N-Day on V-Day


"Lighten up, man!" Matt shot back. "It's just a friggin' joke! She thought it was funny, really, didn't you, Sarah?"

"Does it sound to you like I did?" Sarah grumbled. She ought to thank Len for at least seeing the light for a moment, she thought to herself. But she didn't.

"Hey," Gary piped up. "Maybe Danny and Maggie will be out for breakfast. Then you still win, Sarah."

"Yeah, maybe they got the bright idea to come laugh at us while we're all sick," Dave said.

"They ain't gonna be there," Matt said. "Those two losers are probably just going to sleep in like old people."

Sure enough, they were not at the diner. A few other late-night revelers were there among the early risers of the town. As the hostess pointed the gang to an empty booth near the kitchen door, Sarah cast one hopeful look around the room...and her hopes were answered. There, alone at the bar and halfway through a stack of blueberry pancakes, was Rob. As Matt and the boys settled themselves, Sarah turned to them and said, "Guys, I have to go say hello to someone. Go ahead and start without me."

Matt mumbled something probably insulting in return, but Sarah ignored him and made her way to the bar. She tapped Rob on his unsuspecting shoulder. "Good morning!" she said.

Rob turned around. "Sarah! Hey! Join me for breakfast?"

"I'd love to," and she swung up into the seat next to his. "So where are your buddies?"

"Asleep since halfway through the first movie," Rob said. "You had the right idea not joining us. I just woke up an hour or so ago and figured I might as well go get breakfast. You did too, I take it?"

The waitress came by before Sarah could answer, so she ordered waffles and scrambled eggs and the biggest glass of orange juice they had, and then turned back to Rob. "No," she said with a sleepy grin.

"Don't tell me you've been up all night!" Rob exclaimed.

"Uh, okay," Sarah yawned. "I won't tell you." And they shared a laugh. "I think maybe I should have joined you guys after all," she continued. "Matt and the guys...I don't know. They're my friends, but they're such little boys. They were tonight anyway. Drunk and sick and miserable, and all the while talking about how wonderful it is that we're sticking it to Valentine's Day. I guess I should've known all along they were jealous."

"Jealous of who?" Rob asked.

"Maggie and Danny."


"Oh, sorry!" Sarah took a gulp of ice-water. "Another couple of our friends. They're married. We tried to get them to come out with us tonight but they wanted to stay in."

"It's a good day to do that when you're married, isn't it?" Rob asked.

"Wish I didn't have to go through tonight to see it, but yes," Sarah said. "Wouldn't have made any difference if I hadn't, though, since I'm single." She cast a longing look over at Matt, but he didn't appear to even be aware of her absence. He was slumped glassy eyed in his seat, pretending to follow along with Gary's latest joke from the looks of it.

"How long have you had a crush on him?" Rob prodded knowingly.

Sarah's initial instinct was to deny she ever had, but she quickly tamped that down. "Months," she admitted. "Right up to tonight."

"Something happened tonight to put you off him, then?" Rob asked, just as the waitress brought Sarah's breakfast.

Sarah thanked the waitress and set about spreading the butter across the waffle. "More like everything happened to do that," she said to Rob. She took a forkful of the piping hot egg, and just before her first bite, she touched Rob's thigh and grinned at him. "Thanks for listening."


Danny woke up to the sound of Maggie prattling away on the phone out in the kitchen. He stumbled out of bed and reached for his bathrobe, but remembered just in time that it was N-day. Ambling naked out to the kitchen, he saw Maggie standing equally bare by the coffeemaker as she said goodbye and hung up the phone. "That was Sarah," she told Danny as she reached for the coffeepot to pour him a cup. "She has a date for tonight!"

"Matt finally woke up, did he?" Danny asked, happily admiring his wife's body in the morning light.

"No," Maggie said. "Matt was his usual immature self all night, and she's finally got him out of her system just like I did. Thank god! No, the guy's name is Rob, I think she said. He's the only guy who asked her to dance all night, she said, and then they ran into each other at the diner."

"You mean they really did stay out all night?!" Danny asked. "I was sure Matt was just blowing smoke on that."

"So was I," Maggie said, "But they did. I'm sure glad we had each other to use as an excuse not to join them."

"Yeah, who needs a night like that when you could stay in?" Danny agreed. He set down his coffee cup and reached for Maggie, who turned and let him play with her breasts. She laughed gently at his touch, and returned the favor.

"You know, they are still at the diner," Maggie said. "If you want, we can throw some clothes on and go say hello."

"Hmmm," Danny thought out loud. "Going out in this cold to visit our hung-over friends who are just going to whine about how we could have joined them...or stay warm and naked in here with you?"

Maggie threw her arms around Danny and squeezed him tightly. "Such a difficult choice, isn't it, dear?"

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