Mystical Gates



It is my hope that my tale will push all of your naughty buttons, in just the right way. Please enjoy.

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"We are almost there...look." Travis pointed out the windshield as he continued driving northwest on Interstate-25. The thirty-nine-year-old former professional cage fighter turned EMT gave his wife a quick grin.

Dani turned her blond head in the direction he was pointing and a big grin spread across her angular face. There it was, the object of their two-day drive, the Colorado state line. As Travis and Dani passed the large brown sign welcoming them to the Rocky Mountain State, Dani yelled out joyfully, "We're here...we're here. We are in the state of sanity!" A rush of excitement shot through the thirty-eight-year-old nurse as she thought of the shopping excursion that she and her husband were headed towards.

"Whooo! Hooo!" Travis called out loudly with a similar grin on his masculine face. "Only a few more miles to the first city...check Yelp and see if there is a dispensary close to us." Dani reached in to the car door's storage space and pulled out her iPhone and started typing.

A few second later Dani happily announced, "We are only twenty minutes away from Trinidad and guess what...they have three dispensaries selling recreational marijuana!" Dani clicked on the first one listed in the app., CannaCo and she began reading the map that popped up on her phone. "It's on the left side...we'll be there soon!"

The two Texans couldn't have been in a better mood. It was the couple's twentieth wedding anniversary and they were looking forward to spending the next week celebrating. Travis and Dani agreed; it was time to cut loose from the daily grind and a cannabis tour of Colorado sounded like the perfect way to begin.

As they passed the Trinidad city limit sign Dani announced, "It's only a few more might want to slow down." Travis decreased the speed of the rented silver SUV as they both looked out of the car's front windshield.

"There it is." Travis and Dani spoke in unison as they simultaneously spotted the small white building with a large sign in green lettering. Travis exited the highway and pulled into the partially filled parking lot and parked in front of the retail marijuana dispensary.

"I'm not going to be well-behaved," Dani spoke in a joking manner as she exited the vehicle.

"Me either!" Travis stepped from the car and looked around the parking lot, " you see what I do?"

"What?" The petite blond woman followed her husband's gaze with a questioning look on her face.

"Every car has a Texas license plate." Travis laughed as he pointed to the other cars.

"Of's the closest place to buy weed think Texas would wake the fuck up and let its' residents have a safe alternative to Big Pharma...but nooooo...." Dani frowned as she spoke. After the numerous years she and her husband had spent caring for suffering people, Dani took the legalization of marijuana seriously and so did her less-explosive husband.

"Don't start, we're here to have fun." Travis held his hand out towards his wife. Dani looked at her muscular husband and his dark-brown eyes met her green ones with meaning. They were on vacation. Dani took a deep breath and studied Travis. Short and compact, the dark-haired man was a hunk and Dani couldn't help but notice as she gave him a reassuring smile.

Taking his calloused hand into hers she gave it a squeeze and said, "Let's go shopping!" Smiling the two walked up the concrete stairs holding hands. Travis opened the door and allowed his petite wife to walk under his arm and enter the tiny waiting area first. A burly-looking man wearing black slacks and a black shirt greeted them."

"Welcome to CannaCo. Is this your first time?" The bearded man was friendly as he spoke, "I'll need to see some identification before you enter the sales floor."

"Sure." Dani pulled her driver's license out of her wool hobo bag and handed it to Travis. He took a brown leather wallet from the back pocket of his loose-fitting Levi jeans and removed his license and then handed both ID's to the man that had addressed them.

The dispensary employee looked at both pieces of identification, nodded and handed the licenses back to the excited couple and pointed to a clipboard, "Just sign in and you're free to start shopping."

Dani stepped over to the clipboard and signed it for her and her husband. Then with great flourish the oversized man opened the glass door leading into the shop and said, "Welcome."

Travis's eyes met Dani's and they both wiggled their eyebrows in unison and smiled. Despite being in their late thirties, they both resembled children entering an amusement park as they stepped gleefully into the small store.

A long glass counter was to their right and behind the display counter were two black-clad women. They were waiting on a small group of elderly people speaking with Texas twangs. Behind the store employees there was a shelf that ran the length of the counter and it was filled with glass canisters. Each of the partially filled containers had the name of a different marijuana strain written across the front on plain white labels. Dani's eyes widened as she started reading the names. There were so many choices.

The younger of the two women stepped from behind the counter and greeted the couple. "Welcome to CannaCo, may I help you find something?"

"I'm sure you can." Travis sounded happy as he spoke.

"Yes...this is our first time...we are so excited." Dani was practically gushing.

"Texas?" The redheaded woman asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" Dani looked at the younger woman.

Laughing, the store employee replied, "Most of our customers are."

About thirty minutes later the couple exited the store carrying two large bags. It was more cannabis than they had ever seen before and they were anxious to get to their lodgings so they could sample the legal fare. It was still two hours till they reached Colorado Springs. After they took photographs of the dispensary sign, they hurriedly jumped into the SUV and continued down the flat interstate.

The empty scenery began to change as they drove north and soon they could see the Rocky Mountains on the horizon. It wasn't long after that they arrived in the small city of Colorado Springs. Feeling freed from adulthood, they began searching for the B&B that Dani had booked online. The B & B stood for "bud and breakfast," NOT bed and breakfast and Dani had found the interesting sounding location months prior.

"There it is!" Dani pointed to an ordinary looking two-story split-level framed house. The yard needed work and the narrow driveway was filled with cars. The place didn't look inviting.

Travis pulled the rent car up to the curb and put it in park. Turning to his wife, he ran a hand through his closely-cropped hair and said, "Are we staying in somebody's guest room?" His deep brown eyes did not look amused, Travis was a Marriott kind of guy. He didn't like surprises.

"It really doesn't look like much...worst case scenario, we just sleep here." Dani's full lips turned down as she continued, "I'm sorry Travis, it sounded really cool on the Internet...." Her southern voice trailed off. Dani didn't want to be the one who ruined their special week.

Hearing his wife's distress Travis softened his tone. "Hey, I'm keeping an open mind, it might be terrific." He didn't sound convinced and Dani reached out and patted his bare arm.

"Thank you, I really appreciate that." Travis turned and looked as his wife. After two decades, he thought she hasn't really changed. Three kids had rounded her belly slightly and her hips had widened, that was true. But the tiny woman still looked fabulous. Barely five feet tall, her muscular body was one feminine curve after another and Travis considered himself a lucky bastard. Dani's slanted green eyes were serious as she added, "I really love you."

"I love you too," Travis leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Let's go and see how bad it is." He chuckled and opened his car door. Dani did the same and they met in the back of the SUV. Travis opened the hatch and pulled out two small suitcases. Handing the turquoise hard-sided one to his wife, Travis extended the handle of the black one and they both began walking towards the steep driveway.

The Rocky Mountains could be seen peeking out from behind the B&B and Dani said a little too cheerfully, "At least the views are going to be great."

"Yep," was Travis's only response.

Curved concrete steps led to a white door with a window to the left. They carried their suitcases up the stairway and stopped on a small landing. A Post-It Note in the window had Mystical Gates written across it's yellow surface in black ink. The scrap of paper was the only indication that they were at the right place. The couple looked at the note and then made eye-contact with raised brows. Travis reached up and knocked on the wooden door. Nothing. After a few moments, he knocked again slightly louder.

The locked door rattled a little and an attractive woman in her upper thirties opened the door with a crooked smile. She greeted the couple with a slight bow as she spoke in a husky voice. "Welcome to Mystical Gates, I'm Mary your hostess." Mary was petite like Dani but that's where the similarities ended. She had thick black hair pulled back into a braid that hung halfway down her back and round blue eyes with thick black lashes. Her dark rose lips were full and dimples appeared whenever she smiled. A white button up shirt over a long paisley skirt barely constrained her large breasts and Travis made himself not sneak a peek.

"I apologize, I'm forgetting my manners. I'm Dani Finch and this is my husband, Travis." Dani stuck out her hand and shook Mary's. Travis did the same.

Mary's eyes filled with warmth as she stepped back and motioned them in to a large living area. The couple stepped into the old-fashioned room and looked around at the cluttered space. It reminded Travis of his grandmother's house, if his grandmother had been really cool. The exotic and the mundane filled every surface. Rocks and gemstones were sprinkled between antique toys and assorted oddly-placed items. Despite it being August, a random Christmas tree twinkled in the corner of the cozy space and intricate rugs crisscrossed the wooden floor.

The quirky collection soothed Dani's anxiety over having chosen the unknown place for their anniversary. Mary was obviously a person that danced to her own drummer and those kinds of people were Dani's favorite.

"Your room is this way." The couple followed Mary through an oversized yellow kitchen and down a set of steps that led to a large deck. In the middle of the outdoor space was a three-storied noble fir tree that came complete with decorated branches. Like the inside, the outside was overflowing with unusual objects nestled amongst large gemstones and flour pots. Ropes of lights twinkled over their heads and wrapped around the tall railing that enclosed the oversized deck.

Their hostess stopped and pointed to a hot tub that sat in the middle of the deck that was surrounded by an assortment of seating arrangements appearing to have no rhyme or reason, "You can use the hot tub anytime...I know it's your anniversary, so if you need some private time." She arched her dark eyebrows in a suggestive manner and added, "I'll tell the other guest."

Dani thanked her but she couldn't imagine taking Mary up on her offer of privacy. The setting was too open. Pointing to the view Dani said, "Look Travis, it's gorgeous." The Rocky Mountains were purple in the fading light.

Travis gave her a sideways hug as he responded affectionately, "It really is."

Mary stopped and looked at the couple with an appraising look and said, "You two are really cute together."

Motioning for them to follow she walked down a set of wooden steps. The stairs led to another seating area that was attached to a small wooden building that sat to the left of the decorated path. Dense foliage obstructed the mountain view on the lower level but the cozy area was covered by a metal roof that offered protection from the elements. Art hung from the ceiling over a round wooden table surrounded by an eclectic mixture of chairs. Leading away from the building were two lined trails that led in opposite directions.

Pointing to the wooden building attached to the small seating area Mary said, "That's one of our rooms, there's an attorney staying in there, don't worry, he's cool. David visits Mystical Gates several times a year. He comes here decompress ...I'm sure you three will get along.... Oh, and he's from Texas too."

She took the path to the right. It led to a slightly larger wooden building with big windows on each of its four sides. The free-standing room was surrounded by a three-foot iron fence. Inside the fence, to the left of the building was a four-poster wrought iron bed. Flowers, vines, and twinkling lights covered the ornate headboard and the matching footboard of the queen-sized bed and it had a real mattress with a luxurious looking red quilt draped across it.

Mary opened the short gate and turned around grinning, "This is your room, it comes with an Alice and Wonderland bed. In case you two want to sleep under the's romantic." For a second time, their hostess wiggled her dark eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

"Oh! That is lovely!" Dani walked into the gated area and stepped over to the unusual bed and sat down with a bounce. "I'd love to sleep under the stars...what do you think Travis?"

Travis smiled at his wife's enthusiasm and said, "We'll see, maybe." He didn't think it was likely. Travis planned on fucking Dani every night without their three kids down the hall, period. He didn't want to spend his vacation time trying to be quiet.

"Let me show you your room." Mary unlocked the wooden door as she spoke.

"Mary, let me say hello." A gray-haired Native-American man walked towards them. The tall man was built like a linebacker and like Mary, he wore his long coarse hair pulled back into a ponytail. Despite the silver color of his thick hair the forty-five-year-old man's angular face had a youthful appearance.

Mary turned towards his voice and waved in greeting, "Hey Garrett, this is the couple I told you about."

Garrett returned her wave with a small one of his own and stepped into the fenced area. As he approached them he stuck out a large paw-like hand and said, "I'm Garrett, I'm the caretaker here."

"And my partner!" Mary chimed in.

"Hello, I'm Travis and this is my wife, Dani." Travis stepped forward and shook the man's large hand firmly. With a big grin Dani did the same.

"Welcome to Mystical Gates. We're glad to have you." Garrett's black-colored eyes studied the new arrivals as he greeted them. "I hear it's your anniversary, Mary and I hope we can help make it special for you...if there's anything you need...don't hesitate." Pointing to a path that led from behind the wooden building, he added, "Mary and I have a room that way if you need us."

"Why don't you two get settled." Mary pointed to the door leading into the wooden structure. "When you're ready, join us on the deck. We can have a smoke and watch the sunset."

"That sounds great." Travis responded.

"Truly perfect...we are so happy to be here. Thank you." Dani grabbed the handle of her suitcase and began rolling it towards the open door as she spoke. Mary and Garett's eyes met and they smiled in unison as they watched the attractive couple approaching their room.

"See you two in a little bit." Mary took Garrett's hand in hers and gave it a slight squeeze full of meaning, "We are glad you are here too!" Turning, Mary and Garrett waved as they began following the lit trail towards the expansive wooden deck.

Travis lifted his black bag and followed Dani into the free-standing building. A queen-sized platform bed and a small white chair nearly filled the cabin-like interior. On each wall was an oversized window with long sheer curtains that had been pulled open and revealed pine trees and flowering vines.

The lushness of the four-sided view gave the room an outside feel and Dani loved it on sight. "Oh Travis...this is you like it?" She hopped onto the bed and bounced up and down. "The mattress is nice!"

"It's different, where's the bathroom?" Travis looked around the small space.

"I told you...the bathroom is shared. I'm sure it's close...." Dani's voice sounded concerned as she looked at her husband and added, "It's going to be fine...I come here." She patted the green coverlet and wiggled her eyebrows invitingly.

Travis visibly relaxed as he watched Dani happily patting the bed. Stepping towards her, Travis ran a hand over his closely-cropped brown hair in resignation. He wasn't going to ruin the moment for Dani if it killed him. Travis joined her on the brass bed and pulled her into his arms. Kissing her on the temple he said with an exaggerated Texas drawl, "I loooove you."

Dani giggled and replied in an exaggerated southern voice, "I loooove you too."

Pulling his wife down on the bed with him, Travis fell onto his back laughing at the shared joke. Dani tugged him towards her and he rolled over on top of her small frame. Looking down into Dani's slanted green eyes Travis's dark-brown ones filled with love and he smiled tenderly as he said in a low voice, "I'd marry you all over again."

"I'd marry you again, too." Her voice had grown lower and by the sultry look in her eyes Travis knew all too well Dani was getting horny. Leaning down Travis's lips lightly met Dani's and he gave her a small kiss. She put her hands around his broad shoulders as she partly opened her mouth. Her husband didn't need any more encouragement. Light kisses quickly turned deep as Travis began consuming her mouth.

With a tiny moan Dani pressed her pubis into Travis's rapidly growing cock. With a groan of his own he grabbed both of her small perky breasts and began squeezing them. Dani could feel herself growing wet as her husband started pinching her erect dark rose-colored nipples and she pushed back on her husband's chest as she said, "Stop! All the windows are open. Anyone could see us." Travis attempted to capture his wife's lips and she pushed him back again, "No really, Travis...close the curtains."

"Then everyone will know what we are doing. It's daytime, no one can see us and frankly, I don't give a damn if they could."

Travis tried to resume the make-out session but Dani held him back, "Are you sure no one can see us?"


This time Dani settled beneath him with a sigh. She had known Travis since high school and her overtly masculine husband still rocked her world. Their kisses grew deep and long and she spread her legs slightly as a tightening began deep inside her. Grinding up against him, Dani whimpered slightly.

Travis pulled back and began kissing a trail down her neck. "Let's get you out of this." He began pulling up on the edge of her green t-shirt.

" They're waiting on us." Dani struggled to sit up.

"I don't care." Her husband's voice was a growl.

"How about a quickie, I can pull up my skirt for you, come on, you'll like that." Dani gave him a sexy smile. Travis considered his wife's offer and hopped up with enthusiasm.

Grabbing Dani's hand, he pulled her easily off the bed. Laughing, Dani turned around and began pulling up her knee length black knit skirt. With a wiggle of her full ass, she went on tip-toes as she bent over the bed. Travis unzipped his jeans and released his rigid uncut cock. Playfully he slapped his wife's ass with the mushroom shaped head. Nudging his leg between hers, Travis stepped closer. His balls began to clench as he traced his seven-inch cock up and down her crack.

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