Mystery Lover


Arielle rushed to bus the table and get all the coffee cups. It was in hour nine of her 12 hour shift and she was sick of the coffee house. She was tired of lame come ons from the college boys, the measly tips, and the unrelieved work.

She gave Axel a begging look and he nodded. He'd cover her tables for a break. She slipped out to the back alley, grabbing a Coke on the way. That was the real joke. She spent more than half her waking life in the damn coffeehouse but she hated the stuff.

After fifteen minutes, she forced herself to go back in, tossing her empty can in the trash. She gave Axel a mouthed thank you. He smiled at her.

'Damn, if he wasn't gayer than Ru Paul...' she thought with a sigh. She grabbed a towel and headed for her circuit, starting with table seven away from the door. She stopped dead in her tracks.

It started with skin-tight black leather pants that showed every sensual curve of a leg, ending in black leather boots with 4" stilleto heels. The pants led up to a trim model. The girl was looking at the coffee list so Valerie risked staring a few moments longer. The girl's hair was short, but sexy, natural black. She wore a sleeveless tee shirt. Valerie realized she was staring at the girl's noticeable breasts when the girl cleared her throat.

Her face burning red, Valerie mumbled, "Can I take your order?" The girl was looking up at her with an amused smile. For an instant, Valerie wondered if she'd seen her before.

"That depends, are you on the menu?"

Valerie stared for a few seconds before laughing slightly. "We're still serving lunch. I'm on the evening menu."

"Well, I'll take a plain old cup of joe and come back tonight," replied the woman with a grin. Valerie felt herself grinning back like a schoolgirl and then hustling away to get the coffee.

'What the hell was that?' she demanded of herself. 'A woman? A woman was getting her heart in a flutter and her panties wet? Since when? Does lesbianism just show up? Sure there'd been that girl in college for a wild weekend, but that was the drinking, right?'

She was annoyed that the same weak come-on she'd heard from a hundred guys had worked from this woman.

She was so flustered that she sent Axel to take the coffee to the woman. She couldn't tell what she would do if she went. The woman drank the cup fairly quickly and was gone. But Valerie was flustered the rest of the day, the faint aroma of leather seeming to linger among all the other strong smells of the coffeehouse.

6pm rolled around and her shift ended, but Valerie didn't leave. She took a table, had a sandwich, and nursed a newspaper for a few hours.

"Why don't you go home, girl?" asked Axel as he put on his own coat. "Need a ride?"

A voice came from behind him. "No, she's riding with me."

Valerie felt her heart swell at the sound of the voice and then seeing her face appear behind Axel. He turned back, gave Valerie a very amused wink and departed.

"Ever ride a Harley?" asked the woman, handing Valerie a slim helmet. Valerie took the helmet and looked at her. It had been so long since she'd done something this impulsive, but she wasn't turning back now.

"Uh, no," she said, slinging her bag across her chest and shoulder and looking for how to put the helmet on. The woman stepped up and with gentle hands turned the helmet right-way round and buckled it on her head.

"Well, then, you'll just have to hold me tight."


The distinctive roar of the Harley was like thunder and its vibration between her legs was a pleasurable lightning. Valerie pressed herself against the woman's back, breathing in the aroma of her leather jacket as the motorcycle moved in motion.

After some gentle correction, they were riding like one person, joined in a way and Valerie shuddered at how happy it made her feel. She didn't know where they were going, but she wanted to be nowhere else in the world.

They went on to the highway, heading up the California coast, speeding through the night. Valerie's arms were held around the woman's middle, but she thrilled to feel the bottom of the woman's breasts stroking her as she moved her arms up.

It might have been midnight when the cycle finally slowed and pulled into the driveway of a gorgeous seaside home. Valerie was amazed at it, like something out of MTV Cribs. They walked inside and took off their helmets. The house was empty of furniture, only its elegant walls and dozens of pieces of sculpture gave it definition.

The woman led them on to the deck over looking the ocean. The land breeze was strong, but they could smell the sea and feel its freshness. The woman turned away from the ocean and toward Valerie. She didn't speak, but lifted her hands to Valerie's cheeks, held them softly and kissed her.

Instantly, the motorcycle, the sea, the rich, empty house were gone and Valerie's world became the kiss. The smells were gone but for the woman's scent, her perfume and skin. Heat or cool was gone but for the sexual fire glowing from her.

Valerie kissed her back. The gentle explorations were passing, a deeper passion, and more powerful need taking command of both of them. The woman shrugged off her leather jacket to the floor, leaving her in her tee shirt, pants and boots. Breaking the kisses as little as possible, Valerie dropped her bag and pulled off her own jacket. She hurriedly began unbuttoning her shirt and soon another pair of hands helped her.

Things slowed as her lover drew Valerie's shirt off and then removed her bra. The kisses stopped, or rather moved, as the woman's mouth moved to Valerie's neck, her jaw, the hollow under her throat, the skin of her chest, gently drawing toward her breasts Her nipples were already erect, almost painfully and she drew her breath in sharp when the woman's lips caressed them.

Never had any man touched her this way, caressed her with such grace, taken her with such gentleness. She looked down and watched those lips kissing and then suckling her nipples as the woman's hands cradled her lower back.

"More," hissed Valerie in crying need. "Now..."

With that, the woman took her hand and led her back into the house. They walked through the bare rooms, the woman's boots tapping across the floor. They entered a room that had a mattress on the floor. The woman took the time to light some candles rather than turning on the electric light.

Valerie sat on the mattress and watched her lover pull her tee shirt up over her head. Her breasts were large and perfect. She walked up to Valerie, pushing her back to straddle her waist on the bed. Leaning over, she guided her breast to Valerie's lips.

She hadn't kissed a woman's breast since she'd been an infant, but it was like she'd been waiting to do so forever. She teased the nipple and then kissed all over the full curve of each breast. The woman urged her nipples into Valerie's mouth, moaning softly as Valerie sucked her. Valerie's hands rested on the woman's hips, stroking her skin-tight leather pants.

The woman reached down and unsnapped her pants and together they slowly drew them down her body, revealing a skin glowing in the candlelight. Valerie saw the whisper of a black thong left over after the pants and boots were gone. Next, Valerie's own shoes and jeans became debris by the bed. Clad only in panties, they renewed their embrace, bodies pressed tightly together...

Valerie became overwhelmed by the sensations of their soft skin against each other. She found herself pulling the woman tightly against her, trying to be as close to her as she could. Their kisses became fierce and she felt the woman's pussy pushing against her own, the thin material of their panties not much of a barrier to their heat and wetness.

The woman drew back a little, breathing hard and looking into Valerie's eyes as her hand slipped down. Her fingers traced the waistband of Valerie's panties making Valerie's skin tremble in excitement. When the fingers slipped under the material and began to push through Valerie's soft curls, Valerie closed her eyes and moaned. She felt her lover's lips against her neck, kissing, and sucking her skin. The fingers slipped down further until they parted Valerie's labia and slid along the slick, swollen skin.

"Inside..." begged Valerie and her lover complied, curling two fingers and pushing them into Valerie's pussy. The feel of being penetrated brought another gasp from Valerie. She was already so close to her orgasm, but she didn't want to cum yet. She didn't want this dream to end too soon. Her lover swirled her thumb around Valerie's clitoris.

"No... not yet..." panted valerie, pushing the woman on her back and letting her hand slip out of Valerie's panties. The woman gave her a surprised, but pleased smile as she laid back, submissive to valerie's intentions.

Valerie gazed down at the gorgeous body of the woman, her full breasts, soft skin, toned muscles. Selfishly, she ran her hands over the body, enjoying its curves and softness. She held the woman's breasts and played with her nipples. The woman closed her eyes, smiling and accepting Valerie's pace.

Although she couldn't get her fill of her lover's breasts, Valerie moved from them, caressing her lover's face, shoulders, arms, belly, hips... Valerie slid down until she could peel off the woman's panties. For a moment, she let the panties move by her face, trembling at the pungent smell of her excitement. Gazing down at the soft triangle of blonde hair, Valerie knew what she wanted to do. She slid down further and lay between her lover's legs, spreading to accomodate her. She slid her hands under the woman's gorgeous ass and moved forward.

Her lips sizzled as they teased and kissed a woman's pussy for the first time. Her tongue slid out and she tasted another's arousal. And she loved it.

"Oh goddess, yes, there," moaned the woman softly as Valerie got more eager in her inexperienced licking. A moment later, the woman was practically dragging Valerie on top of her, but facing the opposite way. Valerie felt her panties being yanked down around her thighs and then a mouth was tasting and pleasing her own pussy.

They curled against each other, lapping and kissing with rising levels of passion and pleasure. As much as Valerie wanted to continue forever, she was quickly overwhelmed by pleasure and she came... she gripped her lover's body as her own clenched and released again and again. Almost weeping with joy and pleasure, she quickly resumed adoring her lover's sex and within a minute, she was rewarded with moisture and shuddering.

"I'm cumming..." sighed the woman, clutching Valerie to her...

The night continued, gentle and rough, but always with passion as they took turns pleasuring each other into exhaustion...

Valerie awoke with sunlight streaming into the room. There was no sign of her lover except for a note by the bed. It was a piece of paper wrapped around two $100 bills. On the outside was a cellphone number. She opened the note.

"You will never know how much I needed your love and passion last night. Take this for the cab home, I had to leave early to get to the set. Call me. Charlize."

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