tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMystery Meat Revealed

Mystery Meat Revealed


A HUGE thank you to RodenAddison for editing my story. RodenAddison has helped me greatly, given me advice, and edited my work extensively.

* * *

Part: 1

Compatibility is like Russian roulette. It is a hit or miss game of chance involving two kinds of players: talkers and listeners. Talkers and listeners can form a good bond, feeding off each other's energy to make a good relationship. They could also form a bad connection, finding faults in each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Nina is a talker. At the age of eighteen, Nina wants a boyfriend more than she wants to get into college. She is a senior in high school with high aspirations for herself. She is a ball of energy that could talk you ear off, but it seems like the only topic of interest to her is nabbing a man for prom. At Nina's work place, all of her co-workers know how she is - loud and always on the prowl. It seems every conversation ended with Nina asking, "Hey, does anybody know someone who would like to go to prom with me?"

Nina is a pretty girl, standing five foot seven with curly brown hair that wisps around her shoulders. She is slender and her C-cup breasts are perched high on her chest. She has a warm smile and wide brown eyes. She is pretty, but knows looks will only get her so far. Most people see her and hesitate, knowing what is about to come out of her set of full lips.

Jeremy is an average guy, five foot eight with a medium build. His warm personality is infectious and his sense of humor draws people in like a hummingbird to nectar. He's the kind of guy who says the right thing at the right time. Nina started working with him a few months ago and they instantly became friends. They eat together on their lunch breaks and Nina calls him for advice whenever she needs it. Jeremy listens, smiles and nods, seemingly happy to help a friend.

March is unnaturally warm and prom planning is in full swing at Nina's high school. After contemplating it for weeks, Nina decides to pop the question to Jeremy. She finds him in the break room and sits down across from him, batting her eyelashes and smiling. "Jeremy, will you go to prom with me?"

"I would love to Nina, but I'm twenty-two. You have to be under twenty-one to go to a high school prom. So I'm sorry, but I can't go."

Disappointment washes over Nina's face. "But, can't you just pretend you're twenty-one so you can go with me?"

"As tempting as evading high school prom policy sounds, it's a disaster waiting to happen. I can't, Nina."

"Hmph," Nina sighs and stands up. "Okay, thanks anyway. Talk to you later." Nina walks from the break room, hanging her head.

"Hey, Nina!" Jeremy calls. "I'm having a party on Friday after work, if you'd like to come."

Nina's face brightens at the invitation. "Okay, cool. I'll come by."

"Maybe it will help get your mind off all this prom bullshit." Jeremy puts a hand on her shoulder and gives her a warm smile. "Cheer up, kiddo." Nina blushes as he rubs her shoulder and heads back to work.

The rest of the week, Nina is on edge with excitement for Jeremy's party. After Jeremy suggested she take a break from thinking about prom, it has been the only thing on her mind. 'Maybe I can find someone to go with me to prom at the party!' Nina thinks to herself with delight. Giddy, Nina counts down the days until Friday.

Friday is a warm night with a clear sky full of stars. After work, Nina stops at home to change her clothes and cake on some make-up. She chooses a short sleeved, button down plaid shirt and tight black skinny jeans. She takes a last look in the mirror, admiring her reflection and puckering her lips in a mock kiss.

The party is in full swing when Nina arrives around ten thirty. The music is loud and vibrates through Nina's body as she walks into the house. Someone gives her a red cup. She does not know what it contains, but she downs it. She wanders around from room to room until she finds Jeremy in the kitchen, playing beer pong with some friends.

"Nina, you made it!" Jeremy throws his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close.

"Hi Jeremy," Nina yells over the music. "This party is really great. Thanks for the invite."

"No problem." Jeremy's breath is hot against her ear and a mix of beer and sweat seeps into Nina's nostrils. "Grab a drink. Make yourself at home."

Jeremy releases Nina from his grasp and returns to his game. Nina serves herself another drink and sits quietly at the counter, sipping a thick concoction from another red cup. She observes everyone, making assumptions and thinking about who would make a good prom date. She sits tall, putting her tits on display through her thin shirt.

Nina talks to a few people, all of which she knows mutually through friends. She casually brings up prom, only to find out almost everyone at the party is either over twenty-one or has a date already. Frustrated, Nina's intentions turn from prom to sex. Nina wanders around the house. There are a few couples getting frisky in some of the upstairs rooms, but no sign of any single guys. "I just want to fuck someone!" Nina mutters under her breathe. She takes her jacket and stomps toward the door. As she reaches for the door knob, a voice stops her.

"Hello, Nina." The voice is deep and husky. Nina turns toward the sound. There is a man standing in the doorway of the kitchen. His face is dark but the light from the room behind him illuminates his silhouette. He is wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and is standing hunched over in the door frame.

"Who are you?" Nina inquires, with a slight shake in her voice.

"Don't worry, Nina." He says as he takes a step toward her. Suddenly there is a mouth over hers.

It is rough but warm and he tastes like cheap beer. His lips are full and his tongue plays tricks with her's. He wraps his arms around her shoulders, pinning her arms to her sides. He starts to move toward the stairs. She pulls back and tries to scream but his hand clamps over her mouth.

At the top of the stairs, the stranger pulls Nina into a dark room. He throws her down on the bed and locks the door. The only light shines from under the crack in the door. The figure stands before her and she can see the whites of his eyes, and the glow of his white teeth. He grabs her hair in his fist and devours her mouth again. He is rough but Nina can feel herself getting aroused by his aggression. He pulls her up on the bed and stands over her, pinning her hands above her head.

"Who the fuck are you? What do you think you're doing?"

"I thought you wanted to fuck, Nina? You've been sitting in the kitchen, putting your tits in every guys face all night." His hand finds her breast and he begins to massage it under her shirt. "Do you like this, Nina?" He asks. She can see him smiling, enjoying watching her struggle to get free. Her words are stuck in her throat. She cannot speak.

Nina stares into the darkness at the faceless man. He rips open her shirt, sending buttons flying across the room. "Front clasp bra? You really are asking for it." He unfastens the clasp with his free hand and her tits to spill out in front of him. Her nipples are dark, contrasting against the pale white of her skin. He takes a breast in his mouth. He bites her erect nipple and squeezes her roughly. She can feel her pussy getting wet from the arousal and she whimpers with pain and pleasure.

"Please... please stop." The words escape her lips like flower petals falling to the floor. His hand slides from her breasts down over her flat stomach. His mouth crashes down on hers and he forces her jeans open. She kicks her legs to shake him off, but he pins her down with one knee. His hand slides into her pants and rests heavily over her mound. The spot of wetness seeps through her panties and dampens his fingers.

"You want me to stop? You're dripping fucking wet right now." His palm massages her wet lips through the thin lace. A moan escapes her throat. His takes his hand out of her pants, grabs the waistband firmly and pulls. He smiles at the sight of her shaven smooth pussy, white teeth gleaming. "That's a fucking gorgeous pussy you have there."

"What the fuck?" Nina screams.

"Shhh..." The stranger whispers before his mouth stops her words. His finger brush over Nina's engorged pussy lips. Nina is breathing heavily, trying to ignore the pleasure. When his fingers plunge into her, she tries to stifle a moan but he hears it. "I knew you'd like these thick fingers inside you. You're such an easy slut." He forces his fingers in and out, rubbing her juices over her labia and clit. His cock is growing in his pants, yearning for her hot cunt. He presses himself against her leg so she can feel how much he wants her.

"I want to fuck that pretty pussy," He says gruffly. Nina's brown eyes widen.

"No! You can't! I won't let you!"

"You won't let me?" He says as he unzips his pants. He pushes them down forcefully. "I didn't ask your permission." He tugs on his boxers and his dick springs up, the head of his nine inch cock oozing pre-cum. He releases her arms and flips her over on her stomach. He slaps her ass hard and Nina yelps. "Such a fine piece of ass," he says as he starts finger fucking her again. She moans into the comforter. His fingers leave her and she feels his cock straining at her opening.

"Wait, no! Please, stop... Oh God!" Nina cries out as he forces his entire throbbing dick in her tight little pussy. He massages her firm ass and grabs her hips. He pulls her farther back, sending shock waves of pain and pleasure through Nina's body.

"Do you like this, whore? Do you like me fucking you like a dirty slut?"

"No...wait...please..." Nina tries to deny him but he is so good and his cock fills her entirely.

The man grabs a mass of curls and pulls her head back roughly. He puts his mouth to her ear and growls at her. "You walk around, throwing yourself at boys to get whatever you can get your dirty little hands on. You're such a slut. I bet you like it in the ass, too." A sharp pain pulsates in her ass as his finger plunges into her. She whimpers in pain. As he continues, the pain subsides and turns to a pleasurable sensation. With each stroke, she stops crying and starts making short grunting noises. "I take it you like that, slut?"

He drops her upper body like a sack of potatoes back down on the bed. He fucks her with his fingers in her ass and with his dick in her cunt, thrusting hard and fast. Nina feels herself reach the edge. "You like that, don't you slut? You like getting off from a stranger's hard dick inside you." She screeches like a cat in heat and claws at the bed sheets as the orgasm rocks her body. Nina falls limp on the bed, her skin glistening with a sheen of sweat.

"Take me in your mouth, whore."


"I'm going to blow my load all over your face and in your mouth," he says, with a hard slap on her ass.

"No, I don...."

The man flips her over and pulls her hips down off the edge of the bed so she is sitting on the floor. He stands over her, his cock inches from her face. He pulls the shaft back and lets it go, giving Nina a hard mushroom stamp on her cheek. He pushes his throbbing cock in her mouth. His fingers grasp her hair and pulls her onto him forcing her to swallow him whole, taking all of his wet cock into her perfect, little mouth.

"Oh yeah, bitch. You're mouth feels so good. Oh God, I'm so close." He fucks her mouth with intensity and throws his head back. He takes the dick in his hand and begins to shoot his hot seed over her face and tits and into her mouth. He shoves his dick in her mouth again, making her suck his dick dry. He pulls his member out and looks at Nina, slumped down on the floor with her face and tits dripping with his cum. The new mark on her face is bright red. He grabs a box of tissues from the small table. "Clean yourself up," he commands. He gets up and pulls his pants back on. He starts to walk away but Nina stops him.

"Wait! Who are you?" Nina's voice is shaky after the sexual assault on her body. The man turns and smiles, flashing his white teeth at her.

"Thanks for the fuck, Nina." He opens the door. The light from the hallway illuminates his face, but Nina can only see the back of his head. He closes the door behind him, leaving Nina alone without knowing the shadowy man who just fucked her brains out.

Part: 2

"I just want to find him! Ugh, this is so frustrating!" Nina whines into her cellphone. She flops down on her bed and grabs her pillow, hugging it tightly to her chest. "Why doesn't he just come and tell me who he is?"

"Tell me again what happened, Nina." Jeremy says soothingly over the phone.

"Well, I was at your party a few weeks ago. When I was leaving, this guy came up to me and grabbed me. Then he took me into a bedroom and had sex with me! He called me a slut and all this degrading shit. I know it's bad... but it was actually really good. I just want to know who he is."

"Well, have you asked anyone who was at the party if they saw this guy?"

"I talked to a couple of guys who I saw earlier in the night at the party. But the only thing I know about this mystery guy is that he had a huge dick."

Jeremy laughs. "That is true."

"So the only way I could tell if it was someone would be by fucking them...So I kind of had sex with a few guys to see if they were the mystery guy."

"Nina, you fucked random guys to see if they were the one who fucked you before? Now it seems like you're giving him a reason to call you a slut."

"I mean, none of them were as good as THE guy so I don't think it's any of them."

"Nina, you're missing the point..."

"But he was so good, Jeremy."

"Nina, I'm going to bed. See you at work tomorrow."

"What? Oh...okay. Good night!" Nina flips her phone shut in frustration. Memories flood her brain. She imagines the stranger's eager mouth over hers. She can feel his hand close over her breast and her nipples begin to harden. She remembers his cock probing her pussy and fucking her until that amazing orgasm rocked her entire body. A yell from her mother pulls Nina from the trance, pussy lips wet, her lungs breathing heavy. She grabs a robe and dashes out the room. Upon her return, she drifts to sleep thinking about her mysterious man.

* * *

"Hey Nina, would you like to come over later after work? I'm having some people over and thought you might like to join. I know you've been hung up on this guy since the last party so maybe it'll get your mind off him."

Nina lowers the hot coffee from her lips. "That's what you told me last time but about over-thinking the prom. Look what happened!"

Jeremy chokes on his coffee, coughing and laughing loudly. After regaining his composure, he stammers out, "That's true, but this time I won't leave you alone. I promise it will be more fun than the last party, too."

"Okay fine. I have the night shift so I'll be over after work around ten thirty."

Jeremy grins and pats Nina's shoulder. "Awesome. See you then." Nina watches Jeremy stride out of the break room. Her mind races thinking about the man from the party. She chugs the rest of her lukewarm coffee and tries to occupy her mind with work for the remainder of the day.

Nina rushes home to change her clothes from a t-shirt and jeans to black leggings, a peach tank top, and matching peach colored flats. She spritzes on some flowery perfume for the finishing touch. She avoids the questions from her mother about where she is rushing off to. She reassures her she will be home by one and she won't drink and drive. She bolts out the front door and into her gold Mazda 3, speeding down the street toward Jeremy's house.

It is dark when she pulls up in front of the house and only Jeremy's car is in the driveway. 'Hmm, that's strange. I thought there were other people coming over.' Nina thinks to herself. She gets out of the car and walks to the entrance.

She knocks lightly. "Come in!" Jeremy calls. Nina cautiously pushes open the door. The front hallway is dark and it is hard to see. She shuts the door and feels along the wall for a light switch. Instead of finding the light, Nina finds a hand over her mouth and a cool voice cooing in her ear.

"Hello, Nina. Don't be afraid." Jeremy pulls Nina up the stairs and into a room. Once inside, Jeremy shuts and locks the door. He releases Nina's mouth. Her eyes are filled with surprise as she stares up at Jeremy. He is grinning with his shining white teeth. Those teeth...

"You were the one at the party, weren't you?" Nina's voice is shaky.

"Yes, Nina. I bet you never thought your best friend Jeremy would be the guy to fuck your brains out." Jeremy walks slowly over to Nina. Terror paralyzes her body. She cannot move or speak. He stands over her on the bed, reaching down to snake his fingers through her curly locks. The scent of him, a mixture of cologne and soap is sweet and inviting. He leans over her and presses his mouth to hers. Nina feels the same rough, urgent mouth that brought her under a spell weeks ago.

He kneels over her and grabs her hands, pinning them over her head. He slides his hand under her loose top, grasping at her tits through her bra. "Is this what you want, Nina?"

Nina stares up at him with her brown, puppy dog eyes. There is a slight quiver in her quiet voice. "I-I don't know. You're being a little bit rough..."

"Nina, all you have been talking about for weeks is how good this guy was. Now you know it was me and I'm doing exactly what I did that night. You're telling me you don't want it?"

"That was different."

"It's not different! You liked it then and you're going to like it now." Jeremy forces Nina up to the headboard and pulls off her shirt. He jerks off her bra, holding it tightly in his fist. Jeremy smiles, drops the bra, and starts unbuckling his belt while still holding her arms down.

"Jeremy, what the fuck are you going to do to me?"

Jeremy slides the shiny leather out of the loops and it cracks like a whip against the floor. "Don't worry, Nina." He places her arms between two of the bars and secures her wrists with the worn leather belt. Jeremy smiles as her face turns pale white. He reaches into the bedside table. "Let's play a little game." She thrashes from side to side but he grabs her chin and forces her to look at him. Then he grabs a silky black scarf and forces it into her mouth. Jeremy knots it behind her head. Nina feels tears sting in the backs of her eyes. "Don't cry, Nina." He brushes a tear from her cheek.

He turns her face to the side and begins biting and licking the soft skin of her neck. "Delicious perfume you're wearing, Nina." Shivers run down her spine and her nipples become erect from the sensations. Nina feels a mix of eagerness, fear, and helplessness wash over her. Nina's pussy quivers and she can feel her panties getting wetter as her neck is bitten and her nipples are squeezed.

"You're the biggest slut I've ever met, Nina. When you told me you fucked all those guys, it made me jealous and angry. Now, you need to be punished." Jeremy pulls of her leggings and panties. His fingers trace up and down her body, her soft white skin now dotted with goose bumps. When his fingers meet her smooth pussy, his fingers catch her juices. "You're already sopping wet for me, easy slut. Are you ready to see what my cock looks like again?" He whispers as he kicks off his jeans. His nine inch dick sticks straight up, the thick head oozing precum.

Jeremy kneels on the bed and positions himself between her legs. He spreads her drippings all over her hot pussy with the tip of his dick. Feeling the head of his cock, Nina leans her head back against the headboard, remembering their previous encounter. "Tell me you want me, slut. Beg for my cock inside of you." Nina's eyes snap open as he reaches up and pulls out the gag. Nina bites her lip and whines. Jeremy grabs her face in his hand and roars, "Tell me you want my cock, bitch!"

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