tagBDSMMystique Bound

Mystique Bound


Mystique knelt naked on the bed, her blindfolded head pushing into the bedspread, her arms outstretched and tethered by soft cords to the bedposts, her heart racing as she imagined what was in store for her. The only information that she had was some stirring in the bathroom where her lover was making preparations. The cool air from the air conditioner touched her raised ass and her exposed pussy.

This was the third time she had met her internet lover. The first, nearly three months ago, was just for coffee and chat, and, althought there was some flirtation and footsy played beneath the table, that's all it was. He was much older than she, but experience told her that older men tended to know what they were doing in bed. Besides, he made her laugh and she felt very comfortable with him, not a big surprise, since they had been chatting on-line for several weeks. There was definitely an attraction -- a sexual tension that she knew would utimately be consumated.

Meeting again the next month, he had requested that she wear a skirt and no panties. When they embraced in the parking lot outside his motel and his hands immediately ran under her skirt to see if she had complied, a big smile crossing his face when he touched the naked flesh of her ass. Pulling her closer, they kissed with such passion that Mystique found herself unzipping his pants right there in the darkness, pulling out his throbbing cock and guiding it into her pussy. Pushed back against his car, they fucked with a wild abandon, neither caring whether they were hidden from sight or not, each only wanting to satisfying their longing for each other.

The rest of that night was spent in his motel room enjoying each other, exploring each other, satisfying each other.

As the weeks passed, their chat became more adventuresome as both expressed their most secret desires. Their cybering took on a distinct edge as Mystique became more submissive and her lover more dominant. Finally, they decided to act out these fantasies in real time.

Mystique's nipples were erect in anticipation and she could feel that her pussy was already wet when she heard her lover move from the bathroom to the bed. The bed shifted as he climbed on behind her, her skin tingled as his hands began roaming over her back and ass. Soon she felt his tongue probing her pussy and the sensations caused her to moan loudly. Vulnerable and exposed, she was helpless to stop him from doing whatever he pleased with her body and this caused such excitment that when his tongue touched her clit, she erupted in orgasm. Mystique heard her lover chuckling but he didn't say a word.

She could feel him kneeling behind her, his weight shifting as if he was reaching for something. When she felt the warm liquid touch her skin, she knew it was body oil, dripping down the crack of her ass to her pussy, then onward down her thighs and dripping onto the bed. His fingers began probing both her pass and pussy, sliding in effortlessly, aided by the oil. She loved the sensation of this double penetration and began to rock her hips backward to improve the pleasure. Again he chuckled. His fingers were soon replaced by plastic as he inserted a butt plug and a dildo into her open orifices. As the dildo vibrated inside her pussy, she swooned with ecstacy. Her arms strained against the tethers, the sweet ache only enhancing the pleasure. As the first wave of orgasm crashed through her body, she cried out loudly. Her body shuddered as her lover expertly fucked her with the devices. Turning her face into the bedspread, she tried to stifle her screams of pleasure when, just as her orgasm was subsiding, he began sucking on her hard clit, pulling it with his lips. Again she cried out. The electricity surged through her body. Her heart pounding in her chest. Her nipples piercing the bed. Msytique thought she was on the verge of passing out when he finally withdrew from between her legs.

Exhaling deeply and letting her chest collapse onto the bed, she couldn't imagine a more intense orgasm. But before she could relax, she felt the bed shift again and the hardness of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He thrust in hard, but Mystique was so wet that there was no pain, despite the ferocity of his penetration. Pushing back to meet his every thrust, Mystique was feeling the pleasure growing inside her again. All she wanted was to be fucked. She wanted his cock to erupt inside her. All here senses were focused on his cock pumping inside her. The only thought that raced through her mind was that nothing could be better than this.

Then she discovered that it could be better. She felt the sharp crack of his hand on her ass as he slapped her butt cheek hard. The sting of the slap added to the pleasure of his fucking. Another stinging slap. Then another. She could feel the tingling on her ass cheeks as his spanking complemented his plunging cock. The pleasure was unspeakable. Mystique began moaning loudly, not caring who heard her. When he reached forward and grabbed her hair, and pulled her head backward sharply, Mystique erupted again, her body convulsing wildly, her aching arms pulling against the cords. She could feel his cock stiffen as he came inside her, his own moans louder than her own, until he collapsed onto her back.

Feeling him move off of the bed, she was relieved to feel her cords released and he helped her to roll over onto her back.

Still blindfolded, she again felt his tongue lapping on her clit, just a gentle sucking that ultimately gave her one final orgasm.

When her blindfold was finally removed, she saw him grinning widely. She knew that he had enjoyed pleasing her and much as she enjoyed being pleased, and she knew that this once the the beginning of their adventures together. She smiled wickedly as she spied his flaccid cock.

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