tagMatureN is for Nude Ch. 03

N is for Nude Ch. 03


[This story involves lots of nudity, oral, vaginal, ff and ffm. It involves honesty about sex within a family, and more than one family. No incest. Most of the sex is one-on-one and some of the sex is in triads. Just how much of the story is fantasy is up for conjecture. Part of the story is true.]

Sitting at the table after breakfast we sipped coffee and talked. Charlie and Sue talked about heading north into Canada for the middle of summer. Paul and Elaine were going home in the morning to Seattle. Bert said he needed to get to his sister's before her son graduated. Holly and I listened. I knew it was time for us to move too, but we hadn't talked about it.

"Nick, have you thought about where next?" Charlie asked.

"If I was alone it would be one thing, but Holly and I need to talk before anything is decided. We also need to sell her rig. I don't like the idea of driving two rigs down the road if we can avoid it."

Bert looked at me and then at Holly. "How much do you want for it?"

Holly looked at him and said, "About fifty-five. It isn't even a year old and only has nine thousand miles. At fifty-five I'll do just a little better than pay it off."

"Will you take a check?" Bert looked serious. Alice had a strange look on her face as she watched Bert.

"That would depend on who wrote the check."

"Do you have a bank account somewhere that has a local branch here?"

"Yes, but you have an RV."

"I do. If I buy yours I need for you to deliver it. We can get dressed and go into your bank and handle the transaction. Then, when you leave Sandy Shores you can drive to drop the rig off and continue on your adventure with Nick. You'll have fifty-five in the bank and Nick in your arms. What do you say, deal?"

Holly didn't hesitate. "Deal!" She stood up. "Nick has an appointment that will take until almost noon. On our way back from town let's get a pizza for lunch and meet here at the table at noon."

Alice spoke up. "Bring a salad too. That way I won't eat so much pizza I can't fit in my skin anymore." She laughed and pinched the skin at her waist. She got a little pinch, but not much. Breakfast ended and we each went off to take care of our business. I had ten minutes before I needed to be in the women's shower by my rig. I followed Bert.

At the door to his rig I stopped him. "Maybe Alice knows what you're up to but I don't. I'm thrilled that the RV is sold but why are you buying it?"

"Easy. Alice has a brother and he loves the outdoors. He runs a shelter for battered women. He makes ends meet but buying an RV won't ever happen. I made a good living and I can afford the fifty-five as long as it's for a good cause. In this case, two good causes. He did us a great favor a few years ago and this is the perfect way to say, "Thanks." We will be going to his house to deliver it. We really don't have a house anymore."

"Wow! A fifty-five thousand dollar thank you. He must have done something wonderful."

"He stopped two guys from raping our fifteen year-old daughter."

"Yes, I see what you mean. He deserves a great reward."

Alice was heard from inside. "You see why I love Bert? He is my hero!"

"You better get inside. I'd hate for you to miss the reward I think is waiting for you inside."

I walked to the shower on time. The woman was waiting for me. She was tall, almost six foot, and tan all over. Her bush was trimmed and covered her vulva in a dark, thick, brown triangle of hair. The hair on her head was slightly lighter in color and hung in waves to the middle of her back. Her body showed the signs of age that say not all the roads she'd traveled were paved, but none of those signs detracted for her healthy look and her smile was warm. On her chest her breasts hung, gravity had overcome perkiness and aimed her nipples towards the floor. On a nearby bench I saw a soap holder, a shampoo bottle, a can of shaving gel, two razors and a towel.

"Where are your friends?"

"I warned them not to arrive one second before their time. This time is mine."

"Then we should begin." I turned on the water and picked up the bar of soap. When the water was as hot as I wanted, I gently pushed her under the spray. Then I took her in my arms and kissed her.

After a moment of surprise she returned the kiss and even became the aggressor. Her hands found my cock and began to stroke it. I stopped the kiss and the stroking.

"We are here to shave your legs and pussy. When that is done, we will tend to that need too."

My hand lathered her body from top to bottom and then moved down her legs. I moved her out of the spray and used the gel to cover her legs. With long deliberate strokes I shaved her legs and used my hands to assure I didn't miss any hairs. Then I covered her bush in gel and worked it in with my fingers. I was kneeling on the floor and her hands held my head, for balance, I believe. When the gel was worked in well I lifted the razor and slowly shaved her smooth. My fingers manipulated her skin, pushing and stretching it so I could shave her very smooth.

"Put your foot up on the bench," I instructed.

She watched me as she complied. I leaned a little and rinsed the razor in the spray from the shower. I shaved the edges of her slit, using my fingers to assure I got every hair. As I shaved I also stroked my fingers along her crease and occasionally into her vaginal opening. Each time I entered her wet opening she moaned. I turned her to face the bench and softly said, "Bend over and hold onto the bench."

When she did as I asked, I spread her legs and lathered her from the bottom of her pussy to her anus. The razor and my fingers found every hair and banished them for the day. I thought about pushing her quickly to an orgasm and thought better of the idea. I stood up and helped her to stand. I put her hands on the shower head and said, "Hold this."

I got the new razor and lathered her underarms. She squirmed and said it tickled a little. With a little work I positioned myself so my cock was touching her newly smooth slit.

"Concentrate on my cock touching your smooth pussy."

"Can I let him in?"

"Not yet. Just tell me how it feels and what you are thinking."

As she talked I shaved her smooth. Her concentration kept her from being tickled. When I was done I dropped to my knees and pushed my face into her pussy, tongue first. Her knees got weak and I helped her lie back on the bench. I licked all the freshly shaved skin and the tender pink that had been hidden. When I sucked on her clit for a second she tensed and grabbed my head. Her legs went around my head and shoulders and she moaned loudly.

"Oh, Sweet Jesus! That is so good! Don't stop! Suck on my lips!"

Her body went rigid and she held her breath. When she exhaled it came out as a deep guttural sound unlike a sound a woman would ever make in public. She shuddered and shook for a long time. I held her and rested my head just above her pussy as she came back to normal.

When she was back she untangled herself from me and knelt in front of me. Her mouth opened and my cock disappeared in one motion. She did not gag. Her head moved back and forth taking all of me with each stroke. Her suction was strong and I knew from the sensations I was having that I would not last long.

"Do you want me to cum in your mouth, on your body or inside your body?"

'In my mouth!" At least that's what I thought she said. She still had my cock in her mouth when she said something and since she didn't let go of my cock I made that mean she wanted me to give her my load in her mouth.

I didn't fill her mouth but I gave her all I had. She didn't swallow immediately. When she did she followed up by cleaning every molecule of my gift from my cock. I helped her stand and we rinsed off one last time. As she stepped out of the spray one of her friends walked in.

"It's ten-thirty. My turn." She carried a towel and two razors. As the first woman toweled off I asked, "By the way, what is your name?"

She dropped the towel on the floor, walked to me, embraced me, kissed me and said, "Donna. Anytime you want me just call my name. I'll come running."

I knew it was from a song, but she felt good and I believed her. She ended the embrace, found an envelope that she handed to me, picked up her towel and left. Her friend had showered and washed her hair while I said good-bye to Donna.

I brought her out of the spray and lathered her legs and pussy with the gel. When I applied the gel to her pussy I noticed that her hair looked freshly trimmed. I didn't say anything but set straight to my task. The first razor took good care of her legs. I stood and had her hold her arms over her head. I shaved the stubble from her underarms and from the way she moved and the noises she made I knew that playing in her pits turned her every which way including loose. When I was done with her underarms I put her under the spray and held her arms up over her head with my hands. She looked in my eyes and watched as I slowly bent my head until my face was in her underarm. I kissed her there.

She moaned and tried to get me to release her arms. I did not let go. I licked and kissed her pit and then worked across her chest sucking nipples as I passed until I was lavishing my attentions on her other pit.

Mindful of our time I stopped short of giving her an orgasm although it was evident she could get there from what I was doing. I re-lathered her pussy and had her lie on the bench. Using a fresh razor I carefully took long smooth strokes over her skin removing the brown hair as I worked.

"I'm close," she said.

"Do not cum! If you cum I will not finish. Do not cum!"

She froze and I resumed work. Her skin quivered. The muscles in her belly shook. She closed her eyes. Her breath came to her in gasps.

With the final stroke of the razor I was done. She had held still, as still as her quivering body could and she had not cum. I bent to her smooth pussy and breathed my hot breath on her. She thrust her pussy at my face. She got what she wanted. I sucked her pussy. Her back arched and as she began a deep moan I sucked her clit.

I broke contact for a second and said, "Cum!"

She did. I held on as she shook and arched hard. When she finally relaxed and calmed, I helped her up and used her towel to dry her.

"My name is Carole. How did you know about my pits?"

"You told me. Your body told me."

"How come my body never told anyone else?"

"Maybe it did, but they weren't listening."

We stood together and kissed until we heard the third friend come into the shower house. Carole handed me an envelope and left.

"Tell me your name, please."

"Jan." She was a natural blond. The hair hung straight and long, almost to her ass. I could see that she indeed had pussy hair but it was so light and so sparse that unless someone was really looking for hair they would believe she was already smooth.

She stepped into the spray and lathered with soap. I helped. She seemed to be in a hurry.

"Why the hurry?"

"When you get me shaved I want an orgasm. The last one someone else gave me was eleven years ago! I don't want a vibrator I want a man's mouth in my cunt! I came earlier when I saw you eating that other woman. I came just from watching!"

"Well, let's get to it then!" I led her to the bench and she put herself on her back. She pulled her legs up near her chest offering me full access to her pussy. I worked the gel into her hair and shaved her smooth. As I shaved her I felt her legs. She had already shaved them! When I finished her puss I licked it twice using my tongue like a wide paintbrush.

"Yes! That's what I need! Eat me!"

She tasted wonderfully and sweet. Her nectar flowed up and out of her open pussy. I pinched her nipples as I probed her opening with my tongue, and then my fingers.

"I love how that feels. Reach in, find me!"

I reached for the g-spot and when I touched it she let me know.

"Oh! You touched it! Yes! Right there."

Feeling her, tasting her and smelling her heat had given me another hard on. She stiffened and screamed as her orgasm overwhelmed her. After ten seconds or so of her orgasm I moved and thrust my cock into her pussy.

It pushed her into another spasm of delight and she screamed again.

"Fuck me hard! Slam into me! I'm cumming again!" I did pound into her. I fucked her like we were both some type of primate where our language became nothing other than grunts, groans, moans and strange noises. As she came she pulled her legs up hard and a loud pussy fart echoed in the shower room. We both broke up laughing. We couldn't stop. I was still inside her and still stroking. As we laughed and stroked the pussy farts happened over and over. Finally I stopped and pulled out of her. We laughed some more.

I toweled her dry and kissed her in a full body embrace.

"You didn't cum," She said.

"I'm not eighteen anymore. I'm as good once as I once was good all the time. Anyway, this was about loving you. You are fun, lovely and I'm happy I could be here for you."

She handed me another envelope, kissed me again and I walked her back to her RV, helping her carry all the shampoos, gels and other things.

When I got back to my rig I went inside and looked in the envelopes. $600 cash in each. I stashed the money and walked down to the bus for lunch. Bert and Holly were parking the toad as I approached. Holly came to me, pulling her clothes off, and kissed me soundly.

"You taste like pussy," she said, kissing me again.

I whispered, "Eighteen hundred dollars worth."

"Bert deposited fifty-seven thousand in my account. The extra was for delivery. Do you know what that means?"

"Yes! We're going to Alice's brother's house tomorrow." We kissed and sat for lunch. The three big pizzas and two big salads from town were on the table. We talked and ate.

Bert gave us a gift. It was a set of mobile two-way radios. As we drove the next day to his home we could communicate with him and with each other. Charlie asked how he and Sue would be able to communicate with us after we left Sandy Shores. I gave them my e-mail address and said that whenever I got to somewhere I could connect to the internet we'd check in. Holly smiled and said she had a laptop that was hooked up so we could connect wirelessly. We exchanged all the email addresses and got our calendars out so we could plan a reunion.

We picked the first week of October at a resort just south of Portland. Alice told us the resort had great hot springs, massages and things. We agreed to meet for dinner and again for breakfast. Paul invited us to stop at their home after we dropped Bert's new RV off. Holly said we needed to talk about where we were going, and we'd like to stop.

After the pizza boxes were thrown away. Holly and I went for a walk. We held hands and walked to the sign and back without talking at all. I could tell Holly was thinking about something and so I waited until she was ready to talk about it.

She led me to the chairs by our motorhome and we sat, facing the surf.

"This is a big deal."

I looked at her and said, "Very big."

"Really. I just sold my home. I'm moving in with you. I know it's right and I'm scared."

"Anything I can do?"

"Besides love me, tell me you love me, hold me and comfort me? No."

"I love you."

She got up and came to me. She sat in my lap and I held her. She put her head on my shoulder. We sat like that until my legs started to go tingly. We could see that the sun was getting close to the horizon. It was our turn to cook for the family.

"Holly, can I make dinner for all of us or do you want to help me?"

"I want to help. What are we making?"

"I make a pretty good jambalaya. It's pretty easy. Do you like to chop?"

"Yes! Let's get started." We kissed for a minute or two before we got up.

I gave her a chopping board, a good knife and a bag of veggies from the fridge. I started the rice and browned the meat. I had some good hot turkey links and some shrimp. Pretty soon I had the rice and meat in my wok with my secret spices and sauce mixture. I held back on the hot spices for the benefit of those who might not like their food as hot as I do.

Holly brought in the chopped veggies and they were perfect. I added them and very soon we were ready for dinner. Holly went to the bus to set the table and tell everyone dinner was on its way. I got two hot pad gloves and carried the wok to the bus.

When I arrived everyone was seated and waiting. Seven plastic outdoor chairs and one wheelchair around a big round table. I put the wok on the picnic table and held it as Holly used a big spoon to ladle the jambalaya onto plates. She served each person at the table, ladies first. Sue, then Alice and Elaine. Charlie, Bert and Paul. The last of the plates went to Holly and to me. As we ate the conversation turned to me.

Sue asked, "Nick, would you share with us something about your life before five days ago?"

"Sure. Six days ago I was driving from Salt Lake City towards the beach."

I smiled and took a bite.

"No. I mean where did you grow up? What have you done with your life? Where have you lived? That kind of stuff."

"I was born the son of a farmer in Nebraska. It was a dark and stormy night. When I was born it was so traumatic for me that I didn't speak for almost a year."

When the laughter died Holly touched my arm and said, "Something has you not want to go there. You don't need to. I think we can all agree that what we really want to know is how you got to be the man we love."

"I can answer that question easier than the first ones. I am the man you know because I decided that the pain and hurt of my life needed to be balanced by love. I looked for it, begged for it, even paid for it a few times but it didn't work. Then, one day I was in an airport and found a book on a seat near the gate I was going to use. The book had me see that there was another way to live. I read more books and found more writers who spoke to my heart. On May 22nd of that year I decided I would never find love the way I wanted it, unless I was the love I wanted to find. I began making choices about how to treat people, how to do almost everything differently than I had been."

"Weren't you married?"

"Yes. I found that first book about a month before our youngest child went away to college. I was busy with work and discovering myself and I guess I didn't pay enough attention to my empty-nest wife. She needed attention and something to do after the kids were gone. She found a lover. She left me and when I saw them together in town I decided I could get out of business and leave. I did. I have been living by the things I believe ever since."

"Am I the first woman you have been with since you went on the road?" Sue asked.

"No. In the year I've been on the road I have been amazed at how contagious love is. At first it saddened me how lonely people are. There are so many of us and we're wandering around afraid to connect. We sing sad songs in our heads. 'What if I get rejected?' "What if he wants more than I can give?' 'What if she does?' 'What if I'm not good enough?"

"And then?"

"And then I saw that when I loved them, it opened them. Not always but often enough that I kept doing it. I'm hooked. I love how I feel when I love everyone at this table. I love the three women who I was with while you were in town."

"Wait! You had sex with three women while we were in town?" Bert looked shocked.

"They saw me shaving Holly in the shower this morning and asked if I would shave them. Of course I agreed. Of course shaving them also meant loving them and that energy included orgasms."

"Did you know about this, Holly?"

"Yes. He was shaving me when we met them! They don't love Nick like I do. But I could feel how much they needed to be touched, caressed and made to feel loved."

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