes looked hopefull as his right hand took out the small box again that he had slipped back into his pocket.

"Do you want me to give you release then? Knowing you only gain it through my grace?" She blushed again in shame, her mind battling her lust inside her. She wanted to cum, could feel her body burning, the muscles of her inner walls clamping around that fake cock inside her. She moaned.

On the other hand, this was very humiliating. She didn't even know this man who was not looking at her nearly naked body writhing on that chair. How could she throw away her dignity so easily to the pleasures of orgasm, she could have plenty, but then again... She had never felt this aroused before either. Someone else controlling her in such a way, she found it very exciting. He noticed her doubt and turned the vibrator back on, setting it on a very low speed. She let out a low groan of animal like desire as the teasing began anew. She squirmed in the chair, rotating her hips this way and that. He turned it up. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly, her head rolling back as her body tensed up more, preparing for the explosion of ecstasy she knew would come soon. Again, he turned up the speed, the strong vibrations causing shudders pulsing through her. She felt her juices run across her pussylips and grinded herself even harder against the humming cock. She rode it, much like she would when straddled on a real cock and she felt she was going to cum very soon. Just then, he turned it off, leaving her breathing hard, her body still bobbing back and forth for a moment longer as her mind registered that the humming had stopped. She groaned, her annoyance rising that he would not give her release and glared up at him.

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