Mystical Gates


"Seriously, Travis...." Dani groaned as she tried to pull away, "We need to stop."

Travis released her lips and began nibbling at her slender neck. Sighing, Dani allowed her muscular thighs to part and he drove his hand home. Wedging her small pink lips apart, he thrust first one and then two wide fingers deep inside her hot pussy. Then he took his thumb and found her clit. Pressing down firmly on the tender flesh, he began to make slow circles. Travis knew his wife's body and soon he had her arching her hips. With a guttural moan, he continued chewing on her neck.

Dani knew she was letting Travis go too far but she couldn't help herself. He was her man. Spreading her legs further apart, she lifted her rounded hips and accepted his caresses. Travis felt Dani's surrender and this sent a thrill of dominance through him. His heavy balls clenched as he continued manipulating Dani's tiny nub.

Hot water bubbled and steam lifted around the two lovers as Dani ground against the pressure of Travis's thumb. Being caught no longer worried her as she felt herself nearing climax. Her puffy nipples were aching and her pussy was swelling and the need for release was all-consuming.

Practiced in the ways of making Dani cum, Travis firmly rubbed the underside of her clit. It only took a few more strokes before Dani wrapped her arms around her broad-shouldered husband and pulled him closer. "Yes...please...yes...don't stop." Words of nonsense entered the air as Dani went rigid. Her green eyes rolled up into her head and she shrieked silently.

Travis was pleased as he released his wife. Panting, Dani looked at him and whispered, "Thank you."

Travis stood in the hot water and stepped back and leered at his panting wife, "Your turn." His thick seven-inch cock appeared to strain towards her as he postured before her with his hands on his trim hips.

Still seated, Dani looked up at him in the twinkling light and said "Let's go to the room, I'll give you the blow job of your life."

Travis stepped back, glanced at the windows and sat on the edge of the spa. He intentionally positioned himself with his side facing the windows. Travis wanted to be certain that he gave the people inside an obstructed view before he spoke. "Uh-uh, it's only fair." He pointed to his erection.

Dani stared at her grinning husband and thought "What the fuck?" and started move forward though the bubbling water.

On the other side of the wall, Garret lifted the back of Mary's hand to his lips and kissed her pale skin. Then he said, "Mary, I think you've seen enough, don't you agree David?"

David caught Mary's other hand and pressed it against the bulge between his legs as he replied in the darkened room, "Fuck yes! Come on Mary, it's time to get busy."

Mary started to protest. She really wanted to watch Dani suck Travis's thick cock. But before she could say anything, Garrett took his darkly tanned hand and gently placed it around the back of her slender neck. He applied a little pressure as he stated, "Come on Sweetie, don't make our guest wait."

As Dani settled herself before Travis in the hot tub, Mary stood and stepped between David's spread legs. Dani grabbed her husband's cock and led it to her open mouth just as Mary slid down on her bare knees in front of David. Garret slid into the middle chair and watched as his girlfriend unzipped David's khaki pants and released his erection.

Outside, Dani wrapped her hand around Travis's wide shaft and looked up to her husband, "Happy?"

"Very." His voice was a growl as he pressed firmly on the back of his wife's head. David and Garret stared transfixed as they watched Dani lower her head and begin running her tongue around the mushroom-shaped head.

Travis moaned as his wife's warm mouth began to suckle him. Looking over to the row of windows, Travis gripped the sides of Dani's head and pushed himself down her throat. Knowing he was being watched made everything feel more intense and Travis began moving Dani's mouth up and down his cock without pause. Held in his firm grip, Dani struggled not to choke as he continued using her mouth.

On the other side of the reflective mirrors, Garrett drug his hungry gaze away from the hot tub and looked down at his partner. On her knees, Mary's dark head was bent over David's lap and Garrett patted her long black hair affectionately as if she were a well-behaved pet.

Mary paused and looked up. With one hand wrapped around David's oversized pink cock she gave Garrett a sexy smile. The petite beauty knew what turned her man on and she slowly traced her full lips with David's cockhead. Her round blue eyes never left Garret's black ones as her warm tongue licked up a bead of precum.

"Good-girl." Garrett's voice was soothing as he again patted Mary like a beloved pet. He was pleased and he unzipped his snug jeans and pulled out his naturally tanned uncut cock. He stroked the rigid six inches of veiny flesh a couple of times as he watched Mary do as he had taught her. "She's amazing, isn't she?" He looked over to David as he spoke.

The older man pulled his eyes away from the hot tub and looked down at Mary. Widening her eyes, Mary rubbed David's cock around her face.

"She really is...mmm, Mary it's time to get serious." David pushed down on her head with a firm hand. He wasn't asking. With Mary, you didn't have to. She wanted to please.

Mary immediately opened her mouth and began to suckle on him. David grabbed the sides of her head and shoved nine inches of demanding flesh down her throat. Mary didn't protest and loosened her jaw to accept as much of him as possible. While Garrett watched David fucking his girlfriend's face, David returned his gaze to the outdoors. Travis was gripping Dani's head just like David was holding Mary's. That wasn't the only similarity. Both women were getting their faces raped.

Outside, Dani's knees slipped around on the fiberglass bottom as Travis held her firmly in place. Dani was shocked by her husband behavior as she choked and gagged around his wide cock. This wasn't like Travis. It felt like someone else had taken control of her. But it wasn't the rough treatment that surprised Dani most. It was her body's response. Like Travis, his wife couldn't remember ever being more aroused.

Holding Dani in place, Travis continued fucking his wife's face. Inside, David did the same with Mary as he watched the younger couple. Garret's black eyes narrowed with desire as he continued absentmindedly stroking his veiny cock and looking between the two scenes of sexual domination.

In the hot tub, Travis posed as he repeatedly thrust himself down his wife's throat. Dizzy, Dani struggled to breathe as Travis continued increasing the speed of his rhythm.

On the other side of the windows, David matched his tempo to Travis's. In perfect synchronicity, David and Travis pounded the women.

"He's about to come." David whispered as he saw Travis throw his head back and go rigid. Garrett tore his gaze away from Mary and looked out the windows. Continuing to hold Mary's head in place, David felt his balls begin to clench as he watched the other man release his thick seed down Dani's throat.

Outside, Dani choked and gagged as she tried in vain to swallow all of Travis' salty cum. Travis gave one last jerk and released his wife's head. Dani swayed as she stood and gasped for air. With smeared mascara and watery eyes, she looked at her husband as if he had become another person.

"What?" Travis sat on the edge of the hot tub as he spoke.

"What? What's gotten into you?" Dani didn't sound upset, she was truly confused.

Travis briefly thought of the people that had watched him fuck his wife's face and a satisfied smile spread across his face. "Come here Sexy, give me a kiss."

Dani didn't move and Travis grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. With a stumble, Dani giggled and allowed herself to be drawn into her husband's strong arms. Leaning down, Travis whispered, "I love you."

Dani wrapped her arms around his neck and replied in a soft voice, "I wasn't complaining, that was hot." Dani cocked her head in a sexy manner.

"Good," then Travis began kissing his wife.

After a few moments, Dani pulled back and said, "Babe, let's take this inside, I'm burning up."

Travis glanced at the windows with an internal sigh and replied, "Sure Sweetie, let's go."

Travis slapped his wife's round bottom as she stepped from the hot tub. Dani gave a little squeal as she grabbed her discarded towel and moved out of his reach. Travis hopped from the tub and stretched facing the reflective mirrors. His muscles rippled as he postured for the people inside.

"Let's go, I'm not through with you." Wrapped in her white towel, Dani motioned for Travis to hurry as she spoke with a sexy purr.

As the couple headed to their room, the action going on inside the locked bedroom continued undisturbed. Under Garrett's unwavering gaze, David plunged down the dark-headed woman's throat repeatedly.

Every so often, Garrett would murmur encouraging words to his girlfriend, "That's right, Babe...take all of can do it."

Gagging, Mary fell back on her rounded butt as David stood. The beautiful woman's mascara was smeared and her lips swollen as she lifted her head to the ceiling and opened her mouth. Immediately, David leaned over her and slid his cock back into her tight throat. Then he resumed fucking Mary's upturned face.

Clenching began deep inside the older attorney as he neared climax. David's blue eyes glazed over and he arched his muscular back as his body began to jerk.

Garret stood and began aggressively stroking his purplish erection. His black eyes looked more animal than human as he gazed unblinking at his girlfriend. Mary was a dream come true to Garrett. He liked to watch and she liked to perform.

Mary grasped the back of David's thighs to keep from falling as he gave one last thrust. Hot sticky seed poured into Mary's mouth as she gulped with enthusiasm.

"Mmmm...that's right Babe, take it all." Garret chanted words of support as Mary attempted to swallow all the cum that David had released.

When David withdrew his softening cock, a little of the white substance dribbled out of Mary's mouth and onto her pink lips. With a smile at the men, she licked at the hot seed.

David returned his penis to his khaki pants and stepped back. "Fuck Mary, that was hot."

"Yes, it was." Garret began stroking himself with increased intensity as he stared down at Mary. She knew exactly what he wanted and the petite black-haired woman sat up on her knees with a sexy smile. Opening her mouth, Mary raised her blue eyes towards Garrett.

The Native American man groaned loudly as he continued manipulating his thick erection. Over-and-over again he pulled at the straining flesh. The need to climax grew in Garret and as his balls clenched painfully, he began to make an animalistic sound.

Garrett went rigid as he began to cum. Ropes of sperm landed on Mary's upturned face as Garrett jerked back and forth. Soon, the large man was spent and he stepped back with a shudder.

As Garrett's heartbeat began to slow, he reached down and took Mary's hand and pulled her into a standing position between him and David. Standing on tiptoes Mary wrapped her arms around Garrett's wide neck and began nibbling at his darkly-tanned throat.

Without warning, David slapped Mary's full ass and spoke, "I'll let you two finish up."

Mary yelped and turned her head towards the tall attorney with a slight giggle. With a conspiratorial look she added, "See you at breakfast."

Garrett wrapped his arm around her slim waist and looked at David, "See you in the morning."

David walked to the door just as Garrett lifted Mary like a small child and tossed her onto the four-poster bed with a grunt. Looking over his shoulder, David grinned at the couple and left.


"Morning Sexy." Dani leaned over Travis in the early morning light and kissed him lightly on his tanned forehead. No response. So, she began to nibble down his neck. Travis didn't move and she paused above him and whispered in a southern drawl, "Hmmm, playing possum?" Travis' eyes remained closed but he wrapped one arm around his wife and pulled her down onto his muscular chest. Dani nestled her head on his shoulder and molded her nude body against his body with a sigh. The married woman was happy. Today was her twentieth anniversary and her body ached from use. Not bad she thought to herself as she absentmindedly played with her husband's dark chest hair.

"Travis?" Dani whispered.

"Yes." He didn't move and he didn't open his eyes.

"Happy Anniversary." Dani lightly kissed her husband's chest.

Wrapping an arm around his wife, Travis hugged Dani and reluctantly opened his brown eyes as he replied, "Happy Anniversary, Baby."

"I love you." Dani's stroked Travis's chest as she spoke.

"I love you too."

Making a soft purring sound, Dani added, "Last night was amazing." Her body was aching and it felt delicious.

"Oh, you liked that did you?"

"Yes, you were an animal." Dani giggled. Excitement stirred inside her as she thought of how many times Travis had taken her the night before and she added, "I'm sore and it feels good."

"Mmmm...that's what I like to hear." Travis stroked the curvature of her body as he spoke.

"That feels so good." Dani wiggled against her husband while she allowed her hand to wander down his trim abdomen. "Maybe we should skip breakfast?"

Normally, Travis would have agreed but not this time. Breakfast wasn't a meal he wanted to miss. The thought of sitting across the table from Garrett and Mary was too enticing and he replied, "I have a better idea, I'm starving..." He squeezed her full ass firmly as he continued, "Let's go eat then I'm all yours."

Dani reached beneath the green coverlet and began to stroke Travis's semi-erect cock. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Travis replied with a small groan. Despite his words, Dani kept stroking him. Without thought he lifted his hips and pressed his rapidly growing cock against her hand.

"Are you sure?" Dani ran her fingers around his ball sack and gave the sensitive flesh a squeeze.

Without warning, Travis rolled his wife onto her back and pinned her arms above her head. Looking down at Dani, he laughed, "Guess, I'm going to have to fuck you first?" His dark brown eyes filled with desire as he nudged her thighs apart.

"Guess so," Dani gave Travis a sexy smile as she spoke.

Travis released her arms and grasped his wide cock. Dani spread her muscular thighs as Travis guided himself between her small pink folds. With one thrust, he plunged deeply into her warm slippery pussy. Dani wrapped her arms around her husband's broad back as she lifted her knees and allowed him to slide even deeper.

Braced on his forearms, Travis began moving back and forth. With each stroke, an image of the night before played out in his mind and Travis began to move with increased intensity. Soon he was fucking Dani so hard that she began to make small whimpering sounds.

Dani knew her husband and she knew him well. Travis loved it when she talked "dirty." So, she began to speak in a voice raw with passion, "That's right, fuck my pussy...mmm, your cock feels so good." Dani continued whispering words meant to please.

With a loud growl, Travis went rigid and began to jerk as he released cum deeply in his wife. Dani smiled as he collapsed on her with a loud release of air. He kissed her cheek and nuzzled her neck as his heartbeat returned to normal. Then he remembered the waiting provocative breakfast. Opening his eyes, Travis jumped from the bed and spoke.

"Thank you, that was great! Now pull something on, I'm starving." Travis took her hand and pulled her from the four-poster bed. Giving her a quick kiss on the cheek he slapped her exposed ass and added, "Come on, get moving."

Dani giggled like a teenager as she moved out of his reach and moved towards her suitcase. She pulled out a dark blue knit dress she had bought for the trip. The tight-fitting dress had been purchased with Travis in mind and was much sexier than Dani generally wore. She smiled as she wiggled it over head.

Then she pulled on a pair of brown Roper-style cowboy boots, turning to Travis she said, "What do you think?"

Travis finished putting on a pair of faded-blue wrangler jeans and looked at her. His dark brown eyes warmed in appreciation as he slowly appraised her. The stretchy fabric left nothing to the imagination and Dani's curvy body was on full display.

Letting out a low whistle, Travis replied, "I think I'm a lucky man; you look hot."

Dani wiggled her body in a provocative manner in response.

"You might want to brush your hair though." Travis laughed as Dani hurried to the small mirror hanging on the wall. Short blond hair stuck out in all directions and she grimaced at her reflection. Hurriedly she smoothed down her wayward hair and then grabbed a small bag containing their toothbrushes and toothpaste.

"We need to make a pit stop on the way." Dani held up the bag.

"Of course. Now, let's go."

Dani gave her husband a quizzical look, "You know you haven't complained once about the shared bathrooms, not once."

"What, I'm a bad guy for loving this place?" Travis sounded a little defensive.

"Of course not, I'm so happy you feel that way, so HAPPY!" Dani smiled tenderly at her husband. She couldn't remember feeling more content.


Thank you for reading my first exhibitionist / voyeur story. I hope you enjoyed. As always, I greatly appreciate your votes, comments, and feedback. You're the BEST!!!

YogaKay XOXO

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