tagMatureN is for Nude

N is for Nude


[In this story you will meet people between forty and dirt. They participate in sex, oral, vaginal, anal and philosophical. They do it in pairs, groups and trios. The word 'love' is in this story as are disabilities. If any of that will bother you, perhaps you should read something else. Having been warned of the contents of this tale, please don't count these attributes against the story when you vote. Please vote and please comment. Tell me what you liked and what you didn't. Thanks for reading.]


As the attendant filled my motorhome with gas I looked at my guides, searching for somewhere to camp for a few days that would be cheap.

A few minutes later the guy rapped on the side of my rig and I opened the window.

"That'll be $92.66. I notice you looking through your books. You lost?"

I handed over my credit card. "No, not lost, just looking for a nice cheap place to park for a few days."

"Is the "N" decal on your window yours?"

I nodded. He spoke again. "Then you're in luck. Take Kingston highway there about eight miles to the coast. At the coast go south two more miles and you'll see a sign for Sandy Shores. It's a private beach club. They give a discount to people who belong to the Naturist Society. The club is adults only."

"Right! That isn't a problem. All the kids I did have, have grown and gone. Wife's gone too."

He took my credit card to the shack and came back in two minutes. I thanked him and headed for Sandy Shores. As I drove I did some thinking.

It would be my first time at a clothing optional beach without my wife. Maybe I could find a friend or two here. Maybe.

Up ahead I saw a big sign, "SUPERMARKET." I pulled off the highway and stopped. I was inside for fifteen minutes, stocking up with food for four or five days and enough to share. Not even an hour after getting gas I turned down the access road to Sandy Shores. The road went straight for a quarter mile then turned to the right where I had to stop at the entrance gate shack. An older guy came out of the shack to meet me. He was wearing shorts and sandals and lots of white hair. I opened the driver's window and said hello.

"You been here before?"

"No. I guy at a gas station told me about your place. Since I am a Naturist, I figured this would be a good place to rest and hang out for a few days. Is that possible?"

"Can you show me your card?"

"Yes!" I got it out of my wallet and handed it over. He wrote some things on his clip board and handed it back.

"Anybody with you in there?"

"No, nobody in here or anywhere else."

"When you get inside turn left along the beach. There are forty empty spaces, they all have electricity, fresh water and sewer. The fee is $12 a day. How long you want to stay?"

"Here's $60. That'll cover me for five days. If I want to stay after that can I?"

"Just come back up here and give me more money."

"OK! Thanks. Perhaps I'll see you later."

The drive was short. I saw the clubhouse, the pool, and a snack bar just after I turned left. I drove the length of the road and looked at the forty identical camp sites. Half way there was another bathroom building. I parked three sites from the bathroom. Close enough to use and far enough so I was still in the quiet if others showed up. There were four rigs in the entire resort.

In fifteen minutes I was set up. Electricity, sewer, water and rig leveled. I got my bbq out and three chairs. With a diet Coke in hand I sat down to watch the ocean and think about what to make for supper. The sound of waves and a slight breeze were comforting and it wasn't long until I started to drift off. When a noise that was out of place woke me it was close to dark. I look around and saw four people walking my way. To be more accurate, three were walking the other was being pushed in a wheel chair.

As they approached they waved and I called out, "Come sit a spell if you'd like."

They accepted. They introduced themselves as Charlie, Alice, Bert and Sue. Charlie was in the wheelchair and sported a scar right down the center of his chest from collarbone to his penis. He looked about fifty. The woman who had been pushing him introduced herself as Sue. Tall. I'd say about five-ten and thin. Breasts that stuck out from her chest like two snow cone cups. They almost came to perfect points except for the blueberry nipples at the ends. She and Charlie were tanned and neither had any body hair. Both had short hair on their heads, his being shorter than hers. Her hair just was long enough and styled so it looked feminine athletic, to me anyway. They both had nice, friendly smiles.

Bert and Alice were a little younger. Both looked to be of average height, average weight, average everything. Friendly, but holding back a little. I pay attention to boobs so I should say that Alice was average, "B" cups, a little sag but her nipples still pointed out instead of down. She had an appendix scar and the line above her pubes that said, 'I've had a c-section.'

They filled me in on Sandy Shores. It was always pretty dead during the week but got busy on the weekends. The crowd was thirty something thru older than dirt. The weekends were about seventy percent couples and the rest were wives who drove the family rig out on Friday night and then got a cell phone call saying hubby had to work.

Sue said, "I wonder sometimes about those men who make that call. Are they working or playing?"

I wondered too. I offered drinks and they picked beer. I stayed with diet Coke. I almost always have the can in one of those rubber sleeves and everyone assumes I'm drinking beer. I asked, about an hour later if they had eaten. Sue said they had and she had plenty back at their place. She offered and Charlie told me I'd be nuts to turn Sue's cooking down.

We walked back to their bus. It was a converted Trailways bus, with a lift and all the comforts. Sue served me some lasagna that Tony Soprano would have loved. Charlie was right, she could cook! They had more beers. I begged off. We talked. They became the fast friends that happen when you are a vagabond. At about midnight the girls said they were going to the bathroom and they left. Charlie stayed and Bert went with the ladies.

"Nick, I have a favor to ask. I know it's early in our friendship, but we both like you. You aren't a drunk or an octopus. You show respect. I want you to befriend Sue. Really become her friend. In a day or so, hit on her."


"Hit on her. I am a good husband in many ways and a terrible husband in others. One of the ways I'm not so good is in the sex department. Ever since my accident I have been unable to have an erection. She needs some lovin. She knows it's OK with me."

"I think this is quite sudden and a bit strange. Let me think about it. Sue is very attractive and I don't think I'll need to think too long."

We heard the sounds of the trio returning. They climbed into the bus and made the proper noises about going to their rig as Sue put the beer cans in the trash. I made my farewells too and we gave hugs all around. I followed Alice and Bert down the steps and out the door. They turned and went to the Fleetwood parked two spaces from the bus. I turned the other way and walked toward my Tioga.

It was very quiet as I walked. The sound of sand under my shoes and the surf off fifty yards from me were the only sounds. Then I heard a sound of other feet in the sand behind me. Sue's hand took mine and she looked up at me.

"Charlie told me about your conversation."


"And, I would like to stay with you tonight, if that's OK with you."

"Are you sure? We've only just met."

"When I was young, I went to a dance in another town and spent the night with a guy I had just met. Over the next few years I did that a few times. I never picked badly and I never got hurt."

"I could be an axe murderer."

"I'm not an axe."

"If you stay with me, how is Charlie going to feel?"

"He says he is OK with it. I believe him. He has been my man for thirty one years. He knows I love him. This isn't cheating. This is me using you for sex."

"Then, I need to ask, are you spending the night or is this a quickie?"

"I like sex in the morning after sex the night before."

"Do you like oral sex?"

"I love oral sex, both giving and receiving!" She looked and noticed my penis was growing a little. "And so do you!"

At my rig I opened the door and then turned to Sue and took her in my arms. She fit really well. We kissed our first kiss. Her lips were soft, warm and inviting. They parted just a little and accepted my tongue willingly. I pressed my growing cock against her and she pressed back.

She broke the kiss and dashed up the steps and into my home. I locked the door, pulled the curtains across the front windows and closed the door between the kitchen and the hallway to my bedroom. At the back of my home the bedroom beckoned and she went there. I knew the way. She pulled the covers back, kicked off her sandals and sat down on my bed.

"Hold it right there," I said. She froze in place, looking at me expectantly. I reached into my bathroom and wet a wash cloth. I walked to her and had her lift her feet. I wiped the dust and sand from them, all the way to her knees. In the process, I massaged her feet and lower legs.

"I think I may have gotten dusty all over." She said, smiling at me. I took her hand and led her into the tiny bathroom. I turned on the shower and the water came out hot immediately. I rinsed her off and then wiped the water off her, massaging her upper legs, her ass, her back, shoulders and neck. When I turned her to face me I led her out of the bathroom and stood her at the end of my bed. I found a bottle of skin lotion in the cabinet next to the bed and as I massaged her legs I rubbed the lotion in.

"You are in no hurry, are you?"

"You ever eat ice cream too fast and get a brain freeze?"


"I don't want to freeze anything. I want to savor every moment with you. I don't want just your pussy. I want all of you."


My hands guided her to face the bed and I began massaging her belly with lotion. By standing behind her I could press her against me as I massaged her front. My hands were gentle and firm, pressing and kneading as I moved them up her torso. When I cupped her breasts they were firmer than I expected.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"For what?"

"They are so small."

"Oh, you hid them from me all evening and now they are such a surprise! Sue, I saw the package right from the beginning. No need to unwrap. I love breasts. I love nipples that respond when I worship them. I love having as much breast in my mouth as I can get in, sucking, licking, humming and kissing them. Size isn't important."

"I've heard that before." We both laughed and when Sue closed her eyes I lowered my head a little and sucked on her breast. She took a sharp intake of breath and her hands grasped my head, holding me to her breast.

Even though I had rinsed her I could still taste just a little salt on her. Her nipple puckered and she moaned. My hand went to the other breast and held it. Her eyes were closed and her head bent forward. I wrapped my other arm around her body and held securely.

Time passed and I changed from one breast to the other. I think, in the bedroom, the equal time doctrine still applies. I broke from her breast a few times in order to kiss her mouth. She did her best to find my tonsils with her tongue. She almost did.

"Nick, please, may I lie down?"

I pushed her back onto my bed, lifted her legs and dropped to my knees. Her bare pussy was exactly at the right height for me to munch on.

"Sue, may I eat your pussy?"


My tongue touched her at the bottom of her slit and licked upwards towards her clit. No stubble, no hair, just smooth, slippery skin. As I probed her slit I found more slippery, and the released aroma of heat. Oh, my favorite smell on the planet. She tasted almost sweet, almost something else I couldn't identify. I searched every part of her slippery parts that my tongue could reach. Sue moaned, twitched and said "Yes!" every time she wanted me to repeat what I had just done. I avoided her clit. I knew she was aroused and that it would be very sensitive. Playing with it would hurry her first orgasm. No, that wasn't my plan. In my mind, I repeated the word "Savor" over and over.

She thrust her hips up to press her pussy against my mouth. I looked and saw her pulling hard on her nipples. She was ready.

"Nick, please make me cum! God, I want to cum!"

My tongue touched her clit and she spasmed. I sucked it in and flicked it again. It was enough. Her entire body went rigid and then twitched for at least a minute. I held on with my mouth through the ride. Touching, but not sucking, not flicking, just holding. When Sue started to calm, I released her pussy and stood up.

She sat up and kissed my wet face. She licked all her juices off my face and kissed me at least twenty times in the process. I'd never been face licked before but in that circumstance I liked it.

"Are you going to fuck me?"

"How would you like it best? Slow and deep, fast and shallow, from behind, cowgirl, what's your pleasure?"

"Start slow and deep, please."


"I can't get pregnant. You will be the first in me since 1976 except Charlie and he hasn't been able for four years."

"I had myself checked after my divorce a year ago and I had nothing catchy then. You will be my first since Sara."

"I'm glad we had this little talk. Now, please fuck me!"

My cock touched her open vagina and she thrust towards me to get it inside. I held her legs wide apart and slid in ever so slowly. All the way in, my hairs pressed against her smooth mound. She moved her hips, grinding her clit against my pubic bone.

"Oh Nick! A little faster please!"

My advantage was that I was standing and my ability to thrust was enhanced by that. I pulled back and thrust slowly in again and again. My hands let go of her legs and held her breasts. I had seen how rough she was with them when I was eating her, so I was rough as well. As I slid into her pussy I pinched her areola between my thumbs and the middle of my first fingers.

"Oh my God! Fuck me hard and fast! I am sooo close!" She grabbed her own legs and held on. I pinched harder and slammed into her. Her body stiffened and thrashed all over. My cock slipped out of her cunt and she kept thrashing. When she calmed a little I managed to get back inside her.

Now it was for me. I stroked in and out at my pace. She watched me, she sat up a little and watched my cock going into her pussy. We both heard the sloppy, slippery noises we were making.

Suddenly, she stopped me.

"Nick, would you cum in my ass?"

"Have you done that before?"

"Yes! Go slow at first, it has been a long time."

I stepped back and asked if she wanted it doggy or face to face?

She smiled and hooked her legs behind her head. Her pussy and her ass were looking right at me. My hand went to her pussy and gathered her juices and spread them all over her anus. I worked a finger in, then two.

"That feels really good. Use three."

Her ass resisted three but then relaxed and let me in. When I pulled my fingers out she stayed open and I slid my cock right in. All the way in.

"Oh God! You're all the way up my ass! Don't move for a second. Oh, I feel so full. Ok, move."

My hands held her hips and I watched as my cock retreated out of her ass. Before the head popped out I went back in. On the next back stroke I dipped my fingers in her pussy and spread more of her juices on my cock.

"OK! That is so good! Slam it home, cowboy! Give me the sore ass I deserve!"

She tightened her muscles and I stroked hard and fast. It was not long until I filled her ass with all the stored spunk I had.

"I can feel it hot in my ass! Give it all to me!"

I did. After I started to wither I slipped out and we showered again. We dried each other and she climbed into my bed, spooning with me. I tossed a sheet over us and we were asleep in seconds.

Morning started with me waking up with Sue's mouth around my cock. I was almost hard when I said, "What would you like for breakfast, young lady?"


It didn't take long for her to get her breakfast and she didn't seem to mind cleaning up after her meal either. I looked at the clock. 0922. I wondered how it would look if Bert or Alice saw her leaving my rig this time of the morning.

"Sue, it's almost nine-thirty. Do you need to get back soon?"

"Yup. Charlie needs me this morning. It won't say thank you enough, but can I cook dinner for you tonight?"

"Sure. Let me know how Charlie is, OK?"

"I'm about to treat him like he's the king of Oregon. He'll be fine. Let's agree that we won't speak about details to anyone, ever. OK?"

"Details? I don't know no stinkin details."

We laughed and I poured her a glass of orange juice. When I handed it to her I said, "I like the taste of me in your mouth, but Charlie deserves the taste of orange juice."

She smiled, drank it, swishing it around in her mouth before swallowing and then slipped on her sandals. I held the door open for her and watched her bare butt walk back to her bus. The sun was bright and the temperature was coming up. It was a good day. What I didn't know was how good.

I left the door open sat in my little kitchen and had a bowl of cereal. I cleaned up the inside of my home and in a few minutes I was seated out in one of my three chairs reading a book. I read two chapters and closed the book. I'd been sitting long enough.

I walked south to the end of the resort. There was a sign on the beach that said, "Beyond this point you must be clothed. Public Property beyond this sign." On the other side of the sign was another sign that read, "Beyond this sign you are on private property. You may encounter nude sunbathers. This beach is clothing optional. Thank you." I turned and headed north. In the surf I saw two sea lions and I watched them until they moved out of sight. They seemed to be having a good day, too. When I got back to my rig I stopped and rubbed sun block on every part of me I could reach. Since I have a little trouble reaching the middle of my back I worried a little about it getting burned. I decided not to walk more than half an hour more, just to be safe.

I saw Bert as I walked past their Fleetwood and we waved. When I reached the signs at the north end of the resort I turned back. There were three exposed rocks near the surf line and I watched waves breaking on them for a while. I was facing south, into the sun, so I wasn't worried about burning my back anymore. When I got to the clubhouse I went in.

It was nice inside, empty of people, but nice. The main room would easily hold three hundred people for a sit down dinner or a dance. There were three side rooms, each big enough for forty people to sit and play cards or do crafts. The sign on the snack bar door said it was open Friday -- Sunday from 10am to 6:30pm. Everything was clean and well cared for.

When I stepped back outside I saw Alice walked towards me. She had a wonderful smile on her face and sandals on her feet. I smiled back and said, "Good morning."

She told me that she and Bert were going into town and wanted to know if I needed or wanted anything. What I wanted was some condoms but I didn't want to ask them to get them for me. I asked if they were driving the Fleetwood into town. She said, "No, they had a toad."

"A toad?"

"A car. We tow it behind our motorhome when we travel. Since it gets towed we call it a toad."

"I appreciate the offer but what I need to do is get some things I can't ask someone else to get for me."


"Like a book to read when I finish the one I'm reading now."

"Come with us. We'll drive down to your rig and pick you up in a few minutes."

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