tagMind ControlMystery Ch. 02

Mystery Ch. 02


Mystery Ch.02 - The Dream

In the darkness of her mind, she stirred. The mist was clearing and she found herself walking through the dark corridor where the odd pictures of the red haired woman hung. Somehow knowing she was existing in a dream. The chains, cuffs and belt had been removed, though she still wore the collar, and a satiny black dress. The dress was of an ancient design, almost as though from the dark ages, if it had not been for the strange twists in the design of the dress. It had a tight bodice, running up from her midsection to just below her breasts, but her breasts were not covered by fabric as was usually the case, they were bare, exposed. The skirt was long and flowing, but was open at the front, all the way from her feet up to the bodice, and under the dress, she was naked. To finish it off, she wore long, black, velvet gloves.

She would have been worried had she been wearing this outside the safety of her dream, but now, it didn't seem to bother her, being alone and in this dream. She slowed her pace as she reached the end of the corridor and arrived at a wide, stone staircase leading down. Candles were burning on metal candleholders on either side of the stairs, a thick black carpet leading down the stairs. She carefully looked both ways along the corridor... no one was there. Starting down, she kept the skirt up a little so as not to trip and fall, but this caused the opening in it to part slightly, showing her neatly trimmed pussy. She wasn't aware of this, though, not until she reached the end of the staircase and looked up, straight into a piercing pair of blue eyes.

Being surprised by this sudden encounter, Kiara took a step back, forgetting the stairs behind her and stumbled as she tried to keep her balance. Strong hands gripped her upper arms, steadying her. She found herself blushing as she studied his face and the icy realisation of the way she was dressed dawned on her. He smiled, a gentle smile, one of sympathy and understanding. When he was sure she had gained her balance again, he let go of her. The eyes of the man roamed her body and with her arms now free, she reached up to cover her bare breasts with her hands. He took her wrists and gently urged her hands away.

"Come." He finally said, his voice kind and hauntingly familiar, though she could not quite place it. "You have been chosen and invited to watch, we're pleased you're here."

The expression on her face reluctant, her eyes scanning the grand hall to find an exit or a hiding place. Finding neither. So she was forced to be dragged along to the left, to two ornate wooden doors. The man, still holding her by her right wrist, tapped on the door with his free hand and almost instantly, the doors were opened, giving them admittance to the room beyond. As soon as the door opened, her eyes fell on a large, black chair, looking more like an ornate throne then anything, and the woman sitting in it. It was the red haired woman she remembered from the pictures. The doors opened further, giving a full view of the room where several people, in pairs and groups of three or more, were engaged in sex. Feeling the blush rise from her chest to her neck, reaching her face, she averted her eyes, looking at the ground before her for a moment.

Hesitantly, her eyes came back up again, scanning the room, but constantly, her eyes were drawn back to the woman on the large chair. On each side of the chair stood a naked man, both men wearing a black collar to which a chain was attached. The other ends of the chains were fixed to metal rings at each side of the chair. A woman with short, brown hair was kneeling before the redhead, denying Kiara to see beyond the midsection. Long red hair cascaded along the bare, pale shoulders, a cruel grin set on the woman's lips. Full, firm breasts were clad in what appeared black, leather, strapless corset. Though she never had an interest in women, sexually, Kiara silently thought this woman was a stunning sight to look at.

Quite suddenly, she was brought back to attention by a hand on the small of her back, gently urging her onward, into the room. Carefully placing one foot before the other, she moved further into the room, followed by the man. He eyes wandered as they moved along, taking in the activity on either side of the room. They passed a couple on the right. A blonde, muscular man and an equally blonde woman. He was feverishly licking her clit, pulling her pussy lips wide apart, offering a perfect view of her shaved, glistening cunt to all who wished to see. While he was licking her, he had straddled her face, so she could suck him, and, from what she could see, the blonde girl was enthusiastically deep throating the man's hard member. Kiara averted her eyes, but they darted to the left, as if having a mind of their own, or perhaps because she secretly enjoyed watching, however unwilling to admit this.

A dark haired, petite girl was tied, eagle spread, to the wall, her feet spread with a thick, iron spreader bar. There were two more girls to either side of the tied up brunette. A blonde and a redhead. They were taking care of the brunette's small breasts, sucking on her nipples while fingering each other. Kneeling before the girl was a man, bald, but no older then Kiara, she judged. He was pushing a large, black dildo in and out of the shackled girl's tight pussy while lapping her clit with his tongue. The girl was shrieking in pleasure as she seemed to reach her orgasm, her body spasming and jerking against the restraints. The man relentlessly continued pumping the fake prick in and out of the girl’s sopping cunt as the girls taking care of the petite’s breasts also seemed to reach their peak, their hips bucking, pushing themselves against the other’s hand.

Bodies entangled with each other, lay sprawled across the floor. Hips bucking, grinding, swaying, thrusting. Women riding cocks, grinding their slits into the faces of men and women. Men having women suck their cocks, fucking cunts, asses… Kiara could feel her pussy getting wetter, burning with the need to be filled, to cum.

Quite suddenly she was pulled to a halt by a strong hand on her left arm. Looking up, Kiara’s eyes met the young man’s blue eyes and he gave a single nod, as if indicating something, for her to look ahead.

Turning her head slowly, she found herself face to face with the redhead.

“What have we here…?” it came from the red haired woman, her voice laced with a velvety quality, though the commanding tone in it was unmistakable. She ushered the woman who had apparently been licking her exposed pussy, out of the way.

“It is our guest, Mistress, on your request.” the young man spoke, his eyes averted, looking at the boots of the woman he called mistress.

The redhead kept the man in her gaze for a moment longer before turning to Kiara. “Yes… Our little guest.” An evil looking grin appeared on her lips just before the tip of her tongue slipped out to lick her full, red lips slowly. “I have plans for you, little one”

Kiara’s eyes widened with fear and she took a step back, only to be caught by two strong hands encircling her upper arms.

The men who had earlier been standing on either side of the redhead’s throne, were now on either side of Kiara, keeping her an inch or so off the floor by her upper arms. The redhead, standing before Kiara, smirked triumphantly at her. She produced a short, thin whip, one normally would use on a horse, and began tapping the end of it against the palm of her left hand. “The rules, my little pet, are simple. My name is Dennah, but you will from hence forth call me Mistress. Is this understood? “ Dennah’s voice made it clear there was no possibility to argue, but Kiara’s fear was too great to answer. It all seemed to real, as though somewhere, she had crossed the boundaries of dream and reality, as if this were a nightmare come true for her. Her head jerked up at feeling the back end of the whip tap her chin harshly, her eyes meeting Dennah’s.

“Y-yes M-Mistress…” she finally managed to get out.

Dennah then snapped her fingers, the men on either side of Kiara nodded as one and with their free hands pulled Kiara’s skirts aside, revealing her naked, wet cunt. Averting her eyes, Kiara tried to wake herself up, to free herself of the humiliation that felt all too real. “Mmmm, a horny little bitch, aren’t we, my precious?” she could hear Dennah say, the voice reminding her of nothing so much as a snake. She didn’t reply, didn’t want to give in to the humiliation inflicted on her by a dream. A surprisingly sharp flash of pain in her right breast made her cry out and try to get away, but the grip on her upper arms tightened while Dennah viciously twisted Kiara’s right nipple, making the tiny nub of flesh harden at the sensation. “Answer the question, bitch.” Dennah hissed as she leaned her face close to Kiara’s, twisting the nipple further, making Kiara’s eyes water with the painful sting.

“Y-yes Mistress… Aaaah…” she finally managed.

A self-satisfied smile set on her lips as Dennah let go of the nipple, giving Kiara’s exposed pussy a tiny slap with the whip. Kiara gasped, but didn’t flinch. Dennah sat back on her throne, watching Kiara before her. She made a flicking movement with the whip. The two men bent down and spread Kiara’s legs about 3 feet apart.

“Anthony.” Dennah looked at the dark haired man.

“Yes Mistress?” The reply came attentively.

“Get on your knees before her… Sniff her, tell me how she smells.”

Kiara’s eyes shifted carefully to gaze at the man whose name had been hidden up until that point. Blue eyes stared back at her as he slowly lowered himself to his knees, eyes that were seeming to be pleading her for something he was unable to voice in the presence of his mistress. Her lips parted, ready to speak, but Kiara was unable to muster a voice, for Anthony had already leaned forward, his nose ticking her nether lips as he inhaled deeply, relishing the scent of Kiara’s wet pussy.

“Smell like…” He hesitated, again the look in his eyes as he sat back on his knees. ”She smells like a bitch in heat, Mistress…” His eyes remained fixed on Kiara’s, her on his, she couldn’t help it, couldn’t drag her eyes off those haunting blue eyes. Dennah had noticed and with a wicked smile on her lips, she now stood behind Anthony, grabbing his hair and pulled his head back sharply.

“You fancy her, slave?” She hissed down at him.

Swallowing hard, looking up at Dennah’s fired up eyes, he finally managed to whisper. “No… Mistress, I serve but… to please you, Mistress, I would… never even dream of wanting… another woman.”

With a shove of her hand, Dennah released Anthony’s hair and turned to her chair, taking a piece of black cloth to hand. “Tie his hands behind his back.” She ordered, and sure enough, the woman who had been kneeling before Dennah at first, walked up and tied Anthony’s wrists together with leather shackles and an iron chain. Anthony didn’t resist, his eyes carefully trailed up Kiara’s body, until they met her eyes again, for but a moment, then there was darkness.

Dennah had tied the black cloth around Anthony’s head, blindfolding him. “We’re going to play a bit now, my pet.” She whispered, almost threateningly. “You will lick this bitch’s pussy until you feel she is about to cum, or until I tell you to. You will think of me constantly, and me alone. And under no means is she allowed to cum. Is that clear, pet?”

“Very clear, Mistress.” Came the reply.

Dennah sat back on her throne and clapped her hands, once. Anthony leaned in at the sound of the command and with the tip of his tongue, began to explore Kiara’s pussy.

She gasped at the touch of his tongue snaking in between her pussy lips and almost instinctively had the urge to jump back, but she was held tight and there was no way these men would let her go, disobeying their mistress’ command. They each had a foot hooked behind hers, so she couldn’t close her legs. It was as though she were cuffed eagle spread by human shackles. She tried one more desperate attempt to get free, jerking her body as hard as she could, but to no avail. In the struggle, her body had shifted, and Anthony’s tongue had reached beyond her lips to the drenched, pink flesh beneath. She felt his tongue slide all the way back, to where her cunt lips joined, right behind her pussy hole, all the way up to her clit, where he traced the aroused nub with the tip of his tongue, stroking it, rolling it over her clit, pressing his tongue against it as he changed the pressure.

Kiara moaned, her head rolled back on her shoulders. She closed her eyes and took in what he was doing to her. She was aware of eyes watching her, but she was once again in that state of drowsiness, having the knowledge this was a dream, even though it felt incredibly real. The pleasure he gave her with his tongue was indescribable, and perhaps it was that which made her fall back into that drowsy state, but she enjoyed it, craved it, needed it. As if he could hear her thoughts, his tongue moved back, dipping into her tight cunt as Anthony tasted her juices, sucking them off his tongue before going back to lapping her clit. He leaned up further, his lips enclosed her clit and he started sucking on it feverishly while the tip of his tongue still circled her clit. Kiara’s hips bucked at the tongue fuck he was giving her, and she felt that she would soon cum. She knew he too was aware of this, but he didn’t stop as Dennah had told him. Dennah… Kiara’s eyes opened wide, staring straight at Dennah, who had pulled up her right leg and was having her female servant licking her pussy while she watched Anthony lick Kiara.

Kiara’s lips parted, she wanted to warn Anthony, but she couldn’t manage a single coherent word. Her juices were dripping down Anthony’s chin, but he tried to lap up as much of it as he could before he would concentrate on her clit again. He swallowed a mouth full of her nectar down, relishing the taste, then leaned in again, thrusting his tongue as deep as he could into her cunt, trailing the tip of his tongue along her inner walls. Kiara moaned loudly, a sound filled with lust and desire and he knew, she would soon be cuming, hard. His lips once more enclosed her clit and he began to slowly suck on it, building up his pace as his tongue pressed against Kiara’s hard little clit. Tears stung Kiara’s eyes as her orgasm overtook her without warning, leaving her thrashing violently in the grip of the two men. She cried out as pleasure surged through her body, emanating from her pussy.

Quite suddenly, Anthony was being pulled away from her. Dennah had pulled him back by his hair, her face a vision of anger. “Let her go.” She shouted at the men holding Kiara up. They instantly complied, letting the exhausted frame of Kiara drop on her back behind them. She scrambled back a few feet, watching as Dennah gave instructions to her two male slaves to pick up and hold Anthony. He didn’t resist. His blindfold had dropped off during the hassle, and now, his piercing blue eyes were once more on Kiara. The look in them apologetic, but on his lips a small smile, which quickly faltered after the first, harsh lash of the whip Dennah was wielding.

Kiara winced, watching in horror as Anthony’s back was assaulted by the hard lashes which had started to demand blood. Kiara got up, steadying herself as best she could as she reached out. She wanted to yell, tell Dennah to stop, but her voice failed her. She reached for Anthony’s right hand. Their fingertips touched and at that instant, everything faded into darkness.

Kiara opened her eyes, closing them again against the light. She was in the little room again, the room where she’d woken up before and she lay, panting, on the bed, shackled to it by her wrists and ankles.

“What is going on here…?“ She thought.

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