Nadine's Submissive Games


She then tells me that she and Sam have a maledom domestic discipline relationship just like George and me. But, they also have a femdom dominant one, too. She says that she always whips Sam's ass whenever she catches him sucking cock. She said that she will be more than willing to help me change things around if I want.

"Well," I tell her. "I'm a natural submissive. I don't give orders well. I like it when he takes control -- even if it means that I get my ass whipped."

"So am I," Henrietta admits. "I love it when a guy ties me up, whips me, and fucks the shit out of me. But, I am also tired of Sam fucking other guys. So, every time he does I beat his ass. It's either that, or I kick the fucker out. You should do the same to your hubby."

"Tell you what," she adds. "When I get home I will email you some pictures of our hubbies sucking and fucking each other. You can use those to blackmail George's ass. Tell him to either submit to a good ass whipping, or you'll publish them on the internet as well as send copies to everyone in his office. That's how I got Sam to submit to his first good ass whipping. Trust me, honey, it works. Now I probably whip his ass more frequently than he whips mine. Once you whip his ass the first time, you will want to do it again. You will see what I mean once we do it."

Then, without warning, she reaches over and starts to rub my tits with one hand while giving me a big smile. She then grabs my wrist and turns me around so that I am facing the counter. She then begins to rub my ass with her hands. She even bends over and kisses both of my ass cheeks. That gets my bisexual juices flowing. But, that's not what she has in mind -- at this particular moment.

"Besides," she adds. "It doesn't look like your ass and tits can take much more abuse. Maybe it's time we give him a taste of his own medicine. Now, don't get me wrong. Sam still spanks my ass when I fuck up. But, when he fucks up, he gets it, too. You need to do the same with your hubby. And, make sure to use your pussy to your advantage. Make sure that the only time he gets fucked is by you and on your terms. That's why I beat Sam's ass whenever I find out that he's been sucking cocks. Thank God that he doesn't know about our trips to the dyke bars."

With that, she reaches over and grabs me by the hand and leads me over to the computer in the family room. But, she then takes off her skirt and panties before sitting down in front of the keyboard and monitor. Next, she tells me that she's going to set up a private email account for my eyes only, and that I should never tell hubby of its existence.

"But, while I do that, I am going to collect on that reciprocity offer you made a little while ago," she adds. "Get on your knees, crawl between my legs, and get me off while I am setting up your account."

"I thought you'd never ask," I reply as I drop to my knees and crawl between her legs.

For the next five or ten minutes all I hear is her fingers pounding away on the keyboard, plus an occasional moan of joy, as I lap away at her cunt and nibble on her clit. Eventually she reaches down and grabs me by the hair, forces my head further between her legs, and presses my face tight against her snatch. My face is quickly soaked as she erupts -- coating me with her juices.

"Now, let's go have some fun," she tells me after she comes back down to earth. "Go put on the sexiest, most erotic panties that you own. The ones that you use when you're horny as Hell. Ones that scream 'Fuck me!' Don't worry about a bra. Just put on the panties. That's all you'll need for right now."

"And," she adds. "Don't clean my cum from your face. It makes you look even sexier."

A few minutes later I return wearing a G-string panty that's to die for. It's nothing but a small triangle of black, see-through satin that barely covers my slit. It's held in place by a series of very thin elastic bands. And, the band that goes between my legs disappears into my crack as it goes up between my ass cheeks. She is wearing a set that is almost as daring. We are two very hot mammas looking for some naughty fun.

"OK, let's go surprise the guys," she says as she heads for my back door.

I realize that she wants to go over to her house where the two guys are sucking and fucking each other, so I reach for my blouse. She knocks it out of my hand and tells me that I won't need anything else for what she has in mind. She then turns and begins to wiggle her cute black ass as she walks towards the kitchen.

"Wait a minute," I yell as it's apparent that she wants to go from my house to hers dressed, or should I say undressed, like this. "We can't go out dressed like two whores. I need to put something on before we go out in public."

"Y-G-T-B-K-M!" (You've got to be kidding me!) she answers. "Hell, you were totally naked and tied to your porch railing for everyone in the neighborhood to see two nights ago. The entire neighborhood knows what your goodies look like. Hell, some of them even sampled them. Don't be so modest. This is going to be fun once we get to my house."

Down deep I know what she says is right. So, I swallow my pride -- again -- and just follow her lead. We go out through the kitchen, out my back gate, down the driveway, across the street, and up three houses to her place. Once again, we go in through the kitchen. She is careful so the door does not make any noise as she closes it.

We slowly creep up the stairs where we hear the guys still fucking and sucking each other in the master bedroom. She slowly opens the door and we see Sam fucking George in the ass while he pulls on George's hair. She then pushes the door wide open, allowing it to bang against the wall. The noise startles the two guys.

"W-T-F?" (What the fuck?) she screams at them both. Suddenly they both turn around and see us standing there wearing nothing but G-string panties.

"Just what in the hell are you two doing in my bedroom?" Henrietta screams. "Sam, I thought you told me you were done fucking and sucking cocks. What the Hell is this?"

My hubby does not know what to say. I think that he's not only surprised that he was caught getting fucked in the ass by Sam, but that I am one of the ones to catch him in the act.

"Sam, you know what this means," Henrietta yells. "Go get the cuffs."

"I think that I better be going," my hubby says.

"Oh, no you don't!" I reply. "You're not going anywhere until I say you can go."

Just as hubby tries to get up, Henrietta takes charge again.

"Sam, cuff that SOB!" she tells her husband. "Then I want you both in the garage for your punishments."

Sam quickly goes over to one of the dressers where he takes out two sets of handcuffs. Next, he goes over to George and helps Henrietta turn George over onto his front, pulls his hands behind his back, and then helps Henrietta cuff his wrists behind his back.

"You fuckin' bastard," hubby yells at Sam.

"You're the fuckin' bastard," I yell back. "You're over here fuckin' and suckin' Sam while you're supposed to be at work. You no good fuckin' bastard!"

Suddenly hubby has a look of surprise on his face. He's not used to me talking to him that way. Normally it's the other way around. But, he probably knows that I am pissed and he better not say anything more.

Finally, Sam turns his back to Henrietta and holds his hands behind his back while she snaps a set of cuffs on his wrists, too. Next, Henrietta grabs hubby by the cock and begins to lead him out of the bedroom. I quickly follow her lead and grab Sam by his cock and pull him forward. He has no choice but to follow. We lead both the guys down the stairs, out the back door, and into their garage. For the second time this morning, hubby is about to hang by his wrists in their garage.

When we reach the garage, Henrietta turns to me.

"Nadine," she announces for both guys to hear. "I am going to give Sam 100 lashes with the cat o' nine tails for sucking cocks without permission. You can stay and watch, take your cocksucker home, or you can join in the fun. It's your choice."

"Well," I reply. "What's good for one cocksucker is good for them all, right?"

"In that case, do you want to go first?" she asks.

"How about this?" I reply. "Why don't you whip my cocksucker and I will whip yours?"

"Sounds great to me," she replies. "She then pulls hubby over to stand on a little stool directly under the cuffs where she and I take him and cuff his wrists over his head. Once is he secure, she pulls the stool out from under him so that he's now hanging by his wrists about a foot above the garage floor. Next, she gets a cat-o-9-tail whip from its mooring on the back wall, and then stands directly behind hubby.

"Let's make this a pain and pleasure punishment," Henrietta adds. "Nadine, he's your hubby. Do you want to suck his cock while I whip him, or should I make my cocksucker do it?"

By now I am getting hornier by the minute. Suddenly sucking hubby's cock while he is getting whipped is making me hot. Then, I suddenly get a great idea. I drop to my knees directly in front of hubby's cock.

"I want some of the pleasure, too," I add. "How about this: I will suck hubby's cock while you whip him, but I want your hubby to fuck me doggy style at the same time."

"Done," Henrietta says. "Sam, you wanted to fuck that cunt two nights ago. Here's your chance. Fuck her good or I will double your punishment. And, remember, I get less angry when you cheat on me with pussy than I do when you cheat on me with cocksuckers."

Henrietta gives me a nod, so I lean forward and take my hubby's big, rock hard cock into my mouth. Just as I do that, I feel Sam's cock probing at my puss.


As soon as the cat lands on hubby's ass, I feel George push his cock deeper into my cocksucker. At the same time, Sam forces his cock deep into my cunt.


Again, hubby forces his cock deep into my mouth. At the same time, Sam plunges his cock deep into my snatch.


And so it goes. Before his whipping is done, hubby cums in my mouth twice and Sam cums in my snatch three times. God, that guy has a quick recovery time!

Next, we trade places. Now, I am the whipping mistress, Henrietta is the cocksucker, and hubby gets to fuck her. Only, unlike me, she wants it in her ass, not her twat. Of course, it's all at the expense of Sam, who's getting his ass whipped for sucking and fucking hubby's cock without his wife's permission.

It talks about an hour for us to finish whipping both guys. However, she does not let Sam down from his hanging perch. Instead, she re-cuffs hubby, grabs him by his cock, and leads him back into her house. I follow and see that she's taking him into her home office, where she fires up her computer. It only takes a few seconds before I see a photo gallery of Sam and hubby fucking and sucking together in Henrietta's bedroom.

The next group is a set of photos all taken with them playing out in the garage. One is even a picture of hubby hanging by his wrists as Sam sucks his cock. It's probably one that was taken while I was watching the two of them earlier this morning. I eventually look away from the computer and see that hubby's eyes are big as saucers. Evidently he has no idea that Henrietta has been making photos of her husband's sexual escapades. She only smiles and nods to me. Now, it's my turn.

"Well," I begin. "Now that you know that we have a photographic record of your cocksucking and ass fucking experiences, there are going to be a few new rules in our house. Henrietta is emailing me all of these photos."

"Already done," Henrietta adds.

"OK, now that I have photo proof of your cheating on me with homos," I add.

"Bisexuals, not homos," Henrietta adds. "Sam fucks me regularly. He just likes George's cock and ass, too. He's bisexual, not a homo."

"OK, I stand corrected," I add. "Now that I have photo proof of you cheating on me with bisexual guys, we are going to institute some new rules in our relationship. Yes, just like before, I will still submit to punishments whenever I fuck up. But, you will do the same whenever you fuck up. Or, when you fuck anyone other than me. Male or female. You will be hung by your wrists and whipped just like today. Only, you won't get your cock sucked while you're getting whipped next time. Pain only. No pleasure."

"Also," I add. "I am done submitting to your sexual desires whenever it suits you. From now on, whenever we fuck it will be the way that I like it, when I like it, and where I like it. Your wants, needs and desires no longer matter."

"B-T-W," (by the way) I add. "If you do not agree to all of these terms and conditions, all of these photos will be emailed to everyone in your office, plus about four or five sex sites on the internet. You will be the most popular cocksucker in the world if you ever violate any of these terms and conditions. Agreed?"

Hubby's face is white as he's still in shock about what just happened. He does not know what to say.

"Agreed?" I ask again.

"Agreed," He replies meekly.

"OK," Henrietta says. "Now that's taken care of, let's go back out into the garage. I believe that both of them deserve to hang by their wrists all night."


Chapter Four

Not long after that, Henrietta and I leave both guys hanging by their wrists as we head back into the house. She shows me the cameras hidden in her bedroom, and then turns them off. That's so there won't be any photographic evidence of how we are going to spend the night in her bedroom. She then has me lay down on her bed on my stomach. Before I realize what is happening, she pulls my arms behind my back and locks my wrists in a set of handcuffs. Next, I feel her pull on my hair, forcing me to raise my head upwards. Suddenly I feel a collar getting locked around my neck.

"OK, bitch," she says. "Earlier today you told me that you love to be a submissive slut. For the rest of today, and probably tonight, too, you are going to be a submissive slut. The only question now is will you be that slut for me or someone else. Now, let's go back downstairs and I will show you what the guys have been doing when your hubby visits my house."

"What about the guys hanging out in the garage?" I ask.

"Fuck them!" Henrietta replies. "Tonight is about us, not them. Now, are you going to be a good little slave bitch, or should I whip your ass right now?"

"Whatever you want, Mistress," I reply. Henrietta only gives me a naughty look before tugging on a leash attached to my neck collar. She then leads me down the stairs and into her home office. She fires up the computer, and then tells me that slaves' never sit on the furniture. I am told to kneel in front of the computer monitor so that I can see the files that she's about to open. She then sits on a chair located directly behind me, reaches around my body, and begins to play with my tits with her left hand. Then, she grabs the computer mouse with her right hand and activates a hidden file.

Suddenly, there it is in all its glory. Hubby is on his knees, sucking Sam's big, black, gigantic cock. He alternates from tea bagging his balls to sucking his cock. The show continues for about five minutes. The entire time that I am watching hubby suck Sam's cock, Henrietta is playing with my tits. God, I'm getting hornier and hornier by the second.

"Mistress," I ask. "May I assume that you have sent me these files for my records, and to blackmail my cocksucking hubby, too?

"I have sent you everything you need to blackmail that cocksucking bastard you married," she replies. "But, there are some things that I do need to keep private. So, no, I did not send you everything. But, like I said before, you have enough to nail his ass to the wall -- or humiliate him publicly -- if necessary. Now, is it turning you on to watch your hubby suck Sam's cock?"

"This is great shit!" I exclaim as I watch the guys. "My subby blood is flowing straight to my cunt right now. I'm tempted to go out to the garage and suck his big cock myself. Or, get him to fuck my ass like he did the other night."

"We can do better than that," Henrietta says. "Have you ever fantasized what it was like for our ancestors to be black bitches during the slavery days? Well, I know of a place that will allow us to live out that fantasy. It's a private theme club for re-living the days of antebellum slavery. All black women, no matter what their ages, entering the club must voluntarily agree to be submissive, temporary slaves. All the 'Mastas' are white men or women. We will both have to agree to be sluts, slaves, and whores all night if we go in. Interested?"

By now I don't give a damn. All I want is some cock in one of my holes, and I don't care what its color. So, I agree. But, Henrietta does not release my wrists. She simply pulls me in my near naked state out to where her car is parked in her driveway. She forces me into the passenger side, gets behind the wheel, and starts the mother up. Soon we are traveling through town in broad daylight wearing nothing but see-through G-strings.

About 45 minutes later we pull up to a building with no markings on its exterior. However, there is valet parking. Henrietta gets out, tosses her car keys to the valet, then comes over and helps me out of the car. She then leads me around the side of the building and knocks on an unmarked door. Another totally naked black woman opens door and invites us in. She has a collar around her neck that says 'Overseer Bitch'.

"Welcome to the Ebony Club, where African women come to re-live their slave heritage," she says as she opens the door for us. "Well, what do we have here? Slave Henrietta has brought us a surprise. What a lovely piece of chocolate. Hell, she looks good enough to eat. She'll look just great at the newcomer's auction tonight."

While the woman is admiring my body, Henrietta is getting her wrists cuffed behind her back. She also has a neck collar similar to mine locked around her back. The next thing I know we are led down a dark hallway and into a room full of similarly clad naked women. All of them are African-Americans, and all of them are in their 30's or older. Each of them also is cuffed with their arms behind their backs, and has a leash dangling down between their tits from a neck collar. And, each collar bears the same word, 'Bitch'.

Suddenly the 'Overseer Bitch' steps to the center of the room and welcomes us to MILF Slave Night at the Ebony Club. She tells us that our voluntary slavery will begin in 10 minutes, and it will last until sunrise tomorrow morning. Next, she gives all of us a chance to back out and leave now. No one takes her up on that offer.

Finally she tells us that she needs six volunteers to become glory hole slaves and asks which of us wants to volunteer for that duty. She also says that if enough of us don't step up and volunteer, she will pick eight of us for that duty. Henrietta leans over to me and says that she's going to volunteer, and asks me to join her. I agree, figuring that following Henrietta's lead tonight probably will be a good thing until I learn more about this club.

So after we volunteer, we are led off down another hall. Henrietta tells me that the others will be on the auction block in about 30 minutes, and some of the guys will want to get their rocks off before that action begins. Therefore, the glory holes probably will be busy until the auction starts.

When we get to the glory hole room, I see that there are about 9 or 10 different places that slaves can be locked. Each one has a series of four holes -- all aligned so that the 'Masta' or Mistress can easily get access to the slave's mouth, tits, or cunt without any problems. One by one we are pushed forward until all of our frontal sex is forced against the glory hole wall. Once we are in position, straps are wrapped around the back of our heads, shoulders, waists, and thighs. These straps ensure that our bits will be available most of the night.

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