tagBDSMNadia's Rain

Nadia's Rain



The raindrops pelt the roof softly and rhythmically, as I watch them roll down the smooth glass, two becoming one. My breath rolls steadily and gently, the anticipation growing more and more in me as I wait.


Kneeling patiently in front of the door, I wait for Master to get home. This is the highlight of everyday for me, but since it was Friday it was a little bit better. I sat there kneeling for him, watching the clock and waiting, a cold beer nestled between my spread thighs ready to present to him. The cloth of the short skirt he chose for me rising up, the cold air from the bottle flows up against my skin.


She heard a car door slam and the steps of someone outside, a smile slowly spread across her lush lips, her eyes began to widen as she heard a key in the door. She sat there watching as the knob began to turn slowly, if she had a tail it would wag. The door opened slowly as she watched on, she felt Master was teasing today. She smiled wide as he came in his shirt a little dampened from the rain; she bowed her head to him.

"Hello Master." she purred as she scooted the beer out from between her legs the bottle leaving a cold trail condensation on her legs. He knelt down as he smiled at his girl picking up the bottle. He stopped coming halfway up to let his lips brush hers for a soft kiss. Her lips curled gently into a smile happy to feel him again.

He looked her over smiling to himself.

"How's my girl doing?" He asked as he twisted the top off of the bottle.

"I am doing quite well just happy for your return." she smiled as she watched his lips wrap around the opening of the bottle. "He always did have soft lips," she thought to herself. Suddenly, she was shaken from her thoughts by a warm hand going down her shirt, softly stroking one of her nipples. She bit her lip looking up at him, and he looked back at her his Adam's apple bobbing as he drank from the bottle slowly. Finally finished he handed her the empty bottle.

"Take care of this for me lovely." He said to her handing the bottle to her, she took it from him and scurried off into the kitchen to the recycle bin and return within a minute. Kneeling again before him, she looked back up to him and he returned the glance to her.

"I am happy to see you as well, I have been thinking about you," He said to her reading her very thoughts, and suddenly walking away to his room. She wondered where he went to but didn't bother to question it. He returned with a strip of fabric in hand, extending his hand to her face, he rubbed it against her cheek softly.

Leaning into the soft feel of the fabric she became lost yet again, and then pulled into reality as she felt it being tied over her eyes. His footsteps were nearly nonexistent as she heard him walk away and across the room.

"Where is he going?" she thought to herself, her question answered as she heard the back door slide open. "Nadia, come follow my voice," she heard him say softly. Following his voice that was accompanied by rain she slipped her shoes off and padded outside, the rain drops beginning to dampen her shirt. Suddenly she was snatched to the side and pressed against the cold rough bricks of the house. Stiff at first she calmed down as she realizes it was her Masters touch she felt. Letting her body rest against the wall she felt a sudden tug at her shirt; the cotton tank top was being pulled over her head, her breasts exposed to the cold air and raindrops as they slowly rolled down over her nipples. Not seeing only made these sensations better to her the cold from the air and rain causing her nipples to tighten and harden into small peaks. His lips began to suckle her collar bone, as he rolled her nipples between his fingers. Small audible sighs escaped her lips as she began to press her body to his, she realized his shirt had come off at some point as her hands explored his broad back that was slick from shielding hers from the rain.

She rubbed her thighs together only for them to be parted by his free hand, his thick fingers beginning to caress her moist sex, she purred from the sensation.

He presses his lips to hers silencing her for a moment. Taking his hand from her sex he pulls her skirt up exposing her mound to the rain making it wetter than it already was, he teases her with his hardness rubbing it against her. Biting down on her lip she knew he wanted her to beg for it, but she waited for him to instruct her, her small sighs growing into moans as her soaked hair flattened against her back.

"Beg for it my girl." He instructed as he pressed himself against her a bit firmer.

"Master please may I feel your cock within me please," she pleaded to him.

"Now I know you can do better than that," He said sternly to her though she couldn't see his face she already knew there was a stern look there.

"Master my pussy starves for you please fill it with your desires Sir," she pleaded almost crying as his strokes became firmer against her clit.

"That is more like it," He said approvingly as He hoisted her body up around Him pushing her against the wall, slipping Himself inside her heat as they became one body in the rain. The water slowly soaking his hair and rolling down his forehead to the very tip of his nose, stopping and dripping between her bouncing breasts. The warmth of her soft skin was absorbed into his flesh as it presses against his. This soft delicate girl in his arms meant the world to him, her obedience transcending any other he ever owned.

She moaned loudly as he thrust into her, every thrust pushing her bare body against the wall, the bricks scratching her back raw, she relished the feeling adding to everything else she felt at this moment. She felt herself nearing her climax she held back the best she could.

"M-m-master m-may I cum p-please?" she sputtered as she held on to him tightly taking in everything he had to give her.

"Hmmm, not yet girl." He decided holding her tightly knowing she could take more. She whimpered a bit holding it as long as she could the thrusting becoming harder as his cock began to swell inside her. Tears beginning to form in her eyes, the blind fold soaking them a bit as she whimpers and moans.

"Alright girl you may release." He said soothingly into her ear. She feels it come from deep within her gripping her hold around her Master's neck even tighter as she cums for him, every thought and moment of him coming to service in her mind. Her mind going blank as she is drained of her energy she goes limp as he fills her up full of his thick warmth as it drips down her inner thigh mingling with the rain. He kisses her cheek her limp body in his arms, the rain drops gently falling to her skin. He examines her smiling as she curls up to him, her hair wet and slicked back. He smiles, she was a good one and He knew it. He holds his face to the rain and sighs deeply as cradles the girl in his arms. All those years of searching, became evident in the soft smile on his lips.

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