tagBDSMn Island Escape Ch. 03

n Island Escape Ch. 03


Bree woke up with a cramp in her back and tried to stretch out. Then, she realized that she couldn't move any of her limbs. Frantically, she tried to sit up to see what was restraining her- rope tied to the head and footboards of the bed. Max had tied Bree spread eagled and was nowhere to be seen. All she could do was lie there, helpless and exposed to the world.

The thought of being exposed started to turn Bree on. She felt herself get wet and start to drip down onto the sheets of the bed. Minutes seemed to turn into hours as Bree got slowly and slowly hornier. She craved Max's touch and his long, hard cock inside her. Thinking about Max powerfully thrusting into her gave Bree goosebumps all over her body and made her nipples harden. The sheets beneath her pussy were soaking wet with her longing and anticipation of what she was going to face while kept as a prisoner in this room.


Bree heard the door unlock and looked up to see Max standing in the doorway wearing madras shorts and a t-shirt that accentuated his tan, lean, and muscular body. She felt herself start dripping again at the sight of him.

"Well, well, well, we've been a very naughty girl, I see. All of your bed sheets are soaked with your wetness, Slave. I would punish you for that, but I'm going to explain the rules to you first. After that, if you break one of my rules, you will be severely punished. Do you understand?" Max instructed.


"Rule number 1: When you address me, you will call me Sir. Rule number 2: You will do anything I say, no matter how embarrassing or rough it may seem. If it gets too difficult for you to bear, you may use the safety word, 'October.' However, I will be severely disappointed and displeased if you choose to use the safety word. Rule number 3: If I feel that you are out of line, or you fail to follow the rules, you will be punished in a manner of my choosing."

"Yes Sir." Bree answered.

"Now, I need to go attend to some business before we can really begin, but first, I'm going to leave you with a challenge." Max said, walking over to the bed. He bent down and reached under the bed, pulling out a large box. Max stood up, holding a blindfold. "Taking away your sight will make all your senses that much more sensitive," he said, covering her eyes. Then, Bree heard something start to hum. She felt something be inserted into her pussy and could only assume it was a large, vibrating dildo. The dildo completely filled Bree up and gave her exactly what she had been craving.

"Slave, you may not cum. No matter how tempting it may be, you may not cum. Even though I'm leaving the room, I will be able to hear and see you. There is a video camera aimed on your body and I am carrying the monitor that goes along with it. Disobey my orders and you will be punished."


Bree heard the door lock shut and she knew that Sir had left the room. Now, instead of being hypnotized by his voice, all Bree could do was focus on the way her pussy was clenching the dildo inside of her. She felt its head pressing against her sensitive G-spot as the vibrations pulsated throughout her entire crotch region; she could even feel the vibrations in her clit. Sir was correct; not being able to see did increase Bree's other senses, especially her sense of touch. Bree thought that she would cum any minute, but knew she had to hold back, in fear of her punishment. She tried to picture anything but the situation she currently found herself in, but the hum of the dildo and the pulses inside her pussy forced her back into the present. Then, Bree couldn't hold back any longer. Her pussy clenched hard against the dildo as she came. Bree felt like she was never going to stop cumming, she just kept clenching. The vibrations felt so good inside her sensitive pussy that she started having larger, faster orgasms than she had ever experienced. Before she knew it, she was screaming. Bree didn't even notice when the door opened, she continued to cum and scream. Then, she felt the dildo being pulled out of her, her pussy suddenly feeling empty and longing. Bree knew she had made a larger wet spot on the sheets. She could feel her cum dripping all the way down to the bed.

"Slave, you disobeyed my orders and now you will be punished," she heard Sir say. Sir gagged Bree. The gag had a cylindrical object attached to it that was inserted into Bree's mouth, giving her the sensation of sucking on a dick. Then, the pain came. Sir began striking Bree with a crop that had pieces of leather attached to the end of it. He struck both of her nipples and watched them raise and harden as her tits started to turn red with the strikes. Sir worked his way across Bree's body, focusing on her nipples for awhile and then moving lower and lower. He skipped over her exposed pussy entirely, hitting her on the insides of her thighs. Sir watched Bree squirm with pain or pleasure, he did not know, but continued on and on with his swipes. Finally, he focused on her pussy. Sir saw new juices flowing out of it, making obvious the fact that his slave was enjoying her torment. Since she was spread eagled, her swollen bud was clearly exposed to him. Before he hit her there, he started whipping her hole. Then, his final strikes landed on her bud. Bree started squealing. When Sir was finally pleased with the punishment he had doled out, he untied Bree's wrists and ankles and took her blindfold off.

"Go over to the middle of the floor and kneel down. Make sure to spread your knees so that I can see everything."

Bree did as she was told, kneeling on the carpet in the middle of the room. She felt her body start to cool down as the pain of the punishment wore off. To her surprise, once the pain melted away, all of her sensitive parts started to warm as it was replaced by pleasure. Bree had never known that pain could be so pleasing. She looked up and faced her master's gaze.

"Crawl over to me, Slave. Let me get that gag off of you so you can pleasure me."

Bree crawled over to Sir. He removed her gag and then took off his pants. Bree moved forward and started caressing his cock. She sucked up and down, swirling her tongue around his head. Tentatively, Bree held is balls in her hands and massaged them, while maintaining a steady rhythm with her mouth. Bree then started swallowing more and more of Sir's cock until it was down in her throat. She heard him moan in pleasure as he reached out and grabbed her hair, thrusting in and out of the warm wetness of Bree's mouth. Bree felt Sir throbbing inside of her and then the wetness hit the back of her throat. Sir came into Bree's mouth, leaving her a hefty load to swallow. Once he finished, Sir put his pants back on and stepped back from Bree.

"Follow me," he said.

Bree got up and followed Sir into the bathroom. He turned on the hot water and waited for the bathroom to become nice and steamy before getting undressed and stepping into the jet of water. Bree stepped into the shower and let Sir soap down her entire body. The lather felt good on her sore muscles and whipped skin. Sir took off the shower head and rinsed Bree's body of the soap. Then, he aimed it directly at her clit.

"Slave, for your good job at pleasuring me, you may cum now, and then clean off my body."

As the jet of stream hit her clit, Bree felt herself shudder as a powerful orgasm worked its way through her body. She collapsed against Sir, and he held her up with his strong arms. Once she was done cumming, Bree started to clean Sir off. When Sir decided they were both clean enough, he turned off the water and handed Bree a soft, fluffy towel to dry herself off with. Sir dried himself off. Looking at Bree, he said, "Once you are done drying off, come out into the room. Stand in the middle of the room with your legs spread and your hands behind your head."

Bree finished drying off and walked out into the room to do as she was told. She firmly planted her feet and raised her hands behind her head, then looked at Sir. He was dressed in loafers, khaki pants, a button down shirt, and a sports coat. Sir held something silver in his hands. It looked like a chain shaped in a Y with clasps at the extremities of each point of the Y.

"Do you know what these are, Slave?" "No Sir." Bree mumbled. "These are clamps, one for each of your nipples and one for your clit. The chain attached to them pulls on them whenever you move."

Sir stepped forward and attached each of the nipple clamps, letting the third clamp dangle on the chain. He tightened the nipple clamps until they were almost painful, but not quite. Then, he bent down between Bree's outspread legs. Sir inserted his fingers in between Bree's fold and found her little bud. He pinched it between the fingers of his left hand as he brought down the clamp. Bree felt the clamp clench onto her clit. Now, all of her clamps were attached. The chains formed a Y on her torso. Even just breathing pulled on each of the clamps, slightly arousing Bree, but also partially hurting.

"We are going out tonight, Slave. I have provided you with a dress and heels to wear. Once you have put those on, return to me."

Bree walked over to the bed and found her hot pink dress and heels. The hot pink dress had a plunging neckline that accentuated her ample breasts. Her shoes were 4 inch, strappy heels. Bree put all of this on and walked back out into the sitting room to her master. He told her to turn around and placed a black choker around her neck.

"Slave, this is your collar. It is a symbol of my ownership of you," Sir said. "Now, it is time to go out to dinner."

Bree took Sir's arm and they walked to the restaurant. Sir gave his name to the waiter and they were escorted to a private room that overlooked the beach. A curtain and glass door separated slave and master from the rest of the diners. They sat down next to each other and Sir ordered dinner for the two of them. Every time Bree shifted her weight, she could feel the clamps tugging at her nipples and her clit. It pained and pleasured her. She felt her pussy dripping onto the seat. Sir had not given her any underwear to wear, so she was exposed to the world. Her exposure frightened and excited Bree. She had never stepped out in public like this before.

Sir knew what Bree must be going through. He had seen the way the clamps latched onto her and could almost smell her sweet scent. Sir reached into his pockets and pulled something out. He then reached down between Bree's legs and inserted a finger into her soaking wet pussy. Before she knew it, he had inserted something else in there. Without her even seeing it, Sir had inserted a miniature vibrator into Bree's pussy. Now, not only could she feel the tugging of the clamps, but she could feel vibrations pulsing in her pussy.

"You may only cum when the waiter is in this room."

Bree started to panic. Cumming in the bedroom was one thing, but clearly cumming in front of someone? That was insane! How could he expect her to do that? The vibrations seemed to get more intense. Bree looked over and saw that Sir was holding a remote. It controlled the mechanism inside her pussy. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head in pleasure. Not a moment too soon, the waiter entered the room and Bree let herself go. She moaned and writhed on her seat. Bree saw the waiter's eyes grow wide as a bulge started to appear in his pants, but she didn't care. She let herself ride her wave of pleasure as she came.

"As you can see, my dinner partner can barely control herself," Sir said, handing the waiter the remote. "Use this as you please."

The waiter accepted the remote and pressed the button that corresponded to the medium amount of vibration. Fresh off of her last orgasm, Bree was much more sensitive to each of the settings and started to cum again. The waiter stopped pressing the button and left the room.

"Slave, I miss the sight of your perky breasts. Turn around so I can unzipper your dress and admire them while I eat."

Bree turned around so that Sir could unzip her dress. It fell around her waist, leaving her breasts exposed to the cooler night air. She looked down and saw her poor nipples clamped to each other. Bree decided not to be shy and rolled her shoulders back, thrusting her chest out. Her nipples strained against the clamps, as did her clit, but she remained proud.

Sir gazed upon his slave. She looked wonderful with her chest thrust out and a defiant look in her eyes. Before his stare, the look in Bree's eyes began to change. She clenched them tightly and bit her lip, holding back the scream of the orgasm she was about to have. Right before she gave in, the waiter walked back into the room, holding down the button on the remote that corresponded to the most intense vibration. Seeing the waiter, Bree let go. The waiter watched. Bree felt his eyes take in her exposed breasts and the clamps that contained her nipples. She let herself feel complete pleasure once again.

The waiter cleared their plates and served dessert as Bree calmed down from her most recent orgasm. Then, he left the room.

"You're doing so well, Slave. We'll take that vibrator out of you, so only I can control your pleasure once again," Sir said, removing her vibrator. "Now, I want you to remove your dress entirely and bend over the table. I have one more thing for you."

Not knowing what was coming next, Bree did as she was told once again. She removed her dress and bent over. Sir stepped behind her and started rubbing her slit from behind. Bree's knees quivered with pleasure. Sir inserted two fingers and began pumping in and out of her hole. Bree couldn't help but fuck those fingers. Then, she felt a finger go into her ass. Bree had never tried this before, but couldn't stop Sir. It felt so good and so dirty. She just kept fucking his fingers and hoping he would never remove them. To her dismay, Sir removed the fingers from her asshole. However, he quickly replaced them with a butt plug. Bree now felt full. The chains and clamps pulled on her sensitive buds as she fucked his fingers. Sir felt Bree clench around his fingers in her final orgasm at the restaurant. He stepped back and admired her panting form, happy to know she was all his. Sir wasn't sure how his slave would take the next thing he was going to do, but he had to try it.

Sir took Bree's dress and folded it. "It's time to go, Slave. I want to flaunt you to everyone." He saw her eyes go wide as the immensity of what he was asking her to do set in. When her answer came, it surprised him.

"Yes Sir."

Bree squared her shoulders, grabbed Sir's hand, and marched proudly out into the restaurant beside him. The clamps pulled against each other, but Bree almost didn't feel them. Instead, she felt the hungry gazes of every man in the room, even some of the women were looking at Bree like they would do anything to get to touch her. Bree felt her body flush with embarrassment, because she knew that every person in the room was staring at her naked body. Then, the torture was over. Bree and her master stepped out into the cool night air. He had a private car waiting for them. They slid into it and drove back to the cabana.

Bree and Sir finally reached the room. She returned to her position- standing, with her legs spread and her arms behind her head in the center of the room. Sir surveyed Bree, and then walked over to her. He removed the clamp from her right nipple and took it into his mouth, sucking on it. Then, he did the same to her left nipple and her clit. Having him suck on her abused nipples felt good, but when Sir got to her clit, it felt incredible. He swirled his tongue around her clit and started fucking her hole with his fingers. Bree couldn't help herself; she fucked his fingers right back. Before she could cum, Sir removed his fingers and led Bree over to the bed. He bent her over and shoved the vibrating dildo into her pussy, allowing her to fuck it until she came.

Bree came hard. She felt her asshole be relieved as Sir removed her butt plug. Then, he shoved his throbbing cock into her tight, little ass. Bree didn't know that it could feel this good to have both of her holes completely filled. If that wasn't enough, Sir reached around and started playing with her clit with his fingers.

"SIR, MAY I CUM?" Bree screamed. "Not yet, Slave," Sir said through clenched teeth, pulling Bree's hair. He couldn't hold back any longer. Sir could feel the vibrations of the dildo through the thin membrane between Bree's ass and pussy. Her tight ass squeezed against his long, hard cock. He thrust into her with long, deep, powerful strokes, taking away her ass's virginity and owning her completely. Sir felt his balls clench as he unleashed a hot load into her tight ass.

Bree felt Sir's cum drip out of her ass. The vibrations from the dildo were still going strong and she hadn't cum yet. She couldn't hold back any longer. Bree came without permission. Sir looked up to see Bree's face in complete rapture. He knew he would have to punish her. Sir felt his cock harden at that thought.

Once Bree was done cumming, Sir pulled the dildo out.

"Slave, you came without permission, you know what that means."


"Yes, walk outside. You will find a blanket laid out on the beach. Go kneel on it like how you kneel in this room. Under no circumstances will you move."

Ashamed of disobeying her master, Bree replied with a, "Yes Sir," and walked out to the beach, dripping and completely nude. She knelt on the blanket and waited for Sir to come out to her. Bree finally heard steps approaching after what seemed like a decade. Sir had come out completely nude. His cock was erect and waiting for another round with Bree. He placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her down into an all fours position.

"Count these out. You will go to 10."

SMACK. "One." SMACK. "Two." SMACK. "Three." SMACK. "Four." SMACK. "Five." SMACK. "Six." SMACK. "Seven." SMACK. "Eight." SMACK. "Nine." SMACK. "Ten."

With the last spank, Sir plunged into Bree, feeling her wetness consume him. He thrust into her over and over again. Sir felt Bree shuddering with pleasure.

"Cum slave. I want to feel your pussy clench around my huge cock!"

Bree came for Sir, moaning as she did so. Sir felt Bree clenching around his cock...she was so warm, so wet, so tight. He reached around and played with her nipples, pinching and releasing. The sensation on her nipples was one of both pain and pleasure and sent Bree over the edge again and again. Finally, Sir started twirling Bree's clit in his fingers with one hand while pulling her hair with the other. He kissed her sensitive spots on the back of her neck. Bree was in heaven. She just felt complete ecstasy and never stopped cumming. Sir thrust in and out, faster and deeper than before. Bree could feel his cock throbbing inside her. She knew what was cumming next. Surprisingly, Sir had another huge load for Bree. He unleashed it on her pussy. As he came, Sir grabbed Bree's hips and pulled her all the way onto his throbbing dick so that he could be completely engulfed by her hot, soaking wet and clenching pussy.

They both shuddered upon the completion of their orgasm. Sir took Bree's hand and led her inside once again. Before stepping foot in the door, Sir turned around and looked Bree in the eyes. He reached down and put one hand on each side of her face, pulling her towards him. Sir and Bree kissed under the bright stars and the full moon.

"You did such a good job, Bree, my sweet, my love, my everything. Thank you so much for that. I love you more than I can even begin to describe."

"No, Max, thank YOU for opening me up to a whole new world of pleasure. I love you too."

The happy couple completed their kiss, and then walked into the bedroom to fall asleep in each other's arms, both excited at the prospects of their relationship and the new things it had to offer.

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