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Naga Nightmares


The flames of the fire licked the sky as the party continued. Nagra was resting in a place of honor. She had passed her trials of adulthood with flying colors, she felt older than her thirty years. She was now considered an alpha and come tomorrow she would forge ahead to find a place of her own. She had eaten her fill of flesh for the night and slithered off to spend her last night in contemplation of the future. She considered herself lucky fewer than one out of hundred born survived to adulthood and fewer still thrived. She glanced in the water; she was quite beautiful with full lips, brilliant green eyes, and dark black hair. Her tongue was long and dark a sign of strength and virility. She had great control over her form and could pass for human if needed. In her natural form her skin was ebony black, her full lush breasts were firm and ripe. The nipples varied from cherry red to black depending on what she wanted from her body. Her body was athletic and from the waist down her thick tail was patterned a rich blood red against a deep inky black.

She was a naga, a carnivore, a hunter, and her species had been dwindling of late. There were many reasons, the mortality rate of children, the infertility problems, and being hunted. She knew exactly where she would go in the morning; she had been scouting out a remote village that had so far been untouched by her kind. It would be the perfect place to start her adult life. Her body shuddered and she switched to her mature sexual form. She glanced down her legs were strong, still patterned red and black; her penis was big, black, and beautiful. It would turn red when she was virile about once a month, and she let out a soft sigh that naga's were not compatible with each other. No naga had carried a child in centuries despite many attempts. She lifted her heavy cock in one hand and her other hand slipped down to play with her slick cunt folds. It was only as an adult that a naga attained its sexual maturity and a cock. She loved her cunt, black outer lips framing swollen red inner lips, and she was wet. The urge to mate was strong and in a blink her body shifting back to her hunting form and she slithered away from the encampment.

She would start her new life tonight, not in the morning...

She headed for the cavern she'd prepared and smelled a human on the wind. She moved close to the ground and hunted the young one. Nagra was not hungry and opted to satisfy her carnal desires on the young one. It was a female Nagra sensed and obviously far from home. Nagra was slightly careless in her desires and the young women slashed out cutting Nagra's arm even as Nagra bite her hand injecting venom to make her lust filled and docile.

The naga laid in wait, licking her wound watching it close as the young hunter stumbled back in horror as Nagra finally rose to her full height and stared down at her. 'She can't be much more than 19,' Nagra thought.

The young hunter shivered, scared to death at the terror that rose over her. The thing was a creature out of nightmare and the small wound she had managed to inflict had already disappeared, but the bite was throbbing. It made her feel hot, weak, and her sacred center was feeling strangely warm and wet. "Don't kill me," she protested weakly. She could have sworn the creature smiled and she backed away.

Nagra watched the toxin take effect and shifted to her sexual form, her nipples as black as her cock, her pussy was slick. Nagra had been abstaining from sex during the trials and had not had any satisfaction in over a month. She moved closer to the girl who backed away finally trapped in a corner of the ruins.

"No," Celia protested seeing the creature shift before her eyes seeing the thick tail blur into strong legs with a monstrous rod between them. She was trapped in a corner and her body was so hot she could barely stand to have her clothes on and when she looked at the bite there were two throbbing red spots. She tried to make herself as tiny as possible pulling her legs up to her body as she pressed up against the corner. The beast approached her and lifted her up like she weighed nothing. Celia only weakly protested as the strange fever coursed through her and her panties were wet as if she'd soiled herself, but she knew she had not.

Nagra pulled the young one's shirt away from her neck and bite the soft flesh injecting more venom and tasting the sweetness of the flesh. The naga watched as her eyes shut and Nagra's form shifted for speed as she took her to the lair. Once there she laid the young hunter on the bed and removed all her clothing. Nagra's body shifted as she was safe now and her sexual urges grew stronger. She smiled as the hunter's eyes opened filled with fear and desire. Nagra slowly licked up the hunters smooth legs, nipping gently leaving her mark upon the flesh. She smiled as the young hunters legs separated and Nagra let her tongue slide along the soft slick folds.

"No," Celia, the young hunter, whimpered. "No," somehow the sound came out as if she meant yes as her legs parted and the creature's tongue touched her sacred center. The heat seemed intensified and she cried out as the sinful pleasure, "Yes." She sounded desperate as she glanced down at the creature and told herself it was all some heat-induced dream.

Nagra took her time, letting her tongue explore the hunter's slick folds. When she heard the cry of yes, her fingers coaxed the legs to spread as her tongue snaked inside the young woman. Nagra was shocked to find that the pretty hunter was pure, untouched, and it made Nagra's cock throb. Nagra's thick tongue pulsed inside the tight hunter feeling her body tremble.

Celia gasped in pleasure as fire overtook her body and the world seemed to spin. "Yes, yes, yes," she repeated over and over feeling sinful as her family had always said her sacred center was only for her future husband. She still felt hot as the creature's mouth moved, licking and biting up her body. "Yes," she moaned as she saw its long dark tongue running over her small firm breasts, her back arching as those red lips surrounded one of her nipples and sucked. "YES," she gasped as she felt the sharp prick of teeth sinking into her breast. "More," she pleaded as the creatures blood red lips moved to her other breast. Celia wanted the creature to bite her and looked at the small red heated bumps that remained as reminders of teeth. She had been unable to move earlier but now her body felt free and like she was floating. Her small rough hands from hunting stroked the amazingly soft shoulders of the beast. Celia watched in wonderment as those beautiful lips surrounded her ignored nipple and sucked for a long time before those sharp teeth bite into her soft flesh. Her eyes closed in the pleasure, her skin was on fire, her sacred center burning, and she was enjoying every moment of it.

Nagra loved the taste of the young hunter's blood but was careful to inject a small amount of venom and take only a small taste of blood each time. Nagra moved up to the hunter's neck, kissing licking and sucking the tender flesh bringing the blood to the surface. Nagra's cock was now nestled between the young hunters slick cunt folds and she rocked against it, getting her cock all slick and thick.

Celia felt the warm hard rod of the beast moving between her legs and she whispered a soft ineffectual, "No," in response. It only took a bite on her neck to remind her who was in control. "Yes," she moaned her lean legs wrapping around the beast. She wasn't sure what she wanted but she wanted more.

Nagra hissed in approval and lifted off the young hunter. She took one hand to guide her throbbing cock to the young hunter's tight pussy, pressing the tip slowly inward, unaware that it was blood red in color. The tip slide in with a hot slick slurping noise and she watched as the hunter's eyes opened wide and the young thing moaned yes. Nagra's nipples were black, filled with venom to keep the hunter fully aroused and sedate. Nagra lifted the hunter's head to her breast and opened the young woman's mouth and watched as she suckled. Nagra took Celia's innocence in an instant the small amount of blood only fueled Nagra's passions. She fucked the young girl hard and fast, her passion overtaking her senses.

Celia cried out her pain mingling with the pleasure in a strangled sound. She wanted more and sucked deeply on the proffered nipple, unaware of how the liquid was fueling her body's desire. She lost all track of time as her body was wracked with pleasure, wave after wave of tingling delightful sensations ripping through her inexperienced body.

Nagra eventually released her life giving seed into the untouched areas of Celia's body, her thick serpentine cock thrusting and thrashing about in release. She watched as the young hunter's body gave into the overwhelming sensations and passed out. Nagra slowly pulled out her cock, now spent and glistening black. She sighed softly; she could have prolonged the experience. She slowly redressed the young hunter and returned her to where they had met.

Nagra went back to her cave, the edge taken off her hunger for the moment and slept for several weeks.

Celia found her way home in the early light of morning, unsure of where she had been. All she knew was that her sacred center throbbed, and her tits ached. The following days passed uneventfully, except that she noticed she had several dark read marks. On her neck, breasts, inner thigh, and she wondered what could have possible made such perfect round marks. Celia was concerned when two weeks later her menses' did not occur, she tried to put it off as stress. She had felt rather strange since her mysterious hunting expedition. When another week passed and nothing happened she was growing worried. She was out hunting alone again and she felt pulled to the place she had woken up in.

Nagra had been observing the village, especially her young hunter, who seemed untouched by their encounter. She lived in a neat home with her mother and a sister. So far she had not bothered to do much other than observe, currently she was feasting on the bloody remnants of her latest kill. She wiped her bloody fingers on her dark breasts, noticing how the nipples were a bright cherry red. It had been several weeks since her encounter with the hunter and she wished she had spent more time playing with that one. At first she thought the scent was merely a memory teasing at her nostrils, and then it was strong and nearby. She slithered along, following the scent trail, and found her prey off guard. Nagra nipped her victim's arm before she could react.

It was like reliving a nightmare, Celia thought as she slowly turned to the monster. She felt small in front of the beast, and she felt a strange rush of desire through her body. She crumpled under the dark stare, and the monster gathered her up. She was more afraid than she had ever been of the future, but not of her lover. Celia found the thought comforting and dangerously exciting.

Nagra took her back to her lair, and smiled as Celia had instantly latched onto her nipple. This time she would take her time; savor the fine young body of the hunter, thoroughly, and repeatedly. Nagra laid the young hunters body on a stone tablet that was the perfect height for Nagra to feast upon her body.

Celia felt feverish now that she was no longer suckling at her lover's breast and her fingers quickly removed her clothing. She laid bare as if on an altar presenting herself to her lover. She hoped her body was pleasing as she watched the beasts form shift to the one she only recalled in the deepest part of her nightmares. The shaft was enormous, it looked darker and thicker than she recalled, as her legs spread apart unbidden.

Nagra moved to the young woman's body and used her long forked tongue to tease and torment Celia's sweet cunt. She was so enthralled she did not notice the slight change in taste. She let her tongue dance along Celia's pale perfect pussy, one fang deliberately biting down on her tender clit. Celia's body jerked and she convulsed at the sensation. Nagra's tongue slowly eased off and Nagra looked pleased as Celia's clit had swollen from the venom and was blood red. Nagra could resist no longer and shifted upward plunging her throbbing cock inside the tight sweet cunt of her victim.

Celia shuddered as her lover took her, and was shocked her body could take anymore as the beast's fangs sunk into the soft flesh of her breasts, over and over again. Nagra shuddered and released her seed inside the fertile womb of her young prey. Her body almost instantly shifted to her sleek hunting form, coiling her tail around the hunter. Celia was dazed; she had never felt so cared for as her mouth moved to the monster's engorged nipple. She fed contentedly, wishing more than anything that she would not be going back to her home when she awoke.

Nagra eventually clothed her plaything and returned her to the ruins, which were difficult considering that her prey was refusing to give up the security of Nagra's breast. Nagra finally managed to disengage and reluctantly placed the hunter on the ground. She found herself uneasy about leaving the young lady behind, but could not fathom why. She slithered away to rest, recover, and dream of what her household would become.

Celia woke up and cried, she was alone again. Other than more red marks she would have sworn she had dreamt again, her body felt as it had the first time. Her nipples tender, her sacred center throbbing with some unknown need. Upon returning home she rested for a week before she was drawn back out. Beyond the ruins, deeper into the mountains, seeking out something.

Nagra had done well in last month, her blood hunger sated, the village ripe for the picking. She was wondering where to start, harvesting a couple of slaves perhaps? Selecting a villager for reproduction? So many possibilities, as her mind wandered to the young hunter who she had sated her lusts upon. She was in the caves entrance when she picked up a strange scent; she followed it to her young hunter. She was surprised; there was only one way the young one could have found her way here. Nagra licked her lips in delight, and opted to settle in her cave to wait for her prey.

Celia was nervous as she approached a cavern, and she entered cautiously. It felt familiar and she looked around spotting a stone table that was stained with blood. She was just about to leave when she felt the sting of a bite. She turned to look and there was the beast, glowing eyes, lush breasts, and a blood red phallus standing proud between strong legs. Celia was frozen in place, and at the same time her skin was growing warm. She pulled her clothing off without a thought and sat upon the table, her legs blatantly spread. Her mind was racing; she wanted nothing more than to feel the beast invade her.

Her desire was fulfilled, Nagra didn't bother taking her time as if what she suspected was true, and then the woman before her would not be going back to the village. Nagra was savage in copulating, her teeth puncturing the soft flesh along the neck. Leaving a series of red marks along her shoulders. Nagra feasted in a similar fashion on the hunter's small breasts, until they were peppered with red spots. When Nagra finally achieved release it was with the sweet satisfaction that her prey was indeed carrying a child, perhaps even more than one.

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