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Mystic Valley


I was excited all morning. I couldn't help feeling cheerful; I knew that I'd be receiving long-awaited good news that day and it was all that I could think about.

When I pulled my car into the parking lot of Webster and Wright Realty I had to smile. I'd worked there as an agent for eight years, but this was a special day. W&W was one of the best realty companies in town, and it was a great place to work. One of the senior agents had just quit, leaving me next in line for an office, and for a move into management.

Most of the agents worked from shared desks when they were in the office, only the senior agents who managed teams had actual offices. Even though I didn't really spend that much time in the building, I'd been looking forward to getting my own office for years.

"Good morning, Nancy."

The receptionist smiled at me as I passed through the front area. She was paid to keep that bubbly welcome on tap at all times, but I think I had a bigger smile for once.

"Good morning."

"Nancy, Mr. Webster wants you to stop by his office."

It was finally happening, my day had arrived and it felt great. I was so pumped that I all but skipped down the hall.

Setting my bag down, I realized that it was probably the last time I'd sit there. Tomorrow I'd be putting my bag down in my own office.

Knocking lightly on the open door to Hal Webster's office, I leaned my head inside.

"Nancy, come in," he said. I stepped inside and then he gestured to the door behind me. "Close the door, would you?"

"What can I do for you, Hal?" I said.

I lowered myself into one of the chairs in front of his desk. Were I a dog, my tail would have wagged as surely as if I'd just seen my owner approaching with my leash in hand.

"I wanted to talk to you this morning, before you heard it from someone else," he said. He looked sad as he met my eyes.

My heart sank and the grin on my face wilted. Not many happy conversations start with 'before you hear it from someone else'.

"As you know, Gary Summers has decided to leave Webster and Wright. This has left a senior agent position open. We've decided to promote Teresa into the position."

I was tried to be strong as I saw where the conversation was going, but I couldn't help flinching at the sound of her name. The room seemed smaller and stuffier, and my face felt warm. This couldn't be happening to me.

"Teresa? But . . . she's only been with the company for two years! I've been here eight years, Hal."

"I'm sorry Nancy, but Teresa is a rising star. She brought in this Mystic Valley project, and she's really proven that she can run with the ball. I know she's jumping past some of you, but it's our decision to make and we made it."

It was the worst betrayal imaginable to me. That damned bimbo Teresa had stolen my job. Her of all people--I hated her. My lip started to quiver, and I could feel the tears coming. I felt nauseated as I stumbled out of Hal's office.


Teresa. That conniving bimbo was getting my job. I slunk back to my desk. She was the sort of woman who used her looks to get what she wanted. She had that arrogance that beautiful women often possess. She was gorgeous and she knew it.

Before she came along, I'd enjoyed the extra attention that my mostly male group of co-workers gave me. Then Teresa arrived, and once they saw her it was like I didn't exist anymore. At the first sight of her big tits they seemed to fall for her. One by one they turned into a bunch of fawning admirers.

It wasn't just my jealousy that made me feel strongly about her--there was something else. The other problem I had with her was that, just like my mesmerized male colleagues, I found her hot too.

No one at the office knew that I was gay. It had never been a problem for me to hide in the past. Having Teresa around had changed all of that. I had to struggle not to reveal myself by the physical reaction I felt to her presence.

I love breasts. I think I always have. Not just my own, but those of all the women I see around me. Discovering my breast obsession at an early age was what made me realize that I was bi. I dated and liked boys, but I couldn't stop looking at all those beautiful breasts I saw around me, looking at them and wanting them.

Little breasts, big ones--alright, especially big ones--I was interested in all of them. I wondered how they'd feel, how they'd smell and how they'd taste. I could almost cum from playing with my own, and as much as I hated her I often had cum while imagining I was playing with hers.

That's why, even though I really disliked Teresa and her superior attitude, I'd always gone out of my way to be around her. I couldn't resist ogling her beautiful body any more than the men could. She knew she had fantastic tits, and she wore clothing that showed them off all the time. When I was near her my heart beat faster and I even found it difficult to speak at times--that's how strong my attraction had grown.

After losing my promotion to her, I came to despise her as I sat there at my crappy little desk. I hated the way she had all the men in the office wrapped around her little finger. She'd probably flirted her way into that Mystic Valley project. She'd probably fucked *everybody* involved in the project, for that matter.

I felt so hurt and angry that I began to tear up again. I couldn't let anybody see my pathetic moment of disappointment. I grabbed up my things and fled the office. I didn't have any meetings at the office that day anyway, and I could just come in later when everyone was gone to knock out my paperwork.

At least I made it to my car before the tears started in earnest.

At home, Teresa still dominated my thoughts. I couldn't believe what had happened to me. It was a nightmare. It wasn't that bad when she'd started with W&W. Sure, all the men had been ga-ga over her, but it wasn't until the last few months that she'd really started to move up.

It started when I heard she brought in some secret project. Only the company's senior management seemed to know anything about it. I'd only heard whispered rumors of it, nobody had any details, or if they did, they weren't sharing.

Over time I'd seen her interacting more every day with the firm's senior personnel, talking to them about the "Mystic Valley" effort. I'd always hoped that the secret project, whatever it was, would be a miserable failure. I wanted to see her fall on her face. With her occupying the office that should have been mine, it was clear that my bitter fantasy wasn't going to come true any time soon.


The next day, I tried to put up a brave front when I got to the office but it was hard. Sitting down at my usual desk, the desk I'd be stuck with for the foreseeable future was just another reminder of my failure.

Worse still, there was a note waiting for me--from Teresa. I was to come and see her in "her office" as soon as I arrived.

At the door to the office that should have been mine, I composed myself before stepping inside. She waved for me to come in, without looking away from the papers on her desk. I looked around for a moment, trying not to stare at the deep valley of cleavage that was exposed by the way she leaned forward.

Her things were already settled into the room from the looks of it, and she looked even more gorgeous than usual. I hated her and hated the way she was making me stand there like an idiot.

"Your note said you wanted to talk about something?"

"Yes, sorry, give me a moment please."

My traitorous eyes returned to her bosom as I waited for her to finish whatever she was doing. She might be an evil, manipulative bitch, but her breasts were incredible. When she finally met my eyes, I only barely managed to avoid getting caught ogling her magnificent rack.

"Thanks for coming in, Nancy. You know, we're the only girls in this office, and I think we should spend more time together."

She thought we could be friends after she stole my job? I was too stunned to speak.

"I was thinking about it, and if you wanted I could probably get Hal to transfer you to my team," she continued.

"Your team?"

"Yes, I want you to work for me. I know myself how successful pretty girls can be in this business, and I want you to join me."

The horrifying thought of having to report to her on top of everything helped me find my tongue.

"Oh, thank you. I really appreciate the thought, but I'm pretty happy where I'm at."

"Are you sure? The mystic valley project is so big that by the time I'm done I wouldn't be surprised if everybody wanted to work for me."

I took a moment, pretending to think it over.

"I've heard--everyone is always talking about Mystic Valley, but I'll have to take a pass."

"In the end you'll learn about it, don't worry. Everyone here will before I'm done. Well, if I can't get you on my team, maybe I can bother you for an opinion on this outfit. Do you think this shirt is cut too low for a customer meeting?"

Her big breasts were squeezed up and together, to the point that they looked ready to burst from the top at any moment. The cleft where they met looked like the softest, creamiest most wonderful patch of skin in the universe.

"I know the husband will like it, but I'm worried that the wife might give me that look, you know? I have to show off my girls, but I wouldn't want to go too far," she continued.

Teresa's hands tugged at the shirt, adjusting it. Her movements made her boobs jiggle, and I watched those seismic wobbles with my whole body paying full attention. Her finger trailed along one swollen curve, then down into that magnificent cleavage and I just stared.

The moment dragged on too long, long enough for a warm feeling to grow in my core and then I found myself aware that Teresa was looking at me with a sly smile.

"They're . . . you look great, but it's probably a bit much," I said.

Fuck me, but I felt myself growing wet despite the weird mixture of arousal and embarrassment that went through me. I was struck by the horrifying idea that she knew how turned on she was making me, and I felt my face grow warm and flushed.

"Why Nancy, thank you. I think you're right, I'd better change," Teresa said, and then she stood up.

She moved by me to the door and pushed it closed. She turned to the coat rack that had been out of sight and unzipped the garment bag hanging there. She removed a shirt and took it back to her desk. I was frozen for a second as I realized that she meant to change.

The blood in my body seemed to be concentrated in places other than my head, places that were warm and needy and those places wanted me to stay right there.

"I, uh, I'd better get going. Thanks again," I said.

"You're welcome, and you're always welcome on my team," she said, and then I turned as she began to lift her shirt.

In a rush, I opened the door just enough to slip out and closed it behind me. I was embarrassed and angry that she could turn me on with such ease. I couldn't stop thinking about my growing belief that she knew the effect her boobs had on me. How could I ever face her again?


Thankfully, my schedule kept me out of the office all day. I couldn't avoid her forever though, and I was starting to think that in addition to losing my promotion, I was going to have to find another job altogether. I spent the whole day obsessing about it, even as I dragged the world's most annoying couple around to six houses, and then haggled with a seller about an inspection issue price reduction.

No matter what I was doing, my mind kept wandering back to thinking about her breasts, and that knowing smirk she'd given as I'd stared at them.

That night I came in after closing to turn in some paperwork that needed to be processed the first thing the next day. The office lights stay on all night, so I didn't notice that anyone else was there until I heard some faint noise from the end of the building where the offices where.

I got up from the crappy little desk that would probably be mine forever and then quietly moved towards the noise. As I neared the hallway the sound grew clearer--someone was moaning! My curiosity more than piqued, I used every bit of stealth I could muster as I made my way down the hall.

The sound of a woman groaning in pleasure excited me doubly; first because I was turned on by the voyeuristic thrill of the moment and second because, as I moved closer still, I realized the sound was coming from Teresa's office.

I was grabbed by the idea that I might be about to catch Teresa in some embarrassing situation that I could use against her. I didn't make a sound as I carefully peeked around the frame of her open doorway.

Teresa sat behind her desk. Her chair was tilted and her head was thrown back. Low moans of pleasure escaped her while I stood there, rapt in the sight before me. She was obviously enjoying the ministrations of someone kneeling in front of her.

It was mesmerizing. Teresa looked so incredibly sexy, laying back and moaning, her big breasts jiggling and swaying as she bucked her hips against her unseen paramour. Her sounds grew more insistent. I could hear the muffled wet slurping sounds of the unseen someone going down on her. I was so caught up in the moment that I almost didn't duck back out of the way when she began to move.

Bringing her hands down to guide her partner, I saw Teresa sitting straighter up in her chair before I lost sight of her. I could still hear her voice though.

"Oh yes, that's it. Nothing matters to you now but pleasing me. If you're a good boy, I'll drain you again afterwards, would you like that?"

"Yes, mistress," a muffled male voice said.

Mistress? It sounded like she had somebody even more whipped than I'd thought. All I had to do was walk in on them, and she would be busted. I couldn't wait to see her face. I'd have Hal on his cell phone in minutes, and then I'd expose his little star for the whore she was.

"Like that, just like that. Oh, yes," she said, and then her voice descended into gasping moans.

Listening to Teresa cumming was erotic in a voyeuristic sort of way. Even though I couldn't see her, I found myself imagining her big tits heaving as she came. I listened to her cries as they gradually calmed, and then I heard her voice again. Her breath regained, Teresa sounded like her arrogant self when she spoke.

"That was very nice, Hal. You can lick up all my delicious pussy juice, but be gentle now."

Hal! The man eating her out was Hal. Oh. My. God.

I'd been so sure I was going to ruin her and then suddenly even that was snatched away from me. She was fucking one of the company's founding partners--the one that ran the place, truth be told. I couldn't tell anybody. Even if I could cause some problems for the two of them, it would be the end of me.

That's how I ended up slinking away from my second defeat of the day, creeping, so the woman I hated could fuck our boss in peace.

I guess I should have seen it coming. I'd heard Hal was going through a messy divorce. And Teresa was a beautiful woman. Still, it infuriated me that she was using her body to get ahead. She'd fucked me out of that office--literally.


After thinking about it all night, I decided to confront her the next day. Even if it ended up eventually getting me fired, I had to say something to her.

She wasn't in her new office that morning. I waited around as long as I could, until finally I gave in and called her cell phone.

"Oh. Hi, Nancy. What can I do for you?"

"I . . . I need to talk to you. Privately," I said.

"I'm pretty busy today, can it wait?"

"Not really."

"Do you have a bit of time right now?"


"Great. I'll be done with the couple I'm showing this place to by the time you can get here. Why don't you come over?"

She gave me the address. I drove over there, letting my anger seethe while I thought about what I'd say to her. I parked in front of the house, right behind Teresa's car. I walked up to the front door, and found it open.

"The damned air conditioning is out. What a nightmare. I had these people out to see the house and got here to find it's like five hundred degrees inside. I cracked the windows, but it didn't help much," Teresa said as I entered the furnace-like house.

"Wow, it's hot as hell in here," I said.

"Come on, you might as well have a look at it while I close up the windows.

The open windows didn't seem to have any effect on the temperature in the house. It was like an oven. I felt myself starting to sweat all over.

"Teresa, I have something that I really need to talk to you about," I said as my eyes adjusted to the light in the house.

"Alright, shoot."

"It's about you, actually. You're, well you're pissing me off at the office with your behavior."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"I see what you're doing. I should have been the one promoted--not you. I'm sick and tired of the way you use your body to get ahead."

As I mentioned her body, my eyes couldn't help but sink down to her chest. She was, as usual, showing off her bosom. Her shirt was cut low enough to expose a deep valley of cleavage between her gargantuan melons.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about how you use your big tits to get what you want. How you used your boobs to steal my promotion, in particular."

I was furious, but my anger couldn't stop my eyes from falling down to her cleavage again and again.

"Alright, I admit it. I use my breasts to get my way sometimes. Don't tell me you haven't ever done the same."

"That's not the same at all. I may have gotten some minor advantage here or there. But there's a big difference between wearing a low cut top and fucking your way to the top."

Her eyes narrowed.

"Fucking my way to the top?"

"I *saw* you and Hal last night. So, yes, *fucking* your way to the top. Whore."

"You saw us? Then you don't even know what you saw. I've never fucked Hal. Sure, I let the old goat lick my pussy sometimes, but that's all. It helps keep him under my control."

"Your control?"

"That's right. He's learned to do whatever I want him to. So have most of the senior agents, to tell the truth. They let me make the decisions."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"They're all my good little toys. I don't just use my tits to draw attention; I use them to take control. None of the men in the project can think around me once I've taken them over, I own them now."

"That's the craziest story I've ever heard. You can't turn people into helpless zombies that do whatever you want just because you have huge boobs."

My face grew warm as I realized I'd just complimented her chest without intending it. She just continued, ignoring me.

"You know, I haven't brought any women into the project yet--you'd be the first. It would be good to have a woman . . . under me. What do you say, Nancy?"

"Thanks, but I'm not interested in working 'under you', Teresa."

"Then why are you staring at my breasts?" she asked with a giggle.

I had a queer urge to say that they looked so perfect, so divinely female, so soft and wonderful, that was why I stared.

"You're crazy if you think I give a damn about your tits," I said instead.

"I think you're just as interested in them as the boys."

"That--that's ridiculous."

It felt even warmer in the house then, standing there talking about her chest.

"Is that right? Prove it then," Teresa demanded as she stepped closer to me with a weird smirk on her face.

"Prove it?"

"That's right. You claim you aren't fascinated by my boobs. I want proof. I want you to take a good look, right here, right now, and tell me you don't feel anything."

She stepped closer still as she said it. My eyes dropped to her front, dancing across the creamy flesh exposed by her low-cut top until they locked on her cleavage. I found myself unable to speak. Teresa smiled and then stepped closer still.

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