tagInterracial LoveNaive Housewives Are Led Astray

Naive Housewives Are Led Astray


James Carter was fucking his beautiful blonde wife, Victoria, from behind. She was on all fours, taking it doggie style. It was Sunday evening and they were making love in their bedroom. On their dresser, at the end of their bed, was a flat screen LCD TV. It was directly in front of them as they fucked and they were, for the umpteenth time that weekend, watching a DVD that had been given to them by James's lawyer, Charles Jackson. The DVD was an explicit pornographic film showing a poor innocent white schoolgirl being forced to fuck a couple of huge black policeman. It was explicit and showed scenes of rough anal sex, DP and spanking.

Both James and Victoria found the DVD utterly compelling. James, because he was turned on by seeing a young white girl being abused at the hands of big black men and their enormous cocks. He loved to see them dominated and fucked in a way that he could not manage, at least not with his six inch white dick. Victoria, because she imagined that she was the school girl being gangbanged. She wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked by such a big black cock both in her ass and tight pussy and to be dominated and abused at the hands of these cruel big black men.

It must have been the sixth time that weekend that they had had sex. James had never before been so prolific before. Normally he could only manage it once a night. But the explicit film had changed everything. As he fucked his wife, he started to talk to her. He never normally did that but he was getting close and he wanted to try something new.

"Oh yes, Victoria, my love. That is so nice. Oh that feels so good. Do you like it? Do you like me fucking you from behind?"

Victoria's feelings of arousal resulted almost exclusively from the explicit porn and from using her own hand to massage her clit, not from anything that James was doing. Having seen on screen how black men fucked, whatever her husband did now could not possibly be the same as what those thugs were doing to that poor girl on the screen. The story may have been fake, but the screams and tears looked every bit real. But she played the game anyway, eager not to disappoint her husband. He did not need to know how she truly felt.

"Oh yes, that's it big boy, fuck me harder, oh, you are so big..."

"Do you like it, oh do you like it?"

Victoria was now getting close, her favourite bit of the film was coming, it was the bit when the schoolgirl had a cock in her pussy and her arse. The poor thing was satisfying two great big black dicks all at once. She was screaming out loud, no doubt in pleasure and in pain.

"Oh yes, I do and I am so close, James. I am so close..."

James was close too, and then he asked that fateful question. "Oh, do you wish it was those black men fucking you instead of me?"

It was not the first time that James had asked that question this weekend. He had feared what the answer would be, so he had always asked it to confirm that, despite the enjoyment they both derived from the film, he was still her main man. He had always been confident that the answer would be "no" and his confidence had always been borne out since she had always given him the correct reply. However, for the first time that weekend, his confidence would be misplaced. And it was a mistake he was going to repeat many times in the coming days.

She had of course never meant to answer the question honestly. She was, as always, ready to lie to her husband and claim he was the only man for her; but as she opened her mouth to reply by saying, "Oh, no James, you are the only man for me" she happened to be at the beginning of a very intense orgasm and Victoria was now in her own little world, a world where she was the schoolgirl being gangbanged. A world where instead of her husband making gentle love to her from behind, it was some brute of a black man taking her violently, without regard for her feelings and fucking her like a whore.

So instead, her shattering orgasm caused her to be honest with her husband and, for the first time that weekend, she answered the question truthfully.

"Oh yes, James, I wish it was a big black man fucking me instead of you. Oh yes, I wish I could feel what it's like to be fucked by a real cock, by a big black cock... Oh I need it James, I need to feel what it is like to fucked really hard, in my tight pussy by some big black dick.... Ohhh....."

On hearing this, James was horrified at what his wife had just admitted to, but perversely he also came as a result of it. And he came big, bigger than anything he had experienced this weekend. Was this because of the sex or because of what she said? He feared the latter since all weekend he had wondered what it would be like to see his wife being fucked by another man, and a black man at that. And these thoughts had not repulsed him, as they would any other normal husband, but had made his dick hard at the prospect. However, as his pleasure subsided, the potential enormity of what she had just said dawned on him - she wanted to be unfaithful with some big black dick. No amount of excuse of being in throws of passion could disguise what she truly felt, what she truly fantasised about.

James had married a wannabe whore for black cock.

Just how had this respectable white married couple come to this? To be seduced by this kind of porn so that a young wife would confess to her husband that she wanted to commit adultery with some black cock? Well, to get the answer, you had to go back a little in time to the previous Thursday...

On that Thursday night, James was out partying with his long time lawyer-friend, Charles Jackson. Charles Jackson was a 6ft 2 50 something year old black man, [for a more detailed description of Charles, please read The Ivory Club, Ch.1] They were celebrating the completion of a major transaction. James was a senior director for an internet firm and they had just purchased one of their competitors via a hostile takeover. Charles had been their attorney and they were out that night to celebrate. The evening had started civilised enough with dinner at one of New York's premier restaurants. But after that, with the drink flowing, the evening degenerated into a boys out night and they found themselves at a strip joint. Charles actually co-owned the club and it was not too long before they were in a private room, there must have been eight guys, three from Charles's law firm and the remainder from James's company. They were all smoking big fat Cuban cigars and were admiring the bitch's who were stripping for their pleasure.

Charles, out of all the men, he had been the most sober. He wanted to be sure that his big black dick was hard enough to be able to fuck one of the strippers. This was a benefit available to the owner.

As the drink flowed, the banter became more and more explicit. They were asking the girls to do more and more. Happily, they obliged. One of them, who was blonde and of eastern European descent, came on sat on James lap and started to thrust down on his groin. She was only dressed in a skimpy g-string and he started to play with her tits.

"Way hey, would you look at what Mr. Boss Man is doing" yelled one of the men. "I bet your gorgeous wife would not be pleased if she could see you now."

"Ahh, she would do what she was told", James replied, enjoying the fine breasts of this Euro slut.

"Yeah right, your wife is fucking gorgeous, she should be a fucking stripper"

"Easy Eddie, that's my wife you are talking about."

Eddie was completely drunk and he mumbled into his drink, "Yeah, God I could fuck her, she is such a babe..."

James smiled. He was so proud of the young wife he had just married. He turned to Charles, who was sitting next to him and, smiling said, "You know he is right, my wife is fucking gorgeous."

Charles smiled back politely. He had heard this many times before. Many of these pathetic white men thought that their wife was gorgeous. But he, the great Charles Jackson, only ever fucked white bitches of the highest quality. It was rare that any of these men would have a wife worthy of his mighty black dick.

James was a bright boy and astute enough to know when he was being humored. He indicated that the stripper on his lap should move on to the next guy. When she did, he reached for his wallet.

"No, Charles, I am being serious. I only got married six months ago to this absolute babe. She is only 21, I know that makes me a little bit of a cradle snatcher, what me being 15 years older, but she could be a fucking model she is so God damm hot." And with that he took a photo out of his wallet and showed Charles a picture of his wife.

Charles took the picture. Initially he had planned on just looking it and further humoring his host. He was a nice man, a good client and not a man he wanted to offend. But when he looked at it, his mouth opened in surprise at what he saw. James was showing him a picture of his wife in a very skimpy bathing costume. Most men would shy away from showing such a picture to another man, but as Charles would find out very soon, James was not most men. And James was right, his wife was fucking hot and could have easily been a stripper. No, she was too hot to just be a stripper, she was so fine she could easily have been a model. She was slim, with long blonde hair, a fine pair of big tits on her which seemed to be bursting out of her little white bikini top. He could make out her nipples since it was quite transparent. She seemed to be tall, around 5ft 8 and, whilst he could not see her arse, her slim figure made it clear that it would be fine. She was also, thought Charles, the spitting image of the Romanian porn queen, Jasmine Rouge. Charles had only recently Googled her and had spent a fine evening jerking off over her pictures and videos.

In short, she was another ideal candidate for initiation into The Ivory Club.

[For a detailed description of Charles Jackson and to find out what The Ivory Club is, please read "The Ivory Club" series of stories also available on this site].

"Yes, she is quite stunning" Charles said as, with some reluctance, he handed the picture back to James.

James sat back in satisfaction. He was so proud of his wife. He had met her in San Francisco six months ago at an internet convention. She had been one of the pretty young girls in one of the corporate tents, the ones used to lure middle age men in for a conversation before a proper representative came out to talk real business. She was actually a model hired for the occasion but, to James's ever lasting regret, she did not want to continue modeling, she wanted to pursue a career in fashion instead. It was something that she had trained for. Modeling was all well and good to pay the bills, but fashion was what she really wanted.

As such, when she married the millionaire James, she gave up modeling. James was not a little upset, he loved to tell his friends that his wife was a model. He hoped she would go back to it and he was trying to go everything to convince her. So far he had zero luck.

"Oh yes, she is quite something. Did you know she used to be a model?" And James turned to Charles to explain Victoria's modeling career, why she gave it up, what she now wanted to do and why James desperately wanted her to resume her modeling career.

As James babbled on, Charles's devious mind was in overdrive working out a way to begin the seduction of this glorious bitch. Having just finished with Jane [please see The Ivory Club for more details on Jane] he needed another challenge, another young innocent white wife to seduce and to fuck. Victoria seemed to be the perfect candidate for evil Charles's next lovely victim.

So James wanted his wife to be a model, thought Charles. Most rich men, such as James, would have been quite happy for their wife to remain as a former model, to attend dull charity functions and to raise their bratty kids. James, however, was clearly different. He did not want to show her off that way, oh no, he wanted to show her off by having her model her lovely body in lingerie and sexy swim suits. He told Charles that nothing would please him more than for other men to see her body dressed in a sexy provocative way, and for them to want to fuck her but know that they couldn't since she was all his.

Charles correctly deduced that James had voyeuristic and cuckholding instincts -- perhaps he did not appreciate them yet himself -- but he was not quite sure how far James would be prepared to go to realize what he actually was?

James was rich and powerful enough not to be intimidated by being bribed by Charles. If he went in too aggressively that could result in James backing off. He could also cause him no end of trouble by withdrawing his profitable account from Charles's law firm -- Charles had not gotten out of the ghetto without appreciating the value of the dollar. So Charles decided to take a softly softly approach. If James was, as Charles suspected, a cuckhold in the making, he would have to play on that.

"You know James, maybe I could be of help to you?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well, you probably don't know this but I happen to be a significant shareholder in a modeling agency. We specialise in very select, lucrative assignments for some very discerning clients."

"Go on."

"Well, whilst we do provide models for catwalk assignments and magazine shoots, we have established ourselves specifically to provide models to some very wealthy individuals who want them to model a specific outfit for them, or to model a specific scenario. We are a very exclusive, high end modeling agency. Most of our models have appeared in Vogue at one time or the other and are on the books of some of the mainstream agencies. However, they will use us for some of their more profitable and exclusive assignments.

"If Victoria feels that everyday modeling is beneath her, well, this might be a way to convince her otherwise. She can model for some of the richest people in the world, wearing some of the finest clothes and it could also please you since sometimes the outfits are, how can I put it, of a more revealing nature. You could even commission her for your own assignment..."

James looked at him, he was interested. He was very interested. He could pay the agency to take pictures of her in a bathing suit, or better still, in some skimpy lingerie. However, as James mulled over this, little did he know that the trap had been laid by Charles and he was walking right into it.

Charles was not actually being entirely disingenuous with James, indeed he did own a modeling agency and some Vogue models were on his book. However, the reason why their assignments were so exclusive was because the pictures inevitably involved them being forced to fuck some big black cock. This was an agency owned wholly by The Ivory Club. Its sole purpose was to satisfy the perverted wishes of some very rich old black men.

"Well, it might be a good way to persuade her to get back into modeling. She hated the catwalk side of things, but didn't mind doing the private shoots. Do you think, well I could help decide what she models? I can pay for it, you know I could be her first client?" James replied.

"Of course you can and then naturally you can decide what she models. It is all professionally done. She can model haute couture or something else..."

James leaned over, he was quite drunk but still knew what he was saying, "Could she model some lingerie and swimsuits for me? You know she looks so fucking hot in those things. I would pay for the first batch and then we can sell them to some of your foreign clients. I want them all to see what a fucking hot wife I have".

Charles smiled, he was hooked, line and sinker. Well, certainly on the modeling side of things, but whether he could get her to participate in the other activities on offer, that was another thing. Charles quickly decided that the leverage he had with James was minimal. Unlike with Jane and her pitiful husband, he could not bribe them with the promise of money, a job and a lucrative acting career. James was even richer and more powerful than he was. No, blackmail would not work, he would need to reel them in another way. Charles saw James's desire to see his wife on display and be the fantasy of others as his weak spot. It needed to be exploited, gently at first...

"I tell you what I will do James, I will email you some pictures of what we do. If you like what you see, I can send you some more."

"That sounds like a great idea. I am so fucking going to enjoy this..."

Charles decided not to push his idea much more, he felt that James was not too drunk to carry this on in any meaningful way. He did not want to scare him off. After staying for another few minutes, he made his excuse and left for the evening and wondered whether James would be tempted.

Fortunately for Charles, he did not have to wait for too long.

The next morning Charles was surprised to see an email from James in his inbox. It was 9am and he was quite taken aback to hear from him so soon, he had assumed he would have been too hung over to have given his proposal much thought. Clearly the prospect of his wife modeling like a slut had woken him up sufficiently to contact Charles.

Charles happened to be working from home that day and had logged on from his study. At that precise moment he was sitting in his study, his red gown was open and some poor eastern European teenager was kneeling between his legs sucking on his giant 12 inch black cock. He had picked her up from the strip joint. He had left shortly after speaking to James, leaving there for him and his other white friends to leer after women that they could never have. Charles on the other hand had spotted some poor gorgeous white girl working behind the bar. He had ordered the owner to send her home with him.

Her name was Katrina, she was eighteen from Albania and new in America. She was a poor student who had taken a bar job in a strip joint to help pay her college fees. She was in desperate need of money, and she found that this job paid very well due to the large tips. She was of course ordered to dress the part. When serving drinks she could only wear black fishnet stockings, suspenders, g-string, and a flimsy half cut lacy bra which did very little to cover her 34DD breasts. Indeed the largeness of her tips was actually in direct relation to the size of her huge tits. Her lovely long black hair and slim 5ft 8 body, which looked significantly taller in the four inch heels she was ordered to wear, made her an instant hit with the customers.

Katrina was the image of the porn star Angel Dark. Tips were often placed in her bra in return for a fondle of her luscious breasts or a spank of her bottom. Katrina told herself that she hated all this and that the only reason why she did all this was because she desperately needed the money. Of course her pussy told her something completely different.

When Charles saw her, he knew she was the bitch that he wanted to fuck. He informed the manager who told the poor girl that she had to go home with Charles and do as he ordered. If she did not, he would see to it that her visa would be revoked and she would be sent back to Albania. She wanted to stay in America and make a future here for her husband and for her future children, so reluctantly she obeyed. She had phoned her Albanian boyfriend and fiancé, who was delivering pizza, and informed him that she would be working all night and not to worry about her. And boy did she work. Charles fucked her 4 times, twice in her virgin and once in her mouth and pussy. She had screamed for mercy but Charles had shown her none. He told her she was a whore who would love being fucked by some big black cock. And sure enough, eventually she did. Her poor fiancé, who was so tired after his 18 hour day, could never satisfy her like this brute could. After Charles had finished with her, he wanted to sleep, so she was ordered to sleep in Smith's room where he fucked her a further three times. [For more information on Smith, please read The Ivory Club]

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