tagBDSMNadja Comes Home

Nadja Comes Home


Most of my stories are written for submissives that I know. My first story got enough response that I've been asked for more submissions. I had been working on a new story but the holidays got in the way of completing it. So in the mean time, I'm submitting some older stories I've written. Please keep in mind these might be rough around the edges. Usually when I write, I write off the top of my head and just leave it the way it comes out. Very rarely do I even go back and re-read a story. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy. This story is written, like most of them, about D/s. In addition, it involved Daddy/daughter roleplay. Keep in mind this story is not insinuating actual father/daughter incest, only the roleplay within the D/s relationship. –Archangel 1/3/2003

* * * * *

The clock struck 4pm and nadja gently pushed herself back from her desk. A piece of paper unfolded in her hand, giving her the instructions she was to follow. After re-reading the words, she picked up her purse and made her way into the bathroom, removing her panties as instructed and placing them in her purse. She took the little bag of cloths handed to her as she had left that morning and placed it on the counter. Pulling out her little plaid skirt and white stockings, slipping them on her sweet soft body, placing her work cloths in the bag. She pulled out the white blouse and slipped it on, noticing how it hung off her shoulders, exposing the creamy white skin, and then tied the bottom off just under her breasts, exposing her flat tummy.

Recalling the last words on the paper, she put her hand under her skirt and fingered herself good, thinking about him, feeling her wetness coat her slender fingers, bringing her to the edge of orgasm, then stopping just before she fell over that edge…. As she was instructed.

She picked up her things and made her way out of the building, into her car and on her way to home. As she pulled out onto the street, she took the CD out of her purse and placed it into the car CD player… as she had been instructed. Her hands grasped the wheel tightly, remembering her orders, as a familiar voice echoed through the car speakers. The voice spoke softly to her. Telling her the things she liked to hear, things that might make an un-enlightened woman blush and run away… but she did not, as the words warmed her soul and stoked the fire inside her. As she drove, the words became more explicit, more specific, more powerful. Her knuckles glossed to a pearly white as she gripped the steering wheel tighter and tighter, wanting to touch herself, needing to feed her hunger. But she clung to the wheel, obeying her orders… and she drove, letting the drone of the voice fill her ears and speak to her soul.

With an abrupt halt, the car came to a stop in the driveway, her journey home complete. She waited, listening to the last of the voice as it finally finished and the speakers went to static. She ejected the CD and shut the car off, grabbing her things and heading to the front door.

The door closed lightly behind her as she hung her keys up and dropped her things to the floor. She turned to the small table next to the door and opened the cherry wood box he had made for her. She bent at the waist and unfastened her slave anklet, placing it into the box as she closed the lid and stood back up. Usually she would have shed all her cloths by now, but her instructions to day were to the contrary, and she kept on what she had been told to wear. She then reached up to the silver hook on the wall and retrieved her collar. Little fingers fastening it behind her neck. She smiled as she looked at herself in the full length mirror, making sure it was on straight… that the chains cascaded down from it centered on her neck. She put her hands on her hips and did a slow twirl, watching her self in the mirror, happy to know that her body pleased him.

She turned around and exclaimed, "Daddy I'm home"… her sentence dying off as she noted an envelope tacked to the wall in front of her, a yellow rose taped to it.

She brought the rose to her nose, inhaling its delicate sent as she opened the envelope and began to read.

Words written from an old style quill pen spoke to her. Telling her what a good girl she was, and how Daddy was glad she was home. They told her to look in the top drawer of the table behind her and to put on what she found there. Nadja laid the card and flower down on the table as she opened the drawer. Her hand reappeared holding a heavy leather wrist cuff, lined with soft velvet. She fastened it quickly to her wrist and spun around eagerly, wondering what she was to do next. Her eyes finally spying another card in the sitting room, a pink rose attached to this one. She floated across the distance to the card, inhaling the scent of the rose as she read the second letter. The words spoke to her again, reminding her how much Daddy cared for her, and that he always would. The ending pointed for her to look above her. Her eyes looked up, and found a second wrist restraint hanging from a string. A smile crossed her face as she retrieved it and attached it to her other wrist.

Her eyes began searching again and she made her way forward into the living room. In his chair she saw another card, this one accompanied with a red rose. Another whiff and her eyes began reading the note. He told her that he was happy that she had given herself to him. He couldn't be any happier actually. Such a wonderful gift, and he promised never to fail her. Daddy would always be there for her. The last sentence told her to reach under the chair. She did as she was told and her hand returned a matching ankle restraint to the ones she wore on her wrists. She bent demurely and fastened it to her slender ankle. Her hair fanned out and swung enticingly around her neck as she stood back up, looking for her next assignment.

Her eyes gazed into the kitchen as her feet took her there. On the counter she found a white rose, accompanied with another letter. He told her how pretty she was… beautiful… radiating a glow that could melt a man with only but a glance. He told her these things often, but true to his nature he repeated them again. A woman can never be told often enough how beautiful she is, and nadja was never left wanting for those words. The last few told her to look in refrigerator. Nadja opened the door and found her next item, the match to the restraint on her ankle. She grasped the cold leather and deftly attached it to her remaining free limb. All set in her restraints her eyes searched for her next set of instructions. A trail of black rose petals took her from the kitchen and up the stairs. The trail continued and led her into the large Master bedroom chamber. She entered the room and found a large chest, the remaining petals surrounding it, another letter upon its top.

She looked around, noticing several additions to the room since she had left it that morning. Eyebolts freshly screwed into places in the ceiling, the floor and the walls. Several black lights had been strung up as well as new black satin sheets on the giant wrought iron canopy bed, the white netting however, remaining, wrapped and draped over the top lengths of iron. She sat on the floor next to the chest and opened the letter, her eyes scanning the letter before putting it aside. She looked up, making sure she was centered between the four eyebolts in the ceiling, then struggled slightly as she pulled the chest closer to her.

She opened the lid and gazed inside, smiling as she saw the toys she new too well, licking her lips as she spied his favorite flogger. nadja reached in, per the letter, retrieved several rolls of climbers rope.. a heavy black and red weave. She sat it aside and dipped her hand back in, retrieving two three foot long spreader bars, both having a large metal ring attached to their centers. Again her hand found itself inside the chest, pulling out a blindfold, a set of earplugs, two egg vibrators, a soft rubber cock gag and a set of chrome clover nipple clamps.

Nadja sat happily as she began to follow the last bit of instructions. First she placed the cock gag in her mouth, fastening it behind her head. She began sucking happily upon it as she put the earplugs in her ears. Deaf to the world she took the first spreader bar and attached it to the restraints at her ankles. Her legs spread wide, she took the nipple clamps and fastened them to her nipples. After pondering a moment, she knew he would check them and not be satisfied, so she tightened them several more turns, moaning as her body began responding. She then took the two egg vibes, putting one in her sweet pussy, the second in her tight little ass. The wires ran from her two holes to their respective remote controls, which she promptly turned to the low setting, as she had been told. Nadja shivered as the vibrations began coursing through her body. She took the second spreader bar and laid it across her lap as she placed the blindfold over her eyes. In compliance with the last bit of instructions, she took the spreader bar from her lap and laid back. Now spread eagle upon the floor, blind and deaf, nadja waited.

Truth be told, she didn't know how long she had waited. Her world for however long had consisted of a quiet black, only kept mobile by the soft humming inside her body, making every nerve in her skin come alive and beg to be caressed. It was all shattered and her world brought back to earth by a strong hand tickling the inside of her thigh. She gasped hard around the cock gag as his hand moved up to cup her sex. Squeezing it the way he did, his way of saying "Daddy's home". His hand traveled slowly up her body, over her stomach, caressing her breasts, and the back of his hand trailing off the side of her cheek.

The cock gag was pulled back and she felt his lips against hers, his tongue invading her mouth. It was a long kiss, but as all things eventually must, it ended, and the cock gag was replaced. Her breathing now shallow, she could sense him hovering above her and suddenly felt him take her wrists in his hands, attaching them to the second spreader bar. Her arms and legs jiggled slightly as he worked. The feeling telling her he must be attaching ropes to the center of the bars. Her limbs fell silent as she felt the floor beneath her vibrate with movement. He's doing something else, she thought. Some scraping, a couple thuds, a small pause and then a few more thuds. Suddenly, her legs began to rise, ankles climbing towards the ceiling. Her legs went higher and higher, spread wide by the bar. As her ass came off the floor, her skirt began to slide back, exposing her soaked cunt. There was a pause in the action, broken by a rush of air across her pussy as he exhaled over it. A short pause followed that as well, and then her arms began to be pulled up, straight up above her to the ceiling.

Eventually she stopped moving, her equilibrium telling her that her back was parallel to the floor, but how high from it, she did not know. She tried to keep her head up, but time and its weight won out and she let go, her head falling back as her hair dangled down towards the floor. She could feel the eggs in her holes lightly tugging at her, as the remotes hung from her.

She felt his hands on her, touching her, rubbing, stroking, all over her body. Then she felt his mouth, his tongue, licking and bathing her… ending up between her legs, sucking on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. Lights danced across her eyelids as she squeezed them tight, feeling his mouth sealing over her clit, sucking it in to be clamped tightly between teeth, a tongue flashing quickly back and forth across it.

The smell of sex evaporated from every pore in her body, filling the room with her scent. As his mouth finally left her, she felt a tugging inside her, the egg in her pussy being pulled out. She felt him replace it with his cock, the head stroking her cunt lips. She began to moan but stopped suddenly as she felt well-manicured long fingernails brushing her cheek and easing the cock gag out of her mouth, letting it dangle from around her neck. The fingers swept circles against her skin and raked lightly up and down her neck.

Suddenly his hands wrapped around the tops of her thighs and with a solitary hard thrust he placed every bit of his hard throbbing cock inside her. Nadja screamed "Yesssssssssss Daddy" but the sentence was cut off as the owner of the fingernails pushed her smooth slit onto nadja's face. The visitor was dripping, covering her little face with her wetness as nadja thrashed about from the brutal fucking her cunt was receiving.

Nadja's body swung lightly from her anchors while Daddy fucked her baby girl cunt. His hips moved at a blinding speed. Had her ears not been plugged she would have been very aware of the sound of his balls rapidly slapping against her ass.

The visitor cupped nadja's head in one hand as she spread her legs, holding nadja to her wet cunt, the other hand began untying and unbuttoning nadja's blouse. As the girl worked on her, nadja slipped her tongue out and into the girl, tasting her juices as her nose rubbed into the girls little asshole. The visitor let her long nails stroke and play with nadja's breasts as she clamped her legs around her head. nadja drank from the honey cunt presented to her while Daddy gave her another memorable fucking. She could tell her cunt was leaking like a sieve. She could only imagine her juices sliding down his cock, coating his balls and as more and more arrived, dripping down to the floor below. She wondered if she would be required to lick it up later.

From out of nowhere she felt her body go ridged as an orgasm racked her. How many had she had? Three maybe she thought. Maybe. She couldn't think that far back as her mind was awash with pleasure as colors mixed and swirled across her eyelids. As her orgasm began to subside, she felt the familiar feeling of his cock swelling inside her, and the sudden heat of his seed filling her womb. This sent her body right back into another orgasm as her inner muscles clamped down on his cock, milking it for every drop of his precious candy, feeding her ever hungry cunt.

As the fever left her body she felt both presences leave her, and then Daddy showing back up at her head, pushing his cock into her mouth. She knew what was required of her and she began to clean his cock. Sucking the mixture of man cum and pussy cream from his shaft and balls, licking back even further to his ass to make sure she cleaned him completely. As she worked on her Daddy, she became aware of the visitor again as a little tongue snaked inside her pussy thrashing around inside. Pulling out everything Daddy had emptied into her.

As quick as it began, it was over, and she felt herself being lowered to the ground. Her arms and legs released from the spreader bars. She stretched and rubbed her limbs, getting feeling back into them before she was helped to her feet. A set of feminine lips met hers, a tongue pushing inside to feed her the candy that had been sucked out of her cunt.

She felt Daddy's hand grip her wrist and lead her forward then suddenly bringing her to a halt. The ankle and wrists restraints were removed from her body. The cock gag unstrung from around her neck as well as the earplugs removed. Lastly the blindfold was pulled off. As her eyes began to adjust to light again, she could tell she was in the master bath, the room lit by only a few candles placed around the room. She also noticed the big garden tub was full, bubbles heavily coating the surface of the water and a light mist of steam rose into the air.

She looked up into his eyes and her soul was warmed by his smile. He bent down and kissed her gently, causing her knees to weaken slightly.

He picked her up and carried her into the tub, sitting her down and joining her. He took a soft sponge in his hand and soaped it up, gently cleaning her body. Her face. Down her arms and between her fingers. Down her slender legs to her feet and between her toes. Up her back and over her shoulders. Down over her breasts and tummy to between her legs and the crack of her luscious ass.

Daddy released the sponge and kissed her, reaching for the shampoo as his lips suckled upon her own. Breaking the kiss he eased some shampoo into his hand and began massaging it into her hair and scalp, washing it good. Playfully he grabbed her ankle and pulled, dunking her under the water. She came back up giggling and splashed at her Daddy. He pulled a glass pitcher from the shelf and turned the faucet of the tub back on filling it, turning to her to run the clear water through her hair, washing out the remains of the shampoo. Filling up a second and pouring it over her just to be sure her hair was completely rinsed. Without a word she picked up the sponge, knowing what to do next. More importantly, not just knowing it, she wanted to do it. To bathe him. To clean his body. To care for him as he did her. To make him Happy. As she finished, me moved her onto her hands and knees while coating his cock with some shampoo for lubricant.

She felt the head of his cock against her asshole and she wimpered.

"What do you want angel?" he asked.

"To be fed Daddy, to have you feed my ass your candy" she whispered.

A breathy moan escaped her lips as she wiggle her hips, rubbing her ass back on his cock, hoping to entice him inside.

"Beg for it precious", he replied.

"oh god Daddy… please feed your little girl… she hungers so much for it. Your essence, your Daddy's candy. I need it soo badly inside my ass, PLEASE Daddy fuck me …please fuck me and feed me" she moaned.

She let out a scream as he plunged himself into her bowels. One fluid stroke filling her ass, his balls resting against her pussy lips. nadja rocked her body back and forth, meeting his thrusts as she slammed in and out of her sweet ass. Daddy fucked her hard, making the water in the tub slosh around, the waves and bubbles tickling her clit and nipples… water splashing up on her breasts and cunt as she rocked back and forth.

"God Daddy…I'm…I…I…I'm… I'm going to cum Daddy…oh god yessss Daddy" she screamed.

He grasped her hips harder and fucked her ass for all he was worth. The water splashing heavily and the echo of his balls slapping her slick cunt echoed sharply in the room. He groaned as her little ass clamped down around his cock, her orgasm shaking her to the core, juices running out of her open cunt.

"Yes Daddy, you are making me cum again, please feed me Daddy…pllleasseee give my ass you candiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

He groaned and slammed himself deep as he could into her, emptying his balls into her bowels. She squealed in orgasmic bliss and ground her ass back against him, relishing in his juices.

He held her to him as both of their orgasms slipped away under the waves, and continued to hold her still as his cock began to deflate inside her used ass. Without warning she felt a warmth begin to fill her insides. She moaned heavily and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she realized Daddy was pissing up her ass, cleaning and purifying her from the inside. He held her tightly as his bladder slowly emptied into her, filling her with what seemed like a gallon.

He finally pulled out and helped her to her feet, letting the fluid and juices in her ass run out into the tub. Once she was all cleaned he pulled the stopper from the tub and picked her up, helping her out. He grabbed a towel from the rack and took care to dry her entire body, she doing the same to him, leaving their long wet hair to dry on its own. He smiled at her, whispered something special in her ear making her smile heavenly and kissed her. He took hold of her wrist and led her to the door. He placed a hand on the knob and as he turned it, spoke. "I have a present for you".

The door opened to a dark room, lit only by the black light. Certain white items glowed in the room, especially the white mosquito netting wrapped around the top of the giant canopy bed, making an eerie light electric blue cloud above the bed. Techno dance music filled the room and little strobes in the corner fire from time to time. As her eyes scoured around the room, taking in the subtle glows and shadows, she found a small form kneeling at the base of the bed. As her eyes focus on it, he speaks again. "Your present awaits you". He held her wrist and led her further forward. As her eyes focused better, she could make out a small asian girl kneeling at the foot of the bed, a heavy collar around her neck. Across her stomach, written in glowing body paint, read "for nadja".

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