N-Day on V-Day


"God, that always set my mind on fire!" Maggie murmured. She thought briefly of taking Danny's hand and setting it against her vulva, but some things were best handled on her own. Exultant in the safe glow of their home and the blanket and Danny's arms, Maggie kept her eyes glued to the screen and went to town on herself, feeling even more aroused than in days of old with the knowledge that Danny was watching.

Danny, for his part and to Maggie's delight, leaned in and began kissing and fondling her breasts.

Maggie arched her back in pleasure and moaned. "Ohhhh, Danny, thank god, it's about time! Yes!"


The club had a name -- The Rayon Lounge, of all things -- but as it was the only dance club in their entire county, everyone Sarah knew just called it "the club". The last surviving business in an old strip mall just off the interstate, its blacked-out windows betrayed disco-lights and thumping beats that gave the scene its only sign of civilization. Sarah had managed to persuade Matt not to drive, so they had stopped by his car in Buzzy's parking lot only to retrieve a towel and a clean shirt for Len. He still stank of beer, but at least he looked presentable enough to get in.

There was a five dollar cover for the men, none for the ladies. As usual Sarah offered to chip in for the guys' cover, and as usual she was rebuffed. "Maybe that's how you roll back East, but here a man pays his own way," Gary proclaimed.

"Whatever," Sarah grumbled, putting her wallet back in her purse. Secretly she was pleased at his reaction for once, because the booze-addled trek across town had made her seriously reconsider her wisdom in rejecting Rob's invitation. A night in front of the TV sounded awfully good just now. But she'd cast her lot with Matt and the boys, and they were here.

"Aw, damn," Len said, checking his watch as they took turns checking their coats. "Six more minutes and I lose."

"You're up next, Sarah," Matt said. "Looks like you had it right after all. But Len, I wouldn't be surprised if they're already in the club."

"Yeah, right," Sarah said as she collected the ticket for her coat. "I'll see you guys on the floor?" She headed for the inside door without waiting for the others -- it had been a long walk over and she'd had a lot of beer beforehand. Someday she would remember to pee before leaving the bar, she promised herself once again.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?" Matt demanded.

"Where do you think?!" Sarah snapped over her shoulder as she hurried off to the ladies' room.

Naturally there was a line, but no use in grumbling about that. As she took her place in line just inside the door, the woman in front of her looked up, and Sarah recognized her -- but only just. The vague recognition was mutual, Sarah could tell, as they assessed one another awkwardly. It came to them both almost simultaneously. "Oh my god," the other woman exclaimed, "Buzzy's! You're friends with that guy I..."

"I'm not feeling very friendly with him tonight, I'll tell you," Sarah said. "Whatever Gary said to you, I'm sorry."

"Do you want to know what it was?" she asked.

"Probably not," Sarah said. "Christ, I can't believe I even let the guys talk me into coming out tonight. They're all on an I-hate-Valentine's-Day tear, and thanks to them I'm hating it too right now."

"That's what we're out for tonight too. Truth is, we were hoping to meet some nice guys at Buzzy's, but no offense..."

"My friends aren't nice," Sarah acknowledged. "Believe me, I know. Would've been a great night for a girls-night-in, wouldn't it? Just curl up with a big box of chocolates and some stupid romantic movies."

"Nah, no thanks," said the other woman, who apparently wasn't planning to introduce herself. "We already do that way too often here, my girls and me. The whole point tonight was to go out and have some fun and fuck all with the idea that you have to have a man on V-Day."

"And are you having fun, though?" Sarah asked.

"Sure are!" It didn't sound sincere to Sarah, but there was no chance for her to push the issue, as a stall opened up then for her friend. Sarah, now first in line, waited in silence for the last moments before her turn and told herself she was having fun. She didn't believe herself either. Maybe Matt would be right for once and Maggie and Danny would be there. That would liven up the evening a bit, at least.


The show had been over for some time, and Danny's screen-saver was now flashing its brief piercing colors across the dim living room. Maggie had long since brought herself to two orgasms, but Danny wasn't done. He rubbed and kissed Maggie's breasts until she was frothing with desire and certain she'd wet the cushions yet again with her arousal. But once again he didn't touch any other part of her body. Maggie eased her pleasant frustration with several more of the chocolates before Danny gave her breasts a final squeeze and sat back up.

"You're not done," she cooed.

"I know," he said. "But we nearly forgot about this." He reached over to the table and picked up the posterboard.

"Yeah, just what is that?" Maggie asked, forgetting for the moment how she longed to have him make love to her already. She turned to look at Danny, but of course she was looking at his body rather than whatever the silly thing was that he was now holding up. He truly was magnificent in the warm glow of the screen and the one lamp across the room.

Danny turned the posterboard around. It was plastered with sloppily colored hearts of every hue in the rainbow and then some, each and every one with Maggie's name written in the center. Some of them were misspelled ("Maggy," "Magi" and even more creative mistakes), a few were barely legible, but she could make out her name in all of them. Several of them had other messages written in smaller letters.

"Oh, Danny! Your kids?"

"I wouldn't let them have any valentine candy until they colored the hearts," Danny said. "Then we got to paste them all on the board one by one."

He handed the card to Maggie, and she perused the messages among the hearts. "We love you!" "Happy Val Day." "Hope you like our town." And more. Maggie felt tears of joy welling up as she set the card down on the table.

"You like?" Danny asked.

"I love!" She took him in a fierce embrace once again. "And I love you!" The pleasant buzz of the wine having taken its hold, she held his nude body chastely for a few moments, and then reached down with both hands and grasped his hard cock. "Isn't this thing ever going to go down?" she teased.

"Not while you're dressed like that, it isn't."

"Well, I think it's past time we do something about that, now isn't it?" Once again squeezing him gently, she pulled him back toward the bedroom.


"What do we say?" Matt screamed, barely audible over the music.

"Fuck Valentine's Day!" came the guys' ragged harmony. Sarah joined in half-heartedly, and they all smashed their vodka coolers together and took fast gulps.

"Ugg," Sarah grunted after swallowing the bitter swig. "I'm done after this bottle, guys."

"Lightweight!" Gary teased.

"Girls always are," Dave agreed. "What do you expect?"

"I expect to see daylight tomorrow instead of crawling to the bathroom all day!" Sarah shot back.

"Tell you what," Matt said. "You don't want any more drinks? I'll stop drinking as soon as Maggie and Danny turn up. But if they're not here by midnight, then you have to buy the next round including one for yourself, Sarah."

"Oh, give it up, Matt!" Sarah screamed. "They're not coming! They're a lame, pathetic married couple, and they're probably tucked into bed already so they can get up tomorrow and go shop for wallpaper or something boring like that!"

"She's right, Matt," Len added. "Marriage is a death sentence. Let's just be glad we're still living tonight!"

"Sounds good to me, man," Gary said. "Speakin' of which, I'm off to get some other chick to throw her drink in my face!" Amidst laughter from the others -- even Sarah -- he vanished into the crowd. Dave and Len followed his lead without another word.

Matt slugged down the remainder of his drink in one gulp, and set the bottle on the empty table where they'd never even bothered to sit down. "So Sarah," he said. "Now I'll dance with you. All you had to do was wait, see?"

"Lucky me," Sarah grumbled. But with nothing else to do anyway, she let him take her hand and drag her out to the floor. It was overcrowded and they soon found themselves bumping into strangers who were thrashing about even drunker than they were. But Sarah was too far gone to care -- much.

"Just wait 'til Maggie and Danny hear what they missed tomorrow!" Matt called out.

"What?" Sarah yelled back, the music being much too loud to hear anything.

"Maggie and Danny!" she heard him say this time. "What they missed!"

"Yeah!" Sarah called back, though she still hadn't heard what he said about Maggie and Danny. It didn't matter, and at this late hour she didn't care.


Maggie lit an incense stick on the dresser, and turned the radio on. The county's only FM station was a country station, but at least they were playing love songs for the occasion. She turned around to address Danny, who was curled up on their bed. "Now then," she announced. "I haven't been wearing anything but my wedding ring all night, but I'm still waiting for the one and only gift I really wanted, dear."

"Just wanted to enjoy the buildup," Danny replied, admiring her body yet again. "And I have. That's what N-day is all about, isn't it?"

"Well, I don't know!" Maggie replied, looking down at her own body now. "I mean, it used to be about getting comfortable with being intimate with each other. But I'd say now we are comfortable, aren't we?"

"Extremely," Danny agreed, getting slowly to his feet. "I guess it's just that it's so much fun just to look at you, naked all evening like this. Reminds me of how I felt just before the wedding, when I knew I'd be seeing you like this soon, finally, and the anticipation was so frustrating but so delicious! And then that first night, there you were -- breasts and curves and hair just as I had imagined it all again and again!" As he spoke, he put his arms around Maggie from behind, and at long last ran his right hand through her bush while once again caressing her breasts with his left. "And the great thing about N-day is, it's a chance to look at you just like that over again, and again, and again."

Maggie didn't answer, except with an intense moan of relief as she finally enjoyed his fingers exploring her pussy. She pushed back into his body in a slow, gentle rhythm for a few minutes, and then turned and pulled him to the bed. "So nice to look, all right," she whispered. "But that was never all we wanted, was it?" She kissed him deeply, and then fell back on the pillows before him.

Danny curled two fingers slowly into the folds of Maggie's vagina, and she braced herself for more teasing. Instead, he reached in just as she liked it, and began rubbing her gently into a lather once again. "Ohhhh, so good..." It was all she could say in the heat of the moment, as his loving touch was building her up quickly after the long wait. Maggie reached out for some part of Danny to caress in return, but found nothing. The moment was for her anyway, she knew he would say, if he was talking at all just then. But he didn't. Instead, he kept up with the caresses until Maggie was shrieking for joy.

"Now you," Maggie announced as soon as his fingers were out. Before he could argue the point, she was up and had him pinned to the bed on his back. The moment she had awaited all evening finally arrived as she took his cock in both hands and guided it inside. This was one moment that was nothing like their first time: the awkwardness, performance anxiety and her issues with blood and pain were naught but a distant memory as she enveloped him expertly and without hesitation.

"Ohhhhhhh, yesssss." Danny sighed.

"See what you were depriving yourself of all night?" she teased as she ground into his hips. It was the last articulate comment she would make for the time being, for soon both of them were lost in carefree moans of delight. Neither of them had been very good at making noise the first couple of times, Maggie recalled now -- they were just too self-conscious, she guessed -- but that too had bitten the dust in favor of uninhibited lust. Although she had already come a couple of times earlier in the evening, she was as randy as ever as she admired her husband beneath her and inside her, writhing about the mattress and yelping intensely with every thrust. That only added fuel to her own fire, which she relieved with beautiful moans of her own.

"CanIcome?" he asked one quick breath.

"Do it!" she screeched. And he did. Maggie felt the wonderful spurt, and slowed down as his howling grew a bit too intense. With a triumphant flair, she stopped but continued squeezing him tightly within and finished herself off with her fingers while Danny looked adoringly up at her. When at last she was done, she collapsed atop him with a long, delightful kiss.

"I love you so much, Maggie."

"I love you too, Danny!"


"Good thing we got you out of there when we did, Matt," Len said from a safe distance as he, Dave and Gary watched Matt throw up in the bushes just beyond the parking lot.

"Coulda been out in plenty more time if Sarah hadn't had to pee again," Matt grumbled between retches.

"Go easy on her, man, girls can't just whip it out, you know that," Dave reminded him.

"Speaking of which," Len said, "Maybe I should've gone too before we left." He looked back toward the door, where he was sure the bouncer was pretending not to notice Matt.

"No!" Matt snapped. "We ain't goin' back in there! The bowling alley now. And you can whip it out anyplace you want, remember?"

"Bet Sarah's gonna love that," Gary said.

Secretly, she did. "Nice show, Len," she said ten minutes later when the bowling alley was still several minutes' walk away and Len couldn't hold it any longer. He was walking sideways to try to avoid letting her see anything, but failing miserably. "Must be great being so convenient."

"If Matt hadn't been such a hard ass about letting me hit the men's room..." Len groused.

"Yeah, sure, it's my fault you drank too much," Matt croaked. His throat was burning with the lingering taste of his drinks coming back up, and he'd managed to say barely anything for once on the cold walk.

"Look who's talking?" Dave shot back. "I'd rather have his problem than yours, Matt."

"Yeah, speaking of which, are you going to puke again?" Sarah asked him. "Cause I can stand watching guys pee, but throwing up? No thanks!"

"Dunno," Matt admitted. "Maybe"

"Let me know if you do," Sarah said. "I want a fair chance to look away."

"Yes ma'am."

The all-night bowling alley was already crowded with spillovers from the dance club, but there were a few lanes free. Matt didn't even bother pretending he wanted to bowl, instead slumping down in the seat by the ball-return while Sarah and the others slipped on their colorful shoes. Exhausted, but less drunk than the others, Sarah managed to bowl a decent game that easily outdistanced Dave, Gary and Len. She spent most of the time in between her turns looking around at the other bowlers -- mostly sadsack parties of one sex or the other, and a few with a token like herself. Feeling like an extra in a fifties movie in her dress and ridiculous shoes, she was once again in a mood to dance now, but it didn't look like any of the guys she could see were in any mood for that.

Gary was sharp enough to go get a huge bottle of water for Matt and coffee for everyone else. Sarah thought long and hard before sipping hers...she felt like going home, and this would keep her awake when that was the last thing she wanted. But the plan had always been to end the night with waffles at dawn, and that was sounding far more enticing than walking home alone, no matter how pathetic the company.

"Thanks, Gary," she finally said, and sipped the hot coffee as quickly as she could stand to.

"Fuck," Matt groaned after managing to gulp down some of the water. "Stuff's so cold."

"It beats the headache you'll get if you don't get some water down," Len reminded him.

"Yeah, I know," Matt admitted. "I just fucking hate hangovers. But at least I know I'm living this way."

"Yeah, poor Maggie and Danny," Gary said. "Sure is a shame they missed out on all the fun."


The clock read 3:08 when Maggie woke up. Danny was dead to the world in her arms, and the radio was still playing mellow country songs. The incense had long since burned away, but the scent lingered. The long awaited afterglow had taken its turn, and they had both fallen asleep with the bedside light on. It cast a lovely warm light over her husband's silent body, which rose and fell ever so slightly with his breathing. As Maggie came to full-consciousness, the scene still felt more like a dream than reality.

Maggie looked around at the lamp, and the dresser, as much as she could without disentangling herself from Danny. The sensible thing to do, she realized slowly but surely, was to get up and turn off the light and the radio. But that would mean disturbing the blissful scene, she reflected, and since when did N-day have to be sensible at all?

Maggie caressed Danny's chest lightly with her free hand, and closed her eyes again. With the lilting steel guitar strains on the radio serenading her, she was soon fast asleep again.


Three coffees later, Sarah finally bowled a 200. "Yes!" she exclaimed as the final pin fell. "Knew I could do it!"

"Nice job," said the man in the next lane who, like Sarah, was the last one standing among his gang.

"Thank you," said Sarah, feeling cheerful for the first time since the dance with Rob hours before. Her right arm was going to hurt like hell for a day or so, but it had all been worth it.

"Yeah, well done," Len said sleepily, having apparently been aroused just now by Sarah's exclamation. He squinted at the screen. "Two hundred? Nice."

"Thanks," Sarah said. Len held out his hand, and she took it and helped pull him up. "Now, let's go get the waffles already and call it a night!"

"Yeah," said Matt, who had been awake but immobile for ages. "Waffles." He stood up and looked groggily at Sarah as she took off her bowling shoes and slipped her own back on. "Haven't you got to pee first?"

"Haven't you got to puke first?" Sarah replied without looking at him.

Dave and Gary, now awake as well, laughed at the comeback. "Well played," Dave said. "Yeah, let's go get the waffles. Then I can go to fucking bed."

"Fucking bed," Sarah repeated. "Wish I'd had one of those tonight." All the guys howled through their hangovers as Sarah paid the lane fee and handed back her shoes.

The sky showed no sign yet of dawn being anywhere near, but the streetlamps reflected off the snowbank to light their way down the hill to the diner. It was only a ten-minute walk or so, but Sarah was famished -- not to mention sick and tired of hearing Matt whine about his condition. "Fuck, I wish I could drink the goddamn snow," he said. "Need a Tylenol too."

"I have some," Sarah said, then immediately wished she hadn't.

"I can guess why you got that on you," Matt teased. "Thought you were acting kind of cranky tonight."

"Fine, then," Sarah snapped. "I have some, but you're not getting any of it now!"

"So it is that time," Matt needled again.

"Dude, shut up!" Len snapped. "You've been a pig with her all night, and here she was trying to help you! What the fuck's wrong with you?"

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