tagMatureMystic Valley Sex Ch. 2

Mystic Valley Sex Ch. 2

byDanger Mouse 003©

Tammy finished applying her make-up and looked at her reflection in the mirror. 'Not too bad,' she thought to herself, fusing with her long curly blonde hair. Standing up, Tammy walked over to her closet and picked out something sexy to wear. With her tall 5'10" and thin 110 lb. figure, Tammy had an assortment of clothes that showed off her legs and ass. Her breasts weren't much, small yet perky B-cups, but her nipples were large and sensitive enough to make her cum just by sucking on them. Tammy picked out a long black skirt, with a thigh-high slit up one side and a black blouse to wear over her matching black bra and thong. Once finished getting dressed, Tammy again appraised herself in the mirror. 'No, not too bad at all,' she again thought to herself, grabbed her keys and headed out to meet with Ted.

Tammy was 24 and recently graduated from Mystic Valley University where she studied Physiology. After graduation, Tammy got a job working at a local sports therapy clinic in Mystic Valley and was very happy with her life. With one exception. She needed a man. Tammy had always been a woman to have many dates, but the right guys always seemed to escape her. She was smart, motivated, funny, and sexy, but all the guys were wrong for her. Then she met Ted.

Ted was a computer consultant here in the Valley, 42 and divorced with no kids. Ted was also smart, funny, motivated, and handsome from the pictures he sent Tammy. Tammy had met Ted in an online chat room late one evening and they had hit it off immediately. The next 3 weeks were spent talking online about everything and anything, then the mood had changed. Tammy's conversations with Ted had begun to become more sexual, which was fine by both of them. Tammy had never been into cyber-sex much, but with Ted she got so horny just hearing all the things he wanted to do to her. Eventually, they graduated to voice chat, and while currently driving to the Perky Cup coffee house to meet Ted for the first time, Tammy remembered that one night.

The two of them had just gotten access to voice chat and were dying to test it out during one of their hot cyber sessions. The typing had simply become too much with all the masturbating going on. Greeting each other for a few minutes, it was Ted who took the first step.

"So Tammy, tell me what you are wearing?" Ted asked.

"Nothing Ted, just like you asked baby," Tammy replied in her soft voice.

"Good, very nice," Ted responded, obviously pleased. "So Tammy, are you feeling hot tonight finally hearing my voice?"

Tammy, seated in a large leather chair that she specifically purchased when her cyber sessions with Ted began, shifted around a bit, pulling her right leg up over the arm of the chair. "Oh Ted, I'm feeling very hot tonight. I've been looking forward to this all week."

"So have I baby, so have I," Ted laughed. "Does the thought of touching yourself to my voice make your pussy wet Tammy?"

"Yes baby," Tammy answered, moving her fingers along her leg and slowly, almost teasing herself, moved them along her pussy feeling her moistness. "I just bet," Ted continued, "that your hot pussy is already wet for me baby. Slide your fingers inside that beautiful, hot mound for me honey while I tell you all about how I'm gonna fuck you."

Tammy slipped 2 of her fingers deep between her moist lips, sighing as Ted's voice echoed from her speakers. "I know how you like it Tammy," Ted began as Tammy's free hand gently squeezed her tits. "You want me to take you home, into my bed, under my soft silk sheets, kissing your body softly."

Tammy smiled to herself as that exact image appeared in her mind, her fingers moving a little faster inside her pussy as Ted's voice continued. "You want me to kiss my way down your slim body, suck on those sensitive nipples and end up at your beautiful trimmed pussy, don't you Tammy?" Tammy squeezed and pulled her nipples with her free hand, generating a loud "Mmmm hmmmm" from her mouth.

"Then you want me to lick and kiss that pussy of yours, sliding my fingers in and out of it until your body tightens, your thighs clench around my head, your fingers dig into my hair as you cum for me, don't you?" Tammy's fingers were moving faster now, quickly slipping a third finger inside her loose snatch. "Then, you'd want me to slide my hard cock inside your wet pussy and slowly fuck you, taking long passionate strokes, until you cum again. And as I began my own orgasm, you'd want me to pull out and explode in your hot mouth so you can drink my salty juices, don't you Tammy?"

"Ohhhh yesss Ted," Tammy moaned, raising her other leg over the arm of the chair, her hand moving in a masturbating blur.

"But," Ted said, "I won't do any of that." At that, Tammy almost stopped fingering herself in surprise, but started again even faster when she heard what Ted had to say next. "Instead Tammy, I'm going to just fuck you. Get you somewhere public, like a movie, or a restaurant, or your parked car and just fuck you as hard and as fast as I can."

Tammy let out a loud groan of pleasure, her hips sliding in rhythm with her finger fucking hand to Ted's description. "I'll kiss you hard and rough, not spending any time on your little tits," Ted shouted through the speakers. "I'll tun you around, bend you over and fuck you from behind like an animal until you fucking scream in pleasure."

"Ohhhh Ted," Tammy cried, pulling her long nipples taught, her thumb finding her rock hard clit, grinding into it hard.

"Yeah," Ted laughed, "You like that Tammy, don't you? You like to be my bitch? Maybe I'll fuck your tight ass too, really make you scream, slut."

Tammy's cries grew savage now as her body screamed towards her self-inflicted orgasm. "Ohhh, shit Ted, Mmmmm, YESS," Tammy screamed as her entire body stuffened for a split second, then went limp as her juices leaked onto her cramping fingers.

"Tammy? Tammy, you OK baby?" Ted asked, his voice returning to normal and true concern sounding.

"Oh Ted," Tammy sighed, her body just flopping limply on the leather chair, "that was just incredible. Just incredible."

"Good," Ted laughed in relief. "I wasn't sure if I was taking things too far, but I just needed to tell you what you do to me. How hot you make me."

Tammy, with a giant smile spread across her face, decided to take the next step in their relationship. "I want to meet you Ted. I want to meet you in person and do all those things you just said. My God, I want you to fuck me so bad!"

With his own giant smile Ted agreed and Tammy smiled to herself as she pulled into the Perky Cup parking lot, her nipples hardening with excitement of what was yet to come.

Tammy entered the Perky Cup full of nervous excitment. She had never in her 24 years met a man from the Internet, and certainly had never had a man talk to her as Ted did the night the agreed to meet. The dirty things he had said he would do to her and the way he had said them totally turn Tammy on. So as she walked into the coffee shop and gazed across the crowded tables, her nervous excitment transformed into pure lust at the sight of Ted sitting at one of those tables. Tammy confidently strode across the room and flashed a brilliant smile as Ted stood up to greet her.

"Tammy," Ted smiled, his arms embracing Tammy in a warm and loving hug. "My God, you look even more beautiful than in your pictures."

"Oh Ted," Tammy laughed and thanked him, sitting down in the chair offered by Ted. "I have to say Ted," Tammy grinned looking the older man up and down as he sat in his seat, "that you are possibly the most handsome man I have ever met." Ted was a tall man, standing about 6'1" and was very well built, having kept in shape all his life. His brown hair had a few noble strands of gray in it, only adding to the distinguished look about the man. So far Ted was all Tammy could ever hope to dream about in a man.

Tammy and Ted spent the next 2 hours reliving all the wonderful conversations they had had online, but experiencing them in real life. As the time wore on, Tammy found herself becoming more and more lustful towards this wonderful older man. Ted was a perfect gentleman, complimenting and observant, and mature. All of these things Tammy had found impossible to find in a complete package with the men her own age, so it was no wonder that as her green eyes gazed into Ted's brown, Tammy could feel her pussy start to become wet. Eventually, inevitably, the conversation lagged and a strong sexual silence dominated the two as they both knew what they wanted to happen.

"So," Tammy smiled, her hands formerly resting lightly on Ted's knee, now moving in small circles along the inside of his thigh. Ted closed his eyes as Tammy's fingers lightly traced the outline of his bulging cock beneath his pants. In response, Ted's own hand secretly slipped beneath the slit in Tammy's long skirt, his own fingers brushing along her smooth thighs, moving upwards. Ted could feel the intense sexual heat coming from Tammy's mound, making it seem as if the sun itself was between her legs at this moment. Ted's fingers continued their movements, gently moving along the wet material of Tammy's thong, pressing harder now to entice a low, but powerful moan from Tammy's lips.

"You like the way my fingers feel against your pussy baby?" Ted asked, a huge smile playing across his face, as his fingers slid along Tammy's thong-covered pussy faster. "Ohhh yesss Ted," Tammy groaned low so that no one in the coffee shop could hear. "Ted," Tammy continued, gathering her thoughts to form some coherent sentences, "my apartment isn't far from here. Let's leave and go there." Ted smiled again as he removed his fingers from Tammy's pussy and gently, lovingly rubbed them along her cheek, nodding. "I'll walk you to your car so I can follow," he said.

Tammy took Ted by the hand and led him out of the coffee shop, around the corner to the back lot where her car was parked. "Just pull your car around here Ted," Tammy began digging out her keys from her purse, "and you can follow me..." Tammy was abruptly cut off in mid-sentence when Ted grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around. Ted tightened his grip on her arms and pushed her roughly back against the car door. Looking into her slightly frightened eyes, Ted smiled. "I'm not taking you home," he laughed, pressing his body hard against Tammy, who could now feel Ted's concrete cock pressing against her. "I told you that wasn't going to make love to you, I was going to fuck you Tammy. Fuck you like my bitch."

Ted roughly kissed Tammy on the lips, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth, as Tammy struggled for a moment against him. Then as Ted broke away from the kiss and roughly bit Tammy's neck, she cried out in complete passion and lust, "Oh God Ted, making me so hot, fuck me baby." Ted lifted his head up from the visible red hickey he had placed on Tammy's neck and grinned ear to ear. "Get on your knees slut and suck my cock right now," Ted ordered. Tammy quickly lowered herself to her knees on the parking lot before Ted, unzipping his pants. Tammy gasped a bit when she saw that Ted had never lied when he told her the length of his cock, a fat and wonderful 9". Tammy's tongue snaked out and began licking along the length of Ted's cock, beginning with his large balls and ending at his fat cock-head, dripping with warm pre-cum. Tammy could feel Ted's fingers tighten around her hair as he slammed his cock hard into her mouth, making Tammy gag. Ted began thrusting his hips forward, his hands holding Tammy's head still, his cock thrusting deep inside her mouth, barely giving Tammy a chance to breath.

But, Tammy had never felt this much excitement before with any other man. The feeling of total submissiveness had always been inside her, and Ted had simply forced it to surface. Tammy knew that she would never call Ted 'Master' or wear leather collars, but she would be all his for as long as he wanted her. She would be his slut. Ted suspected Tammy loved this when he felt the sensual vibrations of her mouth moaning around his fucking cock. "Yeah," Ted cried in pleasure, "suck it Tammy. Take it bitch." Tammy looked up and a smile formed around Ted's throbbing cock.

Ted knew he would cum in a manner of minutes with the way Tammy was sucking his cock while he fucked her mouth, and pulled out abruptly. There was no way Tammy was getting his cum in her mouth right now, for Ted had another place he wanted to deposit his seed. "Stand up," Ted ordered, pulling Tammy onto her feet and turned her around so her back was facing him. "You think maybe we'll get caught?" Ted asked, his fingers unzipping Tammy's skirt and pulling it down in a heap around her ankles. Tammy could only moan in response, then Ted pushed her over onto the car's front hood. Ted moved the thong aside, his cock so hard right now that he couldn't waste the time taking it off. With a hard thrust, Ted sheathed his cock into Tammy's wet pussy, followed by a quick withdrawal and another hard thrust.

"AHHH," Tammy cried out, her upper body lifting off the car in uncontained pleasure at the sudden feeling of intrusion in her pussy. "Fucking get back down bitch," Ted groaned, pushing Tammy back down onto the hood, a hand holding the back of her neck as he fucked her. Ted's thrust were almost savage, but controlled in a way not to truly hurt Tammy. His long, wide cock slid out leaving only the head between her red lips, then he would shove it back inside until his balls slapped against her ass.

"You like being fucked like this Tammy," Ted asked, his movements slamming Tammy's lower body against the side of the car as he fucked her from behind. "You liked being fuck hard and fast and rough baby?"

The litany of moans and coos coming from Tammy's mouth was a positive answer if there ever was one. "Mmmmm fuck me Ted, yessss ohhhhhh God fuck me ahhhhhhh feels sooooooo good," Tammy cried, grinding her clit hard against the side of the car as her pussy was filled.

Then Ted pulled his cock out of Tammy's pussy, pressing the head against her tight asshole. "I want your ass Tammy," Ted said, rubbing his cock slowly against Tammy's tight hole. "I want to fuck it right now."

Tammy turned her head as much as Ted's hand allowed her to and said with a little fear in her voice. "Slowly."

Ted looked down at Tammy, his voiced etched with genuine concern. "Have you ever..." Tammy shook her head no in reply to the unfinished question. Ted smiled a warm smile and bent down kissing Tammy lightly on her sweaty brow. "Slow it is then baby."

Ted gently pushed his cock head against Tammy's hole and after a few minutes both felt it pop inside. Ted then continued to slowly insert his large cock inside Tammy's virgin ass. Tammy squirmed uncomfortably against the massive cock pushing into her ass. She had never felt this much pain and pleasure at the same time before, but as Ted managed to work his entire cock inside of her, Tammy relaxed. "I feel so full Ted," Tammy smiled. "I know baby," Ted smiled back and began to move his cock in and out of her ass.

After a few more minutes, Ted had begun to pick up the pace as he could feel Tammy's ass loosen up a bit. As Ted fucked Tammy's ass, neither spoke, not daring to break the sensual bond the two were sharing. Tammy had given her ass to Ted, and Ted took that as a serious step for the young girl. He looked over to his right a saw an elderly couple walking to their car a few yards away and tensed for a moment, but it did not appear that they had seen the two lovers. Ted loved to fuck girls in strange places, but he didn't want to embarrass Tammy during their first time together, so he pulled out of Tammy's ass and before she could protest, quickly shoved his cock back into her pussy. "This is it baby," Ted groaned, renewing his assault on Tammy's pussy. "Gonna cum inside of you bitch," he cried, his thrust become more erratic as he approached orgasm.

"Oh God fuck yesssss cum inside of me baby, fill me up, mmmmmmm," Tammy cried, her hand reaching down to stroke her clit.

"Maybe I'll get you pregnant slut," Ted cried, feeling his stomach tighten as his balls filled with cum. "You'd like that bitch? My seed in you?"

Tammy's fingers pinched her clit hard and she tried to arc her body in orgasm but Ted's hand roughly held her down. "Ahhhhhhh Ted, fuck meeeeee," Tammy screamed in total ecstasy, as she felt Ted's cock erupt inside her pussy. "Yeahhhh bitch take it all," Ted screamed slamming his cock deep inside Tammy's pussy as his cum flowed inside her.

As their orgasms subsided, Ted leaned his body down atop of Tammy's, gently kissing her neck and lips. Ted's fingers ran gently through Tammy's sweat caked hair, as he whispered to her. "Tammy, you are so beautiful, so wonderful baby. I think I love you." Tammy smiled as felt Ted's limp cock fall free from her pussy and a mixture of his and her cum began leaking down her thighs. "Ted honey," Tammy smiled, at him. "I am your slut, your bitch, everything and anything you want me to be. And," she continued, "I know I love you."

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