tagIncest/TabooNadine's Needs

Nadine's Needs


Driving along Interstate 70 about 60 miles east of Kansas City you will pass through the small town of Concordia. Just north of the highway you will find a McDonald's restaurant. If you are ever passing through stop in for a bite and greet Nadine

And you will be glad that you did. She is one of the sexiest and most vivacious gals you will ever meet.

There is no question that she is the most gorgeous woman in the entire county. She wins all kinds of awards from the restaurant for excellent customer service. She is affectionately known as the "Queen of Up selling." She can get almost anyone to buy additional items. There is not a male customer that doesn't leave her counter without a hard-on.

A smile or a wink are only two of her tools as she is not above suggestive talk. I heard her one day ask one of my friends, "Hey there, handsome, how would you like to suck down one of my HOT juicy apple pies?"

Of course, he couldn't resist the offer. You could see by the look in his eyes that he was thinking not of the apple pie as he ate it but was thinking of eating Nadine's body. And, it isn't just the guys that Nadine has interested in her. Every lesbian in town wants to figure out how to seduce Nadine. And the straight women say if they were ever to experiment with another woman Nadine would b their first choice. If Nadine tried to seduce them they would seriously consider the offer.

Everyone agrees that Nadine is not only the sexiest but nicest and friendliest person that they have ever met. She stands right at 5'4" and weighs in at 130 pounds with honey blonde hair and deep blue eyes. And boy is she stacked with D Cup breasts and a large firm ass. She always dresses to kill with her clothes framing her body perfectly. It doesn't matter to the younger crowd that she is 51 years old and is only working at McDonald's to make vacation money for our family. Yes, Nadine is my mother and is 31 years older than me. My father is gone a lot on his sales job, as much as ten days at a time, so most of the time it is just her and me around the house. The problem with my mother is that she seems to be two different people. At the restaurant she appears to be a sex goddess and a super friend to everyone. But, at home she is super bitch. She is the general in charge and I had better know it. Everything has to be in its exact place and I had better do my school work at the assigned time. When dad is home he also seems to know who is in charge. I think, however, that he gets rewarded from time to time as their sounds of love making can be heard well down the hall from their bedroom. But, I felt like I lived in jail with little hope of escape as the only time my mom seemed to be sweet to me was when I was a customer at the restaurant. This, however, didn't stop me from jacking off while thinking of her, as who wouldn't? I like older women anyway and you couldn't do any better than Nadine with just a few streaks of silver that were just beginning to show through her blonde curls. I must have fantasized every way possible of getting my prick in her snatch but felt that it would be impossible. I was going out enough but it was such a conservative town I rarely got much past second dbase much less going all the way

My frustration was only increased by seeing my mother around the house. At bedtime she would walk around in her night shirt that barely covered her rump. And, sometimes in the mornings she would rush around in nothing but bra and bikini panties and sometime she would wear stockings with a garter belt.

It was just over two weeks ago when things changed for me. It was a typical Saturday morning and mom was running around in her undies getting ready for work. I was lounging around my room. I had left my clothes from the day before laying on the floor. Mom came in to my room wearing her black bikini panties that were, at least, a size too small for her and silky black bra and was in a bad mood.

I looked her in the eyes and could tell I was about to get it. She glared around the room. I wasn't in a very good mood myself after another failed attempt to get in a girl's panties the night before. Scowling she blurted out, "Where the fuck do you get off treating this room like a laundry hamper. Now, get your damn ass out of that bed and pick this mess up, now."

She really pissed me off. After all, this was my room and if I wanted to keep it messy that should be my business. I shocked myself as I rolled over on my stomach and yelled at her, "Fuck off; you can kiss my ruby red asshole!"

"You fucking son of a bitch, you don't talk to me that way, now apologize."

"No fucking way, kiss my ruby red asshole!" I knew I had gone too far especially laying there in nothing but my cotton briefs.

"If that is the way you want it, bare it!"

"What the fuck, Mom?"

"I said bare it. You told me to kiss your asshole. So, bare it so I can. You will learn not to make demands unless you are prepared to have them carried out!" I looked up at her and could see she was very serious. I was now blushing big time but knew I had better obey her, besides, she wouldn't really do it.

Timidly I hooked my thumbs in my waistband and pulled the underwear off of my cheeks. I shivered as a cool breeze hit my rump. I heard Mom gulp as my ass came into view. But, soon I felt her hot breath on my backside. Then she placed a hand on each of my cheeks and pulled them apart. She did not hesitate as her tongue went straight for my anal opening.

She licked her tongue all around and jabbed it slightly inside of me. The whole kiss took about five seconds. But, it was enough to give me a huge hard-on. Mom quickly finished and walked away and hurriedly finished dressing and rushed to work. Needless to say, I jerked off like never before as I wondered how I could push her buttons even further.

My opportunity would come the very next morning. I had a late night out with my friends and forgotten, once again, to put my clothes up neatly as I took them off. So, when mom checked in on me before breakfast in the morning there was the same mess as the day before. She was not happy to say the least.

She took one look at my stuff flung around the room and roared, "Are you trying to piss me off. This is the fucking mess I told you to clean up yesterday. Now, get your damn ass out of that bed and clean this shit up, now!"

"Damn it, Mom fuck off. I am tired!" I honestly wasn't even thinking about the sexual possibilities with the mad woman standing there in the same panties and bra as the day before along with the added garter and thigh high stockings.

"Listen here you will clean this shit hole of a room up and you will do it now." Mom's face was red in anger.

"Oh Christ mom, shut the fuck up and kiss my dick!" As soon as I said it I knew I had said the wrong thing. But, suddenly I awoke and realized the possibilities and was very turned on.

"You bastard, you think that you are safe because I won't kiss that fucking dick of yours. When are you going to learn that no one tells me to kiss off! This is my house and I don't have to take that shit here. It is bad enough at work having. To act all sweet, it ain't happening here. So, asshole, bare it!"

I wanted to be sure before making a fool of myself, "Bare, what?"

"Bare your damn pecker right now," she demanded. My face turned crimson red and my heart was racing. I was aroused beyond belief but had no idea of what to do next. Gingerly I rolled onto my back and pushed my underwear down. My eight inch member sprang out of them stiff as a board. Mom grabbed the briefs and yanked them the rest of the way off.

I thought I ought to give her the chance to back off and said, "I am sorry, Mom. I'll clean it up."

"You should have thought before you spoke. Maybe, next time you will. Now lay there and shut up." It was obvious now that she wanted to do this but couldn't admit it. She sat on the edge of my bed. Tentatively she leaned over my prick and pursed out her lips. She gave the head a soft but quick kiss using only her lips.

She paused there with her mouth less than an inch from my cock. She just sat there for what seemed like forever. She must have finally made up her mind as she lowered her head back to my hard cock. Her breath was hot on the soft head of my member.

Suddenly, she engulfed half of my rod in her mouth. Her tongue was swirling around the entire shaft as she buried me deeper and deeper into her throat. I knew she was truly enjoying herself when a hand came up to play with my balls.

It wasn't long before my whole length was in her mouth. Her suction was incredible. I was surprised when, without releasing my cock from her mouth, she swirled her entire body around on top of me. She was now grinding her panties in my face. The smell of her cunt was potent and intoxicating. I ran my hands all over her sexy panties and stocking covered legs.

Her mouth was now wildly fucking my prick. In return, I started kissing the crotch of her panties. The result was the tempo of her cock sucking increased. I tried to pull down her panties but she spread her legs further apart to prevent this.

I just kept on kissing the silky crotch of those panties at least getting some of the taste of her wonderful juices. I was in ecstasy as she continued her assault on my pole. My hips were coming up to meet her expert mouth. All at once, my balls tightened and I shot a big wad of cum into her throat. I expected her to quit but, she seemed now to get really turned on as her sucking grew only more urgent.

She seemed determined to drain me totally of my spunk as she sucked and sucked. Her head bobbed up and down up and down. I shot load after load into her hungry mouth. My arms were wrapped around her ass holding on for dear life as I had never had such intense orgasms in my life. I thought I might black out; it was fantastic. She finally let my prick fall from her mouth when it had no more to give and was a limp noodle. She Rolled off of me and stood by the bed.

Her panties were soaked by my saliva and her pussy juice and I couldn't help but stare at them. She licked her lips to make sure she had every drop of cum off of them. She looked me in the eyes and calmly said, "Now, get this place cleaned up; I have to go to work. When I get home we will talk and there will be some big changes around here young man, beginning with your bad attitude, understand?"

"Yes, ma'am,"I sheepishly replied. I watched her leave the room. She seemed to be putting on a show as she walked as her ass swayed very sensually as she left. When she left I quickly got to work cleaning my room and doing all of my other chores. I figured I didn't really want her pissed off at me. If she was interested in further sexual activity with me she would find an excuse.

About five hours later she walked back in and put her stuff up. I had just finished doing every chore I could think of and was sitting in my room. She walked down the hall to her room to kick off her shoes as she always did. I heard her come back and stop at my doorway. She looked around and saw that everything was in its place. Mom was trying to hide a smile as she ordered, "It's time to talk, get your ass to the living room, now."

I was excited and nervous at the same time. Mom sat in the easy chair and when I came in pointed for me to sit on the floor in front of her. I cursed to myself as this appeared to be a bad sign. She was taking up her typical domineering position as General in charge. She sat there smugly looking down on me and began, "Your father gets home in five days and we will get things worked out between us by then. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mom I do."

"What is the big idea of telling me to kiss your asshole and penis?"

I gave the answer that most kids would give, "I don't know."

"Well, is it that you want to fuck your own mother?" I didn't know how to answer that question. The answer was obviously in the affirmative. But, I wasn't sure if I should admit it so, I just shrugged my shoulders.

In a somewhat hateful tone she continued, "Either you do or you don't want to have sex with me. Did you enjoy that this morning?"

There was only one way to answer that, "Yes I sure as hell did."

Softening a bit she said, "I bet you did. I tell you what you don't have to answer the fuck question. I'll let you think about it. Instead, get over here and rub my feet and I'll let you kiss them while we talk if you want." Shyly, I scooted over to her and took a stocking covered foot in my hand. Instantly I realized that I was eye level with her knees and wanted to get a look up her short skirt but her knees were too close together.

After I rubbed the first foot for a couple of minutes I released it letting it fall and was surprised when it came to rest on my knee. Picking up the other foot I began massaging it, loving the feel of her foot through the nylon. She was flexing her toes on my leg as she laid out things for me, "Go ahead and kiss my feet. I am your mother but I am also a woman, a woman named Nadine. With your dad out of town all the time I have needs that have to be met. They are sexual needs. Are you willing to help satisfy Nadine's needs?"

I had just sucked her big toe into my mouth but happily responded, "I think so, but you are my mom."

"I don't fucking care I need to be fucked more often. Do you want to hear my conditions?"

It was obvious now that she had made up her mind to have sex with me when she kissed my ass the day before. I was kissing all over the entirety of her feet now and the foot that I wasn't kissing was being used by mom to caress all over my thighs. I smiled and said," Sure, mom."

As she started to speak her free foot reached my cock, "I am still in charge. Under this roof you will call me Nadine when your father is gone. You can't call your lover mom. Every day or two you will wash my hair for me. I mean all of my hair."

She looked down at me for my reaction. I just smiled broadly. Now excited she continued, "At night, you will sleep in my bed. But, most importantly you will have sex with me whenever and wherever I want. And if I want to play some kinky sex game you will eagerly join in. Is this all ok with you?"

"Yes, mom it sounds just fine." Her foot was digging full force against my erection. I was already getting short of breath.

"Remember, I am Nadine. And god, I NEED you. Now, come here and kiss me." She held her arms out to me. I rose up to my knees. She pulled me to her. Our mouths smashed together as if we were long lost lovers. Our tongues ventured deep into each other's mouth. When I came up for air she put a hand on my shoulder and pushed my head to her lap.

I nuzzled my face into her lap. I could feel her legs part under me. As I inhaled the heavenly aroma of her cunt I wrapped my arms around her big ass as she slid about an inch forward in the chair. While I continued to nuzzle she pulled our shirts off over our heads and unfastened the hook on the side of her wrap around skirt. She inched a little further forward.

She groaned ever so slightly as I felt the cloth of her skirt move across my face as she pulled the skirt free revealing her luscious pussy to me. She must have taken off her panties when she took off her shoes as I was now staring at an absolutely gorgeous hairy cunt. Wasting no time she spread her legs wide resting her knees on the arms of the chair. There it was her entire pussy on display just for me.

I knew I would be the envy of the entire town if they only knew. "Oh, Nadine it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!"

"You like my kitty do you than show me." She used her fingers to part her lips to give me a full appreciation. I moved my arms wrapping them under and around her thighs and quickly buried my face in her muff. First I peppered the entire area with light kisses causing a shudder to run up her spine. Then I seductively licked the area where her thighs meet her crotch. Nadine was getting impatient as she pushed her hand against my head toward her crotch. Forming my tongue into a scoop I licked her long slash.

I did this repeatedly trying to get every bit of cunt juice I could. Her cunt was jiggling against my face as she roared in approval, "Oh shit, you little bastard, eat my fucking cunt. Oh God, that feels so fucking good."

Even with my lack of experience I knew the way to a woman's heart was through her clit. At this moment I was glad that I had gotten a couple of girls to let me eat them and even fuck. I didn't want to bumble things with my mom. I wrapped my tongue around the outer ridges of her clit. I ran it around in circles.

Then I took my entire tongue and licked repeatedly right over the center of it before sucking the entire clit into my mouth. It was as if I were giving her a blow job as I sucked on the little nub as I continued to flick my tongue across it. Shudder after shudder ran through Nadine's body as she came again and again. She flooded the chair and my chin with her cum. quickly I lapped up her flow as she gradually came down.

Convinced that I had cleaned her up satisfactorily she pushed my head away and continued pushing until I was sprawled out on the floor. Our lips were locked in passion as I caressed her back. I reached for her bra strap and feverishly undid each of the hooks holding her mammoth jugs prisoner. With the last one unfastened she flung her bra aside. Eagerly she raised her boobs to my face and ground them back and forth across my mouth. I kissed, licked and even bit for everything I was worth.

Damn they tasted so sweet. Not to mention I had both hands crammed full of her soft tit flesh. My cock was straining against my clothes as Nadine came again as a result of the severe attention her boobs were receiving. She was out of breath as she spoke, "Oh damn, my fucking god, fuck my hot little pussy. I want you inside of me."

"Oh shit yes, Nadine fuck me. Fuck the hell out of me." She bounced off of me and yanked down my pants and underwear at the same time. While she did this I got my first full view of her nude ass and knew that this experience would not end after we fucked if I had anything to do with it.

I bellowed, "Oh, shit I want to go around the world with you!"

She straddled my waist and paused over me. Gently she lowered her cunt to my throbbing cock head. Her pussy seemed to suck me inside of her. She grunted as her cunt bottomed out against my belly. Raising back up she squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles. Then another down stroke and she grabbed my hands and put them back on her tits. She closed her eyes and painfully slowly rode up and down on my hard cock. Her muscles were milking the hell out of my cock. Needless to say, the few girls I had fucked were NO match for my mom. "She almost whispered, "Damn, you have a monster prick. I love the way it fills my pussy up."

"Oh god, Mom fuck the hell out of me. Oh fucking shit," I groaned. She sensed I was close to Cumming so she relaxed her twat and sat still there for a couple of seconds before picking up the slow stroking again. Every time I was about to erupt she would tease by stopping suddenly. After doing this several times I noticed that she began fucking me faster.

That is when I began meeting her stroke for stroke. As with each of her down strokes I raised my hips to meet her. She kept getting faster and faster. Finally she lost all control and yelled, "Damn it, cum in me. Come shoot your fucking load in my mother fucking cunt right now!"

"Oh shit fuck yes, oh god," I hollered back. And, that is all it took as I shot my spunk deep into my mother's womb. Load after load of my sticky white cum was thrust deep into Nadine as she squeezed my cock as hard as she could milking out every drop of fluid I could muster.

She let out a deep sigh as she released my member from her cunt then laid down on top of me. I caressed her stocking knee which was still at my side as Nadine gave me a tender kiss. Breathlessly she whispered, "Oh god, that was one hell of a fuck. I want more of you but am just too worn out from working and fucking. Let me take a nap and shower and then after dinner you can play with me some more."

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