tagInterracial LoveNaive Housewives Are Led Astray Ch. 04

Naive Housewives Are Led Astray Ch. 04



The next day Victoria got up, confused but excited with what was going to happen to her. After being abused by the black men yesterday, they had told her that today she was going to be forced to suck their big black cocks. Yesterday she had rubbed them off, allowing them to ejaculate all over her face and tits. And then she had allowed them to urinate all over her. Whilst for most wives this would amount to a disgusting act of sexual infidelity, for Victoria, it was merely a necessary act on her path down to pure domination at the hands of her new black Masters.

Although apparently happily married, Victoria, in a matter of just a few days, was now craving black cock and the pleasure she knew it could give her. As soon as she woke up, her pussy became wet at the prospect of being forced to serve these men. Again. She now knew that she was destined to become a complete whore where she would allow all of her holes to be dominated and fucked by them. It was just a matter of time and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

So Victoria rose from her bed and began to wonder what she should wear for this momentous day. What could she possibly wear that could please her Masters? Something, revealing and slutty, obviously, but before she could make a decision, she heard the bleep of her phone go which told her that she had a new SMS message. Her phone was on her dresser and she walked over to see who it was. She immediately saw that she had a message from Amos. Hands shaking, she pressed a button and read it.

"Bitch, running late. Will b there at 1pm 4 lunch. Make sure u r dressed in an outfit appropriate 4 someone who will be expected to serve us lunch. Amos, your Master..."

Victoria licked her lips as she read the message again. "...Make sure u r dressed in an outfit appropriate 4 someone who will be expected to serve us lunch..." His instructions were explicit, as always, and her mind immediately turned to what she could wear that would be appropriate. Opening her wardrobe and looking at all the expensive Channel and Armani numbers, she quickly came to the conclusion that she had nothing suitable. What she was looking for was a maid's costume. A sexy, slutty maid's outfit, to be more precise, since only something that revealed most of her body would satisfy her demanding Masters. And she would have to go to a sex shop to buy one.

She knew exactly where to go, since she had visited one recently to purchase her big black dildo. And in it she recalled seeing a sexy French maid's outfit that would be suitable for her Masters.

She checked the time. It was 8am. That left her five hours to kill. What to do? She then remembered that she was due, that morning, to attend church. There was a ladies meeting to discuss the church's forthcoming summer party. It was an annual event at the Hampton's and a must for all the local wives to attend. It was a chance to mingle and be seen at one of Hampton's premier charity events. As a regular church goer, Victoria had agreed to help out and, as such, she had to attend. However, since the meeting was due to start at 10am, and she only needed to be there a couple of hours or so, it still gave her ample time to go to the sex shop, collect the outfit and be home in time to serve Amos and Jessie's big old black cocks. It could be the perfect day.

As Victoria got herself ready to go to church, her mind wondered to all the wives that would turn up at these events, desperate to show off and to try and out do each other in terms of looks. Victoria, young and stunning, had little to worry about. She thought, with some justification, that she was the most attractive woman who went to church and she found none of the wives particularly intimidating. With the possible exception of one: the Priest's wife, Sandra. Sandra was married to the Bishop, the Rt Reverend James Fowler.

Victoria found her intimidating, not only because of who she was married to, being the wife of the Bishop was a position of some influence in the closely knit community of the Hampton's, but also because she was the only woman who came remotely close to her in looks. Sandra was stunning. Although she was older than Victoria, she was in her early 30s and had borne two of the good Father's children, she still possessed a body to die for. Like Victoria, she had long blonde hair, stunning angelic face, and the body of a porn queen [for similarities in body, readers should compare her to the porn actress Julie Silver, although her face is more angelic and sweet looking to that of the lovely Julie]. Her tits were slight smaller than Victoria's, at an impressive 34D, but they were still pert, as was the rest of the body. And of course, being the Bishop's wife meant that she had to dress accordingly. Chanel suits, in a Jackie O sort of way, was how she looked. Conservative but sexy. Stylish but, underneath, a strong sense of a woman possessing a hot body.

In addition to her stunning looks, Sandra appeared to be a faithful, loving wife to the Bishop. They looked a happy couple and, although the Bishop was at least 25 years older than Sandra, he in his late 50s, their marriage seemed to work well.

She did not work, they were a wealthy family, and she was always at the Bishop's side, wherever he happened to be. For instance, each Sunday at church, she would teach bible class for the youngsters; at charity functions, she would always there be at his side, putting up with yet another tedious fundraising event; and on TV, she would be there with the Bishop when she would regularly speak about how important God was in making a good, wholesome clean American family. She would also lecture her audience about the evils of the liberal agenda, principally how they were looking to corrupt God's children with sex and porn.

But behind this extreme Christian agenda (which incidentally both James and Victoria agreed with), there appeared to something else at work. Something which Victoria could not properly explain and which appeared to contradict her moral righteousness.

It was the way Sandra would look at Victoria whenever they met. It was like she was eyeing her up, but in a sexual way, like the way men always did to her. But a woman doing it was different. Sandra would always hold her hand for that bit longer and lick her lips whenever they met. She would blatantly stare at her, looking her up and down, obviously ogling her beautiful young body, just as all men did. This would always make Victoria feel slightly confused, on the one hand it made her feel slightly uncomfortable, but the reaction of her pussy, becoming soaking wet whenever she saw her, made her wonder whether she wanted to experience some girl on girl action? To be fucked by Sandra, maybe with another man...

So, with Sandra in mind, she took great care as she went about trying to look her very best. Conservative but sexy was the way forward. So she chose a light, brown, tight Chanel dress. It was simple but perfect. It was a one piece number that was figure hugging and which showed off her big 36DD tits and small tight arse to perfection. It came a few inches above her knee and, when she put on her five inch brown heels, her dress was raised up a few of more inches. It was a hot day so she not need wear stockings. She completed the outfit by putting on an expensive pearl necklace. She looked every bit the sexy housewife ready to meet the other wives, and in particular Sandra...

After the meeting, and on her way to the sex shop, Victoria reflected on how things had gone with Sandra. Surprisingly, Sandra was not her normal, confident, intimidating self. At the start, things had gone on as usual. Victoria was one of the first people Sandra spoke to as she quickly left the side of her husband, the Bishop and went over to greet Victoria as soon as she saw her. As always, Sandra looked her stunning best. Today she had worn a light pink flowery summer little number, it was short, tight, looked sexy but not out of place in a church gathering. The perfect combination for any young, h0rny housewife.

Their conversation started off in the usual manner -- Sandra greeted Victoria with two kisses on each cheek then, as she held her hand, she looked up and down at her, commenting on how lovely she looked and how did she manage to get her figure looking so well? Whilst they spoke, Sandra's eyes always seemed to linger on Victoria's large tits, and she would lick her luscious, full red lips.

There then followed the usual inane small talk while each woman eyed the other up. Victoria was convinced Sandra was thinking about what it would be like to fuck her, but then again, Victoria was doing exactly the same thing -- wondering what it would be like to kiss another woman, have their breasts rub up against each other, to lick her pussy and maybe get fucked by her with a giant strap on dildo.

As these wild perverted thoughts were going through the young wife's head, she found herself talking about her garden, the fact that she had gardeners coming around today to start work. They were supposed to be a very good firm, Victoria told her, came highly recommended by a number of people including a few of the housewives here today.

Well, she and the Bishop were always on the look out for good gardeners, the church had such big grounds, it always required work. Who were they, she enquired?

When Victoria mentioned the name of the firm, Sandra's whole demeanour suddenly changed. She became very nervous and her face went bright red. She was no longer the confident, predatory housewife that she usually was. She quickly excused herself and Victoria found herself alone. Highly unusual, Victoria thought, but she did not spend too long dwelling in it as, not before too long, she found herself immersed in a long conversation with another one of the wives about how the neighbourhood was changing with the influx of the odd black neighbour...

It was a short drive to the sex shop and it took Victoria little time to locate the necessary items, purchase them and be back in her car driving home.

It was 12.30pm once she got back, giving her little time to get herself ready. She rushed upstairs, and began to undress...

At 12.45pm, she looked at herself in the mirror. There, standing in front of her, was a sexy French maid all ready and available to serve her black Masters. She looked at herself from top to bottom and saw a h0rny slut wearing a frilled collar which went around her neck, a frilled hat, a black stretch satin halterneck with apron and net petticoat. Naturally the apron flared out at the bottom and barely covered her bottom and up top her tits were too big and were in danger of spilling out. With all that, she wore five inch patent black heels and black fishnet, hold up stockings. Perfect.

She then walked downstairs to wait for her black Masters...

At 1pm the doorbell went. Of course they would not be late. Although they had house keys, they clearly wanted their bitch to come and greet them. So, tottering over in her heels, conscience that her outfit afforded her body little protection from the men's leering eyes, she went and opened the door. When she did, there, standing in front of her, were the towering presence of her black Masters, Amos and Jessie. Licking their lips, eyeing her up and, without uttering a word, they entered her house.

As she closed the door, it was Amos, the leader of the two, who spoke first. "Bitch, you have dressed well. Very well, in fact. You see, I always insist on my bitch's being dressed for the occasion. And since Jessie and I have had a busy morning, we require you to serve us lunch. Therefore, I thought it appropriate you be dressed accordingly."

He then moved a step closer and, without asking, placed his big hand on her lovely white arse and pushed her even closer to him so that she was now pressed up right against his taught, muscular stomach. She in turn placed her hands on his shoulders and dutifully looked up into his face. Both of his hands then went under her skirt to play with the naked cheeks of her young bottom. "Do you like dressing like this, like a sexy maid, ready to serve your black Masters?"

Victoria had no hesitation in replying. "Yes, Sir, if it pleases you Sir, I will dress in any manner you see fit."

"Good! Good answer..." And with that, he lightly spanked her cheek. "Well, serve us lunch, bitch, we are hungry. We will be in your lounge waiting for you.

"Oh, and by the way, we have also bought a DVD to watch. You should find interesting..."

Victoria walked into the kitchen to prepare her Masters lunch curious to know what was on the DVD. Porn, no doubt. Black men fucking white women, no doubt. The very best. She licked her lips at the prospect.

After a few minutes, she had prepared a couple of jerk chicken sandwiches and poured them some beer. Putting their lunch on a tray, she then very carefully walked into the lounge to serve them. As she entered, she saw that both men had made themselves comfortable on her big three seat flowery couch, each man was sitting on either side with a big gap in between them. She suspected that the gap was for her.

When she walked in, they stopped talking to each other in order to look at their serving wrench. In her tiny maid's outfit, high heels and carefully holding their lunch, she looked like every serving waitress should when serving her Masters. "Bitch, come and put the lunch over here." Amos said, pointing to a coffee table which was placed directly in front of them. As ordered, she walked over and, standing directly in front of her Masters, she bent down to place the tray on the table. As she did, she made sure her legs were always perfectly straight and that she was just bending her back, correctly assuming that this was the correct position to adopt when serving your Master's lunch. And she knew that as she bent down, her apron would hang down thus affording her Masters a perfect view of her big 36-DD tits. Had anyone been standing behind her, they would have also had a perfect view of her naked arse, as her tiny apron rose up as she bent down.

Once she had put the tray down, then, without any prompting, she served them lunch. She brought over to each man a plate of sandwiches and glass of cold beer. As she bent down to hand them their lunch, her lose apron would once more hang down to reveal, to their greedy, eyes her married tits and each man could not help but to take the opportunity to feel each of her breasts. They did so without asking and with such nonchalance that could only come from men who were in full possession and control of their bitch. As indeed they were.

Once she had finished serving them, she moved to one side to await further instructions. She clasped her hands in front of her and looked down. She noted that, as a result of the mauling, her tits were hanging outside her apron. She made no attempt to cover them up, knowing full well that this would not be what her Masters would want. They would want to see her tits, in all their glory, heaving up and down as she waited upon them.

Amos and Jessie then ate their lunch. Neither of them spoke a word to Victoria instead they talked amongst themselves, mainly about business. Occasionally they would look over her to admire her body. Fifteen or so minutes passed before they finished and before a word was spoken to her and, as always, it was Amos, who spoke first.

Clasping a napkin to his lips and having the look of a satisfied customer, he looked over to Victoria and said "Hmm, that was lovely, very nice. But why don't you come over here and take a seat next to Jessie and I..." Amos patted the middle part of the couch, which had been deliberately left empty.

"That's it, sit yourself down and make yourself nice and comfortable... My my, your dress is very short, isn't it. Did you buy that especially for us? Yes, of course you did. Your pitiful husband could not possibly have the balls to make you wear something like this, could he?" Victoria shook her head. "No, I thought not.

"God, you do have nice big tits, and such lovely legs. I am glad to see you have worn stockings for us, but I note you did not wear any garters or garter belt. Make sure you always wear these in future. These are essential items whenever you meet your Maters...

"And I see that Jessie had already started to suck on your fat big nipples. Do you like that? Yes, I am sure you do, you naughty dirty bitch. Now spread your legs for me so I can get access to your pussy. That's it, nice and wide... Oh my, you are dripping wet... You are such a h0rny piece of work...

"I wonder what your husband would make of all this? You dressed up like this for your black Masters. Shall we call him and ask him?"

"Oh! Oh! P-please no. Don't call him. He won't be happy to know that his wife has dressed up like this to please her black Masters. P-please..." Already Victoria was delirious with pleasure. Just by sitting down next to these big, old black men, and having them touch her, was enough to reignite all those forbidden pleasures that she had so joyously experienced yesterday. Jessie was happily sucking on one of her tits and playing with the other whilst Amos had managed to insert four of his fingers into her soaking wet cunt. As a result of this, she experienced her a small orgasm and she did so ever so quietly so as not to alert her Masters that she was such a randy bitch who would cum at the slightest of touches.

"No, I don't think we will call him. Not yet, at least.

"But before we proceed with the cock sucking that you owe us, I thought we would show you a little porno film. We know that you and your husband have a penchant for such things so we thought we would bring one of ours over to get us all in the mood. Would you like to see it, my dear?"

"Oh yes, Sir, I would. I would like that very much. Is it one of black men fucking white women, Sir?" She asked, still panting with desire and getting close to another orgasm.

"Of course it is. But it is slightly different from the ones you have watched in the past. You see, you can't get this film in any video store or on any website. You see, this is a specially made home video for our pleasure only and one which will demonstrate, quite aptly I think, the kind of service that we require from our white whores.

"So let's take a look shall we and see what the bitch does. Hopefully you will be up for more of the same." With that, Amos picked up the remote which operated the DVD and TV and started to press away. Clearly the men had already taken the liberty of inserting the DVD into the player.

After a few seconds, the DVD started. The grainy quality of the picture immediately suggested that this was not a film made using the high definitional technology that was so prevalent in most films these days. This was very much homemade and thus had much more of a sense of realism about it than usual. Victoria looked on with much interest, eager to see what, she assumed, would be a film of Amos and Jessie fucking some random bitch. She was excited at the prospect. Having already rubbed their mighty cocks, she could only imagine the power they would exude when they fucked a dirty, h0rny t@rt.

Jessie meanwhile had stopped sucking her tits and was now also watching the film. He, along with Amos, had placed his hand on one of her spread legs and was stroking the flesh above her black fishnet stockings. All that could be heard now was Victoria's heavy breathing.

The film started. Initially there was no sound and all that was showing was a woman's foot. It was a strange beginning, Victoria thought, but she looked on, interested to see how the film would develop. The lady was wearing a white shoe which had, unsurprisingly, a ridiculously high heel, at around 5-6 inches. The shoe was on what looked to be a very dirty, tiled floor.

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