Mystery Fools Me Big Time


I shined the flashlight in her direction and realized that her exposed sopping wet pussy was within about 6 inches of my nose. I let the light linger on her love box for several seconds and she seemed to be holding her bent position suspiciously as if teasing me. After several more seconds, I knew that she was doing this on purpose and that she knew exactly where she was positioned.

So, being the kinda guy I am I reached out and taking her by the hips, I pulled her ass and pussy in to my face. When my tongue touched those savory sweet lips, she let out a moan that carried across the forest like the thunderclap did earlier.

I raised my head up and asked if she wanted me to stop and without hesitation she said, "no, let me feel your tongue in my pussy." I naturally obliged knowing full well that before this night was over, I would be fucking my 'Sexitary'.

I probed her pussy with my tongue using my fingers only to hold her lips apart. She squirmed and wiggled and then began to thrust back on to my face. After a couple minutes, she began tensing up and suddenly let loose a flood of her nectar. She grunted and bit off a scream as my tongue darted in and out, up and down all along her snatch trying to lap up every drop she expended. A couple times, I ran my tongue along her ass deep in the crack brushing by the dark passage. With each time she would squirm a little but would let out a deep guttural moan. After her orgasm had settled down, we resumed our walk back to the office where we went straight back to work.

About another two hours went by when I suddenly heard her let out a string of swear words followed by a swoosh and clinking of her paper clip cup flying across the floor. But, before I could ask her what was happening, she marches in to my office and slams the door. I looked up at her and asked what was wrong. She blurted out, "you are!"

Puzzled I went to respond but she waved me off saying, "come out from behind that desk please." I did as I was asked not knowing what the hell was happening. As I rounded the corner needing just two more steps to reach her, she, without missing a single beat, she disrobed and was standing there stark raving naked.. Her tits were about 36b but were perked up to full attention. Her nipples were almost a chocolate brown and standing fully erect and out about a full inch.

As I stood there admiring just how beautiful she actually was, she maneuvered herself around to where she had her back to my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and after giving her a great big hug, I began to rub her tits while gently tweaking her nipples. She moaned some more and then turning around she ran her hand down to my crotch where she found Mr. Happy standing at full length and girth. She looks up and me and said, "you feel so big, I don't know if I can take it all or not."

I took a step back and she instantly began removing my sweat pants. As she pulled them down, my nine inch cock sprang up at her like a, like a, well like a spring. She jumped a little at the suddenness of it but instinctively she knelt down and began to run her tongue up and down the shaft. Every time her soft tongue would hit that special nerve my cock would bounce and jump.

After a few minutes, she kissed the tip of it and then within a few more seconds she wrapped her lips around it and slowly began to suck my cock. She being new at all this of course, was a little awkward but soon she found her rhythm and comfortable depth. She was quite good for it being her first time.

But, she was also too good because, without a lot of warning I began pumping cum in to her mouth. It took her by surprise but she was so in to it, and even though she gagged and she choked some she took it all. After I had finished cumming she looks up at me with big green eyes and smiled and went right back to sucking. She had me erect again within a couple minutes.

After I had gotten fully erect, she sexily walked over to the couch and laid back on it and said, please fill my pussy with your cock. I walked over to her and got her positioned so she would be most comfortable and slowly and gingerly eased my cock first passed the cock head then slowly inside her. With each passing inch, she would arch her back, moan and then as I was about all the way in she started cumming. That girl came and came and came some more. She orgasm-ed so much that she literally passed out for a few seconds. I gingerly pulled out of her sloppy pussy and she roused around and asked if I had cum in her yet. I told her that I had not and wasn't going to with her passed out.

She reached one hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit. She would wiggle with each pass of her hand and then she reached her other hand to my cock and finding still hard, she gets up on her hands and knees and said to "fill er up." I chuckled and slid my man missile all the way in.

She bucked and moaned and started cumming again. She flooded my Cock with her fluids. I had rubbed her G spot as I thrust in her and she was squirting and flooding like crazy. After the spasms all subsided, she eased her pussy off my cock and turned and sat down. I sat down with her and snuggled up against her.

As I was hugging her, she asked me if I would like to fuck her in the ass. I didn't say anything at first but my Cock refused to remain silent. Before I could say, she of course had noticed my erection and said, "I will take that as a yes." She expressed that she was concerned it would hurt her too much but that she wanted to try it. I told her that it would require a lot of lube of which we did not have here at the office. But, if she wanted to go home with me and meet the women, they would love to "help." To my surprise she jumped at that invitation. So, I called home to ask if the women would be OK with this.

Suzie answered the phone and since by now it was almost 4 in the morning, sleepily she said come on and bring her with you. So, we arrived a few minutes later already having a very heady aroma of wild passionate sex on our bodies. I introduced Sandy to Suzie and asked where everyone else was. She rubbed her eyes and said that all the others had left yesterday. One going home with Reba and Roxy was off to the airport and everyone else going to other places.

I asked her if anything had happened or if I had done anything wrong and she quickly responded saying that it was all good and that Florrie had decided to move on out of town. She wanted to go exploring and see what's out there for her to grab on to. So here we are just the three of us.

Suzie then grinned and said to Sandy, My pussy is so sore from all the fucking and sucking we have done over the passed week or so, I hope you are up to feeding Seymour there. Sandy grinned back at her and said, "well if you don't mind, I would love for him to fuck my ass. You see, I am still a virgin back there and up until a couple hours ago, I was a virgin all the way."

When she had finished speaking, Suzie looks over at me and I nod in the affirmative and before anyone could even imagine something, Suzie took Sandy by the hand and said, "well I guess my pussy is not that sore." With that she lead Sandy to the shower and then the Jacuzzi. As they got in to the shower, I opened the door and asked if I could join them and Suzie being the every playful one, punched me on the arm and then grabbed my dick and said, "get that tight ass in here and fuck us."

We all showered and headed in to the Jacuzzi. As I approached the steps, Suzie started laughing and Sandy of course wanted to know what that was about. So Suzie began telling her the whole story. By this time I was sitting patiently on the edge of the big tub and Suzie was showing her how she and the others entered the tub. As she got the part about where Reba surprised me, she hurried over to the doorway where Reba had been hiding. She then darts back over to where I was sitting and lifting her leg up to demonstrate what I was doing, she accidentally hit me in the head with here foot. I pretended to be knocked out and damned if I didn't slip off the steps again and knock my fool self out AGAIN.

This time however, I wasn't out long enough for them to even realize that I was out. But, I did hit the floor and as Sandy realized what had happened she leaped to me and was worrying over me when Suzie said, "OK let's get him in the Cuzzi and see if we can revive him." We all had a hearty laugh and got in to the churning sensual waters.

Suzie moved over to one side of me and Sandy to the other and both began playing with my dick. Sandy then took in a deep breath and went under the surface and began sucking me off. Suzie taking that as a cue sprang in to action and got behind Sandy and began licking her back door and snatch. It took a few moments for the realization for what was happening to sink in to Sandy's conscious. But when it did, her head popped out of the water and looking back over her shoulder, she saw it was Suzie back there.

At first she flinched but then about 2 seconds in, she relaxed and said, "well hell, I am not a virgin there either anymore." She then let out a loud moan, started cumming in Suzie's mouth and then dove her own head back under the water to continue sucking on my now iron pipe. Suzie finished licking Sandy clean and both came back over to my side and taking me by the hand, had me stand up behind Sandy.

Suzie guided her to bend over and spread her legs wide. Suzie reached and got the lube and started applying it to Sandy's asshole and to my cock. As she rubbed it in and around Sandy's bum, she gingerly inserted a finger tip in to Sandy and let it sit there until she felt Sandy relax. She then pushed it a little deeper and stopped waiting for the relaxing.

As Sandy relaxed her Hershey highway entrance, Suzie would push her finger a little more until finally she was working one finger in and out slowly but surely picking up the pace until her finger was flying in and out of Sandy's ass. Then she inserted two but this time, two went in very easily and then three and then four.

As Suzie pumped Sandy's ass with four fingers, Sandy started gyrating her hips and had began to moan more and more. After a couple minutes of furiously finger fucking Sandy's ass, Suzie pulled her fingers out and told Sandy to hold still and remember the good sensations she she had when two fingers and then three and then four fingers slid in and out of her ass. With that I stepped up and put the head of my 9 x 4" cock up against her asshole.

It took her a few seconds to realize it was there but when she did, she squirmed a little pressing back slightly. I eased the cock head in just a little allowing her to get used to that sensation. After a couple minutes, the head was passed the tight tight muscle and was sliding deep in her ass. As she relaxed and I slid deeper, she began to push back and rock forward a little with each backward movement she pushed my cock deeper and deeper until I was buried balls deep in her ass. Then Suzie starts finger fucking her pussy.

As Suzie's finger thrust in to Sandy's super wet and slick snatch my Cock was slipping and sliding up her ass. After a few minutes of this, Sandy arched her back grabbed Suzie by the head and literally screamed as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. She shook, she trembled and she shuttered for five full minutes. Each time I would go to pull my cock out of her ass, she would thrust back on to me pushing me all the way back in. With each inward thrust she would blast again. Finally after several minutes Suzie and I pulled our digits from Sandy's holes. As we got out of the Jacuzzi, we had to hold on to Sandy because her legs were like rubber and she was almost completely incoherent for the first several minutes.

We got her laid down on the bed and Suzie noticed that she was just now beginning to ooze my cum from her ass. Suzie quickly dove down to her ass crack and began licking my cum from her. Sandy's eyes flew open and within seconds she was cumming again. I swear that girl can cum more than any woman I have ever seen...

When Suzie had finished lapping up all the cum, she excused herself for a few moments. When she came back in to the bedroom, she had two dildos and a strap on in her hands. She asked Sandy which one or ones did she want to use. Sandy looked at me and then to the strap on and said, I think that thing.

Suzie explained to her that what she had in mind was for Sandy to fuck her either in the ass or the pussy and she wanted me in the other hole. Sandy said she would take the pussy because she was more familiar with that. We laughed a bit and assumed the positions.

Sandy laid down on her back, Suzie laid on top of her face down and slid that glorious pussy down that replica of my Cock strapped on to Sandy. They immediately began bucking up and down with Suzie ramming my lifelike cock hard and fast up her cunt. After a couple minutes of that she reaches her hand back and spreads her ass open and said she was ready for my cock to spill my cum in to her ass.

I mounted her and slid easily in to her ass. We kept this up until each of us had cum at least once more. Then we swapped with me in Suzie's pussy and Sandy in her ass with my cock replica and though I was out of cum for a while both girls came many times. Then we swapped again. This time I was in Sandy's pussy while Suzie penetrated her wonderful asshole.

The instant I slid my cock in to her pussy, Sandy started to cum yet again and when Suzie slid that artificial cock in to her ass, Sandy screamed again and flooded me with her cum. She was cumming and squirting like crazy. Somehow from somewhere, I managed to at least convulse like I was cumming. After another round completed, we all collapsed out cold.

Fortunately the next day was a scheduled off day so Sandy and I could at least recover somewhat. I awoke to the feeling of someone sitting on my face grinding a pussy in to my mouth and as I cleared the dream sleep from my mind, I felt a set of lips wrapped around my cock.

Strangely, I felt the presence of another person. As I turned my head ever so slightly I saw a familiar figure but couldn't see clearly enough to determine who it was. After a couple more minutes of grinding my face, I recognized Sandy's taste as she started squirming and squirting. That woman had cum at least 15 times in as many hours.

She was still cumming when she raised herself off of my face. I could see her laying back on the bed to take a breather but before I could focus on the third woman, she, whomever she was sat down on my face. Her pussy was covered with the thickest blackest hair but it was beautifully trimmed. Her aroma was the nectar of the gods. I was mesmerized to put it mildly. I had no idea who this person was. She spoke not a word, just ground her pussy and finally her sweet smelling ass right in to my mouth. Suzie was now riding my cock furiously until we both started cumming. As my load shot up her snatch, she giggled and pushed down harder.

When she had come down from her cumming, I saw her nod at the glorious person sitting on my face still. Suddenly they swapped position but when Suzie took over my face sitting she did it reversed so that I couldn't see who the mystery woman was. Suzie lasted about 3 minutes before my tonguing her asshole pushed her to the edge of orgasm one more time. She collapsed over my face totally blocking all hopes of seeing the mystery woman.

Well, after about 5 minutes Mystery began to moan and squirm and suddenly she bore her pussy down on my cock so firmly that I couldn't move and she started cumming. There was so much of her love juices that it flooded me, the sheets under me and was puddling up between my ass cheeks. After she had relaxed a couple minutes she jumps up and runs out of the room just as Suzie is climbing off my face. Sandy is out cold from blissful exhaustion and is sleeping as soundly as Rip Van-winkle. Suzie takes my hands and said, let's go enjoy a goshamimie hot shower.

She turns on the water to the temp I like which is hot and holds the door while I step in. The Shower cabinet was filled with steam so much so that I couldn't see the wall opposite from me. But I could tell that Suzie had joined me. She pulled down the shower gel and gently bathed me and then I did the same for her. As I was rubbing her stupendous ass cheeks, another set of hands came around my waist from behind and started rubbing the soap around my cock and balls.

OK cool Sandy had roused round and had joined us. But I was wrong. The water was a bit too hot for the girls so they wanted to get out and leave me to enjoy my steam bath. However as they opened the door, I glanced up in to the mirror which was angled just right to see the master bed and there lying in the exact same position as she was when get got in to the shower was Sandy.

I quickly shut off the water and stepped out in hopes of seeing Mystery. But I was a step too late. I grabbed the towel, flew through the dry off and darted out of the bathroom. I was just fast enough to catch a glimpse of a beautiful, no make that absolutely gorgeous firm and inviting butt going in to what was Roxy and Florrie's room.

I looked for Suzie who by now was sitting at the vanity with a devilish smile on her face. I asked her who Mystery is. She smiled broadly and said that If I could ever guess who it was, she would personally see that I filled her own ass with my Cum 7 days a week for a month. I Knew I knew that ass but who was it. I was absolutely puzzled.

Finally, after about 20 minutes of standing there with a stupid look on my face, Suzie called out to Mystery...The next thing I know I was waking up from the Shock. There standing beside the bed still in all her magnificent glory was my Sister who was two years older than me. It seems that she had remembered my birthday and had come in from Texas where she had been living for many years since her Freshman year at college.

She wanted to surprise me with a huge gift and when she called Suzie to ask her what she could get me or do, Suzie, made the off handed comment that it was too bad we didn't live in Sublovia. Mystery whose real name is Renee revealed to Suzie that she had been wanting to see my cock since we were teenagers and that for years she had fantasized about feeling it squirting my cum seed in to her. So the two of them hatched the plan.

Now we have several hours of some of the hottest, dirtiest, raunchiest, sexiest sex tapes money can never buy. It seems that's the real reason my house emptied up so rapidly. While none of the other women opposed my Sister's involvement, they all knew that once I sampled Renee and I had Suzie then what could they do to keep up. It's all good for sure. So now, as I sit typing this, Renee is looking over my shoulder, Sandy is eating Suzie's pussy and Suzie...well Suzie is kissing Renee and my cock. She kisses Renee and then goes down on my cock. I won't be able to write much longer or I will have to have my computer cleaned...

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Mr Big?

Are you sure your hearing is alright? I seriously doubt they call you "big" - more like "pig" and "retard".
This is such an infantile, boring and stupid story I had to stop after the 3rd paragraph. Findmore...

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