tagBDSMNadine's Submissive Games

Nadine's Submissive Games


Chapter One

"I'm gonna kill that fuckin' Carol!" I mumble as Henry's cock continues to plow into and out of my ass.

'Who the fuck are you kidding?' I ask myself. 'You love every minute of it. It's consensual ass rape. Something that you've fantasized about for years. Only, it's by the pizza guy! Not your hubby. Shit, the prick's probably fuckin' some whore in his hotel room right now!'

But, in reality, I can't believe what is happening. Here I am, Nadine, a middle-aged married African-American woman. I'm also a full-time housewife and part-time Ebony slut. I have a very shapely figure, 33C-25-37, and I know that my best feature is my very fuckable, bubble-butt ass. My facial features are quite lovely, and it's framed by jet-black hair that reaches halfway down to my ass. I also think that my tits are 'to die for'. But, like many African-American girls, I really know how to shake my booty when I walk whenever I am trying to attract a guy with a big cock.

But, right now I am totally naked, bent over the back of the sofa with my wrists tied together behind my back with one of my own scarves. Another of my scarves is gagging my mouth as I am getting my ass fucked by the damn pizza delivery guy. I should be screaming 'rape', but I am not. Partially because my mouth is gagged. But, mainly because I love every second of it. Down deep I know that it's a kinky, erotic dream come true.

This whole thing started off as a practical joke. A dare from one of my on-line friends, Carolyn.

"I dare you to order a pizza, and then greet the delivery guy naked wearing only your jewelry and 6" FM (Fuck Me) stilettos." Carolyn said via an IM dare. It sounded like fun. "Ask for Henry to be your delivery guy, he's a bit of a geek and probably will be very embarrassed to see a naked woman greet him at the door. Then, after you pay him, give him a BJ as his tip."

Well, the joke's on me. Don't get me wrong. I love giving BJs. Even when giving one to a total stranger. But, Henry is neither a geek nor embarrassed. Plus, his big, rock hard cock pounding my ass right now tells me that he's done this before. Henry wants much more than a BJ as his tip. Later I learn that Henry is Carolyn's boyfriend; a real ass man; and he really knows how to use his fuckin' big cock. I also learn that Henry was on his knees between Carolyn's legs sucking on her clit while she was daring me to order the pizza.

When the pizza arrives, I answer the door exactly as Carolyn commands -- totally naked and wearing only my sexiest FM stilettos. Other than that, all I am wearing is a silver necklace that hangs between my big tits with the words 'Fuck Me' and an arrow pointing down to my cunt. When the delivery guy gives me my pizza, I tell him that I need to get his money from my purse in the kitchen. As I walk away, I make sure to wiggle my naked ass as sexily and teasingly as possible.

While I am gone, he finds two of my silk scarves lying on a small table beside the door. When I get back I hand him the money, he quickly lays it down on the table. When I offer him a BJ, and before he can answer, I quickly unbuckle his jeans. He shows that he's willing when he pushes both his jeans and shorts down to the floor, allowing his gigantic big, black, beautiful cock to pop free. He's definitely no geek.

After stepping out of his shorts, he grabs both my wrists and drags me over to stand facing the back of our sofa. Next, he pushes me down facing forward so that I must bend at the waist over the back of the sofa with my ass and pussy exposed and readily available for his viewing pleasure and more. He quickly pulls both of my arms behind my back and ties my wrists together with one of the silk scarves.

My submissive genes are now wide awake and I am getting hot, wet, and ready for a good fucking. I want that giant monster in my cunt. I want him to go beaver hunting, and my beav is ready to surrender. But, he has other ideas. He pulls me up off the sofa, and then forces me down onto my knees. He then tells me I better not scream.

Scream? Hell, all I want to scream is 'Put that monster in me now!' Next, he tells me to open wide and get him wet, for my spit is the only lube that my ass will get. My ass? He's going to fuck me in the ass? He thinks that he's going to rape my ass. But, what he doesn't know is that I love to be ass fucked. Hell, my hubby does it all the time whenever he gets drunk. Well, lately that's almost every night that he's home.

I take that monster in my mouth, and what a mouthful! He's not only long, but he's wide, too. He starts plunging his lovely man meat in and out of my cocksucker. I also love to suck cocks, so this is no rape. I love every second of it. I can feel his monster continue to grow with each thrust into the back of my throat. He grabs the back of my head and begins to skull fuck me. It's a good thing that I learned to deep throat a long time ago.

Eventually he feels that his cock is well lubed with my spit, so he pulls his monster out and gags my mouth with another of my scarves. Then, he makes me bend down over the sofa again, exposing my ass and pussy for his use. This time I know that my ass is his target. He's an ass man for sure. He starts fingering my brown hole. First one finger. Then two. Eventually he has all four fingers in my ass. But, it's nothing that hubby hasn't done to me before. In fact, he loves to fist my ass when he's really drunk. But, the pizza guy is much better. He really knows how to turn a girl on with his fingers. It doesn't take long for my ass to tell him that it wants fucked, too. So, he does!

He pounds my ass good -- awakening my pain slut genes in the process. It begins to fuckin' hurt because my spit is the only lube. But, like I said before: I'm a pain slut. It hurts so good! Thankfully my ass is no virgin to big cocks, so I am able to withstand his assault without any long term damage. Like all pain sluts, I love the combination of pain and pleasure. That's exactly what I am feeling right now. Pain and pleasure euphoria! I want to scream 'Harder! Harder! Faster! Faster!' He must be reading my mind, for that's just what he does.

He continues to pound my ass for at least 15 minutes. He also plays with my tits at the same time. He begins by just fondling my female fun sacks. Eventually he begins to twist and pull each nipple. I think he's waiting for me to yell. But, I can't yell. My mouth is gagged. Besides, I love this too much. If I were to yell, it would be a yell of delight. With each stroke I feel his cock getting bigger and bigger. I also feel my nipples getting harder and harder. Finally, he gets to the point where that monster plunging in and out of my ass feels like it's just about to cum.

Then, as luck has it, just has he begins to launch his baby makers in my ass, I hear the garage door opener. Fuck! My fuckin' hubby chooses that particular moment to return from his business trip early. Here I am: Naked, bound and gagged, and bent over the couch back getting fucked in the ass. My hubby is home early from his trip and about to catch me getting fucked in the ass by a damn pizza delivery guy!

The pizza guy also hears the garage door opener and takes that as his cue to get the fuck out. He pulls his giant cock out of my ass, pulls his shorts and jeans back on. But, he leans forward and whispers 'I'll be back, whore!' before he quietly slips out the front door, gets in his car, and quickly drives away. Right now I do feel like a whore. A whore who never got paid for an ass fuck. Or, like one who is about to get busted by the cops.

I don't know what to do. I'm totally naked. All I have on are my six inch FM stilettos, my wedding ring, and my 'Fuck Me' necklace. My mouth is gagged and my hands are tied behind my back. Plus, I have a fresh load of cum dripping from my asshole. There's no way that I am going to get free before hubby comes through the kitchen door.

What am I to tell him? 'Honey, I just got fucked in the ass by the pizza deliver guy. But, don't worry; it's just sex!'

'Well, you could tell him that he raped you,' I say to myself.

Fuck! I greeted the fucker wearing only my stilettos and a 'Fuck Me' necklace. How would I explain that to the cops when claiming that he raped me? Besides, my hubby knows me better than that. He knows that I like kinky shit. He knows that this entire scenario is something that I fantasize about. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that I am probably living out one of my fantasies. Which is true?

What do I do? I don't know what else to do, so I calmly walk into the kitchen where the pizza is still sitting unopened on the table. I simply kneel on the floor; spread my legs wide open, giving him a great chocolate and pink beaver shot. I try to pretend that my get-up is all for him. If I weren't gagged, I would have greeted him by saying, 'Fuck me, you big stud!'

But, when he comes into the kitchen, I get the surprise of my life. He's not alone. With him are our neighbor and his work buddy, Sam, and his wife, Henrietta. Sam and Henrietta are not only our best friends and neighbors, but they're also our sexy swinger buddies. They're two of the sexiest, and horniest, people that I know.

Anyway, the first thing they see is me totally naked -- ready, willing, and waiting for a nice big cock. Then they see the pizza on the counter. But, as they enter I wonder what they saw while driving up. 'O-M-G!' (Oh, my God!) I think. 'Did they see the pizza guy leaving with a smile on his face?'

"Well, what do we have here?" my hubby asks. "Pizza and pussy. Two of my favorite things. I am hungry, but I'm also very tired. Which do I want to eat tonight?"

"While you're deciding," Henrietta replies. "How about she licks my puss? I haven't had a good cunt licking for quite some time."

Now, to be honest, Henrietta is my B-F-F (Best Friend Forever). She and I have known each other since high school. She's a hot chocolate drop, just like me. She's a bit smaller in height, but her 34D-25-35 frame more than makes up for her lack of height. In addition to being one hot, stacked babe, she also has a beautiful face framed by long hair. Only, she dyes her locks blonde.

She's also a full time housewife and part-time Ebony slut. Together we have been known to pick up strange cocks at the local bars and take them home for a 'romp-in-the-hay' whenever our hubbies are traveling. Well, sometime what we pick up isn't equipped with cocks. We have been known to suck a dyke cunt or two from time to time. But, that's another story.

"What the fuck am I?" Sam asks, obviously irritated by his wife's comment.

"Listen, asshole," Henrietta answers. "Everybody knows that no man can eat a pussy like another pussy. Now, don't get me wrong. You're a great fuck. But, when it comes to eating cunt, you're still an amateur."

What Henrietta doesn't tell either of the guys is that we get together a couple of times a week for some mutual muff diving. There's nothing like 'lovin' something from the oven', and her oven is usually full of goodies. What we usually do is get our guys to fuck us the night before. That way, we are getting the best of both worlds when we get together. We're the 'Creampie 69 for Lunch Bunch'.

Then, it dawns on me. Ah, fuck! Why isn't he chasing Sam and Henrietta out of the house so that he can bang my box? That is, unless he wants them to watch. You kinky bastard! Or, unless he's truly too tired to fuck. Not again! That bastard probably screwed some whore in his hotel room last night and is not interested in my fuck box now. But, the real question is 'Did that whore have a pussy or cock?' For, just recently I learned that my hubby loves to play for both teams.

I'm horny as Hell, and my snatch needs a good workout. My ass is full of cum, but my puss is not. Its feeling neglected right now and wants some equal time. But, it looks like he's too tired to fuck. This happens whenever he travels and gets some strange pussy the night before he comes home. That's when he realizes that I'm still gagged with one of my scarves. He comes over and unties the scarf gagging my mouth. But, he also leaves my hands tied behind my back.

"Well, for what do we owe this surprise?" he asks.

"I thought that I would surprise you with your two favorite things: Pizza and pussy," I reply. "But, I didn't know you were bringing our fuckin' friends home. But, what the Hell. They can watch if they want. They can even join in. Which to you want to eat first -- pizza or pussy?"

"Well, how did you know that we were catching an early flight?" he answers.

Good question. I've got to think fast.

"Lucky guess," I reply. "I just didn't know how long I would be gagged and bound."

"I didn't tell her anything," Henrietta replies. "I didn't get a chance to call her after you called and asked me to pick you guys up at the airport tonight."

'Stupid cunt!' I want to yell. But I decide to keep my mouth shut before he figures out that I was not expecting him home tonight.

"Well, here's the thing," he comments. "I am definitely hungry, but I'm also very tired. Mind if I take a rain check on the pussy?"

You Bastard! Who did you fuck last night in your hotel room? Weren't you traveling with Sam? Did you two hire some whores? Or, did you and Sam suck each other off?

"Why don't you sit down and have a slice or two," I calmly reply. "If you untie my wrists, I will gladly unzip your pants and give you a blow job while you are eating. Then, we can see what happens after that."

"Can I fuck her instead?" Sam asks.

"Only if she's eating my twat while you do her," Henrietta answers. She's always been one horny, oversexed bitch."

After hearing all three comments, hubby walks over to the kitchen table. Just before he sits down, he unbuckles his belt, drops his pants, and then pulls his shorts down to his ankles. Next, he sits his naked ass down on one of the chairs and begins to eat a slice of pizza.

"Pizza, Sam?" he asks. "Or, do you have something better to eat?"

"Listen, bitch," Sam says to Henrietta. "I think it's time to go. After all, it looks like they want some privacy."

"Well, why don't you have some pizza, too?" my hubby says to his friend. "Maybe she'll give you a BJ when she's done with me. After all, she's not in a position to argue right now."

"Well, what are you waiting for?" he says to me. "You promised me a blow job. So, get your fuckin mouth over here and suck my big cock!"

As I am crawling past her, Henrietta reaches down and fingers my ass. I know that she can feel cum leaking from my brown hole. But, she says nothing.

"OK, you big stud," Henrietta says to her husband. "All of this fuckin' talk is making me horny as Hell. Take me home, tie me up, and fuck the living shit out of all three of my holes. Or, do it here. I don't care. Just do it!"

With that, Sam drops the slice of pizza that he's eating, stands up, grabs Henrietta by her hair, and drags her towards our back door.

"Call me in the morning," Henrietta says as she's dragged out the door. "I think that we will both have something to talk about."


Chapter Two

So, even though I am still mad at him for fucking some whore last night, I crawl forward and begin to suck hubby's cock -- with my hands still tied behind my back. I give him the best BJ ever. I love the feel of his big man meat plunging in and out of my cocksucking mouth. I feel his helmet banging the back of my throat. I try to use my lips to capture his meat, but it's too big. With each stroke I feel it getting bigger and bigger. Harder and harder. Longer and longer. He fucks my face for at least 10-15 minutes.

Suddenly I feel him grab the back of my head and force his big, black, beautiful cock deep into my throat. It's not long before he stops his plunging motion, pushes his cock as far forward as it will go, and then shoots his wad. Thousands of little swimmers fill my mouth. Surprisingly, I want more. I want him to choke me with his cock and cum. And, he does it all while continuing to munch on his second slice of pizza.

After he finishes eating his pizza, and, of course, shooting his wad into my mouth, he grabs me by my left tit and drags me through the living room and out onto our front porch stoop. There he ties me bent over the front railing -- facing the street with my tits hanging down for the entire neighborhood to see. He also gags me with my scarf again.

Just as he's about to go back into the house, he turns and says,

"I'll call Carolyn for you. I'll tell her to call Henry and tell him that you need another pizza delivery. She can also tell him that it's safe to come back and finish what he started earlier."

He then goes back into the house and leaves me tied and naked on our porch. Well, I am left there by myself for quite some time. I am totally naked and humiliated. The entire neighborhood can see everything that I've got to offer. After about an hour or so, Sam and Henrietta come back over to the house. Only, Henrietta ignores me and goes straight into the house. Sam, on the other hand, does not. He walks up behind me and begins to play with my tits.

Next, he begins to kiss the back of my neck. Evidently hubby has told him that I love to have my neck kissed. On the rare occasions that hubby wants to fuck and I'm not in the mood, kissing my neck usually gets him what he wants. There must be a link from my neck to my pussy. Kissing my neck always gets my pussy hot.

"Henrietta tells me you've been a bad girl tonight," Sam whispers into my ear. "She tells me that you've got a surprise in your asshole. I love surprises. Especially if they're from some strange guy. When I got home I fucked Henrietta in the ass. Several times. Right now your hubby is probably eating my cum from her bung hole. Who's cum will I be eating from yours? The pizza delivery guy? Don't worry. I will replace whatever I eat."

The next thing I know he's on his knees tonguing my asshole. I love it when hubby does that. I even love it when Henrietta does it. But, it's the first time that Sam has ever done anything with my ass. Sure, we've fucked a bunch of times. Usually on the same bed while watching hubby do Henrietta. And, I've rimmed his ass a time or two. But, he's never even kissed either of my ass cheeks. He's always been bashful about ass sex at our parties. Or, at least that's what I thought until tonight.

But, he's not bashful now. He quickly dives in and begins to lick the pizza guy's cum from my asshole. I don't know why Henrietta thinks he's an amateur. His tongue is very talented. It's long, slender, and he sure knows how to use it -- at least on my ass. God, it feels so good. After about 15 minutes of tonguing my ass: Hallelujah! He begins to lick my puss. It doesn't take me long before I want to beg him to fuck me.

That's when he whispers that he promised Henrietta that he will only fuck my ass. Just like the pizza guy. Next, I feel the head of his beautiful black cock probing my nether hole. I want to scream 'Put it in, you fucker!' But, he's in control. I'm all tied up, and I have a gag in my mouth. So, I have to wait until he's good and ready. Which should be any second now?

Then, I feel it. Damn. The fucker's going to do it without lube. Why are men so fuckin' heartless? Doesn't he know that fucking a bitch in the ass with no lube hurts like Hell? Or, has Henrietta told him that we've been ass sluts since high school? Hell, back then the two of us probably had half of the cocks in the school in our asses at one time or another. And, they only lube we had then was our own spit.

But, that's ancient history. Right now his cock is pounding my ass. For the second time tonight, I am getting an anal fucking without lube. And, it fuckin' hurts. Thank God some of the pizza guy's cum is still in there. At least it's not totally dry back there. Pain and pleasure euphoria, round two! He keeps banging away. No romance here. Pure animal sex. Not an ounce of love. Just raw, barbarian, ass fucking.

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