tagLoving WivesMystique Ch. 03

Mystique Ch. 03


I was sitting on one of the chairs that came with the house thinking what a major dump I had moved into when my new mobile rang. I checked caller ID saw it is was Ian and answered "Yes what can I do you for?" I asked.

"Hello to you to I see your still in a good mood I see" was his reply.

"Well at this moment in time I don't feel in to good a mood for some reason I can't think why can you?" I said.

"Ah well John that is one of the reasons I called. I have someone here who needs to talk to you and I think you ought to listen to her" he said.

"Fuck that! There is absolutely nothing I want to say to that bitch and there is nothing I want to hear from her. I thought I made it plain to you the other night" with that I pressed disconnect and then switched my phone off. I was making a cup of tea about an hour later when there was a knock on the door I opened it to find Ian standing there.

"Bloody difficult place to find you know, going to invite me in or not?" He asked.

Standing to one side I said "Please feel free to enter my humble hole" He stepped through the door into my combined sitting and dining room.

Looking around he said "I have seen better foxholes in war zone's than this." He turned to face me "John you need to come and talk to Sue, She came home last night and has explained what is going on and I really think you should hear it as well" he said.

"Ian as I said on the phone earlier there is nothing I want to hear from her except maybe goodbye for ever." I went to walk past him towards my kitchen "I would appreciate you closing the door as you leave" There was a blur of movement and I found myself face down on my filthy floor with my right arm in a very painful position unable to move.

"Now then John there are two ways you can proceed from here." Came Ian's voice from somewhere behind me. "Option one is I release this arm you stand up and we go to my car. We drive to my house you listen to your wife's explanation and you talk." He said in a very calm conversational manner.

"Ian what would option two be please?" I asked as my arm started to loose all feeling.

"Ah I am glad you asked. Option two involves me doing certain things to certain pressure points. This will render you unconscious for a period. During this period I will tie you up and put you in my car drive you to my house tie you to a chair so your wife can explain what is happening. No pressure I don't mind which way you choose to go, but option one is a lot less painful." He said in the same calm voice.

"I think I will take option one if you don't mind" I said after about one seconds thought.

"Jolly good up you get then" Ian said as he helped me to my feet. We walked out to Ian's Range Rover and he drove us to his house. We spent the journey in silence until we turned into his drive.

"When we get into the house you will be polite and civil or I will rip your bloody head off your shoulders and stuff it up your arse do I make myself clear?" he asked.

"Yes Ian you have made yourself clear I will do my best OK?" I replied. He nodded as he pulled up at the side of the house.

Ian's house was set in the middle of the yard for his farm. He had converted several of the old out buildings to offices for his business and some guest cottages. It was a really idyllic location so peaceful. I looked around admiring the view and trying to put off going into the house.

Ian walked around the car and looked at me "come on lets go in." We walked into the kitchen, like a lot of farm kitchens Ian and Claire lived in there. Sat at the big table were both Sue and Claire they both had hot drinks in their hands. They looked up as we walked in Sue had very red eye's and what looked like a bruise on her cheek she gave me a small smile which vanished when she saw the look I gave her.

Claire stood up "Hello John can I get you a drink?" she asked.

"Can I have a cup of tea please." I replied.

Ian walked to his chair and sat down and gave Sue a smile and said "I will have a coffee if I can please darling" to Claire. "John don't just stand there sit down." I sat down as far from Sue as possible.

"Well I am here so why don't you explain what I saw on those DVD's and why you threw our marriage down the toilet."I said. Sue started crying again and Claire went and gave her a cuddle.

Ian gave me an angry look "What did I say about being civil John." He said.

"Sorry Ian I will try and remember but it will not be easy."I replied

Sue blew her nose sat up and looked at me "It started during my second year at university during the period after my dad died." she said.

"Do you mean that you have been making dirty movies since you were at university?" I shouted jumping to my feet.

Ian stood up "John you will shut up and sit down and let Sue explain." As I sat down again Claire put a cup of tea in front of me.

Sue looked at me and started over "after dad died I went off the rails a fair bit. I blamed myself for the accident because he was returning home after taking me to university when it happened. I started drinking quite heavily and occasionally using drugs. Money became tight because every thing was tied up. Mum was struggling and couldn't spare any money for me. The bills started to gang up on me and I was desperate for money. It was then that Hannah told me how she was paying her way through university." Sue looked down at her hands then took a deep breath "she was working in a pole and lap dancing club a couple of evenings a week. She introduced me to the owner and that was when I first met Dave.

I started one evening a week pole dancing and developed some routines with Hannah's help. After a couple of months I was doing three evenings a week. The money was good and I was enjoying it. Dave started to help me dry out saying I couldn't perform under the influence of booze or drugs. He became like a big brother and father figure to me, he got me dry and straight. Later he asked if I wanted to try lap dancing as the money was a lot better than I was getting. I tried it and it went well, so I developed some more routines and went up to four evenings a week. There was a back room where private parties took place. Usually city bankers that sort of people they were really loaded. Hannah did a couple of events and came home with nearly five hundred pounds for a two hour show. She said I should try and get in there as the money was amazing." Sue paused while she had a sip of her tea.

"Dave suggested that Hannah and I work out some routines and do a double act. We did our first show a couple of weeks later and came out with three hundred pounds each. We developed various routines and we became one of the most popular acts for the private shows. We were able to just do the private shows which were usually only one or two times a month, so I was able to catch up with my course work. When we finished at university we finished at the club. Dave was really kind to us we got a finishing bonus and told us to stay in touch. Dave always remembered our birthdays with a card and a card at Christmas. If we went into London we would meet up for the occasional coffee or a quick lunch and chat about how things were going. When we got married Dave said he would stop sending the cards but we still met up for the odd lunch or coffee." Sue stopped to resettle her self in her chair.

"When we were talking about starting our business he asked if he could help in any way. He lent us eighty five thousand at two percent over Bank of England base rate. It was fine while we were doing well but when the crash came we struggled to pay. He said we could defer the payments for a while until things picked up. Then late last year we decided we couldn't keep going there was no money coming in so we told Dave we would be declaring bankruptcy. Dave turned up at the office and basically told us that bankruptcy was not an option open to us. If we went bankrupt we would owe him one hundred and fifty thousand pounds with interest we had built up due to none payment. We would not be able to get out of paying him because he wouldn't let us off the debt." Sue paused and took a sip of her tea and blew her nose.

"David said that we needed to diversify, he said with all the equipment we had we should start making movies. We asked him what kind of movies we could make with the amount of money we had. He said that it was obvious we should make hard core porn movies. They were quite cheap and quick to make and give us a quick cash boost. He would consolidate the loan with a bit extra to start us off. We would keep a small percentage of profits for our overheads the rest would go to him to pay off the loan. We could also keep doing our corporate stuff when it came up. We were stuck so we said yes. In the next two or three weeks we made three movies. Dave supplied the actors and we wrote and produced them." Sue stood up and started to walk around the kitchen at this point twisting her hanky.

"Dave came to see us after the third film was released and told us what we were making was basically crap and not selling very well. We needed to come up with something better or we would be in even more trouble. He asked if you would write us a screen play I said no I didn't want to involve you. How he got hold of your outline for Mystique I don't know but he came to the office a few days later to say it would be perfect for us. I again said no there was no way I was going to involve you. He said I would do it or he would have to let you see what I had got up to at university. He gave me an envelope with some photo's in and said if I didn't agree to this you would receive copies. I thought if your book eventually got published you wouldn't mind too much so I agreed." She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"You didn't think I would mind having my work, my ideas turned into hard core pornography you sure as hell got that one wrong." I said angrily.

"I know but I wanted to keep my past from you, I now know I was wrong and I am so sorry." She said.

"Sue you said you would tell and show John everything." said Ian.

"I know but I thought I would show him all the pictures in one go." Sue said.

"I think you should do it the way you told me, it will be easier." was Ian's reply. With that Sue handed me three A4 sized photos.

I looked at them the first showed Sue in a silver bikini with matching knee high platform boots with very heavy makeup. She was kneeling and smiling into the camera. The next two were the same basic shots but she was topless. I looked at Sue "these aren't to bad I assume they are promotional pictures"

"Yes they were displayed just in side the club whenever I was dancing" She replied. She handed me some more pictures "we didn't know these ones were being taken. They are stills from the security cameras in the club."

The next five were completely different, they were very grainy and the images were not as nice. They showed what looked like Sue and Hannah but it was hard to tell. The makeup was well over the top, think David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days. The outfits were more extreme it looked like a lot of leather and chains with stockings, platform boots, whips and the most surprising bit they were both wearing large strap on dildos. There were two shots of them performing oral sex on the dildos and the final one of Sue fucking Hannah with the strap on.

"Sue give him the other one's please" said Ian.

Sue reluctantly handed me another group of pictures these were different again. The outfits and makeup were the same but Sue was sucking on a cock of a man sat on a stool, the face of the man looked vaguely familiar. The next three were similar but Hannah was in some of the shots along with Sue.

"These would have upset me but you did this before we met. I think we might have been able to talk this through. If you explained it as you just have I think I might have understood I don't know. As I never had the oportunity we will never know will we? One question though, was this the usual way one of your shows went?" I asked.

"No we only did that sort of thing on the odd occasion" Sue said.

"How many is the odd occasion ten times or more or less?" I asked.

"We did four shows like that with about ten people attending" she replied.

"Ok so was that forty different people or the same people four times" was my next question.

"Some of the people were the same I would say it was a mix of about twenty people. We only ever did oral and they had to wear a condom" she replied.

"Well that's a relief I am glad you were practising safe sex. I suppose we had better move on to how you became a porn star. Before we do would you like to guess how often I had any form of sex with someone else before I met you?"

Sue looked at me and shook her head.

"Well as you won't guess I had better tell you a grand total of zero. You were the first, I was still a virgin when we met I know it's hard to believe in this day and age." Sue looked shocked "If I was to ask you the same Sue would you be able to tell me?" I asked. She looked at me and shook her head.

"Well that covers that so could you tell me how you went from producing to starring in porn movies please" I said.

"When David got the first chapters he came to see us" Sue said starting her story again. "He said it had great potential as a movie script and he was looking for a female lead. When he saw us again a couple of days later he said all the actors he had seen were not suitable. We were talking about what we could do, as we talked David suddenly said to me to stand up and turn around for him. I did as he asked and as I sat down again he said I would be perfect. I said what do you mean perfect? Dave smiled and said John must have based Mystique on you, you have the perfect body for the part." Sue was looking straight at me as she said this shaking and twisting her hands.

"I sat there stunned for a minute and told him to fuck off. He smiled again and said just hang on a minute Sue if you both starred it would increase the profit and mean you pay off your loan quicker. Both Hannah and I told him to forget it there was no way we were going to star in any film. He sat there for a minute then sighed are you both sure you won't change your mind he asked. We said yes and told him to come up with another idea. He stood up and said he would be in touch soon." Sue paused to take another sip of her tea.

"Anyway that night Hannah got a phone call from her brother to say her mum was in hospital. When she got there she found out that the police thought she had disturbed a burglar. Her mum was in intensive care on life support and it was touch and go." Sue stopped again and handed me two further photos they showed an elderly lady with cuts and bruises all over her face and upper body.

"She had three broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken arm, two black eyes and other cuts and bruises all over her body. The police say she was hit with something like a baseball bat." Sue stopped and wiped her eyes.

"That afternoon David came to see me he showed deep concern for Hannah's mother. It is a deep shame that nobody is safe any more I mean a little old lady being hit with a baseball bat like that he said. I was shocked because nobody out side of the family knew about the bat. He continued it would be a shame if it was to say happen again or your lovely husband was to suffer a similar fate I mean burglaries and car accidents are so common these days aren't they he said with little smile. After he left the office I went to the toilet and was violently sick.

I phoned Hannah and arranged to go and see her after visiting that evening. When I got to her house I told her what David had said. She started crying and asking what we could do. We talked for hours and at the end of it we couldn't see a way out. We had to agree to his demands" Sue paused to wipe her eyes. I sat there stunned I looked across at Sue sitting there sobbing quietly. I then looked at Ian and Claire. He sat there holding Claire's hands as she sat there trying not to cry.

"Well Sue there is one thing you could have done straight away." I said "You could have come to me I am after all your husband we could have tried to sort something out." I had started quietly but by the time I had finished I was shouting. "Instead of that you agree to become David's whore willing to fuck whoever he told you too. Stuff me stuff our wedding vows as long as you can get all parts of your body filled with cocks I don't matter." I was pacing the kitchen by then.

At this point Ian spoke "John you are being unreasonable let Sue finish."

I starred at him for a minute "I am being unreasonable am I what about my so called wife sat there"

Ian looked me straight in the eye "John shut up sit down and let Sue finish."

I sat down again turning to Sue I said "please carry on darling I am waiting with baited breath."

Sue looked straight at me "Yes I got all my holes fucked as you so politely put it but I didn't have a choice. Once we started filming any time we said no they would say something to remind us what would happen to the family members we loved."

Ian looked at me "John I am going to take Claire into the other room because she doesn't like this" He stood up a put his arm around Claire. They left the room together leaving Sue and me alone.

Pointing to the bruise on her cheek "I got this yesterday at the airport for flying home early." Lifting her jumper and moving her bra to one side she showed me a set of dark bruise's on the side of her breast "This is where he grabbed me when we got to the car. I have apparently messed up the film schedule and they are not happy with what you did either."

"Who did this? Was it David?" I asked.

"No it was his driver he's called Izzie he does all David's muscle work." She pulled her jumper back on. I stood there looking at her for a minute while she straightened herself up.

"Why didn't you come to me at the start there must have been something we could do" I said. She smiled her sad smile that I knew so well.

"If I knew then what I know now I probably would have. All I know is that I would rather have you mad at me than dead." Sue answered

I looked at Sue "knowing what I know now a bit of me wishes I was. At least then I wouldn't hurt so much, I love you as much as I did when I first met you. But the images of what you have done will not go away. I know why you did them now but it still doesn't take the hurt away. A big part of me wants to take you into my arms and kiss you. Another part and it is a smaller part than it was wants to tell you to go to hell and leave me alone." I said.

Sue put her hand on my arm "if the small part could forgive me do you think we have a chance?" she asked

"To tell you the truth I don't know. Mystique was my fantasy of you, David was right when he said you looked like her and between the two of you, you took my dream my fantasy and you trashed it. I imagined us making love with you dressed as her" I replied.

"What do you mean we trashed it? We filmed it as you wrote it" Was Sue's angry response. "I went through hell bringing your story to life, bringing your words to life. I was starting to think I didn't know you with all the sick things you wrote. Hannah said that you needed major help to have all the shit in your head sorted out."

I looked at her and shook my head "I suppose you got this from the man who was blackmailing you into acting out this abortion. The film you are making has hardly any relationship to the story I wrote. Some of the dialog is similar but the sex scenes are nothing like those in my story." I said

"You are shitting me!" she shouted "We went through total hell and it is not even your story Fuck it! She sat back down at the table and started to cry.

I sat down opposite her and reached over to take her hand "My mystique would not have worn most of what you had on in the Paris hotel scene. The way I wrote it she was dressed in hand made thigh boots with stiletto heels not those clumping great things you were wearing. Yes the corset and gloves you wore were close but again in my story they were bespoke hand made. I spent ages researching designers and manufacturers to get her look right" I explained.

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